Oscar Pistorius trial- a tragic, karmic love story by Tara Greene

I love name destiny. Something that I intuitively noticed as a teenager. The aptly named- Oscar- because he deserves one? PIST orius is someone who is PISSED OFF notoriously.

I started writing this article last year when the terrible murder of his girlfriend Reeva happened on Valentine’s day. Let’s revisit the murder night through the Astrology lens. Look at the chemistry of Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar and the future outcome of his trial.

oscar Pistorius and reeva astrology by Tara Greene

Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius in happier times, hero of South Afirca

OSCAR Pistorius born November 22 1986 known as The BLADE RUNNER.

He has two MASTER NUMBERS in his birthdate 11/22. 11= STRENGTH 22= THE FOOL

Oscar Pistorius Astrology Tara Greene

Oscar is a double amputee Olympic and Paralympic runner, nicknamed BLADE RUNNER who has won gold medals in races in the Olympics in 2011 and made history in 2012 as the first double leg amputee to run with non disabled athletes.

On Feb 14 2013 Oscar at 3:20 am the initial call for help came from Oscar about the “accidental shooting.” Pistorius claims he thought he shot a burgler in his bathroom through a closed door and not his model girlfriend Reeva Steencamp. The paramedics and police arrive at 4: 15 am to find Reeva already dead and that Pistorius has moved her body from the crime scene. The number one NO NO in a crime scene. There is evidence that he called his father first to get his PR machine working before the police arrived.  Because of his celebrity status he was granted bail and allowed to travel outside S.A. to compete.

His Trial runs March 3-20 in Pretoria South Africa and is televised live. He has pleaded not guilty.

OSCAR born at 10:30 a.m. has his Sun is at the Most critical of all degrees 29 SCORPIO, The FIXED WATER sign of death, riches, extreme emotions, rebirth, obsessive, fanatical, power and control freak, secrecy in the 10th house of worldly fame and renown. His MOON in fiery passionate, I AM THE KING, vain, power-hungry, ambitious, fixed, LEO. In the 6th house he has worked hard to overcome physical disability through sheer LEOnion pride and willpower. He is totally focussed on accomplishing his goals to be the top in whatever it is he puts his feelings into.

His ASCENDANT is Aquarius, showing a rebellious, cool, detached, lover of technology, an outsider, someone who has always felt that he is outside of the law. Also Fixed Sign, he is ultra stubborn and focussed. His prosthetic legs are state of the art technology.

His MERCURY is RETROGRADE and in and on the 10th house cusp indicating he will be communicating to the world in a big way.

VENUS is RETROGRADE in SCORPIO in the 9th house, a very karmic influence. Venus Retrograde indicates, especially as it conjunct to PLUTO in SCORPIO, that Oscar and whatever lady love {Venus} he was with in his life, was indeed a past life karmic one. This combination makes OSCAR extremely sexually magnetic and irresistible to women.Usually his love affairs were characterized by being fast, very intense, very powerful, sexual, s & m, jealousy, controlling, possessive, demanding, obsession  and VIOLENCE.  He still has fanatical legions of supporters.

The women he was involved with and especially REEVA, may have been someone who killed or hurt him in a past life. This reveals a duel to the death through the disguise of magnetic attraction of a passionate hate/love affair. Reeva’s chart would mirror Oscar’s. I haven’t even gotten there yet.

VENUS Retrograde conjunct PLUTO square a LEO MOON is a recipe for dark, murderous, black-hearted, obsession, hate/love, exactly what has occurred in their lives. If Reeva had only gone to a dating Astrologer before she hooked up with him they would have told her run for your life.

His MARS at 27 degrees Aquarius in the 1st house is fixed detached, steely cold, and is Square to his late late Scorpio SUN.

He is definitely a warrior, a fighter, with incredible will power to accomplish great things as an athlete, but also defensive, anger issues, controlling.

JUPITER in PISCES in the 2nd house of resources, money,is square to Uranus in Sagittarius in the 11th. Jupiter, ruler of Pisces can make people very spiritual, genius’s or addicted personalities, unconscious, self-undoing and completely deluded. Oscar’s energy, moods and feeling- stop and go on a dime. Very erratic chaotic emotionally. This also makes him a psychic sponge indicating that whatever Reeva had in her Natal chart would very much influence Oscar’s responses. He could feel Pisces self-pity one minute, and totally shift the next. This gives him a Jekyll and Hyde personality. They would call it Bi-polar these days.

