Power, Control, Secrets, Shadows Sun conjunct Pluto

SUN CONJUNCTS PLUTO AT 24+ degrees at 6:18 am PST/ 9:18 am EST/ 2:18 pm GMT

The SUN is light and vitality ego and identity. Pluto is the Unconscious the shadow, ruthless Lord of Death and the Underworld. These two are opposed in nature but necessary complementary parts of each other.

The SUN/Sol/ Helios/ Apollo/ Ra represents the conscious masculine world of the heroic ego and Pluto the Other, the soul, the deep unknown hidden mystery world of death and rebirth. Pluto is seen as Masculine but traditionally the Feminine is both womb and tomb and the soul nature the anima in psychology.

This is big world ego death. We know of a few people whose ego’s are being trashed on center stage right nowPart of the U.S. Pluto returns coming February 2022 with three exact hits at 27+ Capricorn.

This is the perfect time to shine the hard light on your shadows and unconscious motivations. Our shadows are our own unintegrated parts we project onto others. Simplified means we are good they are bad in any case. The other is always mirroring our own shadows.

This is hidden enemies out into the light of day.

We can see the power plays going on in the U.S. to destroy, shame, eliminate and tarnish President Donald Trump on full display. The Democratic party powers are trying to kill him, impeach him for the 2nd time and blot him out. While I am not taking any sides as an outsider observer Canadian. To paraphrase Jesus’s attested statement. He who has casts the biggest shadow projects it onto others first.”

Pluto is the God of recycling, let go of old issues, agendas, resentments, your enemy list and all kinds of shit and dump it today.

We are still in NEW MOON Capricorn Energy.

Look to where the SUN and PLUTO meet in your Natal Chart at 24+ degrees CAPRICORN to see where the ego recycling energy is taking place.

Lets meditate on the images of the degree from John Sandbach.

Capricorn 25. During a ritual, a living woman is wrapped like an Egyptian mummy. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Inspired

(Degree Angel: ACHAIAH (a-KA-hee-YAH) DNA of the Soul, Patience)

This degree innately realizes that sometimes it needs to completely let go of an old way of being and be reborn anew. The problem is, that old energies from a past existence, if not cleared sufficiently will come back to limit and oppress one until they are cleared away. And so this process of dying to the old and being reborn may have to happen multiple times until the clearing finally occurs.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A woman wearing a mask made out of butterfly wings.” This degree wants to be accepted by others, and to look good. There are two ways this can manifest: (1) a self-idealization that manifests in outer trappings that are put on in an attempt to feel safe and comfortable and socially appropriate, and (2) a continual and persistent identification with the soul’s purity and spiritual aspirations so that everyone you contact is radiated with an elevated energy that disperses the heavy depressive vibrations of this illusory, physical world. Only number 2 will lead to self-fulfillment.

The woman of the Omega Symbol is wrapped, like a butterfly, in a chrysalis, so that she may emerge from it as a higher being.

Pleiadian Symbol: A merchant has his assistants unroll an immense rug of intricate deisgn.

Azoth Symbol: In the middle of a bustling city a man walks alone among tombstones and mausoleums.

Seed degree: Capricorn 28. A roomful of people busily cutting diamonds. (Omega Symbol). As we provide a place for the light to appear, we find we become that place.

A mirror covered with a fine film of dust. (Chandra Symbol). The light at first obstructed by the physical, but then the mirror is cleared, revealing our brightness.

Fulfillment degree: Libra 25. New words magically appearing in a dictionary. (Omega Symbol). Taking on higher and finer energies, we find new ways of expressing the light.

In the midst of a forest, a great circular open area. (Chandra Symbol). When we are able to identify with the higher aspects of our being we find that life provides us with a safe, secure place in which to create, life and grow. http://john-sandbach.blogspot.com/2010/04/154-omegachandra-symbols-capricorn-21.html

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless other wise indicated.

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Aries Moon Ram on,Diamond girls and Boys T square dance Astrology

Moon enters ARIES Jan 16  


VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO- DIAMONDS Are a girls’ best friend says Marilyn Monroe

watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L8sHIU8YAg&feature=share&list=AL94UKMTqg-9BVaQJTOWEqQxwHpeXgDm_h

SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND by PINK Floyd http://youtu.be/0SqFPNTBnv8

SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND by Rhianna http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs_lR6NXW94

ARIES MOON conjunct URANUS! -wild things   

T-square dance – Aries incendiary Moon SQUARE 2 – VENUS-Love, PLUTO-Sex death etc.

Wild in the streets!  watch by Garland Jeffries     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RzBZsOeqOQ
watxh RAM ON by SIR PAUL McCartney  http://youtu.be/WU3spbSvMGg

on green go Tara Greene

Ram Aries Astrology


V for Victory,Women Occupy Election day 2012 Astrology from Tara Greene

V for Victory

V for Victory

November 5 is traditionally Guy Fawkes Day in Britain

Participants in costume hold burning torches as they take part in one a series of processions during Bonfire night celebrations in Lewes, southern England November 5, 2012. The processions and bonfire mark the uncovering of Guy Fawkes’ “Gunpowder Plot” to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605, and commemorates the memory of its seventeen Protestant martyrs.


