Ancient Chinese Astronomy on Lucky Talismans

Ancient Chinese Astronomy on Lucky Talismans a very interesting read.

中文(中国大陆): 王致远、黄裳English: Wang Zhiyuan and Huang Shang, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
中文(中国大陆): 王致远、黄裳English: Wang Zhiyuan and Huang Shang, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Chinese astronomers were serious catalogers of the skies over 2,000 years ago,they depicted some of the major stars, star constellations and other astronomical objects particular to Chinese astronomy on brass coins. Read about these fascinating coins, which work with the 4 directions and 5 elements of Chinese Taoism and latter Confucius philosophers.

Inspirational card of the day,Star Trek,take the red pill,

May 20 Inspirational Card of the Day

Felt like we need something lighter on the Uranus Pluto Exact 3rd square today.

I’ve drawn from the Inner Child Cards a beautiful Tarot deck transformed through Fairy Tales.

9 of swords

Inner Child Tarot cards Tara Greene

This card is usually considered to be a heavy card. Swords are thoughts, the mind, consciousness. 9 is the number of perfection. 9 symbolizes  limits, boundaries, the end of the road.

The Inner Child card shows a boy surrounded by 9 swords. Symbolically he is imprisoned by ideas and mental constructs keeping him imprisoned. A whimsical dragon is in the forefront of the image. The Dragon symbolizes  the defensive energy, pain and protection, the denial of Self.  The beast is a shadow part of the Self that must be befriended, not slain, as an ally to get to the hidden treasure within, the authentic Self.  Dragons always protect the gold of Self. Be aware of your self-imposed limited viewpoints and philosophy.


Going beyond the limits of known ideas and space. Old thoughts, are ready to dissolve. Nine is completion.In Taoist symbolism the dragon is revered as a spirit that shows “the way.”  All Fairy Tales and modern Myths, like Star Wars, Shrek, Avatar, etc.  have powerful archetypal significance.

Be like the Star Trek crew and bravely go beyond the limits of your own outworn ideas. Seek your inner dragon and let it guide you towards a transformed vision of your future goals. Take the red pill, as in the Matrix. End your mind games.

Star Trek Tara Greene

Be willing to free your mind and self to explore exciting new visions. Dare to go where you haven’t been before.

VERY synchronous for the Uranus Pluto square. Squares produce friction, like rubbing two sticks together, their aim is to ignite a spark. Uranus is Higher consciousness, higher mind. Pluto is the shadow, the dragon, Death. Both are powerful allies. Fantastic! I love it.

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Mind Games By John Lennon 

“We’re playing those mind games together,

Pushing barriers, planting seeds,
Playing the mind guerilla,
Chanting the Mantra peace on earth,

We all been playing mind games forever,

Some kinda druid dudes lifting the veil.
Doing the mind guerilla,
Some call it the search for the grail,
Love is the answer and you know that for sure,
Love is flower you got to let it, you got to let it grow,

So keep on playing those mind games together,

Faith in the future outta the now,
You just can’t beat on those mind guerillas,
Absolute elsewhere in the stones of your mind,

Yeah we’re playing those mind games forever,

Projecting our images in space and in time,
Yes is the answer and you know that for sure,
Yes is the surrender you got to let it, you got to let it go,”

All writing copyright Tara Greene

Chinese New Year water snake/ Slytherin Western Astrology

Feb/ 10 New Moon at 21 degrees Aquarius is the Chinese New Year of the WATER SNAKE

Those born in the year of the snake have qualities of refinement, intuitiveness, gracefulness. They are exciting, dark, calm, stay centered. They are cunning and possessive. In snake years these qualities are strong, very much Scorpio like.

It will be an initiation the House of  SLYTHERIN from the Harry Potter Novel, Slytherin values are ambition, cunning, leadership and resourcefulness.

The Snake is an ancient Matriarchal symbol, not phallic.  The snake year is a time for shedding the old skin which you are outgrowing, which you know instinctively is too small for you.  Snake is a major symbol of transformation,as in the famous OROBOROUS SNAKE biting its tail, symbol of eternity, eternal life, which to me relates to Scorpio.

snake year slytherin Tara GreeneMinoan Snake Goddess from Crete

The 12 year cycle in the Ancient Chinese system is sidereal and based on the cycle of JUPITER which pass through a sign in about a year.

The SNAKE is equivalent to earth sign TAURUS, snakes are totally in contact with the earth.

Jupiter is in Sidereal Taurus now but due to precession, the planet will enter Tropical Cancer at the end of June,Gemini in Sidereal later in the year.

The Chinese calendar is Lunar and the date of Chinese New year changes every year, but it always starts on a New MOON.

The 12 animals of the Zodiac blend with the 5 elements blend, repeating every 60 years

Snake years- are characterized by dramatic elements

The last Snake year was the METAL SNAKE in 2001 the year of 911 and the famous Kubrick movie,

1989 was an Earth Snake, 1977 was the FIRE SNAKE, 1965 was the Wood snake,

1953 was the last WATER SNAKE year,

1941 was a METAL SNAKE

1929- the stock market crash was the EARTH SNAKE

1917 was a FIRE SNAKE ,1905 was a WOOD SNAKE

I am certainly not a Chinese astrology expert.