SATURN at 10 degrees Sagittarius in the 10th house is square to Jupiter. Saturn rules Oscar’s father, he called him first right after the murder before he called the police. Saturn is karma. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, truth telling, justice, optimism, ethics. Yes his TRIAL- symbolized by both Jupiter and Saturn in Sagittarius are world wide headlines. He thinks he and his money, power, riches {Saturn} are a law unto themselves. In Pisces he may be able to lie to himself and others and make himself believe its true.

NEPTUNE in Capricorn quincunx his LEO Moon. He has worldy power but is totally out of touch with his heart. Moon in Leo is heart.

REEVA was born August 19 1983 in Capetown South Africa.

Oscar Pistorius reeva astrology by Tara Greene

She is a strong willed, passionate, I am woman here me roar LEO in the 10th house of worldy fame . She must be THE QUEEN.  She has MARS in LEO at 3 degrees EXACTLY conjunct to Oscar’s MOON. This is an very aggressive emotional tug of war already. Pride, control, Reeva is aggressive and will do whatever it takes to get her way. She has a very difficult SATURN PLUTO CONJUNCTION with Saturn at 29 degrees Libra squaring that proud Leo Mars. This is the mass murderer signature. This is a very dangerous, combination to have. She would be attracted to powerful, dangerous, abusive, angry men. Power struggles, ego battles, literally a karmic death in a relationship. Everyone in Reeva’s generation was born with that Saturn Pluto conjunction in Libra. It is a  soul battle for equal relationships. But not everyone ends up tragically killed as Reeva was.

HER LEO Sun is opposite Oscar’s Mars in Aquarius. EGO battles, which squares His Scorpio 29 degrees Sun -who is incontrol? which is conjunct to her Jupiter Uranus  and his SATURN in Sagittarius. VERY intense ego control issues. 

Reeva, like Oscar, also has Venus Retrograde in her 10th house in Virgo. She was a perfectionist, a nit picker, highly intelligent. Venus is squared by Chiron in Gemini on her Descendant- vulnerable to be hurt through infidelity in love and a double talking immature lover, she is ambivalent in relationships. Chiron is opposing Jupiter and Uranus in conjunction in Sagittarius on her Ascendant which also Square her VENUS. This aspect bespeaks high flying optimism, unexpected chaotic love affairs. VENUS square Uranus  is independance and unpredictability in her passion in how she loved. Her Venus In Virgo could be negative and never satisfied.

Reeva’s Moon was at 10 degrees Capricorn in her 2nd house of resources, values. Mars in Leo is in quincunx to her Natal Moon. You know who’s Moon is also Quincunx to her natal Moon. They definitely did not relate emotionally or see eye to eye. They were emotionally incompatible and spoke different emotional languages. She could be very angry and as Capricorn holds emotions in, passive aggressive.

REEVA also has LILITH at 17 degrees Aquarius, the Shadow Queen, the supposed succubus, incubus, feared, the one who rejects. Lilith is in a wide square to Occar’s Sun. 12 degrees is admissible to the Sun. Lilith doesn’t debate, she does everything on her own terms. for that she is hated by men and feared.

See Oscar and Reeva’s synastry chart- the two charts together.

You can see the difficult connections between the two. HIS SOUTH NODE in LIBRA – this is a recreation of a past life relationship, His SN is conjunct to her SATURN Pluto conjunction in Libra. Death. They were inexorably drawn together to try to create new karma between them.  His Natal  Venus Pluto conjunction is close to her SATURN PLUTO one. As heavy as it gets.

Reeva’s North Node in Gemini is conjunct to Oscar’s CHIRON indicating that he was most vulnerable to her own duality, fickleness, toying with him nature. They were quite a pair. This shows that they were karmically drawn together to attempt to work out a past life relationship. They had a magnetic attraction and repulsion to each other. This happens when one or both parties are unconscious. Most people are. This is a totally toxic relationship.

