Magic carpet,Mercury Retro.Neptune,2011 pedictions by Tara Greene

Persian Magical carpet, cat,

Persian magic carpet and magic cat

copyright Tara Greene 2010-infinity

Pets, always popular. Cat-o’ tonic. This beautiful cat appeared on  our front lawn when he was a kitten, July 4, 2010.  My daughter named him Prince. He smells like olives. I’ve had many a cat in my day but never found one that smelled of olives before. Someone thought he smelled like pizza. Something about this guy opens my heart. We have telepathic heart to heart transmisssions when he sits on my lap. He is very tender, a “licky” cat.

I have always wanted a Persian carpet. When in Istambul Turkey years ago I went to a real Persian carpet factory. I loved them. I put down a deposit but my parents were too cheap and too paranoid to trust that you could buy an authentic persian carpet and have it arrive in canada. So they had me ask for my money back much to my dismay. I did get the dollars back. Many years later still wanted a Persian carpet. I always imagined real flying carpets, the magic carpet ride.

As is often the case in my life, whilst on a totally other errand, I happen to stumble upon… an oriental rug store which was having a 75% off real sale. We fell in love with this one the cat is lying on. I am trying to validate its worth. We love it. It has very trippy kinda looks like a repeated pattern of a blue submarine. Look towards the cat’s tail for this detail.

The carpet is a wool hand knotted from Mashad Iran  carpet. 10 x 6 ft 7 ” It’s age? 10-30 years? Has some irregularities, pile is a bit uneven, one part of outside border was cut in the weaving. Anyone know anything about these types of carpets?


I PREDICT lots of returns on an Xmas Holiday Retro. A sentimental old fashioned Xmas. Mercury started out at 5 degrees of Capricorn and will end at 19 degrees of Sagittairus. Will take till Jan 18 for Mercury to get back to Retro turning point again. Lots or re-visions to new Years resolutions.


I am feeling it and I am meeting lots of exhausted folks these days. I know it’s that Uranus/Jupiter conjunction making many a head spin. Its exhausting, don’t need no coffee in my cup. I feel very wired and cant sleep at night alternating tons of energy with deep exhaustion yet still keep perking. How long is it gonna last? Exacerbated by the Big Lunar ECLIPSE Winters SOLSTICE DEC 21 2010. –

see separate WINTER SOLSTICE page

 Till…JANUARY 22, 2011 when JUPITER ENTERS ARIES – note the 11,22,2011

Jupiter kicks off the shock of the New – Jupiter is hurtling through 3 signs this year! Unheard of!!! Time really is speeding up.

As the Mayan Calendar states we are in the 9th and LAST DAY! – according to Dr. Calleman  Mayan Scholar, the  Mayan calaendar ends a 16,000,000,000 year cycle count them zero’s on October 28, 2011 NOT Dec 21 2012!!!! Many Mayan Elders,  Tibetan Buddhist Monks and Inkan shamans are meeting to share their spiritual traditions Now in preparation.

 Jupiter moves from Pisces – a sign he co-rules, into Fire-y Aries and beyond into Earthy Taurus. Aries is elementally OK with Jupiters’s Saggy rulership.

ARIES is – “ME FIRST” – new life force, energy, Big, bold, beautiful, passionate, unsubtle, spontaneous, impulsive, impatient, independent, ruled by MARS, WARLIKE!!!, Amazonian, kick- ass start me up!!!

URANUS enters ARIES March 12, 2011 Let the Revolutions begin

Uranous is god of oceans traditionally, expect turbulence, hurricanes, violent weather. As the planet of weird – Uranus orbits at a 90 degree angle- bursts into Aries, creating a brand new cycle! It takes Uranus 84 years to make one complete circle. Freedom, independence, individualism, quirky, funky, groupy-like, humanitarian, big-picture thinking, freedom, higher consciousness, technology, inventions, non-egotistical leadership.