Yes the Anonymous group hacked up PayPal and some other sites.

The V for VICTORY mask was made famous from writer  Alan Moore’s and David Lloyd’s graphic  novel V for VICTORY {82-89}

later made in to a popular film by the Wachowski brothers { The MATRIX} 

Artist Lloyd is quoted saying: “The Guy Fawkes mask has now become a common brand and a convenient placard to use in protest against tyranny – and I’m happy with people using it, it seems quite unique, an icon of popular culture being used this way.”

and it is a walking tlaking acting rendition of the planets: which is Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn

PLUS squared nowby Venus  in Libra, Venus rules Money and Libra rules karmic justice, so go figure

Ive been down with the flu off an don so that’s why its been a bit quiet here, sorry I am human and its going around.

well the big day E day is finally here,

here’s what the planets look like as Mercury goes Retrograde on ELECTION DAY 2012, a first in the U.S. history over Washington D.C.

election day 2012

Mercury goes Retrograde Election Day 2012

it will be a tight race. But I predict OBAMA will win and Women will be the one’s who re-elect him

because WOMEN need to be free to choose what they do with their bodies and their health, it is  primal human right

YOU DONT OWN ME is WOMEN’S rallying cry for  freedom


you have the right to vote for YOURSELF 

MOON is in LEO squaring the SCORPIO SUN

so be big bold brave courageous, proud, like a TIGER,


Goddess DURGA

Invincible Warrioress

I call her up her mantra is



HELEN REDDY    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGMESM8JKOg

and being avowedly non proper here

please do remember JOHN LENNON”S famous song

from 1970 Woman is the Nigger of the world 

to make my point clearer.


otherwise it’ll be this

Romney turn your clocks back

and there may be riots, and street fighting, and no election able to be called because of corrupted stupid computer snafu’s anyways on a Mercury Retrograde anyway never mind Republican fooling with Democracy…

and better the devil you know than one you don’t.

at least OBAMA supports women, and that’s  enough for me. 

Sandy,N.Y. climate Change,Tarot, psychic healing from Tara Greene

The devastation from Hurricane Sandy throughout the Entire East Coast of the U.S. is a huge wake up call. Seeing New York City partly submerged is a shock. A rude baptism.

New york City Sandy cars flood

 cars floating in New york City Oct 29 2012

Many thousands of Lightworkers have been sending protection, strength and comfort to all the people who are experiencing the devastation from Mother Nature.

So Mayor Bloomberg seeing the devastation Oct 30 says “must look into Climate change.” DUh.  It wasn’t mentioned at all by President Obama and Mutt Romney. I remember noting that after the last presidential debates blah blah blahs.

How many slaps does it take to wake people up?

The devastation from Nature is going to get stronger. The economic costs and consequences to people’s lives will be vastly multiplied over the next 10 years. Dr. David Suzuki has been warning us about this for the last 40 years.  No insurance companies will be able to cover the damages. Buildings will have to be built sustainably in reverence to Mother Nature.

 Millions of people have been affected, hundreds of thousands have died world-wide. Even more powerful storms like these will be the norm.

I have been seeing very bleak images of the next 10 years from Natural disasters and the  financial mayhem and  devastation of low-lying coastal cities, New York Miami, Los Angles, and other cities in the world being hit the worst.

Climate change, caused by  man-made pollution, driven by Corporate Greed will create a world so incredibly different from the one we take for granted now.

No you can’t fool with Mother Nature and I believe GAIA, the  Earth, our Mother is now forcing  us to change.

Native American prophecies and all kinds of psychics  have talked about EARTH CHANGES for over 30 years. I remember being told about this,and I remember the tsunami wave dreams I had in the early 90’s.

Gordon Michael Scanlon created a new map of the U.S. years ago with most of the U.S. submerged. But as the temperature rises it will be too hot to live in any part of the Southern U.S. 

We have ravaged our mother the EARTH.. We have raped her, plundered her resources, spit on Her. Used her and abused her.

She has lain asleep, quietly dreaming in her own Dark Moon menstrual  phase for the past 12,500 years. She is awakening from her deep womb dreams. It’s also part of a larger natural cycle as well.

The Goddess is re-awakening. She is all mighty. She rules us. We are her badly behaved ignorant children.

I know that everything that happens outside is an ARCHETYPAL symbol, this is a collective dream we are living in. What are the symbols telling us?

The crane hanging over New York City made me think of the Tarot Card called the Hanged Man

crane in Manhattan Hurricane SandyThe Hanged Man is an initiation card in the Tarot. #9

The Hanged Man Tarot Reader TAra Greene

Jose Clemente Orozco’s image is not a tradition Tarot card image but it conveys the same archetypal meaning. The crane hanging over Manhattan now is so like Damocles’ sword.

Ancient Greek, Cicero’s  Disputation, in which the theme is that VIRTUE IS SUFFICIENT FOR LIVING A HAPPY LIFE.  

