The meaning of Comet Neowise

COMETS are harbingers of major changes, death of famous people and for thousands of years indicators of major cataclysms. Currently visible to the naked eye is the brightest comet to appear since Comet Hale-Bopp in 1997. NEOWISE was discovered March 27, 2020 by astronomers during the NEOWISE mission of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) space telescope and named after it. 

Tapisserie de Bayeux – Scène 32 : des hommes observent la comète de Halley

Ancient Chinese astrology set great store by celestial omens and comets were an important omen, always disastrous. Under the theory of Wu Xing, comets were thought to signify an imbalance of yin and yang. Chinese emperors employed observers specifically to watch for them. Some important decisions were made as a result. For instance, Emperor Ruizong of Tang abdicated after a comet appearance in 712 AD.

Comets were observed in great detail because of their astrological significance. However, these observations are now of great use to modern astronomers.

“Ancient Chinese records of comet observations are the most extensive historical records in existence. They are far more complete than European observations.[2]The earliest confirmed Chinese comet observation is from 613 BC,[3] but there is also a possible sighting of Halley’s Comet in 1059 BC. The Chinese records are not only the most extensive as there are continuous records all the way through to the nineteenth century, using substantially consistent methods throughout. They are also the most accurate, often to within half a degree of right ascension. ” 

Comets were thought to have military significance. For instance, the breakup of a comet on 25 January 35 AD was interpreted as portending the destruction of Gongsun Shu by Wu Han, general to emperor Guangwu.” – Wikipedia

OMENS OF DESTRUCTION Battle of Hastings 1066

The most famous appearance of Halley’s comet occurred in 1066 coinciding with the Norman Conquest of England at the Battle of Hastings. Halley’s comet was later included in a section of the famed Bayeux Tapestry, which depicts King Harold and a crowd of fearful Englishmen watching it streak through the sky. This is the first known picturing of this comet. The Tapestry is an embroidery, made in Kent, England and measures 20-inches tall but measures a mammoth 231-feet-long.


The Hopi Indians in the U.S. have many prophesies about Future warning about the end of the Fourth World and the beginning of the 5th. According to Frank Waters, in The Book of the Hopi, 1963 A Blue Kachina {or God} will appear as a blue star or comet. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease”.[citation needed]  “The end of all Hopi ceremonialism will come when a Kachina removes his mask during a dance in the plaza before uninitiated children.” This absence of Hopi ceremonialism will coincide with the destruction of the Fourth World. Waters suggested that World War III will begin and the United States will be ripped apart by war, leaving only the Hopis and their homeland intact. The war of the end of the world is described by Waters as “a spiritual conflict with material matters”. =

counteracting this. “There is evidence gathered by Armin Geertz that the Hopi “continuously recreate their prophecies to justify current conditions” (Jason Colavito’s words) and that all the prophecies were composed after the events they prophesy. Since there are no ancient Hopi texts there is no way to know what the originals were. For instance, the whiteness of Pahana, the White Brother, who returns from the East may well postdate their first encounters with Europeans”.[2]


Mark Twain, the famous American author was born when Haley’s comet appeared in 1835 and died when the comet reappeared in 1910, 75 years later. Comets are alien visitors from the solar system. Their fly by’s has traditionally always been considered to portend deaths of famous people, major catastrophes, and battle warnings.The Chines astrologers saw them as indicators of imbalance in the yin and yang.

Let’s look at Comet Neowise’s discovery chart. I have put in Comet HOPI into the chart, and this is a HELIOCENTRIC CHART.

The SUN is in ARIES conjunct LILITH and squaring the NODES of FATE which are South Node in Capricorn North Node in Cancer.  What does this mean?

Comet Neowise Astrology, Tara Greene

Comet Neowise Astrology

COMET NEOWISE is a new spiritual messenger. It is an embodiment of the Wounded Healer Chiron, for toxic masculinity of Aries warrior energy and for the Dark denied Feminine shadow of women’s independence, equality and sexuality, Lilith.

I see this as a great healing energy symbol. CHIRON and LILITH in ARIES conjunct the SUN, the identity of NEOWISE, square the Nodes of the Moon also conjunct asteroid PSYCHE which means the Soul or Unconcious which is always feminine and Asteroid HOPI. It is connected to the Hopi Prophesies perhaps. This is  a KARMIC energy when planets square the NODES.

This comet’s message can be seen as a harbinger of the imbalance in the masculine and feminine and the new healing fire of Lilith and Chiron which holds the cauterizing healing torch of the soul to heal the toxic warrior masculine energy.

MARS the ruling planet of the SUN is in grounded earthy physical CAPRICORN conjunct the expansive wealthy death and rebirth planets JUPITER and PLUTO in conjunction with SATURN at 0 AQUARIUS indicating a new consciousness.

The MOON the emotional feeling of the comet is conjunct URANUS in TAURUS 

This is radical new freedom-loving practical gut instinct intuition. The Moon is what we need to feel emotionally safety and nurturing. This is a brand new emotional body and values being built. 

VENUS at 22 TAURUS in her rulership trines Jupiter Pluto and Saturn in Aquarius to bring some solid stable resourceful tools which we can integrate into our radical consciousness for transforming the corporate Patriarchal model. 


the Great Mother is a feminist, a radical, freedom-loving independent in a tense love connection with her daughter Venus. Women used to be free to choose their own lovers and mates and the lineage was Matriarchal. This indicates these old values resurfacing in a new modern way. 

MERCURY and NEPTUNE in PISCES are widely conjunct with Neptune sextile VENUS

The messenger is spiritual idealistic compassionate and creative. Neptune is VENUS’s higher octave and their positive aspect grounds the spiritual idealism into a practical feminine appreciation of love relationships values and beauty,

If you can see Comet Neowise it’s quite awesome. I saw it last night very clearly naked eye in dark skies. Yes, it can have negative portents but I found Hale-Bopp was personally very good for me and my family.

In 1997 my husband and I travelled to Death Valley California to do a fertility and Give-away ceremony to conceive a child. We timed it to be there for March 21 Spring Equinox and we were under Hale-Bopp the last huge comet to appear in the skies. Long story short we  did a ceremony  with a lingham stone a traditional Hindu standing stone and covered it with honey and flowers and created an energetic yoni and prayed and also gave away our need to have a child to the Universe. The give away part was very emotional and we both cried a lot but it is a necessary part of bringing in a soul. Two months later spirit told me to make love now and we conceived our daughter and thanks Goddess for her, Leah was born at home with midwives wide awake a perfect 10 on the Apgar scale and now she is 22. So for me comets are very positive. 

I encourage you to tune into this lovely E.T. Messenger and ask for what your heart and soul really need to advance your spiritual growth.,Halley’s%20Comet%20in%201059%20BC.

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