 Last time Uranus travelled through Aries was from 1927-1935. This was the Great Depression, Mein Kampf, Hitler, Stalin, Mao created the Communist party-poor old Mao must be turning over in his grave non-stop! This era also saw the first talking picture The Jazz Singer starring Al Jolson were just a few of the Uranian Aries sign posts.

April 4- 5 NEPTUNE enters PISCES!!!!!!! Brand new 165 year  cycle begins!

This is the beginning of total telepathy, compassion, oneness, acting as a unified species. I can see the barriers of individual consciousness breaking down like dominoes toppling one after the other. It will be awesome,and totally frightening to some who only are aware of their egos and can’t loosen its grip. 

Neptune was discovered on Sept 23, 1846, Neptune takes 165 years to make one complete revolution around the Sun to celebrate 1 birthday. It breaks down into four approximately 41 year quarters. 1887, 1928-1929, 1969 and now 2010-1011.  Do these dates stand out?  In 1887- severe winter, anarchist riots in Chicago. 1928-29  is the Great Depression, Stock Market crash. 1969 is of course the Hippie, Woodstock, Peace and Love,free love sex, revolution. 

In 2010 Neptune returned to its’ discovery position 26 degrees of Aquarius which is where it is right now!  In 1847 Neptune entered Pisces which is where it is “at home” in the sign it rules over. 

Celebrate NEPTUNE’S BIRTHDAY!  before it leaves Aquarius

It’s Neptune’s Birthday, has been for most of 2010. If you haven’t celebrated Neptune’s 1st birthday yet  better hurry up. There will be tons of drugging and drinking to be expected. Never attempt to drive yourself or anyone else home when inviting and celebrating Neptune as a guest. Expect to have/see stars in your eyes, fall instantly in love with your soul mate who may prove to be your soul/wrong who you have past life karmic issues to work out anyway so it really doesn’t matter.  Must have: fog machines, dry ice. An onsite photo booth.

A swimming pool, wading pool or veery large glasses.  Make it a spa type party.

Colour scheme blue and green. Ashram theme, decorate with pictures of gurus on walls.

Dress Code: Flowy, fabrics and dress robes, Biblical, new age, or Hollywood glam! Any costume or roll you choose, change wardrobe many times during the night, switch costumes with others.

Food: Sushi, seaweed, electric cool aid, “Neptuni’s,”

Make films, show films, take an infinite amount of photos.

Gather in circles, do a spiral dance, the hora, sing peace songs, chant, wicca theme,

meditate together, ayahuasca ceremony, magic mushrooms, etc.

Eat no wheat, natural sugar substitute, non child labour produced, foods, eco-friendly factory prodcued yoghurt, natural cocoa nibs,  cakes and cookies.

Mood: dreamy, foggy, boundaryless, peacfull, all loving, forgiving, expect times of much crying and releasing, blissed out, free love, addictive, creative, boundless.

Yes this is just an inkling of the tribal new age mindset that’s comin down the pipes folks big time. All those hippies who were born and seeded in mid-late 60’s are gonna have to wake up themselves a nd re-evaluate what success in the world means. The revolution begins soon. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

This all occured to me spontaneously. All free form. I’m gonna have me a Neptune birthday party for sure. Tell your buds. Spread the word. I’ll keep ya posted.

Chile’s Mine disaster turned Miracle,Cosmic significance

The CHILEAN Miracle Miners RESCUE has turned a DIS-ASTER which means without the stars into its’ opposite, a miraculous ASTER. Aster means the Stars. It’s a 10 stellar miracle!  ***** 

Tara Greene will interpret the cosmic planetary symbols and Archetypal messages. Its not what it always seems.

What the Cosmic Indicators means, the “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW” Hermetic wisdom of the Heavens about the Chilean mining disaster turned positive miracle world wide emotional outlet and feel good, be grateful to be alive and free, a restoration of faith.


I call it the 33 Men, Worldwide Initiation Rites of Rebirth  from the Feminine – see below, as above.