Cicero asks: Does not Dionysius seem to have made it sufficiently clear that there can be nothing happy for the person over whom some fear always hangs?

Fear is the opposite of LOVE according to Psychologist Carl Jung. Fear comes from the ego,it is based on POWER, Greed, illusion, separtion, The Devil in the TAROT

The Hanged Man # 9 in the Tarot Trumps is a baptism by water into SURRENDER

surrendering the ego to a Higher Power/ more aware consciousness or being martyrs.

Which is associated with the sign of PISCES, the Age of Christ the Fishes currently exiting the World Stage Left. The MOON/PISCES is associated with the Tarot Trump #18, part of the NUMEROLOGY of the Hanged Man. 

the Moon in Tarot card trumps

Anna K Tarot the Moon

the MOON card look so much like a Full Moon over a devastated rained on bleak scene. The MOON is traditionally associated with the DARK SIDE of the MOON.

The unconscious, what we fear, the shadow. How very Scorpio, {Pisces}, so perfectly apt for this entire situation.

 Very sad because so many people will be hurting even more.

All the Mormon old-fashioned Bible thumping and Muslim extremists creationism chit-chat nonsense belongs to that age which is 2,000 year old. It’s been dere done dat long over due. The Catholic church is filled with child molesters, hypocrites and worse. That Old TYME Religion is kaputsky baby.

That’s the Old, bare the cross, martyrdom Heaven is the Pie in the Sky story. Religion has always been a foil for POWER> You know SCORPIO stuff.

Look UP sheeple! The Pie in the Sky is a huge super crane hanging limp and flacid as Mitt Romney un-Viagra’d dick. 

We need to save ourselves from this mess! We have been the martyr’s to the powers over Greed Narcisist psychopaths. We have allowed our power to be taken. We must refuse to be martyrs and slaves. Occupy your Self. 

I am sending blessings.


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Hurricane Sandy Full Moon Stormy Monday Astrology by Tara Greene

Full Moon over New York astrology

Full Moons always bring High Tides. Hurricane Sandy ripped up the East coast of the U.S. after battering  the Bahamas.  Hitting Cape Hatteras and up the coast, then slammed into New York City on Taurus Full Moon.  Waves 13 feet high destroyed part of Atlantic City’s famed Boardwalk. President Obama declared emergencies in 6 states. The storms put the election campaigning  on hold.

Subways are closed, the Stock Exchange and NASDAC are also closed and will remain so on Tuesday. Thousands of flights were canceled. Winds of 100 miles an hour brought electric power outages to hundreds of thousands of people in New York City and in major New York Hospitals.


As earth and climate change created storms, tsunami’s,earthquakes, tornado’s and hurricane’s getting stronger and wreaking more havoc  and devastation than ever before, the U.S. will need more $ to FEMA not less.

A replica of the 18th Century sailing ship HMS Bounty, built for the 1962 Marlon Brando movie “Mutiny on the Bounty” movie sunk off North Carolina.- There’s something symbolically significant to me here. Those that reap the Bounty are sinking and/or Mutineers-Anonymous WIKILEAKS ETC.  will be sunk. A Jupiter in Gemini double sworded images.

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/world/Superstorm+Sandy+slams+into+Atlantic+coast+sends+surge+seawater/7466867/story.html#ixzz2Akoob4LT

The storm has killed 11 Americans and 1 Canadian so far. As I  am writing this SANDY has  hit Toronto, de-classified but still packing 80 mile an hour winds- that’s 128.7 kms an hour to you CANUCK’s and EURO’s. I can hear and feel the wind, and saw long flashes of lightning. I hope the power doesn’t go out before I get this done.

I do pray for everyone’s safety who’ve been affected by the Huge storm. I have relatives and friends in New York and New Jersey.

I predict an increase in births in these areas 9 months from now. Always happens when the lights go out.

What’s the planets got to do with it?    Many planets in WATER signs

Astrological 6  – 1. SUN-Identity is conjunct 2. SATURN – obstacles, tests, limitations, karma in Turbulent Scorpio waters

3. NORTH NODE  in SCORPIO- N.N. the collective highest spiritual goal is Scorpionic- destruction to make way for rebirth

Plus 4  & 5. NEPTUNE { GOD of OCEANS} conjunct Wounded Healer CHIRON in PISCES-Neptune rules fantasy, illusions, delusion, addictions, oil, spirituality, dreams. Chiron is  feeling vulnerable and where the healing is-about the ocean, the Spiritual Unconsciousness

& 6.  Ceres  in Cancer are all  WATER signs

Sun Saturn, Neptune & Chiron are in a Grand Trine with Ceres 

Which symbolically means  hard times, trials, by water, obstacles which transform { SCORPIO} through death destruction; illusions, delusions and vulnerability { NEPTUNE and Chiron the Wounded Healer} ; at home CERES, the Great Mother Herself , the WOMB, the OCEAN, in Cancer, roots, foundations,nurturing, women,is the homiest of the home.

