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Nuclear Plant Meltdown and PLanet X Influences by Tara Greene


Copyright Tara Greene 2011- infinity


PLanet X Nibiru

is Planet X the comet Eleni/ Nibiru?


Japan so known for its meticulous diligence in quality control, robot technology, the highest quality technology is shown to be frail, insufficient, and critically failing at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants after the devastating earthquake and Tsunami which struck March 11. Even tif they manage to get the power up and going now, much radiation has escaped and this affects the world. If they can’t stop it and 4 reactors go into meltdown this is a critical disaster for Japan and will affect the rest of the world.  


Nuclear energy, which is Planet Pluto’s realm-DEMOTED OR NOT- is being squared by a Retrograde Saturn at 15 degrees of Libra.  That’s a karmic pay back time folk. 

But wait, there’s a Big Back story 

When the tsunami hit and I first heard of the Nuclear power plant failure at Fukushima- no pun intended- I looked up Pluto’s discovery chart.  

The discovery of Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, Death and Rebirth, Power and Secrets happened as a presage to the splitting of the atom and the U.S. racing against Germany to be the first to use the unfathomable power which they would unleashed for use in warfare. Einstein was appalled. 

The interesting coincidence is that on Feb 18 1930 in Flagstaff Arizona at 4:00 pm when Pluto was first discovered by Clyde Tombaugh who had set out to find Planet X.

Very very powerful interesting synchronicities, almost 71 years later.  71 years in itself is significant as it takes a star 72 years to move 1 degree. 

In that Birth chart shown – click on it to see larger


Pluto discovered in Flagstaff Arizona 1930

Pluto Birth chart for discovery


The Sun was at 29 degrees of Aquarius– exactly where Neptune and Ceres are right now. Remember that Neptune takes    years for one orbit. 29 degrees of Aquarius is a Critical degree and opposite Fixed Star Regulus at 29 degrees of Leo- the Lion’s Heart. Also known as the Archangel Raphael’s X  marking spot in Heaven.  

Venus was at 2 degrees of Pisces exactly where Chiron is right now as well. @ degrees of Pisces is also conjunct to the Fixed Star Fomalhaut aka Archangel Gabriel’s marking star.


13 th century Illuminated painting of Archangel Gabriel by Martini

Angel Gabriel

The birth of Pluto had a Neptune Venus in Virgo/Pisces opposition in it. Always a sense of illusion, karma, hidden things, self-undoing as befits Pisces. Venus conjunct the Sun is of course in the 8th house which is always considered to be Scorpionic- all about death, power, secrets, control, money. 

Saturn was at 8 degrees of Capricorn then, and Pluto is now March 2011 at 7 degrees and change of Capricorn.  Saturn and Pluto are very powerful planetary energies.  See further below- for upcoming intensities of Saturn Uranus Pluto and more! Coming up shortly. 

Read full article and more on my website at http://taratarotweb.tripod.com/id40.html

Chinese New year,Water and predictions,Tara Greene astrology tarot psychic reader

Wow It’s Feb 4th already! Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Metal Rabbit! I am proud to say that I am a Golden rabbit so it’s m year too! along with many other very fertile bunnies. Here’s a short list of Bunny years and elements. Some equate the bunny with  the cat. Its up to you.   Would you rather be Bugs Bunny or Sylvester?

In Chinese, the name is TU meaning Peace. It is akin to the Sidereal Sign of Pisces, Jupiter is now in Aries in Western Tropical Zodiac. The 13 sign thing alludes to this.

JUPITER is the planet passing through each of the constellations, which symbolizes each animal as Jupiter takes 12 years to go all the way round the cycle.

1987 Fire rabbit year and 1927, 1975 Wood rabbit, 1963 is water rabbit, 1951 and 2011 metal rabbit, 1939 and 1999 Earth Rabbit.


According to Chinese the Year the Golden rabbit is a year to relax reflect catch your breath and finally calm down. Oh those words are music to my soul. Negotiate. Don’t force anything. Safe peace calm is the mental and emotional rabbit state. Rabbit’s love fashion, they are classy, sophisticated creative, they love art. Spend time in art galleries, going to beautiful operas, cultural events,a appreciating beauty.  Money flows easily without too much hard work, we can indulge a little. Tempered. Restful, contemplative even. Rabbit is associated with the Moon. She is very feminine. Bodes well for a happy, obstacle free year. The Rabbit or Hare bounds easily over all obstacles and always lands on her big lucky feet. Be nice ot rabbits this year and animals in general.