On Valentine’s Day 2013.

All of the planets are aligned on the left side of Oscar’s natal chart indicating that he was in the grip of his own Unconscious emotions. transiting Saturn conjunct his Pluto, Mercury and there’s that murderous aspect I wrote about above. Also MArs Mercury conjunct  his Jupiter conjuncts to mixed up communications, like his story that night. The Sun in Aquarius is conjunct to Oscar’s Natal Mars and is square to his Natal Sun in Scorpio.  He would have been royally pissed off and quick to ego and anger.

MARS and Mercury are conjunct to his Natal Jupiter in Pisces. Illusion, delusion, drunken or drugged. and in square to  his NATAL SATURN. There must have been drugs involved. 

transiting Venus, the woman, is at 14 degrees Aquarius conjunct Oscar’s Ascendant and Squaring transiting Saturn in Scorpio conjunct to his MIDHEAVEN and MERCURY. It was not a good Valentine’s day aspect for love.

PLUTO LORD of DEATH is at 10 degrees of Capricorn EXACTLY on Poor Reeva’s natal MOON. This was the karmic climax of her life.

NEPTUNE CHIRON and MARS are in conjunction in Pisces exactly opposite her Natal VENUS. There may have been drinking and or drugging although no mention of it was made to my knowledge. Blurred lines, delusion, illusion, obsessiveness and anger thrown at REEVA consciously or unconsciously.Transitting Venus is conjunct Reeva’s Lilith, activating her ability to be indifferent or turn off her partner. She was not willing to compromise.

So what will happen to remorseful Mr. Pistorius? Judge Thokozile Masipa is a black female and I have been corrected there is no jury system in South Africa the Judge will decide.

Saturn just went Retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio very close to Oscar’s SUN and Saturn is squaring his Natal Mars in Aquarius. SATURN- karma, limitations, obstacles,  the weight, punishment will cross Oscar’s Sun at this year’s end. A once in 29 year occurrence.

CHIRON the wounded healer is sitting right on his Natal JUPITER in PISCES. Jupiter is Justice, and in Pisces, there is compassion, forgiveness There is also in distinction, fog, ineptitude, delusions of grandeur, and real delusions, as already happened at the crime scene and last year at Oscar’s bail. CHIRON is squaring Oscar’s Natal Chiron in Gemini- a double talking and his Saturn in Sagittarius which is an Honest Judicial system. Sagittarius also rules the law..

ON the opening Trial Date March 3 2014

Mars, the male hero, symbolizing Oscar is Retrograde in Libra, so he is in detriment. Mars is squaring Venus in Capricorn. Mars will cross Oscar’s South Node at 20 degrees Libra soon indicating his past relationship is being reviewed because of his aggressive behaviour.

THE MOON is at 12 degrees Aries exactly where it was on the night of the murder.

The trial is supposed to last for about 3 weeks but during Mars and Saturn retrograde and as Oscar is also a huge hero in South Africa it may take along while before the judge decides.

JUPITER at 10 degrees Cancer turning DIRECT on March 6 is Trining Oscar’s Natal Pluto in Scorpio and his Natal Jupiter in Pisces at 13 degrees forming a GRAND WATER TRINE and Chiron the wounded healer is also at 13 degrees Pisces. This makes the justice system very, very sympathetic to him.  He admits he killed her but by accident and not premeditation. I believe that he will found guilty of a 2nd degree of some similar smaller punishment and will have to pay community service,  or be given a compassionate shorter jail sentence.

The Solar Eclipse April 29 is at 8 degrees of TAURUS directly on Oscar’s Natal PLUTO.

PLUTO is entering Oscar Pistorius 12th house of  karma for a very very long time. He will have to live with himself. Reeva’s family and friend’s need closure. Oscar as a wealthy brand, as a hero, is living out the Archetypal hero’s journey of Icarus. He is not beyond the law. There will be fair justice but also compassion.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

There are many other excellent detailed Astrology articles about this trial.

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No music videos due to the tragic nature of this case.