The Astrology chart for the San Jose Mine, a copper and gold mine in Copiapo Chile which collapsed Aug 5 2010 at 14:05 hours CT. as reported by the mining company.


The astrology chart of the Mine collapse shows a very tight T- square.

T-SQUARE’S look like pyramid shaped diagrams of geometric angles called aspects between planets. The planets are aligned in such a way that one planet is in a 90 degree angle in both directions to 2 or more opposing planets. They are tense angles but the stress produces action. The T- Square’s apex starts with a Retrograde Pluto in Earth sign Capricorn in the 1st house of identity. Pluto is a key player.

Pluto is Lord of Rebirth, destruction, regeneration. Pluto never mind the demoted status to a Plutoid or “minor planet” is best known in the Greek myths for kidnapping Demeter the Earth Mother’s daughter Persephone by suddenly snatching the innocent girl and abducting her underground to the Underworld, Land of the Dead, the Symbol of the Unconscious and the Soul which he rules. Pluto is known as Hades, Lord of the shades, he is noted for power, control secrets, mines, darkness, the shadow, riches.  You get the picture.

Pluto is squaring- applying pressure to Saturn and Mars conjunct in Libra. These two planets are known as The Great Malefics traditionally, bringer of sorrows, limitations, obstacles.   In Libra Saturn, always the Lord of Karma is an exalted negotiator, balancing and being just and fair.

Mars the warrior is considered to be weak in Libra as it is the Sign opposite the one he rules which is Aries.  Saturn and Mars are located in the 10th house of world Fame, High Noon of this chart. This symbolizes a karmic rise to power and fame.

Pluto is also squaring a Retrograde Uranus at Zero degrees of Aries- the world point in Astrology! Uranus god of sudden changes is conjunct Jupiter Retrograde at 3 degrees of Aries.

The MC – HIGH NOON position of WORLD FAME -shows 3 degree of Virgo at the top of the chart. This degree is Conjunct the Fixed star Regulus aka Archangel Raphael whose marker Star is at 28 degrees of Leo.  Regulus is one of the four main archangel stars. Archangel Raphael rules the heart and his healing emerald green compassionate energies are very powerful.  Considering that the miners, all very Catholic, prayed a lot for a safe rescue as did their families, the El Presidente Pinera et al and the headlines in the newspapers said:

”I was with God and I was with the Devil, they fought me but God Won. He took me by my best hand, the hand of God and I held on to him. I never thought for one minute that God wouldn’t get me out of here. The best-known miner, most voluble on video during their entrapped days, Mario Sepulveda, 40, told an interviewer shortly after he was the rescued.

So we can see the healing heart and hands of Archangel Raphael protecting sustaining and rescuing the 33 miners trapped for 69 days in the womb of the Mother.

The MC is also being Trined- an easy aspect by Lord of the Underworld Pluto himself. So the mine collapse on another level and abduction was for a soul healing and world-revealing lesson. Pluto in Capricorn is transforming all earthly things from corporations, to practical, long term, serious, responsible, of the fatherly and patriarchal things- that Saturn rules; structure, rebuilding, obstacles, karma, testing, limitations, ageing, etc. 


Asteroid Ceres, who is the symbol of Ceres/ Demeter the Earth Mother Goddess Herself is in the 1st house on the Ascendant, mask or persona of this event at 20 degrees of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire Sign of Higher Teaching, Faith, Hope, optimism, religious belief, philosophy, foreigners, laws, humour, easy going attitudes, all of which those miners had, used needed and which have come into play very prominently in this story.


Ceres/Demeter is about separation and reuniting. Ceres is sorrow, loss. Ceres is opposite the Moon at 14 degrees of Gemini in the 6th house, having just set at the time of the mine collapse it is just below the horizon line and conjunct the 7th house cusp, also known as the Descendant- where one interfaces with all other – You’s.