CERES in Cancer is Mother Nature, Mother Nurture

A Grand Trine brings all the planets/points into one big cosmic sacred geometric formation-

We must honor and nurture and respect and care for the OCEANS they are the largest 70% of the Earth’s surface, our bodies.

this malestrom occurs with  Mercury newly in Sagittarius-Oct 29 @ 2:18 am EDT

the arrow of truth in square aspect to Neptune in afternoon means  Communications breakdown-

Mercury is in its STORM period, so-called because it is moving V-E-R-Y slow, about to turn Retrograde on November 6

Moon entered Taurus Oct 29 @ 2:15 am EDT     Trining Pluto at around 5:00 pm EDT

Uranus Retrograde @ 5 degrees Aries  is STILL square to PLUTO in Capricorn; Venus at 1 of Libra completes the T-square. Add  Ceres to form a presto! Cardinal Grand Cross which indicates-  Lots of tension, sudden- Uranus chaos, breakdown!- Pluto, highlighted on Full MOON, you get the picture.

There’ ALWAYS my theory that everything OUT THERE is a mirror image of what’s IN HERE.

A storm of this magnitude Archetypal-y was always seen as an angry God or Goddess, Thor sending lightning bolts in Norse Mythology.  Ancient Egyptians would explain a storm as, Tefnut, the  Goddess of moisture  and rain. Sister and consort of the God of the Winds, Shu. She is the mother of Geb the earth and Nut the sky. Tefnut is a pointed eared lion-headed Goddess. She was connected with other Lion headed Goddesses as “The eye of RA.”  A more poetic way of viewing the climate was to say -Sun God Ra commanded his daughter Tefnut to him, the moisture would leave the ground ascending to her Father. Tefnut would drift, play, hang out with Shu her long-winded brother and they would carouse and create storms. Tefnut’s moisture-rain would then go to Geb her brother as rain. A post note about Tefnut at end…

I love the more magical poetic anthropomorphic way of viewing the world. At least they name the storms after women nowadays.

Also the Earthquake on Haida Islands off of British Columbia Canada as the Natives protest drilling for oil. Synchronicity here too.

REAL CLIMATE CHANGE was not discussed by President Obama or Romney. tsk tsk. Polar ice caps melting contribute to huge tropical storms.

BAnksy I don’t believe in global warming

Conspiracy theorists suggest that Hurricane Sandy is HAARP made


The media- controlled by the conservative uber rich who tell you what they want you to know, think and buy,already had a pre-set talk of Hurricane Sandy shutting down and interfering with the elections as they are projecting power outages up to a week after.realistic but also mumbo-jumbo.

How convenient a cover is that for some didling the election outcomes.

As the Stock Market and NASDAQ will be shut down for two days that allows a playing field for secret negotiations to take place and market fixing. Billionaires are selling off massive amounts of stock. WHY?

TEFNUT– a tough nut to crack

earlier Pyramid Texts about her say that she is able to produce pure waters from her vagina.

How magical does a storm get when thought about in those terms?

Some WET and stormy songs to help you deal with it

OF course, they call it Stormy Monday by T- Bone Walker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVR8lg1YLuc

RAIN by The Beatles     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPjDMZiuhbQ

lucky stars, sexy lady, Gangnam style Libra, Sagittarius Astrology notes

Oct 28 2 planets change sign and the Moon too today

Mars in Sagittarius opposite Jupiter Retro in Gemini early a.m.

This is high hopes Mars, aiming for the truth, Higher Justice as opposed to man-made laws and justice; defending and acting from that place of philosophy, education,breaking through limitations – sounds like President Obama opposed to Retrograde= backwards motion, Gemini-two faced, two-sided, Mitt Romney has  a Gemini Ascendant, big gas-bag, planet Jupiter. Note all the hyphenated words in this paragraph…

How as above, so below is that? Love it

Anything that Jupiter touches or that touches Jupiter is positive, lucky, expansive.

Mars in Sagittarius puts the boxer, the fighter, the warrior astride his high Horse-y sign,like PSY Korean pop star woop woop woop Gangnam style

PSY horse dance planets Astrology

Jupiter Retrograde is powerful, we need to revision Retrograde planets they are not bad, they are closer to the earth and in Feminine mode.

Think REtrograde = RE ceptive. So Jupiter Rx is Receptive to your flip-flopping, ambiguous, can’t make up my mind which lover, car, dress, candidate..you know this one…don’t you?

Mars in Sagittarius opp opp opp opp opp Gangnam stype opposite Jupiter in GEM.  helps the Higher TRUTH to come straight out of the horses’ mouth.

2  planets change sign today and Moon does too!

Venus, the SEXY LADY goes home to Libra Oct 28 – November 21

Peace Balance Beauty Harmony ART

It will be easier  to stay balanced for all signs.  RELATIONSHIPS! are IT! parties, events, Hostess with the most charm time,

just in time for a Holiday season whirlwind; go to art galleries, -see links below- bring more beauty into your life,

yes it will be hard to make up one’s mind, stay centered, let the Goddess bring you peace.

Sing, Venus rules the voice, alright when she is in Taurus, but the Moon is in Taurus today too.