Too much of a good thing? Inspirational Card of the day

When is a Grand Trine not Grand?
Astrology usually states that Trines, 120 angles between planets are beneficial and easy aspects. A Grand trine is when three planets form, what looks like a pyramid shape to each other. They can occur in any element, earth, fire, air and water.
A grand trine is like an all you can eat banquet.
Yesterday there was a sequence of Grand Water trines, involving Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron with the SCORPIO Moon. Water is emotions, Neptune rules illusion, addictions, dreams. Jupiter-… overdoes, magnifies, rules politics and laws. Chiron, the wounded healer makes us feel  vulnerable. Scorpio Moon rules the shadow, the underworld, psychology, death and rebirth. It is the most INTENSELY soulful emotional moon time there is. I usually try to be optimistic and point out the positives. As i did the other day.

But a GRAND WATER TRINE which includes the Moon in Scorpio, like the one we had yesterday { as opposed to moon in Cancer or Pisces } can also be TOO much of a good thing.
Too much UNCONSCIOUS emotion. Too many Pisces wounds, Too much Scorpionic Revenge mode. The unconscious wounds from Chiron in Pisces can come up from the muck of the depths,these may be totally of a past life origin repeating in this life and are amplified by Jupiter and make it easy for projection to run amuck.
Yes for a test of your awareness you could call it a grand opportunity to work on these issues.
Wrestling with your daemons as the Ancient Greeks called it. Psychologist James Hillman wrote about your Daemon/demon/angel at length. LUCIFER/ SATAN was and is an angel. He never lost his status, just unplugged his connection to source heart consciousness and grew an ego.
LOL in that context we are all “unplugged” until we plug back into SOURCE /ALL THAT IS.
Trines help the planets to reconnect easily.
A plethora of emotional outpouring from a wounded source with Scorpio energy.
Scorpio MOON birth death transformation. We can also see these factors mirrored on the world’s stage. KIEV looking like something out of a Hieronymus Bosch painting, on site reporting said that it was Apocalyptic. I send healing energy to all those killed wounded and injured in the Ukraine. There are also riots in Venezuela, 
What is your experience of this?
for the weekend too
Tarot cards Tara Greene CHARIOT
I used the Rider Waite deck at home but I love to peruse. on Goggle images various Tarot decks,
The Prague Tarot drew me. 
THE CHARIOT # 7 is like the sign of CANCER so we get emotions, home, nurturing, sensitivity, roots, foundation, insecurity. Wounded child, mothering issues.
We are now in a number seven year.  2014 reduces to 7.
In the image a golden Chariot like the Gods and Goddesses employ, is flying high above the ground pulled by a black and a white Pheonix. The Phoenix is transformed lower level Scorpio energy. It has appeared to me lately synchronistically. which is why I chose this image.
Your chariot is your emotional body which houses your soul and past life karmic memories and feelings. Emotions, water is always the karmic glue. 
Learn to harness, and drive your emotions, not allowing them to drive you. Learn to rise above the current situation. Choose which option you take to react consciously or to react unconsciously. 
In any situation there can be positive or negative outcomes depending on your choices and interpretation.
YOU are he mistress or master of your own feelings and therefore of your own fate. You are free to choose. 
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Philip Seymour Hoffman life and death Astrology by Tara Greene

Philip Seymour Hoffman Astrology Tara Greene

Sad tragic news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death at 46 years old, from an  apparent heroin O.D. although the autopsy hasn’t been conclusive yet. Considered to be one of the finest actors of his generation. He won the Academy Award for his role in CAPOTE. His sudden passing has engendered a wave of shock and sadness throughout Hollywood. There was a  minute of silence on Broadway today in his honor.

Admired by his colleagues in the theatre and film for his intense, sensitive, honest, indepth acting. Mr. Hoffman leaves three young children. We will never watch more stupendous acting and directing roles which he could and would have accomplished.

He had  been an addict when younger but sober since he was 22 years old. A year ago prescription drugs then heroin and recent rehab stints were reparted. Why the relapse recently? What demons did Mr. Hoffman have?

Lets look at his astrology chart to discover who Philip really was.                                                               



Philip Seymour Hoffman Tara Greene ASTROLOGYBorn July   23 1967 Fairport New York, no exact birth time

I have no accurate birth time so have used NOON for a famous person.

