Prince Harry, Meghan Oprah Interview Astrology

Prince Harry and wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah predictions with Astrology. How are the stars aligned for them?

Given all the hoopla surrounding their breakaway and recently revived disparaging remarks about Meghan bullying staff at the Firm two years ago, everyone is anxiously awaiting this show. Harry’s hilarious Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s recent James Cordon interview revealed some very honest revealing comments from Harry with Meghan, currently pregnant with their second child looking gorgeous on FaceTime. Will this much-ballyhooed, tell-all, no holds barred interview rock the Royal boat to a tipping point?

The Interview will be screened on March 7th at 5:00 pm PST/ 8:00 pm EST/ March 8 at 1:00 am GMT, on CBS to millions of fans and also haters in an unprecedented two-hour talk.

Let’s look at the Astrology of Harry and Meghan’s composite Astrology chart and the transits of the day. The chart says March 8th for UK time.

The Interview was filmed Feb 16 with Retro-Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius square Lilith showing how Meghan will be seen as the “Scarlet woman” herself. Meghan has Lilith conjunct Uranus natally so how can she not be an independent rule breaker and attract patriarchal hate plus racism?

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Oprah Interview Astrology

Harry and Meghan’s Composite chart combines two individual natal charts into one just as a marriage is a union of two individuals into one new couple/identity. Their combo chart shows a service-oriented Virgo Sun in the 5th house of Creativity, leadership, willpower, self-expression and children.

Their Moon is at the last “critical degree” of CANCER, where the mothering Moon is most at home and where she is strongest. CANCER also symbolizes the QUEEN as MATRIARCH too. The moon is placed in the 3rd House of communications, media, interviewers, marketing, merchandise yet on the IC or 4th house Cusp. This is also the most natural of placements for the Cancer moon. It orients them to strong roots, home, and needing emotional security and safety above all, children, strong family ties, very emotional, moody and sensitive. Food is a big factor as well as nurturing others. Cancer is the sign of the Mother, and Harry is ever connected to his mother Princess Diana, who was also a Cancer. The transiting Moon is in Capricorn March 7/8 also symbolizes the mood of the people. In Capricorn, the Moon shows nurturing from and of world status and reputation in Capricorn which is also on the line in the 9th house of International justice and interest.

<p id="834b" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"><strong>MERCURY in the ROYAL sign of LEO</strong>MERCURY in the ROYAL sign of LEO

Mercury is the planet of communications. In Leo its about communicating in a royal way. It’s in the 4th house of privacy, home, roots, nurturing, and showing the connection to the Royal family. But MERCURY squares JUPITER in SCORPIO. There is nasty, secretive, manipulating, power and control issues going on from the past, it’s ancestral. Big money, ruthlessness and secret cabals are involved here too. This can go both ways in fact. There are definitely skeletons in everyone’s closets.

CHIRON, the WOUNDED HEALER at 0 GEMINI in the 2nd house of values and resources, shows a split personality and their ability to use words and communications as a means to heal. Natal Chiron squares the MOON and opposes URANUS the freedom loving, independent, unconventional, revolutionary “we’re all on the same level playing field” planet in SAGITTARIUS sign of teachers, travellers justice, philosophers, publishers in their 8th house of taxes, death and rebirth, other people’s money, investments and wealth. This shows how vulnerable and wounded they are, especially Meghan as the Mother but also Harry who is clearly PTSD from his Mother’s tragic death. Through their unconventional communications, and shared values, they show their vulnerability. There is a split in how they are perceived in the world very oppositonal. There appear fragile and innocent in some ways.

HARRY and MEGHAN will reveal their 2nd House two-faced CHIROTIC vulnerability through this Interview. It will make OPRAH, CBS and them lots of money in the house of resources. They will tell their URANUS in SAGITTARIUS breaking away to freedom story honestly and naively. It squares their Virgo hard-working SUN. This can be interpreted as defensive about their wealth and open to attack by people seeing them posing as victims. Virgo was the house of slavery traditionally now those who willingly serve communities.

