Nuclear meltdown in Japan,women have the anti-dote, SuperMoon by Tara Greene

March 12-14th 2011 With the 2nd or 3rd Nuclear power plant at the Fukushima plants in meltdown and dangerous types of nuclear fuel used this is  a very dangerous situation and is being covered up in the media. see

I meant to write feminine and masculine and my Freudian unconscious slip went  faminine and mesculine as in the famine of the Feminine created by the mess of the masculine. How apropos.

The latest powerful earthquakes and  tsunami’s in Japan is the earth crying out for women to pay attention to her and act in right relationship.  If we are really humanKIND we must act kind, we must be kind, we must reKINDle ourselves in harmony with the heartflame of Grandmother Earth.

We are all Her children. We are but little specs, like ants upon her bosom, see how fragile we truly are when Mother Nature shakes us about, she is showing us who is boss she’s giving us humans a time out for acting badly to her. 

MOTHER EARTH, the Divine Feminine is full of unconditional love for all of us but we, MEN  have raped and abused her for thousands of years now and her womb,the oceans are polluted and the air, her breath and the earth, her body had been so ravaged by greed and masculine dominator models for over 5,000 years. None of her earth should be mined, blasted, no oil pumped out, no radioactive materials used.

Any mistreatment of women and children who are created in her DIVINE IMAGE, Feminine like Her Self is an affront to The Goddess= Our Mother. To further strengthen our commitment to the 100th anniversary of International Womens’ day we need to honour the earth with our bodies and our blood more than ever. Desperate times call for ACTION and commitment.

Women- written by Canadian Singer Nancy Ward  from her album

To the Planters of Trees produced by Jack Lenz. 1989{ ?}

Women, we are strong like the trees,

we can bend in the wind,

we can bend in the wind without breaking

Women, we are patient as mountains,

we endure like the rivers,

 we are waters on the storm,

 we are peacemakers.

Women, Mother Earth is our baby,

 she is sick and in trouble,

 Mother Earth is our baby,

 our own, Mother  Earth is our baby, our own.

People, we must call on our powers,

from the earth sky and waters,

 we must heal Mother EArth with

our Beauty, our Beauty 

 we must heal, Mother Earth, with our Souls.

Holy Grail, Sacred Blood heals the earth

In ancient times Women’s menstrual blood was considered Holy, the Sacred Blood of Life. The Holy Grail is the womb itself the Sang Real is royal blood. Menstrual blood was the first blood used to fertilize crops, the beginning of agriculture. The red carpet which we know to today used by Hollywood stars denoting power, wealth, beauty was originally a special carpet that women  bled upon which gave it its power. 

Women your monthly period is your sacred menstrual blood of Life and will help to heal the earth. As in homeopathic cures, like cures like and in magick intention is everything. We must give back what She has honoured us with, the Gift of Life and to give back .

You know this in the deepest part of your wombs in your unconscious in your cells. All you have to do is get past the programming and remember what your body tells you. Ask your womb if it is holy? Is your monthly bleeding time sacred? Is your monthly flow not the root of and intended to bring forth the miracle of life? How could it be any other way? We need to move out of unconsciousness into empowerment and enlightenment, this is it. Your body hold the magick. You need to free yourself til you can laugh at how ridiculous it is to believe that your sacred body and its natural flow could be anything but sacred and holy.

If you are a woman who still bleeds, save your blessed menstrual blood in a non-toxic pad or cup and pour some onto the earth or in a body of water with a prayer of powerful intention to heal mother earth NOW. This will greatly benefit the earth and all her relations.

Especially at this very powerful u[coming Super Moon on March 19 when the full Moon will be closest to the Earth in 20 years, if you are bleeding then use that time especially. Anytime and always is the best time. Give back to Mother earth that which She has given you. This is ancient pagan wiccan ceremonial magick. It is very powerful menstrual blood,  that is why there was all the taboos about women bleeding. 

I made a vow at a women’s ceremony in 1992 to teach women and young girls about the sacred power of their menstrual blood. I  offer to coach to educate, to lead ceremonies and rituals.

See other women doing the same:

Herbalist, Wise Woman, best-selling author Susun Weed

Susun initiated me as a Green Witch in 1987 at her beautiful magical gardens and goat farm in Woodstock New York.

Another lady passionate about spreading the Good word about our monthly wise blood.