The Year of the Golden rabbit in particular MULTIPLIES the Wish GRANTING ASPECTS OF THE SUN AND THE MOON MAKING THIS ONE AWESOME WISH FULLFILLING YEAR! Remember to pray and envision and ask for your Highest Goals and Good to come to you, for the sake of all beings.


 BRANGELINA-both are rabbits born in different cycles and different elements, Ingrid Bergman, Orson Welles, Cary Grant, Drew Barrymore, Edith Piaf, Kate Winslet, Tina Turner, Helen Hunt, writer Arthur Miller.  2011 will be a soft touch, furry, gentle creative year .A good year to become a vegan. Very horny. Well travelled, optimistic. Of course there are many other astrological factors as well.


I will be reading Tarot Cards at THE CROHN’S and COLITIS and Grocery Foundation SUPER GALA http://www.groceryfoundation.com/super_gala.html for the 7th year along with about 15 PSYCHICS, TAROT READERS, ASTROLOGERS, RUNES, NUMEROLOGISTS, HANDWRITING ANALYSTS, CHAKRA READERS, AURA READERS all colleagues of mine. This year it is Huey Lewis and the News playing and comedian Russell Peters and more. It’s always a fabulous night, an amazing auction and they raise a lot of money for very worthwhile charities. I hope I see you there.

Aquarius New Moon Feb 2-3 

All the planets are bunched together in a very tight basic 90 degrees configuration all in the higher evolutionary signs- Venus is at 28 degrees of Sagittarius RIGHT ON THE GALACTIC CENTER on the New moon. Values are Inter Galactic large open. Chiron is at 29 critical degrees of Aquarius. The furthest ahead planet is Jupiter at 2 degrees of Aries exactly pressuring the North Node at 2 degrees of Capricorn. Pressure to grow, change the old established ways of power and authority-i.e. Egypt’s revolution perfectly fit this ocnfiguration.


The only planet all by his lonesome is stalwart Saturn, silver haired and in his exalted state at 17 degrees Retro of Libra. The only other main planet is Asteroid Juno at 28 degrees Rx. of Virgo, she is opposite Uranus and Jupiter. A T- Square of dynamic proportions urging new revolutionary changes, Feminine wisdom- Juno is the feminine form of Genius, which meant an exclusively male form of Genii. Yes we need this particular location now. Saturn is asking us to stand back and access the situation with a cool Hand Luke kind of Paul Newman gaze and rebalance rebalance rebalance.


Communications, the idea bank, the big picture, group thinking gets bigger higher broadband freer, way out there and more expansive while Mercury is  in Airy Aquarius. Think of yourself wearing Mercury’s groovy winged hat, those fab matching winged sandals and carrying that cadeusus.

VENUS ENTERS CAPRICORN  FEB 3 @ 9:59 pm PST– March 2nd

Venus leaves fiery sag behind her and dons her brogues and all business suit. Values, money, women’s issues, arts, relationships, love gets very practical and all biz. Just the facts ma’am. Budgetary cuts lean thinking, cutting off excess,Hard work, corporate hierarchies, older women, Female seniority, Crones, are the memes of the day with Venus in Capricorn. Committed relationships, attracted to older others,

WATER, major issue as CHIRON Re-ENTERS PISCES again FEB 8 12:10 PM PST for 7 YEARS!!!!

This is a long-term major cycle. Chiron briefly touched his toe into Oceanic Pisces April 19- July 20 in 2010. The first day of Chiron in Pisces the Deep water HORIZON BP OIL rig blew and spilled unknown tons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico creating one of the worst eco-disasters ever. So expect more of the same as Chiron is the Wounded Healer, in Pisces he will stick his finger symbolically in wherever we are wounded, vulnerable, sore, covering up, in denial of. We are 70-% water. So is the earth.