The Moon is feelings, emotions, instincts, the Mother, the Unconscious, memory, melancholy. 


The Moon in Gemini is always the split in consciousness, duality, as Gemini is the sign of the thinking faculty itself as the first air sign.  We see the opposition, a tug of war between the Archetype of the Mother Earth Ceres, and the split in the male consciousness, black and white, good and bad, mother and whore, us and them etc. As this archetypal battle is played out, the Moon has just squared Mercury at 10 degrees of Virgo up in the 10th house of career, fame, notoriety, and daylight consciousness. Showing how this activity will affect the World at large in a big way.


Mining is considered to be an act against the Earth Mother by indigenous Native Americans in South and North America. To take out her gold, copper, oil is to rape, damage and disrespect her.  Venus ruler of Copper is also up there in the 10th house at 28 degrees of Earthy practical Virgo. This degree is exactly square to the Galactic Centre which this month entered a new degree, 28 degree of Sagittarius.

The Galactic Center is the Black Hole at the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy – named after the Goddess’s Milk of Loving Kindness, which spilled over and are our STARS in the Heavens. 

According to Mayan archeo-astronomers and ‘glyphers The Galactic Centre is seen as a symbolic Cosmic Vagina, the birth giving and death bringing “weigh- station” of all souls.  All the hoopla about 2012 as connected to the alignment of the Winter solstice Sun with the Galactic Center.

So we see Venus ruling wealth, copper, values, the Goddess, Love, luxury in Virgo bringing very Virgo-ian exacting, meticulous, hard work as a pivotal point in engineers co-operating from around the world to quickly perfecting the mine shaft, Phoenix rescue rocket faster than was expected. 

Jupiter ruler of the Sagittarius Ascendant is conjunct Uranus in early Aries opposite Saturn and Mars in the 4th house which always symbolizes Midnight, the darkest, most private part of any chart, endings, privacy, family, the mother, the grave.

 Jupiter rules all things Big, laws, expansion, gold, foreigners. Uranus is sudden, unexpected, revolutionary electrifying, altruistic, humanitarian things. Put that combo all together and it spells, well you can figure it out.


Besides the Astrology aspects what struck me was this:

This is a male initiation of rebirth through the feminine.

Note the Sacred Master Number of men 33, Christ died at 33, the 33rd Grade of the Masonic Lodges.

These 33 hard working labourers, karmic unconsciously surrendered themselves as initiates, sacrificial men who like Christ, archetypal have left their individuals lives to symbolize a greater transpersonal Life, for the greater Good of All.

Trapped for 69 days. 69 is a symbol of the balance of the masculine and the Feminine.

The rescue televised worldwide was watched by a Billion viewers mainly live in real time.

This was the antidote to tragedy, to the Gulf Oil Crisis and the Hungarian toxic sludge mess. All these dis-asters were man made of course.



The 33 men served as a collective Persephone, the young maiden innocent, pubescent daughter of the Great Mother Demeter. Pluto, Lord of Riches and the Underworld engulfs Persephone = the 33 men through a mining collapse. In the Myth Persephone stayed 6 months underground, becoming Pluto/Hades’ consort. She learns to “be with” death, transformation, loses her innocence, all psychological aspects.

In our modern retelling of the Ancient myth acted on the world’s stage the men undergo this Feminine initiation. They live survive and thrive in the Earth Mother’s womb. She has told them her secrets. They have returned to the day world of Light, they have met, confronted and conquered death. Death has become their, and our ally. They have been changed. Their changes affect everyone.


At ancient Native American Indian sites at Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, the people conducted their spiritual religious rites, worshipped and aligned with the earth and the stars in KIVA’S, which symbolize the womb/tomb, they are sacred underground “temples.” 

These men served to function as a collective,humbling, enabling emotions, tears, hugging, sharing, cameraderie, fellowship, brotherhood by co-operation which ensures survival.


