Have a Doubly Gemini Father’s Day astrology and more

Moon’s in Gemini on Father’s Day 1:24 am EDT a PETER PAN ish Father’ day for those who think young

Gemini is a masculine air sign and with Moon Venus Retro, the Sun, for another 3 days and Jupiter all in GEMINI

it’s double your double your fun luck love playfulness time

so for all you proud papa’s out there – stay young at heart like Gemini is meant to do

the child is father to the man, they say, and this is quadruplex so for DAD’s day 2012.

father knows best astrology

Very up Dad’s day as Moon conjunct Jupiter, feeling Jovial, lots of good sports and sporting gifts for dad, golfing, baseball, etc. BIG JOCK day

Moon conjunct VENUS today  8:13 pm interesting the BALANCE of GEMINI’s innate duality comes into play

I was thinking that half of  all children are brought up by single Mom families mostly

so here’s to all the Mom’s who play Mom & Dad roles these days, you work doubly hard and have 1/2 the financial support.

Moon squares Chiron in Pisces later in the evening so a tender-hearted tear jerker vulnerable end to Father’s day.

If your Dad has passed on…

If you Dad isn’t on the earth plane anymore this Father’s day and this is my first Father’s day with out my father,

let the tears flow, and let him know how much he meant to you. Just because he isn’t here in the physical doesn’t mean DAD can’t hear you,

or that he doesn’t know. Tell him how much you love him and you know how much he loved you in his own imperfect way.

I know about spirits, I track spirits, I do medium work. Once your dad always your dad on some plane or level.

YOU’ve got to love him an forgive him  even when he wasn’t perfect, even when he hurt you, or made you mad,

Most father’s are just wounded little boys themselves, Gemini types

Father is still a very powerful and necessary archetype.  We need strong mature responsable protective nurturing and sensitive men. The Wise King, Merlin, Gandalf, The Emperor, the Hero, The Gladiator, The Saviour, Robin Hood, Super heroes  these are all father-figure or masculine  archetypes.

 SATURN is one father figure in Astrology, the stern mature one, the grim reaper, the tester. Jupiter is another positive father figure, optiistic, supportive can be a gambler. Father Knows Best…we need the balance that Gemini is trying to offer us.

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and we need positive masculine role models in our lives. Not silly ineffectual modern males as portrayed on TV sitcoms as useless and bumbling. Native American men were strong warriors and always honoured the Earth mother and women. The Age of chivalry needs to return, where women are respected, where life is respected.

the New Moon on the 19th is in Gemini at 28 degrees and change. Conjunct Polaris the North Star..

New Moon is opposite the Galactic centre, and we now have six months to go before  Dec 21 2012 which has a life of its own at this point. Not the end of the world but a shift in consciousness. Venus is still Retrograde in GEMINI because we need time to sort this shit out, we are being rebalance in our brains, we are being re-wried by solar flares,we are being re-tooled as communication mirrors, satellite dishes of the Cosmos. I can feel it.

Some complain about vertigo, loud high-pitched whistling in their ears, exhaustion, not sleeping, these are all “ascension symptoms”

 give Dad  something more Feminine but meaningfully masculine too.

Give him your heart it has four chambers – twin chambers for two sentiments , a giving masculine love and a feminine receiving love.

I am so exhausted I am barely able to stay awake I have been blisteringly busy so must lay my head down now

will write more soon.. Blessings