Astro-News April 16-Earth Day, plant a tree for free

Astrological Updates April 16-22nd Earth Day! 

New Moon in Aries. Saturn finally goes Direct April 19th! Lots of Trines! 

April 16th Moon in Aries- Fiery, on the Move, time to seed

Moon Conjunct Mercury-blabbedy, blab, blah, fiery tongues, too much babble

Moon trine Saturn and Jupiter-it doesn’t get any better than this folks

Moon sextile Neptune-just like it sounds, with your dreams, a bottle of wine, your dream lover, your ideal situation. 

The Moon may be in Aries, new beginnings- but we are headed into the last phase of the Moon as we go to New Moon so things are stalled temporarily and Aries temperaments ain’t famous for being patient, so just try to be patient for a few days longer. 

Tuesday April 17th It’s New MOON at 7:36 am. EDT

It’s a fiery time. You’re chomping at the bit to launch new projects, but this New Moon occurs at 28 degrees of Aries, near the end of the Arian cycle, a bit of a conundrum in more ways than one. Finish planting the seeds you sowed at the Spring Equinox. 

This New Moon is being trined by Pluto so it’s easy to see into the depths of this dark time. The New Moon calls us into the Void at the Galactic Centre. Big things are germinating. Don’t avoid the void. Glean new insights now.

This new moon is a dark mirror of obsidian where we can gaze at our own shadows, find out where we come from and what internal and external shadows are blocking new growth.  Pluto is making his final and deepest digs right now in Sagittarius, exposing religious hypocrisy, bad educational policies and laws, strip mining our ecological wastefulness, and exposing the deeply hidden secrets about our true spiritual wealth, death and rebirth and the nature of reality, quantum physics and our power. Reflect on what your creative passions are. Things may appear confusing. Mercury is in Aries and wants to understand and communicate spontaneously, independently, defensively, as a warrior.  Defensiveness does not allow for new beginnings. Let go of your need to control with your mind.

Chiron is in opposition to Saturn, so our deepest wounds are hurting palpably, physically, we feel it in our bodies, we see it in the news, in the structures, the laws, the obstacles, the limitations, our leaders, the government, the very fabric of our realities.

Neptune is sitting 6 degrees away from Chiron opposite Saturn, brining infinite hope, inspiration, vision, meditations, compassion, peace struggles, drama, illusions, delusions, our addictions and trouble with water and oil to the surface so that we may heal them if we so choose. 

MOON Enters Taurus April 17th at 12:11 pm EDT 

If things seem to be taking forever to manifest and you are weary of carrying that leaden weight around for a moment longer it’s because Saturn ruler of the material world is just about stopped in the skies right now so these days will feel the heaviest,leaden. Those longish term plans since last Dec. 5, 2006 when Saturn turned retrograde that you’ve been patiently and persistently working on with Capricornian discipline are about to start growing and building, and supported now by that Taurean obstinacy and let’s not forget sensual Venus ruled Moonscape. 

Wed. April 18th An aspect  Free day! And they say that nothings free anymore. 

April 19th Saturn turns Direct Direct  at 5:24 pm EDT

Hooray! Let’s get real and down to work.  It’ll be easier to get your taxes done now. Saturn is the Mother Principle in the Kabbalah. I know we think about Saturn as Father Time but that is just a patriarchal Saturnian gloss Of course we’re all here as spirits and souls in physical bodies, or robes, in the 3D realm or you wouldn’t be experiencing any of this. And we all came into the world from a woman’s body since the beginning of Time. Thus Saturn is the Feminine, the real world, physical matter. Matter and the word Mater, Mother are one and the same. Ain’t etymology great? Edgar Cayce that famous clairvoyant called Saturn the planet of change, because Saturn correspond to structures ,buildings, defenses, physical bodies which eventually crumble, fall and change, and change is the nature of reality.

Saturn transits are hard, limiting, obstacles abound, time drags, we’re working hard to build, but progress is painfully slow. Saturn turning direct let’s us out of the gates. It’s time to take the big step forwards depending though on the hard work sweat and persistence that we put in during these last 5 + months. Saturn turned Retro at 25 degrees of Leo, Saturn goes Direct at 18 of Leo and arrives at 25 Leo again on July 25th.