I see that these men unconsciously cleared a huge mass of negative energy by having to endure and surrender themselves to the Earth Mother. Whether they consciously pray to Jesus, Mother Mary, Allah, Kwan Yin, Buddha, the intention is all the same.

 As the miners were rescued on Oct 13 this photo shows 2 men being midwives to the man emerging from the Underworld, the depths, the “belly of the whale” the Great Womb {and tomb-not yet in this case} of the Earth. I felt these men, ordinary lower class; workingmen of various ages shared in a survival mystique and their hopes, and strength over adversity give the rest of the world strength, co-operation, faith, a renewed belief in miracles. Of never giving up. 


Asteroid Ceres on Oct 13 is at 1 degree of Capricorn, closely conjunct the Moon, which moved from 27 degrees of Sagittarius that day through Capricorn conjuncting Ceres, Pluto and the North Node at 5 degrees of Capricorn. It is by the Divine Grace of the Goddess that the men were rescued so quickly and easily.

There are other deeper labour and human rights issues, which haven’t been talked about much. The mine was unsafe, the value of gold and copper being so high these days that these men’s live which ordinarily would be considered “throw-away,” replaceable, have now become valuable beyond measure.  Because of the disaster which turned out to be a miracle. New safer laws are going into effect.  Chile’s GNP is 40% mining.  Check this out:


They always say there’s a silver lining, or it’s a blessing in disguise.

Its Alchemy on a world wide scale. Alchemy is the symbolic turning of Lead, which is Saturn’s karmic symbol. Lead = fear, limitations, time, obstacles, negativity. Saturn is the Devil.  Saturn is the Grim Reaper. Saturn is power and control, seniority. Lead is dark, dense, heavy. Saturn is the Earthly 3d, Saturn rules Capricorn. Alchemy turns lead into Gold. Gold getting increasingly valuable, symbolizes spiritual wealth, the Sun,the Light. The Source, faith, redemption.

So the 33 have redeemed us all, a little bit more.


The world watches, in the participation mystique and mysteries millions are moved to tears, everyone globally shares the same feelings, the same hopes, thrills even for a moment in the realization of what freedom is. How fragile life is, how close we can be to “walking in the valley of the shadow of Death.” We are all cleansed, renewed, happy.

Chile's Miner's Miracle 33 men trapped for 69 days

The Men rebirthing the other men from the womb of Ma Earth.

Pisces Full Moon Angels come blow your zuzuvela’s by Tara Greene

Full Moon In Pisces is Sublime. Take time out today to meditate, to go within, feel the Inner Beloved the Source, Spirit. Very potent Angelic energies attend this fullness.  A full moon cycle lasts till the next New moon. 

Allow the waters of the Unconscious to wash your soul clear. Pisces is always about forgiveness, creativity, visioning, dreaming. Write poetry, sing, tone, chant, sit by water, or at last have a spiritually uplifting lavender oil and rose petal bath. A time to come to clarity re. Any addictions issues and seeing clearly where your boundaries are lacking. 

All full Moons involve both the Sun and the Moon in opposition. This time we are dealing with the Virgo Sun, the Virgin Goddess of the Harvest, who separates the wheat from the chaff. Virgo is earthy, exceedingly practical, hard working, serving community, perfecting. Pisces energies tend to be terribly High or terribly low- co-dependency, martyrs, victims, self-pitying, lost in fantasy and illusion, denial, addictions, self-destruction. 

Mercury, the ruler of Virgo is now Retrograde since Aug 20,he turned back at 19 degrees of Virgo. 

I have found this Mercury Retro to be particularly dastardly. But the key right now to all the changes is to NOT REACT in the moment. It does all sort itself out. 

Uranus, which is called the Higher Octave of Mercury, forms what’s called a Quincunx, a 150-degree, irritating aspect to the Sun and has now, Retrograded back into Pisces. Uranus will remain in Pisces throughout the rest of the now waning year. 