The SUN had just entered LEO the sign of the actor, the dramatic, passionate, willful leader. A new experience in being born a Leo, needing to be center stage, being admired by the world. Leo is also the sign of the child and of the heart.

As his birth time is unknown, at noon, the Moon- his Mother appears to be in Aquarius. His parents divorced when he was young and his mother brought him and three siblings up alone. Moon in Aquarius people are strong individuals, marching to their own drummers, quite brilliant thinkers. If he was born later this day, after 10 pm then his Moon would be in Pisces, the sign of inspired actors,dreamers and addicts.

Mercury at 12 degrees Cancer, Philip’s modus communication is exactly on the United States Sun. This is  a very powerful degree. Connected to Fixed Star SIRIUS. It makes him sentimental, close to his mother, his roots, his foundation. Very emotional, moody, loves children, to eat, a nurturer. 

VENUS is in VIRGO at 9 degrees. He was a workaholic, a dedicated and humble man who loved to be of service. He was very intellectual and analytical, noticing every detail of a character’s mannerism and speech which he played.  He was probably insecure underneath it all, and his own worst enemy with a very well-developed inner critic.

Mars is his masculinity, passion, drive, defenses was at 1 degree Scorpio. This man was intense, powefull, secretive, in control, demanding. He was fascinated with the shadow, his own and his characters. He loved psychology and getting right inside of whatever character he portrayed. He was quite fearless.

JUPITER- expansion, optimism, was at 12 degrees LEO. Jupiter in Leo is the King, royalty, golden, striving to be the best, can be overly optimistic. Someone who wants to taste everything in life. A natural actor, a man of great passion and heart. Jupiter is optimistic, good humour, big bellied, JOVIAL. He strove to inspire others.

SATURN represents his father, karma, obstacles,limitations. At 12 degrees ARIES it’s in square to his Mercury. This man had enormous drives and energy to burn.  A fighter, a warrior, independent and entrepreneurial spirit. An original thinker. At odds with his father and the establishment in general. Saturn in Aries limits Aries natural unlimited energy and passion, one can burn out to quickly.

URANUS at 21 degrees Virgo is conjunct Pluto at 18 degrees Virgo. This is a hallmark of an entire 60’s generation. Naturally rebellious soulful tenders of their own psyche’s garden.  

CHIRON at 29 degrees+ of PISCES is opposite Philip’s Uranus. This is a most important degree in any astrology chart as it is the very last degree possible. Considered to be an extremely karmic point it indicates finishing up an entire cycle of lifetimes and getting ready to step off the karmic wheel to become enlightened. Chiron is Retrograde, indicating that Mr. Hoffman wasn’t quite ready to complete his liberation yet.This is something of a BODHISATVA aspect. Someone who attains enlightenment but returns to the earth plane out of compassion, to ease the suffering of others.


is at 21 degrees SCORPIO and Retrograde squaring JUPITER. Neptune in Scorpio indicates dark passions, shadow demons, nightmares, deep-seated fear, sex, power and control issues. Facination with the dark side, with death, depression. In Square to Jupiter in Leo these demons are enlarged, ferocious, hounds of hell. It also means being too optimistic and totally fascinated with how far he could push the edge, walking the razor blade and being obsessed by it.

NEPTUNE is also the ruler of Pisces and all creative people, artists, actors, and also the planet of addictions, illusion delusion, being able to be a chameleon, which is why he was such an incredible actor. 

NORTH NODE was at 2 degrees of TAURUS. Very solid, grounded, sensual, practical, reliable was what he was supposed to embody as his highest spiritual goal. The NOrth NOde is in square to his Leo SUN, indicating a karmic imperative, a necessity, to shine that spiritual light brightly on the stage of life. This he most definitely did. The SOUTH NODE {not shown in the chart} is right on his natal MARS in Scorpio at 2 degrees. 

These aspects  indicate a  fierce inner struggle, a battle. Philip was a fearless warrior, driven by his passions to be brilliant { his SUN in  LEO} and his demons and his obsessions { Scorpio} from birth and even before.  He achieved much in a relative short life.  His chart is really not that complicated. 