Snakes are worshipped world-wide. IN INDIA, Goddess Vinata was the mother of snakes, a water and underworld symbol. The Nagas- Demi-Gods and their beautiful wives, NAGINIS were depicted as half cobra/half deity.  The Hindu God Vishnu is often depicted sleeping on the serpent of Eternity.

Vishnu and Kalki Stuart Wilde Tara Greene psychicVishnu and KALKI with cobra snakes

I am thinking about the snake year in a more symbolic, metaphoric, feeling tone.

The snake symbolizes healing. The Caduceus, symbol of Medicine, has twin- {GEMINI}  snakes which is the ancient and modern sign  for Doctors.

Cadeusus Rx symbolHermes with Caduceus

Caduceus is also the name of an amazing Northern Arizona winery owned by Rock Star frontman Maynard James Keenan

winery Arizona Tara Greene psychic

Caduceus winery is amazing, we picked some up in Jerome Arizona and Page Springs near Sedona.

SNAKE MEDICINE in Native American tradition is about transmutation. Getting bitten by a poisonous snake is how one gets snake medicine powers. It is the power of creation, sexuality, psychic energy, alchemy, reproduction and ascension.


So let yourself die and be reborn.

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Trine On,Golden opportunity Dream Manifesting Astrology Tara Greene

Hope you had a happy Columbus Day & Thanksgiving in  Canada.


not that there aren’t trines every week but  some of these have a more long-lasting impact.

SUN Trine- 120 degree beneficial aspect- yesterday to JUPITER

Sun Trine Jupiter is a Golden OPPORTUNITY and BLESSINGS

As Jupiter is Retrograde now since Oct.4th and will be till January 30 2013,  I think we can get away with making use of the Trine for a bit as the Next Sun Jupiter Trine happens exactly on Jan 26 2013.

 The Sun and Jupiter only make so many aspects every year.

I will use only major aspects conjunction, square, opposition, Trine.

The last Sun Jupiter aspect was a conjunction May 14 at 23 degrees Taurus.

SUN square Jupiter Jan 22 2012 1 degree Aquarius 1 degree TAURUS

Sun square Jupiter Sept 7 @ 15 degrees Virgo- 15 degrees Gemini  Direct

Sun will be opposite Jupiter Dec 1 @ 11 degrees Sagittarius 11 Gemini

Sun trine Jupiter especially Retrograde is great

and because the TRINE aspect is so rare yummy and Positive, and planets are bigger and closer to the earth when Retrograde it gives us a chance to doubly Review, in GEMINI exactly what it is we truly want.

REMEMBER the Universe ALWAYS gives you what you wish for!

Retrograde Jupiter in Gemini gives us a perfect opportunity to discover just what our unconscious mind is wanting while our conscious mind is off wishing for something totally different.

REMEMEBER the Unconscious mind is what is really running the show.

The Unconscious is the WIZARD of OZ- the little human man behind the curtain, throwing the switches for the big scary smoke and mirror-EGO show. It is a very powerful Archetype.

OZ, ego, unconscious Astrology Tara Greene

Just want to make sure you wish for things that you are clear about.

It’s all good in the long run, what we think is good can turn out to be bad, what we thought was horrible-like losing the job, the marriage etc, can be a blessing in disguise.

If you are a LIBRA born Oct 8-9 or GEMINI born June 5/6 or an AQUARIUS born Feb 5-6. You get the direct Trine Blessing- Aquarius also gets it as their sign completes a GRAND AIR TRINE.

The Sun is GOLD Jupiter is opportunity -so go for it

we are also in a WATER DRAGON year

ALL OCTOBER – VENUS Eclipse degree is activated

Jupiter is Retrograding back over the VENUS SUN eclipse degree EXACT Oct 23-25 at 15 degrees GEMINI.

Those born JUNE 5-6 are singled out now. Big opportunities for any one with planets at this degree, in square to,opposite or trine.

Trines need to be worked on to actualize things, its not all  just wishful thinking.



EXACT OCT 10 at Zero degrees 37 minutes Scorpio to Zero degrees PISCES @ 7:38 pm PDT/10:38 pm EDT

Pisces is the dream, spirituality, soul mates, Bliss, Oneness,completion

So this is what makes those dreams real- literally.

Focus those bountiful easy blessings by creating a model a drawing something physical to represent your dream,

a DREAM MANDALA or collage is best

cut our pictures that represent your dreams, a mate, a house, a way of being, the world as you wish it would be, and paste them or draw them in a circle.

On Oct 10 in your time zone 

I would light a blue candle with your mandala or dream wish image in front of you as Saturn trines Neptune

and hum OHM,and feel as this is water, the emotions of your dreams realized, feel the joy, happiness, giddyness, oneness, merging with your dreams being real and whisper that your dreams are real, fulfilled, completed.

Always give thanks for your dreams being granted before they happen. In spirit there is no time all time is now.

and always give a dream to the world as well, to benefit the world.

Here is The WISHING CARD in the TAROT- the 9 of cups to help you

Wishing Card 9 0f cups Tara Greene TAROT

Voyager Tarot Deck

The 9 of cups represents wishes fulfilled

I wish you all the blessings

and the more you are fulfilled

the more space you have to keep being fulfilled,

 the more you have to give,

and on and on…

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