Baby Boomers Take Note:

People born between 1946-1955 have their Natal Pluto’s in Leo around these degrees  covered by Saturn’s Rx period, and these people Baby Boomers all, some in their 60’s a time ruled by Saturn, are being strongly pushed to reclaim their authentic power as Leaders, as creative self-expressionists, as Pluto esoterically rules the Soul. The 5th house natural position of Leo rules the Heart, and love given to others. Carl Jung said that Love and Power were mutually exclusive. But showing and giving love is the biggest power we have.

Divine Trine April 19

And it’s more good news as the Sun exactly trines Pluto as well this day. This is a Divine Trine, ease of connection of Light and Dark, the Source and Power, Consciousness and the Soul, Life and Death, exposure and secrets. The Sun trines Pluto at the Galactic Centre throwing our awareness into the Black Hole at the Centre of the Galaxy.  The Black Hole draws all light and matter into itself inexhorably. This symbolizes our chance to Light the Way into the core, the depths of the Void. The Sun is the Source of Life and Light to us, Pluto is darkness, depths, the Soul. We see ourselves now and know our true Selves as the Light, as the Power of Light and Dark, know ourselves and the structure of Reality {Saturn} as the Source within and without.  The Sun rules the sign of Leo and we all have a Leo house ruling our hearts in our natal charts. 

To check on how the Saturn forward motion is affecting you please consult me for a Natal Transit and Chart 

April 20th Before we get to the Taurean Sunshine.

Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini. At 3:27 am. EDT.

Great for sexy, romantic,if ambiguous dreams.

Moon in Gemini square Mars in Pisces at 5:25 am.

Continuing the boinking, this one’ll get you out of bed, if you’ve been conjuncting with some nefarious person this is the time you’ll find any excuse to take off before you martyr yourself too much. 

April 20 SUN ENTERS TAURUS @ 7:07 EDT 

You stubborn bullish, sensual, creative, artsy, singers, {many, many famous ones including Bob Dylan, Bono, Barbara Streisand, Janet Jackson, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Bing Crosby {bah, bah bah boo} Perry Como-Boomers will remember him and those crappy Kraft foods commercials} Willie Nelson, James Brown, Roy Orbison, and musicians Liberace and composer Irving Berlin.
Other famous Taureans include:

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Shakespeare, Sigmund Freud, Tony Blair, Harry Truman, Saddam Hussein, Ho Chi Minh, Coretta Scott King, Pope John Paul II, architect I.M. Pei, and  Mike Wallace

Actors: Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Jack Nicholson, Uma Thurman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Andie MacDowell, Al Pacino, Shirley Temple Black, and last but not least comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Taureans are security freaks, earthy, nature loving, and loving in general, Venus ruled, lazy sometimes, rose smelling, whose keyword is “I have” and whose movie title is “To have and to hold.”  It’s your time to shine. 

Moon squares Uranus at 4:00 PM. Adding some unexpected surprises!

Moon opposite Jupiter at 7:50 pm EDT 4:50 Pm PDT

Feeling the largesse? Good for big parties tonight. You feel like being a benefactor.

Go to to indulge your Taurean earth worshipping nature loving

Generosity and plant virtual seeds absolutely free that generates funding for real tree planting in New Orleans for Earth Day,sponsored by Seventh Generation.

Moon trines Neptune at 11:42 PM making for a romantically inspired Soul MATE in the flesh kinda evening. Poets and songwriters take note, this is the moment for bringing celestial musical inspirations and dreams into real notes on paper. 

April 21

Mercury in Aries trines Saturn at 3:09 am EDT

Very logical aspect for straight talk and walking that talk into reality. Put your money where your mouth is.

Moon opposite Pluto at 11:52 am

This one is always difficult. Did you know that Pluto rotates in the opposite direction to most of the other planets. This is a time of emotional upheavals and often co-incides with disasters. But there is a blessing as well as,

Mercury Jupiter Saturn Trine unfold throughout this day


Mercury in Aries Trines Saturn in Leo Trines Jupiter in Sag.


This one is good for that proverbial cosmic kick in the butt.  This enlivens and animates spirits, everyone feels good, talks fast, is big hearted, generous, adventurous, optimistic,Pursues their own sense of truth, and acts like kings, gives from their hearts, pursues higher aims and goals. Communications should be heady. The down side is, too truthful?- watch that infamous hoof in mouth disease of  Sagittarius, don’t sit too high on your horse. 