Apparently Hoffman had recently been in rehab but had been doing heroin heavily for the past six weeks or so preceding his death. Apparently he said if he didn’t quit heroin he knew that he would die. Can Astrology predict death?

death of a star Astrology by Tara Greene

click on chart to view larger

A number of MAJOR Hard astrology transits were hitting Mr. Hoffman for the past year or so but intensifying now. His Natal SATURN- karma, and Mercury at 12 degrees of CARDINAL signs was being pummeled by PLUTO, URANUS and Venus.

URANUS conjunct Saturn alone is sudden death in and of itself.  Unexpected chaos, uncontrollable erratic energy. And Pluto squaring that and opposing his sensitive Mercury in CAncer. 

SATURN was also transiting his natal NEPTUNE, planet of addictions, secrets, power and control. That is also an intensely heavy transit meaning SATURN= death by drugs, addictions. Saturn would also be squaring his MOON in late Aquarius or early PISCES. Another heavy emotional depressing transit. 

CHIRON at 11 degrees PISCES was opposite to his Natal Venus. He has been vulnerable and weakened by that transit. His old wounds had been re-opened. Addictions, as Carl Jung astutely observed are the thirst for spirit, the pun, alcohol or other drugs to numb the pain of separation from SOURCE.

Neptune at 4 degrees + of PISCES is also opposing his natal VENUS. Venus is desire, in Virgo it is desire for perfection. The illusion of finding it, the dream of bliss, the addiction to perfection, to spacing out, freeing oneself, victimhood, or guilt or simply numbing out or just the love of being High.

Transiting NORTH NODE is exactly on his natal Mars at 1 degree Scorpio and conjunct his SOUTH NODE at 2 degrees. This is a transiting nodal reversal indicating old Scorpionic obsessions being highlighted. These nodes conjunct every 18+ years and oppose every 9+ years. In one sense he was aligned with the movement of spiritual energy now. It did involve dealing with his obsessions, his shadows. The North Node was also in square to his SUN. Fighting the demons with the LIGHT of his own WILL or merging with the Phoenix of rebirth.

The last Total Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees of SCORPIO on November 3 2013 was exactly square to Mr. Hoffman’s Jupiter in Leo. Eclipse’s will trigger energies which last up to a year. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth and in square to his Jupiter in Leo, makes one think they are the  King and can get away with anything. Pride, hubris, danger, playing fast and dark, love of speed demons is all part of that energy. 

Philip’ s work will be remembered. My condolences to his long time partner and their three children and his family.  He left a powerful acting legacy and serves to inspire future generations.

Mr. Hoffman was a number 8 in Numerology the symbols of Strength, Justice, the Star, a karmic number. He was under the influence of the number 9 since his last birthday. He was at the end of a 10 year cycle.

What do you think?

PLease share widely.

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Watch Philip Seymour Hoffman’s work


Love, Thor’s hammer, Astrology, Venus sexing Pluto

Love may feel like a sledgehammer and DARKER THAN 50 shades this week 

VENUS the Love Goddess gets hungry for Love  as she is squared by an Aries Moon 11/13

Neptune is also turning direct today! May feel like a tsunammi in your face. Awakening from the dream of love, the stars in their eyes, the dazzling potential. Uh Oh! Who is that the person you’ve been shmoozling with?

A WILD ‘N Whacky  Humpday. 

Aries Amazon Moon conjuncts URANUS, remember that Saturn {Cronus} castrated his father Uranus.

Watch your nuts today fellahs. I hour 18 minutes later at 5:18 p.m. Aries Moon squares off with PLUTO- 

Moon Mars /Pluto duking it out. Go straight to ANGER REHAB. Beware road rage etc. Don’t taunt your luck today.

That’ s just the appetizer.



“I love FREEDOM and revolution! I gotta be me. Don’t fence me in.” says Venus.

The Goddess of Love likes the quirky & offbeat, the weirder the funner, the more rebellious the better. 

I predict world-wide protests about women, Fukushima, Frankenfoods, etc etc

What is a FEMINIST these days? Miley Cyrus twerking it ? This topic fits VENUS/Pluto conjunction too.

Relationships will need to loosen their bonds to survive.

Venus sextiles Chiron in Pisces- yes there will be country hurtin’ songs played, crying, sympathy and self pity.


