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Join Psychic Tamare WhiteWolf and Tara Greene live Fri. March 10 at 2:00 pm PST/ 5:00 pm EST for Saturn in Pisces Pluto in Aquarius readings on her Tiktok. Check Spirit Talk’s video! #TikTok

Sedona September cosmic ceremony

Sedona Tara Greene shamanic tours

Are you feeling the call to be on sacred ground and align with cosmic synchronicity? Are you feeling the need to let go of outworn patterns and step into a new more enlightened and clear path? As the dimensions open, it greatly accelerates your growth process to be on the red rock vortexes of Sedona.

Please join me in September to experience the magic of the famous red rocks whose natural energies magnify all healing, ceremony and ritual 10 x’s faster and more powerfully according to Drunvalo Melchizedek and thousands of others who have experienced it for themselves.

Sign up now to experience, heal, journey, learn, expand, and align with your unique soul’s path next month. I invite you to join me to align with the stars, planets, the earth, the elements, the ancestors, higher magical dimensions, opening your chakras and experience profound alignment.  Special individually tailored ceremonies and group ceremonies in Sedona.

There are many optimum dates in September for working with the planets, between September 13- 24. Jupiter and Neptune, the wish-fulfilling gems, Saturn, eclipses,and the Autumn Equinox, the balancing of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine. It is hugely important to do this work during the sacred gateways.

Buddhist Sedona tara Greene

Amitabha stupa and Peace Park in Sedona

photo by Tara Greene

TAROT, guided meditations, Astrology, chanting, sacred moon cycles, dream work, women’s spirituality, sound healing, past life regression, chanting, Buddhist stupa perambulation, ascension magic, medicine wheels, rights of passage, crystal laser bed. Blessings ceremonies and initiations. and more. I am also working with other healers in Sedona.

email me for more info ASAP.or call 416 461 1999 to speak with me directly about any questions or concerns.

One, two, or three day workshops. Can tailor specially for YOU.

Small intimate groups. I will  help you arrange your hotel accommodations. There are many options,for all types of budgets. Simply meditate and ask your higher self is this right ? JUST DO IT!

I am a certified as a Transformational Psychotherapist, in Past Life Regression, a High Priestess of Isis, Tarot teacher, Astrologer, received shamanic training with Oriah Mountain Dreamer from 1989, Oneness faciliator, Awakening the Illuminate Heart, andwomen’s spirituality workshop leader since 1987. 

PLEASE SHARE TO ALL who you know would benefit. 

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keep on cleansing Spiritual tune up Astrology from Tara Greene

10 day chakra meditation cleanse Aug 9 is day 3

I was wondering how you were finding my meditation symbols from the crop circle oracle deck. They came as images and words to ponder upon. Oftentimes the advice is not so easy to see. stay with it. 10 days is not tooo long a commitment.

My original advice about the cleansing can be repeated every day in fact if you do the same rituals every day at the same time your body will come to expect it.

Go back and reflect on the crop circle images and imagine the keywords phrases and numbers as you open each chakra every day and as you listen and grow. Stick with it, the results will be worth it.

Keep it simple. the key is to be open, stay open,

remember you have my Divine protection, I embed that code into the words as you read them. Always call upon your Guardian Angels.

Angel by Thayer TAra Greene meditations

Some Astro- HiLITES

Aug 9

Lovely VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE @ 3:34 pm PDT /6:34 pm EDT

this is really the aspect to set your highest deepest most romantic Spiritual dreams on. What you target now will come to pass when Saturn is in Scorpio and completing the GRAND TRINE in early degrees 1-2 degrees in mid October.

The WEEKEND- already! The Mood  shifts from EARTH to AIR

DAy 4  Friday Aug 10 Moon enters GEMINI @ 1:11 pm PDT

Moon squares Neptune 5:28 pm EDT that will get the airy emotional mix to was poetically. PLanets aspecting Neptune anchor the ephemeral planets energies.

Aug 11  DAY 5

MOON Conjunct JUPITER @ 1:32 pm PDT/ 4:32 pm EDT

this is about as expansive as it gets folks! Ask to visualize to know,download new pathways for learning communicating, being honest, seeing the bright side in all situations, inspiring people world wide.

Jupiter always encourages one to take risks, to gamble a bit, to go beyond your normal boundaries, This is good and necessary during spiritual work. Fire walking was used in the 90’s as  away of opening people’s minds very quickly.  Nowadays they use ayahuasca. My guru used to tell people to travel, to scuba dive, to go where one wouldn’t feel safe normally.

Most of all set your sights HIGHER, broader, be expanded.

Sunday Day 6 – you’re  60% there

A nice couple of trines between dual action Moon, Mars and Saturn will definitely lighten things. EZ STUff between the 2 heavies!  Now we get to talk about all that scary stuff that happened on Tuesday when Moon opposed Mars and Saturn.

You see it all comes out in the wash, the air wash, car wash, mental floss.


some seriously heavy aspects upcoming. & the 2nd of the URANUS PLUTO Squares is on  September 19.

 Aren’t you glad you are giving yourself the investment of time, trust, honor by doing these meditations and letting go more and more every day?

The soul body mind knows truly knows. Your soul needs you to meditate to be present to your own magnificence.

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