Moon enters earthy sensual Taurus Sunday late at night PDT-Oct 29 EDT

MERCURY enters SAGITTARIUS Oct 28 -Dec 31  

thinking becomes higher minded, more philosophical, honest, EXACTLY what is needed  on ELECTION DAY

The candidate who lies the most, looses.

Mercury turns RETROGRADE smack dab right in the middle of election Day Nov. 6 for the 1st time in U.S. History. Yes Mercury Retrograde always causes communications kafluffles, but go to the high side of this. Mercury is in Sagittarius and Jupiter is also Retro in Gemini, so they are both very strong, very powerful and helping each other to not divide the truth, yes it will be a very close race, and be careful and observant about  cheating ballots, voters being bought, lies and unscrupulous behaviours, the winner may not be decided on November 6.

Mercury in Sagittarius is weak as it is in the opposite sign of  its’ rulership which is GEMINI. Venus has just left Mercury’s earthy Virgo sign today. Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruler is Retrograde now and in Gemini. So Mercury and Jupiter are now in Mutual reception. Same as Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are also in mutual reception.

Along with Venus in Libra this feels like a powerful,  wonderful, cosmic balancing, hosting, peace-offering, you are me and I am you, energy.

Let’s take this Peace offering of Venus in Libra and all this comradeship at its highest level between the planets as a true blessing.

On the Full Moon Oct 29 really give thanks for all the blessings in your life.

On a Taurus Full Moon, again big opportunities for big blessings. See the world smothered in earthly delights, chocolate,  silk, incense or chicken soup; or just appreciating the real beauty of this earthly plane. Stay centered.

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Blessings, TARA


Tara Greene, Internationally known Toronto Psychic and Astrologer was asked to predict the U.S. Presidential Election winner.  Blair Robertson a U.S. psychic weighs in on his predictions. The Voice of Russia consulted 2 Top psychicsread article  


Read Tara Greene’s entire analysis for Obama,Romney and the Nov 6 Election Day Astrology Forecast http://www.taratarot.com/id168.html

Hint: Nov 6th is a first in U.S. election day History!

Women will be the one’s who change the outcome of the 2012 Presidential election.”- Tara Greene

Hint: Nov 6th is a first in U.S. election day History!

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Gutsy Virgo New Moon, Goddess Meditation,Astrology byTara Greene

Sept 15 7:11 pm PDT/ 10:11 pm EDT – Sept 16 2:11 am GMT

wow ONLY two weeks have passed since that Very powerful Blue Full Moon  August 31. I thank the thousands of people who followed that blog post.

VIRGO NEW MOON and the rise of the FEMININE

VIRGO the constellation is one of the largest of all, but its’ stars are faint and widely spread out. SPICA the main star is a stand out ,very bright in the sky. Its easy to find,in a triangle with ARCTURUS  and keep on that path.

VIRGO is the ONLY FEMALE figure in the ZODIAC, and ancient personification of goddesses ISIS, Ishtar, Inanna, Aphrodite, Ceres, Demeter, Astrae and in Christianity she is Jesus’  Mother Mary.

The STAR Figure is usually shown as a winged maiden holding a palm branch in her left hand and an ear of corn in her right hand. She the Goddess of the Harvest.VIRGO corn maiden AstrologyThe New Moon occurs at 23 degrees+ Virgo a mutable earth sign concerned with organization, perfection, service to others, health, pets, community.  Mercury, the traditional ruler of the sign VIRGO is now 28 degrees Virgo is squaring the GALACTIC CENTRE at 27 degrees Sagittarius.


The South Node at 28 degrees Taurus is conjunct the PLEIADES and the May 20 zero degrees Gemini Solar eclipse point which was very powerful. The South Node trines MERCURY so easy communication to the upper echelons of stellar hierarchies and dimensions will be readily available on this New MOON.

The South Node is Quincunx Saturn helping us to be aware of past karma in our bodies ,karma will be known on a very pragmatic practical earth bound level. What are the patterns showing up in your life now?


Always create a sacred circle before you begin any ceremonial work. Use corn meal or flour for a VIRGO New moon.

Begin in the East moving clock-wise around the circle sprinkling corn meal to create a sacred boundary. Then call in  the 4 directions, East, South, West, North.

You can also call the Archangels- Michael in the East, Gabriel in the South, Ariel in the West and Raphael in the North.

Use a crystal or gemstone to focus your intentions, as all stones hold energy.  VIRGO has a number of gemstones Jasper, carnelian, jade, moss agate and blue sapphire, Citrine is listed as a Planetary stone and zircon as a Talisman stone.

 Use what you have, or visualize the one pictured here.

VIRGO gemstone Tara Greene

Have a notebook and pen. Use smudge or light incense before beginning.

Breathe and empty your mind. As you breathe slower the deeper  you go.

Virgo is all about service, discipline, dedication, organizing, the mind, work. Virgo is a humble sign, traditionally the sign of servants.

Opposite Pisces it is the earthly sign of bringing Enlightenment, Bliss and Oneness,  down to earth; the climb down from the lofty  heights.The chop wood, fetch water sign.