We need to drink many litres of pure quality life renewing litres of water each day to stay alive. It is the 2nd most important life-giving nutrient after air. Water resources will be a major scarcity issue. The oceans, purifying sea water, energy from the oceans, new life forms, who owns what around water. Dying oceanic life forms as well, no more fish left in the seas, whales doplohins, extinctions. Not good for us humans at all.

PISCES is also the sign of religion,spirituality the arts,

OLD fashioned religion is on its way out. Despite religious fundamentalists, fanatics the old religious games are ending. Teh Church will lose its power, more and more people are cecoming pagan, discovering yoga, other forms of imminent religous experiences,not authoritative religions. Did I mention Pisces rules drugs?  Allready very big- touted by Daniel Pinchbeck, Terrrence McKenna et all – ayahuasca and San Pedro two South American indiginous medicine plants will gain huge followings as ways of  directly experiencing other realities,used for religious cermeonies.

Art will become more of a spiritual vehicle. Colours will be softer greens and blues, more subtle, sensitive.  Neptune rules Pisces and it in turn rules OIL, It is the end of OIL as Pisces is the last of the signs. We are reaching the end of an era on oil dependence over the next 7 years. Pisces is also escapism, Hollywood, film and photography, addictions, viruses, ashrams, karma. Chiron also known, as Soul tenderizer will stick it to each and every one of us dealing with our own karmic issues, our addictions, our martyrdom, and our victim hood.

Hollywood itself will go through another upheaval in entertainment, direct mind to mind entertainment, dream recall.  Inception is the prophetic film released with Chiron in Pisces.  The danger is mass escapism into mindless drugging, as the consciousness gets higher and more refined and a lot of “Sheeple” are afraid.


We are on an evolutionary turning point this year. Almost at the last day in the Mayan Dr. Calleman reckoning which begins  MARCH 9 2011. There’s only  234 days to complete the UNITY WAVE, the final approach to ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS. THis is the alternative to Dec 12 2012 MAyan calendar date. There are a few schools of thought on this cycle and how consciousness is expanding at faster and faster rates. Over the last 16 BILLION years, we are now at the last level. Time as we experience it, is now 20 x’s faster than it was only a few years ago. Dnt you feel it? Information is definitely whats moving faster.

According to Carl Calleman the 9th wave of evolution ends 10/28/1 1

Awesome consciousness awakenings are beginning everywhere! Time to wake up!!!!

I am here to help assist you.

13 Astrology signs!Don’t worry, don’t get the tattoo removed yet, Tara Greene Astrologer Psychic



INSPITE of a recent storm of Twitter and other News media and I think the word Ophiuchus should become a new cuss word by the way.


13 constellations! Its not news to Astrologers at all either Western or Eastern.

But to Astronomers and the Media who want to ridicule ASTROLOGY for not being scientifically based and want to debunk it, the recent news by a Minnesota Astronomer and the hyperbole of YOU’RE NOT THE SIGN YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE, & NEW ZODIAC WITH 13 SIGNS, ETC.

The long known fact of the earth’s wobble on her axis and the Precession of the Equinoxes has created a time-drift between the symbolic historical points in space and the actual location of constellations in the skies. Let me explain.

Western astrology is time based on the SEASONS. At Spring Equinox when the sun is overhead at the Equator it is marked as the Zero degrees point of Aries as the starting point of the wheel of the year. Summer Solstice, usually June 21 is when the Sun touches the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere and where the Sign of Cancer begins. That’s the first day of winter in the Southern hemisphere.

When the Sun is on equator again in the fall in the North that marks the Sun at zero degrees of Libra in the Tropical Zodiac.

Winter solstice comes when the Sun touches zero degrees of Capricorn on the Earth’s plane and Dec. 21 usually marks the first day of winter in the North and the first day of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

This system has been in use for thousands of years and it works.

Interestingly the most important Tibetan Mandala for World Peace the KALACHAKRA, Kala means time, Chakra means wheel, is actually based upon this seasonal system for sun, moon and earth. So it has a very highly spiritual relevance as well. Unbeknownst to most people.

The other most widely used astrology system is the Eastern Indian VEDIC system, very ancient 12,000 or more years old. It is based on the Constellations, as they are overhead in real time. Today most Indians would not marry without consulting an Astrologer whose profession takes many years to master and who’s profession is held in very high esteem and value. . Divided into Lunar Mansions, and very complex in-depth delineation periods. Which is what all this fuss about a “newly discovered” Astrology sign is purportedly about. It isn’t new at all.


