Canada Elections 2019

Canada’s Federal Election for the Next Prime Minister is October 21. 

Canada Political Map provinces and Astrology 1024px-Political_map_of_Canada E Pluribus Anthony, transferred to Wikimedia Commons by Kaveh (log), optimized by Andrew pmk. [Public domain]

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is running for re-election against Conservative Leader Andrew Sheer and they are neck and neck according to polls. Trudeau’s life as a Politician is on the line now. Canada has a multi-party system.

Once seen as a progressive Liberal leader Trudeau has been implicated in a serious of scandals that have since been implicated in a series of scandals. The SNC-Lavalin scandal which found a government watchdog claimed Trudeau violated ethics law by trying to influence his attorney general to stop the criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin, a large Liberal Party-linked engineering firm. Trudeau apologized, saying his motivation was to spare Canadian jobs. Two senior Cabinet ministers quit over the scandal, along with the prime minister’s senior political adviser. He has not followed through on promises to Indigenous people by backing Big Oil, Alberta and not carrying about the Environment.

Then there were the revelations that Trudeau dressed in brownface and blackface two decades ago. He apologized for not being racist but didn’t think it was at the time when no one else did either. His Liberal views have put language laws in which many see as too controlling. 

Former President Obama endorsed Trudeau on twitter on October 16 recently saying”I was proud to work with Justin Trudeau as President. He’s a hard-working, effective leader who takes on big issues like climate change. The world needs his progressive leadership now, and I hope our neighbors to the north support him for another term.”

But despite the twin scandals, the Conservative Scheer has struggled to capitalize. Ontario, the province with the largest population, where vote-rich Toronto, the largest city by far in Canada is anUber International Liberal City but is also 51% visible minorities who are often conservative in nature. The provincial Conservative government is deeply unpopular because of cuts to health care and education and stinging from Canada’s version of Donald Trump Doug Ford. 

Sheer has also spoken out against same-sex marriage and the anti-abortion movement in Canada has also reared its ugly head. Canada has had guaranteed free abortions since the 1970’s guaranteeing women freedom and sovereignty over their own bodies and their lives. Sheer is also plagued with the revelation that he has a dual American Canadian citizenship because his father was American. He is the Donald Trump of Canadian politics and I am sure most Canadians do not want that.

Because of the tight race Canada’s other major party the socialist or left-leaning New Democratic Party and its  leader, 40-year-old serving Jagmeet Singh, is winning over many of millennial voters who voted for Trudeau’s Liberals in 2015. Singh is a turban-wearing Sikh leader of the New Democratic Party since 2017 and as the Member of Parliament (MP) for the riding of Burnaby South in Vancouver since 2019.

Canada’s Green Party led by Elizabeth May is a widely respected leader which could also make some gains with the current Environmental first issues being front and centre in the news now.

Vote splitting will guarantee whoever wins will not hold a Majority Government because of a recurring surge by Quebec separatists.

There will be a coalition government between Liberals and NDP most likely. If Sheer is elected he would be the first American Prime Minister in Canada! Yikes.

Jagmeet Singh said he would only work with the Liberals and not with the Conservatives which holds a big sway.

also look at this Press in the U.S.

so let’s look at Trudeau’s current transits

Justin Trudeau Astrology Canada Election 2019

Justin Trudeau Astrology and Canada’s Federal election October 21, 2019, Transits

First off Justin is vulnerable and hurting. The Wounded Healer CHIRON, is Retrograding at 2 ARIES and hitting him hard by squaring his Capricorn SUN. This has been going on for the past few months now.

Chiron is exactly opposite hie Natal PLUTO, the seat of power, wealth, control, the psyche and shadow parts at 2 degrees Libra. Chiron is also conjunct to Trudeau’s Natal MARS at 29 Pisces zapping his defences and his strength. Furthermore transiting Mars in LIBRA is opposite to Justin’s natal Chiron in ARIES in his 8th house rubbing more salt in his wounds.

SATURN, the maker and breaker of careers and worldly power is at 14 CAPRICORN on Election day transiting Justin’s 5th house of creativity, will power and charisma squaring Justin’s 17 ARIES Moon, a spontaneous hot-headed 8th house transformational wealthy secretive Moon, which symbolizes his mother, the public ‘s mood, his home and family, his father and his legacy this is a hard difficult Karmic aspect. One sows what one reaps.  Saturn is also squaring his Natal 2nd house URANUS at 17 LIBRA, which symbolizes his resources and tools.