LILITH is the highest elevated “planet” on the IC the world reputation and career point in CAPRICORN. Capricorn is the sign of the scapegoat. Meghan is so obviously embodying LILITH as the dark shadowy aspect of women in the world. She is feared, reviled and seen as the Sun in the sky for her independence and fearlessness in speaking out and defending herself. She would rather be all alone and isolated-in this case with Harry, Archie and their forthcoming child than bow down to any outside pressure to lower her innate self-esteem.

Lilith is opposite the CANCER MOON and squaring SATURN and PLUTO in LIBRA, sign of marriage in the 7th house which is a natural placement. Transiting PLUTO is still putting H& M through its normal death and rebirth mechanisms. This is literal. Pluto destroys what is no longer contributing to the soul’s growth. Their sad miscarriage I would attribute to Pluto but then Meghan experienced the regeneration of Pluto into a new vital pregnancy. PLUTO shows how they needed to leave the toxic environment that the FIRM is represented by totally, Saturn and Pluto. Saturn Pluto was exactly squaring this point as they left Britain in 2019.

SATURN and PLUTO in LIBRA signify the QUEEN and her ultimate power here. While she says M & H are still a much-loved part of her family she is also the staunch foundation and history of the Crown. The QUEEN had been trying to be fair and balanced but there may have to be new rules and regulations written into this because I feel her Majesty won’t tolerate much more of this insurrection to the Name of the Crown. I feel she will strip them of their Duke and Duchess titles to further distance their actions completely from the Crown. Since they will never be back in Britain it doesn’t make sense for them to have titles of Duke and Duchess. It would be better for both parties this way. H & M don’t need any royal titles anymore they have more than enough fame and fortune now and Harry was born a Prince so that never changes, he is a real Blueblood.

LIBRA is the sign of balance, originally they wanted to split their time 50/50. But the Queen wouldn’t allow that and to trade on the Royal name was a real faux pas. Prince Philip and the Queen are shown as being threatened by death from the Pluto transit or Meghan’s father who she is estranged from over the next year.

ARIES the RISING sign shows they are fighters. Harry was in the military for 10 years. The couple are defensive, hot-headed, impulsive, sometimes to their own demise, strong-willed, independent, and ruled by MARS at the 29th most critical degree of VIRGO in the 6th house of work, service, community, pets, worrying, humility and health. Mars conjuncts VENUS at 0 LIBRA which she rules and conjunct JUNO the symbol of Marriage duties and the feminine form of Genius equal to the masculine genius. They are whole and complete as a couple.

On MARCH 7th, MARS is conjunct their CHIRON in GEMINI the sign of communications where they are vulnerable, wounded, defensive and aggressive and can be very badly hurt and also wound others by this interview.

Their Nodes of FATE

SOUTH NODE at 0 CAPRICORN THE WORLD POINT, in the 9th House of travel, international affairs, teaching, adventurous, travellers, publishing, inspiring, pets, good humoured, philosophical, can be seen as preachy and hpocritical.

Their NORTH NODE at 0 CANCER another “world point” is to evolve to make HOME in the 3rd house of communicating, speaking, siblings, marketing, and mothering the world. To take the past historical rigid Patriarchal mountain of serious tradition which is Saturn ruled CAPRICORN and bring a more feminine loving, nurturing, emotionally tied family together.

On March 7 SATURN JUPITER AND MERCURY in AQUARIUS in their 11th house of Rebellion and open mindedness. Oprah is a SUN MERCURY VENUS in AQUARIUS and she will Shine. She hasn’t done a big interview in a while and of course, Meghan befriended her. I believe they moved to Montecito to be Oprah’s neighbours. This interview will show the radical shift they have carved out for themselves. It’s very Californian and many Brits and others will be appalled by Harry getting so woke and American.