Also very ancient is determined by the position of the Sun, Moon, major planets and comets and Fixed Stars at the time of birth. The 12 animals and the 12-year cycle is related to Jupiter’s orbit around the earth and that’s why the Chinese use 12 segments of the Zodiac wheel of the Year. Chinese calendar is solar and lunar based.


Due to the Precession of the Equinoxes, the FIXED STARS do actually move, quite slowly in human terms, I degree every 72 years. So since the time of the Ancient Greeks from which western astrology comes down to us. At the sprain Equinox zero degrees of Aries was actually aligned with the Constellation of Aries the Ram. The constellations appear to move backwards, from the beginning of the Age of Pisces when Jesus Christ was born, note Pisces image, the 2 fishes and the fishers of men symbolism. Now when we celebrate Spring Equinox around March 21 the constellations have moved backwards roughly 23 degrees, so 7 degrees of Pisces is where the Sun is oriented to when we celebrate Spring. But based on the season we say it is zero degrees of Aries.

Each Astrological age is called A GREAT YEAR.

Most of the Bible is all astrology-based symbolism as is the Mayan Calendar from which the current predictions about Dec 21 2012 arise.

OPHIUCUS WAS never lost or found!

Eastern Indian astrologers have always known of it and Astronomers, and astrologers who work with Fixed stars and use both systems, the Tropical and Sidereal systems. Confused yet?

The 12 constellation Aries, Taurus etc are located on a narrow band around the earth called the ECLIPTIC, the imaginary equator extended out into space from the earth, it is narrow band 8 degrees and the 12 most familiar constellations are aligned within this belt. The belt is divided into 12 parts thirty degrees, each which makes a complete circle of 360 degrees.

The constellations though are not neatly in that same size; some are much larger than others, but still measures as 30 degrees.

Western time based astrology is a poetic, symbolic, mythical, magical psychological system, and it works especially as it mirrors modern Western lifestyles, thinking, philosophy, and psychology.

THE INDIAN VEDIC system also uses a neat 30-degree measurement system for each sign. Vent Hough each constellation has vastly different sizes.

THEY ALL WORK! It is not a belief system. Different strokes for different folks!

Astrologers have been important since pre-history, all alignments of major monument on the Earth, the Pyramids in Egypt, in Mexico, are all aligned to the Constellations that were prominently rising at the time those structures were built.

Astrologers have advised Kings, generals, High potentates, acted as architects in all cultures throughout the world since before recorded history and in the West most well known up to Queen Elizabeth 1st times. Astrology has always guided Royalty throughout all ages and Cultures worldwide.

The Sun only passes through a narrow band of OPHIUCUS and the Ancient Greek choose not to include it in the celestial equator. OPHIUCUS is the only constellation that we know of that was based on a real living human though. Ophiucus known as the SERPENT BEARER it is a large constellation. It was one of the first 48 constellations listed by the 2nd Century astronomer Ptolemy. It remains one of the modern 88 constellations. Some of the closest stars lie in Ophiucus. The Supernova of 1604 observed on Oct 9 was near the major star Ophiucus observed by Johannes Kepler. Ophiucus The Serpent Holder is a three-part constellation, space-walking on the plane of the ecliptic, known to astrologers as “the belt of the zodiac.” He consists of the body of a man and a snake in two parts: Serpents Caudal (the tail) and Serpents Caput (the head}.

Ophiucus shows a man wrestling a serpent. It is closely connected to the Greek healer Asclepeius. Some say it is named after a 27 century BCE name named Imhotep {called Enki to the Ancient Babylonians, also closely connected to the Biblical man Joseph, son of Jacob. Both were said to be very knowledgeable in medicine.

The symbol of the serpent entwined around a staff is still used today to represent the medical profession.

All snakes symbolize the GODDESS, Chthonic energy, primordial grounded wisdom, immortality, change, and rebirth.