Emotional tone softens, breathe a sigh, feed yourself well, nourish others, go see your Mom, recuperate, bake an apple pie, take a bath or go for a swim, feel homey, feelings will be very sensitive, tender, security conscious.  As for that Fiery trine in effect today, be aware of Cancerian ultra-sensitive side or else the armour will not come down. Appeal to nurture the truth {Jupiter in Sag.} from your heart {Saturn in Leo} and just do it {Mercury in Aries, As Sun’s Taurean  beams lead us to Earth Day tomorrow, definitely contribute to greening the environment, if it’s warm enough plant some seeds and flowers, definitely get your hands into the earth. With all the talk about ecology, global warming, this is the time to do something about it. Write letters to the government urging your support, Jupiter in Sagittarius is expanding our knowledge about power, education, truth, our interdependence with each other on the planet-ie: China; expanding laws. 

April 22 EARTH DAY 

This Green Day. Honour the Earth Our Mother! How appropriate that Moon is in Cancer {Mom} and the Sun is in Taurus the 1st Earth Sign.

Moon Trines Mars in Pisces : so be compassionate as a spiritual warrior for the Earth, defend her, protect her, bless her, definitely hug trees today.

Moon trines Uranus at 8:14 pm Expect happy unexpected gifts from spirit.

Mercury sextiles Neptune at 9:12 PDT

Putting our talk and our dreams into one.

Venus squares Mars, Gemini to Pisces at 10:30 PM PDT

This is hot, difficult, Venus wants an easy way out, and Mars will do anything to keep her around.  Ambiguous values rub the wrong way into old secrets and insecurities. Too much idle chatter dissipates the desire to let compassion flow.









wireless activisim,cell phones grow trees @ Earth Day, New Orleans


Sponsered by Seventh Generation

seed collective and Seventh Generation invite you to be a Wireless Activist an

ECOLLABORATIONIST to help RE Green New Orleans for Earth Day.

seedcollective is partnering with Seventh Generation who is sponsoring $1 for each virtual tree “planted” online up to $40,000 to be donated to Replant New Orleans for planting live trees in New Orleans leading up to Earth Day.

seedcollective is a “groundbreaking” historical technological breakthrough interface between mobile phones and computers online. seedcollective allows users to participate in a uniquely rich mobile online experience which is at once a co-creative art collaboration, a reforestation tool, a fund raising platform, fun, simple. You can seed the forest for the trees! Turn your cell phone into an arborists’ tool. Become a wireless green activist. Participate in this ecollaborative experience.

We need 40,000 virtual trees created online to be able to use the funds being offered. or through Seventh Generation’s affiliate site One Ton Tree affiliate site

Please pass this on to everyone you know who wants to help regreen New Orleans, everyone participating will make a difference. I’m sure your seedcollective experience will be delightful. You will be surprised and amazed at how easy it is to interact to help New Orleans and re-green it for Earth Day.

seedcollective is a new platform for online ecollaboration and reforestation, as well as a co-creative art project, enabling participants to become wireless green activists. There is no cost except for a long distance phone call to New Orleans. Interaction to grow your virtual seedling into a tree takes about 4 minutes. You choose between 7 different phantasmagorical tree types, the DNA tree, the Ancestor Tree, The Tire Tree etc. You can download your tree image to keep as a memento for your participation in seedcollective. Read on…

Plant a tree NOW for Earth Day April 22 Support REPLANT New Orleans

Use your Cell Phone or Land Line to plant trees, sponsored by Seventh Generation

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On Earth Day, Napoleon Brousseau, creator of the seeecollective and Seventh Generation reps. will be in New Orleans planting trees to replace the 50,000 trees destroyed by hurricane Katrina. At the end of the planting day all the virtual trees created online will be presented at the wrap party.
Show the people of New Orleans your support. We only need 40,000 virtual trees created to grow thousands of real trees! The trees, shrubs, plants and soil regeneration provided by Replant New Orleans will make a huge difference in bringing the city back to life.

You can seed the forest for the trees! Turn your cell phone into an arborists’ tool. Participate in a unique art collaborative and ecollaborative experience. Spread the word, plant seeds, make trees grow! or go to

The People of New Orleans thank you in advance for participating in the greening of their city.

Napoleon Brousseau & Tara Greene,
on behalf of the SEED Collective and Seventh Generation