BUT JUSTIN IS ALSO INCREDIBLY LUCKY as he is having his JUPITER RETURN today at 21+ SAGITTARIUS and Jupiter just may save the day. This is a once in 12-13 year transit and as Jupiter rules politics and International affairs, honesty and justice this could be his best asset. However, Jupiter’s reputation for honesty may also prove to be too over the top and can bring a downfall if Trudeau has not been seen as honest which is presently the case.

URANUS the planet of revolution chaos innovation and change is at 4 TAURUS Retrograde in his 9th house of Politics and foreign affairs and squaring Justin’s Venus in Aquarius and his NORTH NODE of Fate at 5 Aquarius. Justin will be seen as an innovator, a liberator, a  futuristic-looking man to women to feminists and liberals. But this can also prove to be his downfall. It will be chaotic a nail biter but may in his favour. The prevailing winds are Conservative as a backlash from too liberal trends which Justin has put into law such as language laws which many people do not agree with for being too totalitarian.

the transiting SOUTH NODE at 11 degrees

PLUTO at 20 Capricorn, the maker and breaker of all worldly power is also squaring Justin’s Natal 8th house secretive MOON a very difficult transit. Pluto is Lord of Death and rebirth and usually destroys and rebuilds.  Justin’s downfall is in his natal 8th house sneaky tendency to abuse power and be emotionally manipulated. The Moon symbolizes the public and women. Who may turn against him for what happened with the scandals.

The transiting MOON which symbolizes the Public mood is in LEO and conjuncts Justin’s SOUTH NODE his karmic past exactly.  The Moon opposes Justin’s natal Venus in Aquarius and his North Node which will be activated at the end of 2020 during the historic Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020, at 0 Aquarius. Women are the crucial vote in his favour here. This can symbolize his future-oriented position during the 20’s.

There will be an Annular SOLAR ECLIPSE on Christmas Day on Justin’s SUN not visible in Canada but over India Saudi Arabia and Indonesia which also affects his future career status.

I will consult my trusty pendulum at first it was a 3/4 no then I double checked and it was yes Trudeau would win but just by a hair. The NDP and Bloc Quebec will be important. I asked about Sheer and got a total No.

We will be glued to our TV sets late because British Columbia which is 3 hours later and it will be very important though a population minority to sway things. If the results don’t come until later the Moon will still be in Leo.

Andrew Sheer born May 20, 1979, @ 8:25 am Ottawa Ontario

 has a Super stubborn Taurus stellium Moon at 18 Pisces – he is a secretive, religious, projectionist. His Ascendant is 12 Cancer conjunct Sirius and the U.S. Sun. Saturn is opposing that and square to his Natal pluto at 16 Libra. He has natal Jupiter in Leo. He has transiting Neptune is on his Natal Neptune and square his moon. I wouldn’t trust him its all an illusion. He is saying whatever it takes to get power then it will be all for the Rich, take from the poor. Backing industry.,

 Jagmeet Singh a Capricorn born January 2, 1979, Toronto, a Capricorn 

Transiting Saturn is conjunct his Natal SUN in Capricorn and his MARS which is usually a hard aspect but helps him to be taken seriously. His natal Moon is in Pisces he is spiritual and compassionate and can transform into whatever people want. His transiting Jupiter is conjunct his Natal Mercury in Sagittarius. He’s under Neptune square Neptune an early mid-life type crisis. he is having PLUTO Square PLUTO a very powerful aspect. If Singh is truly manifesting his soul’s path is in power. He has Saturn and the North Node in hard-working humble Virgo natally.

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Justin Trudeau, Canada Election Astrology

I have predicted federal and mayoral and International elections with 90% accuracy going back to 2004 when I was first interviewed by Mike Strobel for the Toronto Sun Newspaper about the Federal Election outcome.  I correctly predicted Obama’s second term.

I predicted that Justin Trudeau would be Canada’s Next Prime Minister in my December 2014 predictions for 2015.

With a week to go, I will look at the current front-runner Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party leader, and eldest son of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau who governed Canada for 16 years. Justin was born December 25, 1971 at 9:27 p.m. in Ottawa, the nation’s capital.  Justin, 43, grew up in Canadian politics and has been the head of the Liberal party since April 14, 2013.

Apart from being Canada “royalty” he has a very rare six-pointed star formation in his Natal Chart. This marks him for spectacular success. 

Juston Trudeau Canada election astrology

Justin has his solid Capricorn Sun in the 5th house of charm, self-will, creativity, big-hearted.

His Moon symbolizing his mother, is of course in fiery Aries, as his mother Margaret was an independent free-spirited woman, who was 30 years younger than her husband.  The Moon is in the 8th house of wealth, taxes and transformation. His Moon is opposite Uranus indicating that his mother was a unique woman and that  he had an unusual childhood and was raised unconventionally. His parents divorced when he was six years old and Justin and his two brothers were raised by their father.