URANUS, now also Retrograde back in Pisces is helping us to wake up, for one last time! Uranus in Aries is truly the awakener the bold shock of the New. We just had a foretaste with Uranus and Jupiter in Aries. 

NOW, at this Full Moon it is very important to clear through all our personal unconscious resistance to our own shadows, our own karma, the resistance to Oneness, all the spiritual karmic debris, all the mudslides, toxic oil spills, fires, smoke, ashes, that we see being mirrored back to us from our beautiful Blue Planet in the Nightly news and see it from a fully awakened perspective as the mirror image of each one of us as individuals living through the collective Soul Unconsciousness of he Earth. 

Time to WAKE UP! Time is running out, some say.   We are the one we are waiting for collectively.                        

Rider Waite deck Judgement Trump Card

Judgement Day Angel Gabriel Blows his trumpet

The greater the leap in consciousness, forgiveness an dopiness we can take now then the collective wake up call when Uranus reaches Aries once again on March 11 2011 may be much less drastic. 

 THE BIG T-“trouble in River City” is still in place- 

The EXtra powerful T- square involving Jupiter Retro at 1 degree of Aries, with Uranus Retro at 29 of Pisces, both opposite Saturn now at 3 degrees of Libra and all Squared by Pluto also Retro at 2 degrees of Capricorn is very much so still in effect. The house is on fire!! The alarm bells have been sounding. It’s tense.  A Cosmic CAT”S CRADLE 

Saturn just completed its last of 3 exact squares to Pluto Aug 21 at 3 degrees Libra- Capricorn. 

Venus’s recent conjunction to Mars, which was exact on Aug 20 at 14 degrees of Libra, begins a new cycle in relationships, money values, direction, and equanimity, balancing the books. We are beginning to explore what real equal relationships are like. Venus and Mars are still only one degree apart and semi-squaring the Sun – a 45 degree not as harsh as a square aspect at this Full Moon but one pushing us to act and love differently to the Ego- the Sun King, power, leaders. 

Neptune and Chiron 

Are both back dancing cheek to cheek, Retrograde in Aquarius where they spent most of the year, creating spiritual and emotional healing crises for the Collective? Chiron made a brief foray into Pisces April 20th- the day the BP Oilrig blew in the Gulf, until July 21 when Chiron re entrees Aquarius. They will remain in Aquarius throughout the year. Again the message is connect to the Collective Consciousness Aquarius- get the Big Picture. 

Also some irritating quincunx’s today between Moon Saturn and Jupiter. Play fair or damn ’em all. Does your shadow or your sense of karmic justice rule the day? 

Angel Gabriel come blow your horn Pisces Full Moon

blow your horn Tara Greene interprets PIsces Full Moon


ANGEL GABRIEL the Announcing angel is conjunct this Full Moon 

He blows the trumpet on Judgement Day 

Saturn is opposite exactly to the fixed Star Fomalhaut which symbolises the energy of Gabriel. The Moon is close by.  So call on Gabriel to blow his trumpet and free your self. 

The last judgement is the one we put on ourselves. This Full Moon is a symbol of Rebirth. Go for it! 

Blow your zuzuela Tara Greene's meditations for Angels

Angel Gabriel conjunct Pisces Full Moon

Dreams All Around You- Tara Greene @ Fundraiser 4Toronto Distress Center Toronto Animal Rescue Nations United

Aug 10 2010 Toronto Animal Rescue Charity Event

Interpreting Dreams at Charity Fundraiser


Tuesday Aug. 10 2010 10th Anniversary Celebration and Charity Event
@ Mildred Temple Kitchen 85 Hanna Ave. Toronto
7-9:00 Pm VIP Celebration, FAshion Show 9pm Silent Auction
evening continues on till 1:00 am after Party { cash bar}

Tara Greene will be doing DREAM INTERPRETATION READINGS to help this great Fundraising Event

I am looking forwards to meeting all you dreamers, searchers and humanitarians with big hearts

tonight at thhis lovely  event. 416 588 2300   www.