Moon enters TAURUS -ruled by beautiful Goddess Venus. We’re emotionally grounded.

VENUS CONJUNCTS PLUTO in Capricorn. MUST HAVE- sex,love, soul, power

There are multiple meanings to this transit. Conjuncting planets are the most powerful.


at 9 degrees+ those Capricorn’s born Dec 30-31 get the sex love BEAUTY SOUL POWER EARTHED aspect. 

This is the same degree as  November 1st exact URANUS/PLUTO SQUARE now activated with a Feminine perspective.


rules: love of the earth,$ bling, women, the economy, beauty, art, relating, balance, desire, vanity,LOVE, attraction, Victoria’s secret models,  ancient Goddesses, Greenpeace, tree huggers,business,career,

VENUS Astrology Tara GreeneGODDESS VENUS embodied


Death Goddess Astrology Tara GreeneMORENA Slavic Goddess of Death


Speaking of JAPAN! FUKUSHIMA is one very dangerous reality which exactly mirrors this conjunction.

ALSO ECONOMIC Collapses. Military take overs. HEAVY POETRY. Lies about modern art.

 It can symbolize the greatest arising of FEMININE power as a last-ditch MUST HAVE attempt to save the earth.


Love will be POWERFUL, intense, dangerous, REAL, tantric, soul mate, toxic, fry your heart.

It clarifies your shadows and fears. Shows your angels and demons at work in our lives..

Venus, symbolizes the anima,the HEART, the Soul in human form, who needs to relate, who gives birth. Pluto is her masculine counterpart, her sacred Groom, he brings initiation, sex, death and rebirth.

What is your HEART and  SOUL telling you? What IS your heartsoul telling you?

that is the ONLY question to ask.

 Oh yeah and ONLY do the work {Capricorn} that you love. Don’t whore out for a paycheck please.


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All writing is copyright TARA Greene.

DARK STAR -Crosby Still Nash & Young 1977 

THE POWER OF LOVE- Huey Lewis & the News 

VENUS TRINE PLUTO and more plus trouble up ahead

YES VENUS in VIRGO TRine Pluto in Capricorn today July 30

VENUS Is love, luxury, values, beauty, relationships 

Pluto is sex and power, lust, S & M, rape, control, manipulation, that 50 shades stuff,all the shadows, obsession.

To have those 2 working well in trine aspect  means be careful of being seduced by an ideal of wealth and ease.

Gotta love those shadows, then pick them apart and analyze them.

Venus in Virgo is loving hard work, budgets, discipline,order, the PERFECTIONIST.  It would be like the HERMIT LOVER. ????

mystic tarot hermit Tara Greene

Secret biology, weirdness. Clean freaks and control freaks get together. Fetishes of French maids and sex with cleaning products.

Pluto in Capricorn’s dark side is “the man who sold the world.” like David Bowie’s song – see below

Pluto in Capricorn is like THE DEVIL in the TAROT. Double the devil, what’s real what’s an illusion, worldly power. The devil laughs at you.


Moon in Gemini squares Neptune in PISCES around dinner time PDT

Gemini’s may be absentmindedly walking the plank. Mental fog, you won’t feel grounded. You may spend it trying to make up your mind about which dream avenue/what shoes to wear. Hearing two voice in your head… Twins with foot fetishes.


That’s the 3rd leg of the MArs Pluto opposition falling into place.

that’s a terrorist attack symbol, tsunammi warning, earthquake, solar flare,  rape, women and power, heighten revolutions.

and the squares continue. 

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Tough testosterone,50 shades of Mars/Saturn Astrology from Tara Greene

The “ANGRY FATHER” or SKY GOD combo  between Mars and Saturn at 24 degree of Libra  is a test of the Masculine, the old macho order is  in the balance. And no duh, makes one feel very short-tempered and angtsy, it peaks August 15.

Saturn limits our Mars, actions if we haven’t played fair { LIBRA}.

Of course the Curiosity landing on MARS is about the reality { Saturn}

I’ll spin off 50 shades of variations on the men are from Mars and Capricorns  are from Saturn theme.