His Ascendant is Virgo which helps him relate to the working and middle classes.  He is a disciplined intellectual, a perfectionist, a hard worker, a clean living man. His Venus, his values, creativity and the way he relates is conjunct his North Node in Aquarius also in the 5th house of creative self-expression. Venus North Node in Aquarius is soul who must manifest his desire, he is a visionary leader, an inventive, brilliant thinker, a high-energy, freedom loving individual, who marches largely to his own drummer, although he is a loyal giver. He is a non-conformist, although Saturn, symbolizing his famous father and ruling his Capricorn Sun, sits right in the High Noon position of worldly fame in his Natal Chart at zero degrees Gemini. He is most definitely to power, born. 

Justin has three planets in Sagittarius; Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter in the fourth house. This means Justin is totally honest. He cannot lie, he is a natural politician, judge, traveler, philosopher, and idealist and can be naive. His thought may seem to be all over the place with Mercury in Sagittarius he has a lot on ideas and interests. He is a somewhat private person, generally optimistic and happy, with a good sense of humor. He is very close to his family, he is married with three children. He is a serious idealist and dreamer with Neptune opposite Saturn. 

Interestingly Justin has his Mars, his drives, defenses, his testosterone at the very last critical karmic degree of Pisces in the 8th house a Scorpionic house. Justin is a spiritual warrior, and a compassionate idealist. He embpdies the archetype of the New Masculine energy. Justin has a very strong desire to finish up his karmic Mission in this life time. He is tender-hearted, emotional and feels deeply. In the 8th house Justin will create many changes in the budget, taxes, and distribution of wealth. He would support socialist issues all the way.  He would defend everyone’s rights to their religious beliefs recognizing that we are all One.   

His Pluto, his soul and unconscious, is in Libra, in the 2nd house of resources. Justin is fair, just, considers others, has good taste, and is a good diplomat. Pluto is opposite Mars and Chiron in Aries. He is a very powerful opponent. He feels his soul is on a mission to heal, to bring fresh vigor, new ideas, and ignite a new source of power. 

Saturn in Gemini makes Justin a great communicator and speaker. He may seem two-sided or non-committal because of the Gemini nature. Saturn in Gemini matures that split airy Gemini signature energy. He has oodles of charm and may never seem to age.


Saturn has sat atop Justin’s M.C. for the last 4 months or so helping him to be taken seriously. Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius is opposite his Natal Saturn and conjunct to his Neptune in his 4th house. The power comes home. This is a dream coming true.  Saturn which is reality will touch Justin’s Mercury this year and his Jupiter which rules Sagittarius in 2016. 

VENUS JUPITER AND MARS are in Virgo in his first house and squaring his Sagittarius planets. These are all very good transits. Jupiter rules his Saggy planets and his Mars. 

URANUS is exactly conjunct his 8th house Moon. Justin is going through a time of incredible change in his emotions, his feelings and how people see him. Uranus is freedom, liberation, revolution. It is chaotic and can bring out an electric charisma. Many Canadians are seeing Justin as the change Canada needs from the Harper conservatives. 

The North Node, the collective highest spiritual goal is at 29 degrees Virgo or Zero degrees Libra depending on if you use the North or Mean Node of the Moon. Either way this Nodal Axis falls right on Justin’s Pluto in the 2nd house giving him power and aligning with what the collective wants. Zero degrees Libra/Aries are two of the four cardinal world points. The transiting south Node and Asteroid Vesta {Investments} is exactly conjunct to Justin’s Mars in Pisces. This points to a karmic time in his life. Pluto will also be squaring Justin’s Natal Uranus in Libra. 

But the really interesting thing to me is this: 

I swear his father Pierre is helping him from Heaven and guiding Justin into this election.  Pierre Trudeau was born October 18, 1919 at 7:03 a.m.  The synchronicity is this: Pierre’s Sun was at 24 degrees Libra with a 21 degree Libra Ascendant. His father had Mars and Saturn conjunct at 5 and 8 degrees of Virgo and his Venus was at 14 degrees Virgo. 

The transiting planets Venus Mars and Jupiter on this Election Day are totally aligned with his Father’s planets. Transiting Saturn symbolizes Pierre Trudeau and Saturn is conjunct to Neptune. This is his father’s dream come true. 

And how does this align with Canada’s Natal Chart? 

See my former astrology delineation of Canada

Canada has a 16 degrees Aries Ascendant with Neptune at 14 degrees Aries. Justin’s Moon is right on the Ascendant. Canada would see Justin as a nurturing caring mothering figure. 

Canada has its natal Mars at 5 degrees Virgo exactly where Trudeau the elder had his Mars and conjunct to Justin Ascendant.