Transiting JUPITER in AQUARIUS is squaring their JUPITER in SCORPIO in the 8th houseThis can be dangerous energy as Jupiter amps up whatever it touches. I am sensing there will be a death in the family or something dangerous at the birth of their child which Jupiter in Scorpio symbolize. This could be a serious difficult birth fo the couple and the child.

Harry is also in danger as NEPTUNE In PISCES the planet which governs HOLLYWOOD is moving in to oppose his SUN in VIRGO a once-in-a-lifetime transit. It can indicate a time of over sensitivity, paranoia, confusion and diffusion of his energy. His grip on the world isn’t very realistic. This transit has been in effect since last year when he first proposed the 50/50 split. Neptune in PISCES is very compassionate and charitable. It also shows secret enemies, mental illness, grief, addictions, self-sabotage. It’s very spiritual, creative and makes one withdraw from the world. His health is delicate as he is a big psychic sponge and prone to picking up viruses during this period.

Transiting SOUTH NODE in SAGITTARIUS in the 9th house of foreign travels and justice shows what is being let go of -history, the military, justice, honesty. The Node of FATE squares VESTA in VIRGO in the 5th HOUSE of creativity, children, self-expression, leadership and willpower. This is what the Servant Royals are investing themselves in, their work, being humble, not royal and harvesting to give back and feed communities. It will be interesting to see how much they give back.

We shall see what we shall see. I am a fan of Prince Harry and Meghan. All content is copyright of Tara Greene

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Lance Armstrong OWN – drugs, lies,money IXION Astrology from Tara Greene

Lance Armstrong, the defamed cyclist, cancer beater,  has spent over a decade vehemently denying he used performance-enhancing drugs, and had stayed almost totally silent since the USADA decision last fall that concluded he perpetrated the biggest doping scandal professional sports has ever seen.

So why confess now, even in a limited way, to Oprah Winfrey? Will he name names? 

The short answer is $- see link below

Armstrong is keen to have his lifetime ban relaxed so he can compete in elite triathlons, which are sanctioned by the World Anti-Doping Code. Usually the stated motive for this has been, “he can’t live without competing against others at the highest level” or whatever like that.

But a report in the Wall Street Journal mentions an unnamed source who says Armstrong sees competing in triathlons as his most reliable source of future income, which makes a lot more sense. But wait there’s more Archetypal Astrology at work underpinning all this.

Armstrong’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million+ US.  But his fortunes will topple now that he  is facing a barrage of lawsuits that could cost him tens of mills.

Big lawsuit has been launched by  former teammate Floyd Landis. The suit alleges that Armstrong effectively defrauded the U.S. government, because the U.S. Postal Service was the title sponsor of his cycling team. The contract specified the team’s riders could not use performance enhancing drugs. Since Armstrong was part owner of the team, he could be on the hook for a substantial part of the estimated $50 million the U.S. Postal Service paid to be the main sponsor.

The U.S. Justice Department is now considering whether to join the lawsuit, and is expected to announce its decision Thursday. If it does, many believe that will greatly increase the chance of the suit succeeding.

 SO Lance Armstrong’s future?

Lance Armstrong astrology

click on chart to view larger

Lance Armstrong born Sept 18 1971 in Plano Texas- I have no birth time so have used NOON.

4 planets in VIRGO including Pluto conjunct the Sun,the Moon and Mercury on the MC the WORLD CAREER position

VIRGO is the perfectionist, the hard worker,analyst, Hermit,

Mercury rules- all forms of travel including bicycles. Mercury rules VIRGO. He has Saturn in Gemini  a dual natured sign, always known for angel/devil personalities which is also ruled by Mercury.

Very powerful Jupiter EXACT conjunct Neptune at Zero degrees of Sagittarius, 

Jupiter rules largesse, Big, foreigners,travel, influence, honesty, trials,the Law.

Neptune rules- DRUGS, Illusions, delusions, glamour,denial,prisons, fantasy, media, mesmerizing

It seems pretty obvious already WHO Mr. Armstrong is 

Lance has MARS- his drive , competitiveness in what else? Technology sign of airy speedy Aquarius-

-chemicals- steroids,and human growth hormones which he used to boost his speed and WIN.