Visualize earthy red or warm sandy earth tone colors around yourself. This is all about grounding. Feel very palpably the energy of your body in your circle and connect it with a spiritual rope from your hara, 2 finder widths below your navel to all the other sacred ceremonies going on at the same time.

Sit in your sacred circle and hummm, vibrate a sound, OHMMM. The sound of the Universe. Do this for a while until you feel yourself vibrating  in your gut.. Virgo rules the gut, your upper intestine.

Divination through intestines, or gutted animals is a very very ancient form of divination. Your digestion is directly related to what you digest in consciousness.

Remember Mars Retrograde through VIRGO earlier this year for months? I had some serious digestive issues then as did many other people.

Allow yourself to feel that your body is empty, open, with no physical resistance at all. VIRGO needs to learn to let go. Virgo is up in the head, we want to go back to the ancient earthy embodied Virgo gut wisdom. Common sense, is what we are after here.

In this modern-day with everyone connected to the world through tech interfaces, common sense is sadly lacking.

Also Neptune in his home sign of Pisces  from 2011- 2026 will bring up all the false prophets, guru delusions plus the ending of organized religion. As we have just started the Neptunian phase of this journey and especially with DEC 21 2012 only 3 months away, we need to be GROUNDED in VIRGO GUT wisdom as never before.

Call upon the Goddess with any of her thousands of names to guide you.

Remember in Native American wisdom Everything is born of the Feminine, and nothing be done to the children.

Corn was the symbol of rebirth in the Ancient Greek Eleusinian mysteries. Native americans revere Corn.  We need to use “what grows corn and feeds the children” not ethanol and GMO corn government subsidies.

So sit in your corn sacred circle and simply BE in your body. No flying off for visitations from emissaries from Dimension XXVI. This is about being present in the now, old fashioned Elkhart Tolle, Ram Das wisdom.

Every hologram contained in a grain of sand. You are the Universe.

Check into your body’s health needs, the  body never lies.

Listen to your body and thank it for being a work horse, a vehicle for your soul. The 6th house is a transition house, its where we get our act together before venturing into the 7th house of marriage.

If you don’t like your present life situation and want to escape- a PISCES fantasy, just breathe into it, breathe into your life now and accept it as it is. The perfection that Virgo seeks should be seeing thaty all is perfect exactly as it is. Give thanks.

I have been told and I believe it is true that the times now are all about, being present,for what shows up. It isn’t what your ego wants necessarily. Look around you in your world and community. What requires work, what service can you render?

The gift of being on the 3rd dimesnion is why we are all here and present.

I went to Stuart Wilde’s spiritual healings in Las Vegas at the Pisces Full Blue Moon and was there for 4 days and received 2 healings from Stuart, a laying on of hands, blessings and one from Kris Krepcik his colleague. I felt great, Stuart says planet earth is a prison planet but there is hope and we can get out. Be kind, be present, blow Love breaths at everyone. Be humble.

A very VIRGO energy humility.

Practice being humble. Weed the garden, chop wood, carry on, harvest your crops, we are almost at Autumn equinox.

Know in your gut that you are protected, that being in a body is a special gift. Make a vow to listen to, acknowledge and protect your body. Buddhists believe that the gift of getting a human body is a rare and precious thing.

Eat healthier, discipline your body and mind so that you may be of greater service. Know in your mind and heart that you are aligned with Higher understanding and SOPHIA’s wisdom.

Feel strength, purpose, power, focus, groundedness to follow the Higher Self’s purposes, it is innately within you.

Ask the Highest frequencies to be transduced down into your body.. Listen.Take as long as you like…

When you feel finished and feel complete, give thanks to all the elements – Fire water, earth, air, the Archangels and spirits who came into your circle and release them back to their dimensions with GRATITUDE.

Write down in your notebook whatever images communications you received. Open the circle.

PLease share- ceremony increases the power with more circles


First night of the Jewish New year…Balance in the Middle EAST????


ending his annual 5 month trip  in Hades. A soul shift is about to happen.

Pluto and Uranus have their 2nd square exactly on  Sept 19th

at 6 degrees 57 minutes the exact degree of Pluto’s station Direct when a planet is at its most powerful.

Pluto Uranus at their waxing square put into action their conjunction energy which formed in 65-66 at 16-17 degrees of Virgo,{the two were with in 10 degrees of each other for most of the 60’s.

JUPITER is squaring that 60’s conjunction degree now at 15 degrees Gemini, bringing expansion and higher wisdom, sacred law mind balancing aspect.

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Dark Knight Rises movie massacre, Archetypal Astrology connections,by Tara Greene

Very sad to hear of another terrible gun massacre of innocent people at a movie theatre in AURORA Colorado at a MIDNIGHT debut screening of the latest Batman movie on  July 20 at 12:30 am in Aurora Colorado. AURORA means the dawn, so the dawn of the Dark Knight.

But the MOVIE TITLE is  so obvious archetypal it reminds me that it was almost like the 911 symbolism of th planets Saturn in Gemini opposite Pluto in Sagittarius which was part of the creation by the planets., Cant’ see the forest for the Trees? If we know how to read the subliminal yet very obvious signs of the times. we can be better prepared. That is my job.