Constellation 13 Ophiuchus
The modern Archetype of Ophiucus / Asclepeius is a healer/shaman who journeys, usually in visions to the Upper and lower worlds, and who uses Kundalini, also known as snake/reptile Medicine to heal with. Steve Irwin the Australian crocodile hunter who died suddenly in 2006 was the modern symbolic embodyment of Ophiuchus, presaging this sudden interest in the Ancient Constellation into the collective consciousness.

Ophiucus/ Asclepeius

In Ancient Greece if one was ill and in order to be healed one went to a temple devoted to Asclepeius. There the patient was given herbs, perhaps snake venom and other forms of intoxicants, perhaps psychoactive plants and would be watched by various healers. The patient was left to rest, waiting to receive the healing dream. The belief was that only the Gods, {the Psyche, the Unconscious itself} would contain the secrets and the cure itself.

I have to say here that my husband Napoleon was stricken with brain malaria in a remote area of Indonesia in the early 90’s. . He did manage to have some malaria medicine as well as natural homeopathic remedies, and luckily a doctor who managed to get fresh fruits and vegetables available to him for the weeks that he was critically ill. While he lay in very high fever, hallucinating, shaking, delirious, he said he then had a very powerful LUCID DREAM of King Solomon’s temple and advise given which immediately broke his fever. He recovered within a day of receiving the healing dream and hasn’t had any problems since then!

So don’t worry about the current line-up on NEW SIGNS! WESTERN TROPICAL ASTROLOGY WITH 12 SIGNS WILL STAY THE SAME, still the same product still great,still works!
Maybe a bunch of folks thinking it is a new way to generate new products will quickly publish brand new signs of 13 and figure out how to synthesize and entire new system. It makes sense, sort of.
but the Vedic astrologers will just laugh.
Want to change your image then go ahead! It can be very confusing to identify yourself as a diffrent sign, but this is a sign that people are ready to change! We dont see things until we are ready to.

What I think is the most significant in all this is that it bridges the Eastern and Western Systems and claims a New archetypes attention to modern consciousness even if it’s just a news item for a few days! We’ll see how th elinger effects pan out.

We are in a 2011= 4 = the number 13 year! Hoe synchronistic that ZODIAC SIGN # 13 POPS UP!

In the Tarot TRUMPS # 13 is the symbol of DEATH and REBIRTH!

If people really want to honour OPHIUCHUS it is a very holistic healing sign. Ophiuchus is known for vivid premonitions, dream interpretations, natural healing, immortality, good luck, seeking higher education and wisdom, architects, aspiring, lofty ideals, poetic, inventive, fortunate in hard times, wisdom, genius, giving, generous. All the factors our modern culture needs to integrate.

Maybe Obama’s health care plan should be replaced with the building and aligning to the stars, the resurrection of the ancient healing temples dedicated to Asclepius and the integration of the OPHIUCHUS Health Care Plan.


Constellation Tropical Date Sidereal Date IAU Definition 1930

ARIES March 21- April 19 April 15 – May 15 April 17 – May 13

TAURUS April 20 – May 21 May 16 – June 15 May 14 – June 19

GEMINI May 22 – June 22 June 16 – July 15 June 20 – July 20

CANCER June 23 – July 22 July 16 – August 15 July 21 – Aug 9

LEO July 23 – July 22 August 16 – Sept 15 August 10 -Sept 15

VIRGO Aug. 23 – Sept. 23 Sept. 16 – Oct. 15 Sept. 16- Oct. 30

LIBRA Sept. 24 – Oct. 23 Oct. 16 –Nov. 15 Oct. 31 –Nov. 22

SCORPIO Oct. 24 – Nov. 22 Nov. 16 – Dec 15 Nov. 23- Nov. 28

OPHIUCUS N/A Nov. 29 – Dec. 17

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 23- Dec 21 Dec 16 – Jan. 14 Dec 18. –Jan. 17

CAPRICORN Dec. 22 –Jan. 20 Jan. 15- Feb. 14 Jan 18 –Feb. 15

AQUARIUS Jan. 21 – Feb 19 Feb. 15 – March 14 Feb. 16 –March 11

PISCES Feb. 20 – March 20 March 15- April 14 March 12–April 16

The dates will incrementally increase by 1 degree every 72 years. The “Fixed Stars” advance 1 degree in that time frame.

Oh and by the way I AM NOW AN OPHIUCHAN