Mars is conjunct his NORTH NODE at 14 degrees Aquarius

His highest spiritual goal is to see the bigger picture- higher consciousness that’s what Aquarius symbolizes.

His South Node- the past influence is in LEO, I am the KING the Boss, I can do whatever the f I want.

Saturn-karma, limitations,  is at 6 degrees Gemini-also DUALITY- squaring his Mercury in Virgo and opposite Neptune/Jupiter.

He has NO RETROGRADE Planets- indicating that Lance came into this life on some level – karma free!- see IXION below

Venus and Uranus are in Libra, he has LILLITH- no man tells me what to do-  conjunct Uranus opposite Chiron the centaur, wounded healer and ERIS the trouble maker, Symbol of DICORDIA, trouble and strife. That’s a heavy symbol to take on.

Lance  has IXION one of the new Plutino’s in his 12 house of the Unconscious  at 4 degrees Scorpio –

Ixion was a myth,  long story short,descended from war god Mars, trad. ruler of Scorpio. Ixion’s moral  is about “what am I to do? vs. what I should be and do conflict of polarity/the right thing. Ixion is the first  human in Greek Mythology to shed blood, much like Cain, he had a huge sense of ENTITLEMENT.  IXION is about being conscious and Satunian, not Neptunian-denying of the crimes we commit.  Jupiter- the LAW/ Zeus forgives him-Jupiter as ruler of Pisces-  but he then IXION sex with an image- Neptune- of Zeus’s wife and Bites the hand that feeds him and creates the Centaurs themselves. He is then punished by Jupiter as Sagittarius law giver,

IXION Lance ARMSTRONG ASTROLOGYIXION/ LAnce Armstrong symbol of punishment 

 by being affixed  to a winged wheel alive with searing fire. Ixion revolves on a an ever cycling wheel which gives him eternal fiery torment and disorientation -like being ever on Drugs. He can never gain any semblance of human bearings,he is beyond fixing, and from his totally helpless state keeps begging for mercy.

How fitting a description is that?
Plus Transiting JUPITER is conjunct Lance's natal Saturn at 6 Gemini- turning Direct 
on that degree and quincuncx his IXION. JUSTICE
transiting URANUS at 5 degrees Aries is sextile to Jupiter/Saturn which forms 
another  quincunx -called a YOD to Lance's natal IXION! 
A YOD is a finger of God aspect a kind of KOSMIC LANCE so to speak
Transiting NEPTUNE is also SQUARE to Lance's natal Neptune/Jupiter for the last 
2 years or so and Neptune in Pisces is  squaring his Natal SATURN. 
Hoisted on his own petard.
The Pluto/Uranus squares will continue this year to square his Natal Uranus in Libra 
at 12 degrees,opposite his Chiron in Aries being conjunct by transiting Uranus.   
Expect the unexpected Mr. Strongarm
Lance's natal Grand Air Trine is Uranus/Lillith IN LIBRA to Saturn in Gemini/MArs
/Morth Node in Aquarius. Mars has just passed his North node- triggering that positive energy for the next2 years.
The LUNAR Eclipse on November 28 occurred at 6 degrees Gemini conjunct LILLITH which 
formed the YOD from PLUTO/Mars at 8 of Capricorn sextile to Saturn,Venus at 6-8 
Scorpio. Lunar Elcipses creat new emotional patterns. we can easily see how all the symbols and signs fall into place.
The Finger of God/Zeus is waggin in his face.

Jupiter conjunct his Natal Saturn in Gemini begins a new 12 year cycle for Lance.
HE may become loose-tongued and name names but I still don't feel that will get 
him off free.
I BELIVE AS HE HAS been a total crook, deceiving liar,DISAPPOINTED millions of 
cancer victims, WITH HIS CYNICISM and lies, 
cycling forever disgraced on a fiery wheel 
and end up in jail. see a great article here -
 what do you think?

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