How aptly named for this tragedy was the movie title. The DARK KNIGHT RISES is the first half of a phrase called the DARK NIGHT of the Soul.

The Dark Knight is the opposite of the good white knight, the Templars who served the Goddess. Batman is all about dealing with his own shadow.

The suspect, 24 year old James Holmes shot round after round with a semi-automatic military weapon,killing  12, injuring at least 50 people. He had recently purchased 6,000 rounds of ammunition over the Internet. He dyed his hair red and said he was The JOKER, one of Batman’s arch-enemies from the Comic book. Holmes set off an unknown gas in the theatre, wearing a gas mask himself began firing rounds into the movie theatre crowd.


It was reported that moviegoers didn’t know what was happening and some thought the attack was part of the show. It was reported that they saw a silhouette of a person in the smoke in the front of the theatre near  the screen, pointing a gun at the crowd.


Warner brothers who released the film have postponed midnight screenings in Paris and have increased security in New York.

Among the dead was Jessic Ghawi, a 25 year old U.S. aspiring sportscaster who had just missed being hit by gunfire in Toronto last month at the Eaton Center, where a  random shooting occurred in the downtown Toronto tourist attraction. Toronto, where I live at present  is the safest  for its size,over 4,000,000 in North America. Althought here have been a spate of many shooting here as well lately. I would say very sadly that death has been stalking her. Some people survive all kinds of near deaths, shootings, crazy catastrophe’s. Sad that this young woman is gone.  A number of young children were hurt and injured. What were they doing in a movie theatre at midnight to watch an ultra-violent movie you may be asking.

This tragic story is so fraught with Archetypal symbolism it is crazy.

Batman movie massacre Astrology

On July 16 in my article about the JULY 20 NEW MOON – https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/5-moons-for-plutocancer-new-moon-tsunami-astrology-womenrituals-from-tara-greene/  I predicted wild out of control terrorist, attacks, s & m energy. ” A lower level effect is also being overwhelmed by crazy sexual energy out of control, wild, unconscious, raping, torture, s & m,from being repressed for so long, be very careful.” 

The MARS PLUTO URANUS  T- square energy that was exact on the New MOON ONE DAY BEFORE, is exactly the type of energy which fuels these horrific kinds of massacres with sudden, unexpected, URANIAN -violent MAR S/ guns, attacks, PLUTO – the Unconscious the SHADOW, the JOKER, DEATH rebirth.

I had a dream Thursday Night on the New moon July 19, I told my husband about it because it was a very LUCID dream. where everything is hyper-real like super HD.

In my dream a young man was staging a theatre performance. He spoke to me of the spectacle, a surprise performance in the crowds. I walked through large staircases, and there was a big crowd of all kinds of people. The youngish man was wearing huge conch shells on his shoulders, with spikes sticking out, and he wore a vest made of large shells. I went by a TV monitor in the stairway which looked like an old 5–60’s type of monitor and the image on the screen was black and white, but it was a modern flat screen monitor. On the screen was the emblem of NEPTUNE, a trident. Everything else was in vivid color. I remember telling my husband about the young man, he felt very intense, absorbed in his role and his unique costume. The image looked like this.

Neptune, Astrology Tara Greene

I am a psychic by profession, I do often dream of things before they happen. I was of course upset to hear about such a  tragedy.

NEPTUNE in my dream, relating to this horrible tragedy and astrologicalyl now tells the sad tale. NEPTUNE rules images, photography, illusion, delusion, delusional characters, dreams, fantasy, addictions, fog, masks, HOLLYWOOD, glamour, no-boundaries, the ocean, spirit. Neptune was the Ancient Greek God of the oceans, but he like Pluto, rules the unconscious,in a different manner than Pluto.

Neptune rules the blurry boundaries between reality and illusion, the Twilight zone. Note the word TWILIGHT becoming so prominent in culture. Hollywood, is THE major  vehicle for subconscious imagery. All images are magical and powerful, that’s why Jews and Muslims were traditionally banned from making images, it is a GODLIKE power. An image is a representation of what, it is, an ancient “primitive” belief  very voodoo like. The ind doesn’t diffenrentiate but what is real and what is an image.

But it is clear in this story that the suspected gunman said he was the JOKER and was appropriating the archetypal role as a means to vent his own deranged psychological frustrations by shooting and killing a group of strangersas he embodied the movie character.

The JOKER is death. I don’t go see these kinds of violent movies because they are disturbing to me. Reading a comic book of Batman is not the same as a full fledged Dolby sound induced theatre experience these days. In quantum physics and meditation the mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is an illusion.

The Batman series has become darker and darker since the first reigniting in the ate 80’s. Batman is also not a super- hero. He is a human person, and therefore more easy to identify with.

Neptune is currently being squared by the North NODE in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules military pageantry on the one hand, it is a fire sign, one of truth, higher teaching, sacred law.

As a Canadian where guns have always been licenced and Canada coming from the British tradition where police didn’t used to carry guns at all I find the ability to so easily have access to guns in the U.S. outrageous.