Mars is considered weak in Venus’s home sign, he is not macho.  Saturn is exalted in Libra. Fairness, equality, balance, peace is what Libra is all about at its highest.  But LIBRA is ruled by VENUS,so the GODDESS has the final word about relationships justice and balance.

IN the TAROT JUSTICE is the Trump associated with LIBRA.

She is originally the GODDESS MA’AT Egyptian Immortal Goddess of KARMIC JUSTICE,who weighed her ostrich feather in her scales against the heart of the deseased.

Justice Tarot Trump

Mars is sexuality drive, libido and conjunct to Saturn  it also symbolizes older men being sexually active and athletic.

Mars rules Scorpio and of course represents  DARK SEXUALITY what used to be forbidden till 50 shades of GREY came along. With Saturn { SATAN} this is Bondage, S & M, sadism, cruel, selfish, macho concrete, Mafioso kind of sexuality. It’s mean and nasty to say the least in Saturn reality.

50 shades of Grey ,which I have not read, is insidiously making female submissiveness seem normal and sexually titillating as a backlash to Women coming into true feminine power. TSK TSK…yes of course  a woman wrote it. She’s working for the bad boys,  I say.

Women finding it sexy to be spanked like bad children by a powerful masculine is very sick and imbalanced. This Feminine wound is an ancient sore spot, that hasn’t healed and is now  being used by the media to further manipulate and disempower women. It’s in consciouness now { Pluto} in order to free women to integrate the powerlessness that has been foisted upon them by the PATRIARCHY – SATURN. Women need to regain their rightful place as GODDESSES, the Great Mother of all. Not fall deeper into the trap. No pun intended.

I am sure I am going to hear about this…

Just wait til Saturn enters SCORPIO-October 5 – future article coming- to see how the DARK SIDE and seeing reality vs illusion changes our view of the world.

another side of Mars Saturn is


A nice energy for mutual respect between countries whose young athletes are doing Martial things like competing. There’s been some lovely photos on FB of Athletes holding up democracy slogans and joyously hugging each other for winning, showing very Libran Mars displays of mutual respect. Nice good sportsmanship.

The Difficult aspect, the conjunction is considered the HARDEST, the most potent, sounds very sexy and Mars like doesn’t it?

If you are born with a Mars/Saturn conjunction you can have enormous will power drive ambition to succeed beyond all obstacles, late maturing. It all depends on what sign Mars and Saturn are conjunct in. The most problematic would be Mars Saturn in Scorpio.My ex first husband had this aspect – secretly ploting and scheming, ruthless, selfish.

But between the two MALEFICS MARS & SATURN this is a tough test. Mars conjunct Saturn is tough testosterone.

Astrology Mars Saturn

Men are being put to the test in their relationships now. The old Saturn boys club is being overthrown. See How the POPE is doing these days.

Drunvalo Melchizedek is decrying Dec 21 2012 as the end of the Old Patriarchal order, from what I understand and Dec. 22 2012 as the REBIRTH of the FEMININE.

Who gets affected the mOST?

MARS & SATURN affects LIBRA’s MOST who are  born Oct 16 17 18  with the conjunction to your Sun at 24 degrees of Libra.

 CAPRICORN’S born January 14, 15 16  

CANCER’S born July 8 9 10 through a Square.

ARIES born April 13, 14 15 by opposition.

If you know your astrology chart and have any planets at 24 degrees LiBRA especially you will feel the test and restriction of your actions.

FIND OUT HOW THE 2 MALEFICS are affecting your CAREER  and

RELATIONSHIPS, http://www.taratarot.com/id78.html

I’ll put this question to both men and women. How balanced is your career { Saturn}  ambition vs your feeling qualities, your balance in relationships. { MARS}

Men have an inner Feminine, their Soul, the ANIMA as psychologist Carl Jung termed it, is always considered feminine. This would describe Mars in Libra. 

whether you are straight or homosexual, Saturn in Libra is anchoring, embodying, making sexual politics practical and real.

Get to know your own inner feminine, listen to your inner opposite sexed partner. They will be mirrored back to you in your outer partnerships..

The test is so that men and women can discover a new form of balanced equal whole respectful relationship,. LIBRA Is ruled by VENUS,