Without guns this kind of thing would not happen. But it isn’t the guns, it is Hollywood itself perpetrating this violence,. It is the reality tv show, it is the loss of meaning in people’s lives, It is the overly technologized culture, it is a culture devo id of real meaning, sustenance, balance.

Young boys in the age group of the alleged killer have been spoon feb violent video games. They have been created to be violent, so that they can be dispensable drones in wars. They are just pawns in the game. Everything is  a movie.

Hollywood should be held accountable for perpetrating this violent culture. They are the god creators.  Hollywood is one of the U.S. largest earning corporations, this movie was one of the largest anticipated movies for 2012.

 As Neptune is Retrograde now  backing up to Zero degrees Pisces the sign it rules on November 11 2012. Ww can reset the Neptunian structures in our lives. Neptune will be reigning supreme in his sign until 2026.

America, Hollywood, the entire U.S. culture which leads the world in images, advertizing, media and therefore controls the world will have to deal with how Neptune is portrayed. Neptune like Batman or anything has an inherent duality.

 The DARK SIDE of NEPTUNE is The Dark Knight, violence and addictions. No sense of self, appropriate indentities.

The Light Knight Neptune rules is spirituality, compassion, oneness, forgivenss.

We are all the murderer, the violent and the murdered. Meditate on that and decide which was you want to vote.

Your comments are most welcome.

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Thanksgiving,Solar Eclipse,Mercury Retrograde astrological advice by Tara Greene

11/22 2011


We are one octave above the recent 11:11:11 which felt like a very profound shift in consciousness to me from my experience of it in Sedona Arizona, one of the major high spiritual energy places on the globe.

All doubled numbers are master numbers. 11 is the mirror, memory,

strength in the Tarot, the new soul. The initiate.

22 is the symbol of Enlightenment itself in the Tarot. Symbolized as both the zero point and the end point, the Alpha and the Omega, visualized by the 22nd Trump in the Tarot, The Fool, the wise one.

The # 22 is very special to me personally; it resonates with me for a number of reasons. More about that later. 


Always be grateful. The turkey was called the Ground eagle by native Americans. The Gobble gobble should be your mantra.  Gobbledeygook is what’s resonating in my head right now.

Michael Shanks, former chairman to the National Consumer Council of Great Britain, characterizes professional gobbledygook as sloppy jargon intended to confuse nonspecialists:

Gobbledygook may indicate a failure to think clearly, a contempt for one’s clients, or more probably a mixture of both. A system that can’t or won’t communicate is not a safe basis for a democracy.”[3]
Very timely advice.
Ruminate on Gobble Gobble as a incoming vector from another dimension.


Sagittarius Solar Eclipse Nov 24-25 

A partial solar eclipse, which will not be visible to most of us in the Northern Hemisphere occurring over the Antarctic.

Event though partial all Solar Eclipses are powerful New Moon turning points. The effects of an eclipse last long and are far reaching especially in a Sagittarius. 

This New Moon is also the 6th and final Super Moon on 2011.

At 2 degrees and change of Fiery Sagittarius, the eclipse points literally as the Centaur points his arrows, to the Galactic Center, to higher truth, sacred law, freedom, the infinite, the beyond.  

4 planets + the North Node all in Sagittarius

The Sun, Moon, North Node, Mercury, planet of communications just recently turned Retrograde yesterday and Venus, Herself just past the point of the Galactic center at 28 degrees of Sag. are all in the happy go lucky ready to trot sign. That’s 5 for FIRE. 

The New moon chart includes an Earthy Grand Trine

Besides the quintuple Fire there’s also very earthy grounded Grand trine with Mars at 6 degrees of Virgo, Jupiter Retrograde at 1 degree of Taurus and Pluto at 6 degrees of Capricorn. Very nice energy for early degree of earthy signs.

JUPITER the ruling planet of Sagittarius leads the pack, although retrograde he always brings benefits and the auspicious Grand trine is like a presqua vu Santa Claus in dragon’s drag.  

MARS is Squaring the sun and Moon, Jupiter quincunx’s the Sun and Moon. Something to do with analyzing and cleaning up your act to be sure. The message is to keep your hoofs firmly on the ground. 

Speaking of Hooves,

CHIRON another famous Centaur known as the Wounded healer, is also at one degree of Pisces, squaring the Sun and Moon, and opposite Mars making what is called a mutable sign T-square which brings in compassion, healing, the ability to work on the issues diligently and have some earthy patience.  


Wherever the sign of Sagittarius falls in your chart, even if you have no planets, angles or anything in Sagittarius, it exists in your chart, in your blueprint somewhere.  

The 9th house of Sagittarius is the 3rd and final fire sign, is always honest, always adventurous, mystical, the traveler the wanderer, the seeker, the historian, the philosopher, the judge, the teacher, the mage, the good humoured, one who wants to understand everything in the Universe. Did we mention klutzy, omits details, a law unto themselves, hypocritical, judgemental, bored with earthy details, loves to travel, the exotic, impatient, doesn’t need to validate how or why they just Know, suffers from hoof in mouth disease?  

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 Check your ascendant and Moon sign if you know them. 

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