Canada has its North Node at 17 degrees Virgo in the humble 6th house of work, service, and lumberjacks. It’s South Node, its past is 17 degrees Pisces. Canada is a chameleon, it takes on the shape of its people, and it is humble, serving, and meek. It needs to protect its valuable resources and the environment with Virgo. 

Canada has its Jupiter at 7 degrees of Pisces in the 12th house this is why it has always been such a socialist country, and open to refugees. Neptune by transit is exactly on Canada’s Jupiter. There has been deceit, oil, illusions and water issues, lack of boundaries, addictions, and self-undoing because of P.M. Harper’s politics.

Justin’s Descendant at 3 degrees Pisces, his Neptune and Saturn bring a new dream, a new reality, more compassion, and care.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is currently at 17 degrees Pisces sitting exactly on Canada’s SOUTH NODE it’s past. Pisces rules, oil, liars, religious fanatics, glamour, illusions. No wonder Canada’s reputation has gone down the tubes. 

Transiting Jupiter is at 14 degrees Virgo. Canada’ riches are Pluto at 15 degrees Taurus, it has huge natural resources.  Jupiter is training Pluto, an aspect that just occurred by Transit on October 11. This ties in with Justin’s Natal Jupiter in Sagittarius which squares Canada’s South Node and North Node.  It makes me think of The Fisher King, and Trudeau as Percival. The wounded fisher king is the country.  Percival, when mature enough knows to ask the King what ails thee? And the King then recovers from his wounded thigh and the country recovers from being a wasteland, like the Alberta Tar Sands. 

What do you think?

I’ll deal with Harper later, 

See previous election Harper articles

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Jack Layton’s NDP stars are rising,no Scheat,Canadian Election predictions by psychic Tara Greene

My favourite pic of Stephen Harper andhis separated at birth twin

Sponge Bob and Sponge Steve separated at birth

Jack Layton NDP political candidate Canadian PM
Canadian Federal election 2011 JAck Layton Astrology

Yes, it’s true actually. Jack Layton’s stars and planetary fortunes are rising literally. Election Day is May 2 2011. 4/2/2011 is a somewhat occultist numerology to have an election on. There is a New Moon in Taurus the next day.

The Election happens on a Dark Moon. Perhaps this means a Dark Horse will win! Lets take a closer look at Jack’s chart. Remember all ancient leaders Kings etc. always, ALWAYS consulted their ASTROLOGER’s. 

DISASTER means without a star!! Never do anything without consulting a good astrologer. I am at your service for business and personal consultations. {advertisement}


For those of you who are not Canadian. Jack Layton is the head of the NDP, not a new pop group but the New Democratic Party, the 3rd party since always. The NDP has never formed a federal government. They are decidedly left leaning.

So listen up our South of the Border buddies, our dollar is stronger than yours these days, we export the most oil that you guzzle than anybody else.

We still have intimate connections to the Royal Wedding, Prince William’s Grandma  adorns our currencies.  We have lots of water,land, minerals, trees and an army that is presently doing most of your dirty work. Plus we own the most popular teenage dream pop star in the world at the moment, JB. Not a country to blow its own horn usually… Canadians are passive, gentle, we don’t carry guns except by license to shoot wild game, well some of us do, still. We pay way more taxes but we’ve all enjoyed the full benefits of a  Univeral health care system for over 50 years now.  Doesn’t everyone think beaver teeth and moose are cute?

Currently Jack’s transiting planets show Jupiter planet of expansion, truth, higher law, Philosophy, optimism, foreigners, justice, risk taking, easy going-ness in an exact conjunction with Mars, planet of men, action, defences, new life, fire, initiatives, independence, on Election day at 22 degrees of Aries.

 Both Jupiter and Mars give old Jack new pizzazz; FIREWORKS should be his theme song right now. They are in his 6th house of work and service and are a mere 4 degrees away from his Natal Descendant where he interacts with the world. Very High score here for this one.

The NEW Moon on May 2nd is in early degrees of Taurus making a conjunction with the Sun on the 3rd at 2:51 a.m. EDT at 12 degrees of Taurus. This falls in Jack’s 7th house of marriage. Will the Canadian people want to “ marry” him?

Pluto the planet of power, control, soul, secrets, is now Retrograde in Capricorn sign of worldly power travelling through Jack’s 3rd house of communication s right now.

Pluto is Trining- an easy aspect,his Moon in the 11th house. This gives him easy access to power. The Moon in the 11th shows popularity with the people symbolized by the Moon, and the 11th house is the house of wishes hopes dreams, humanitarian idealism. Jack’s natal Moon is in Virgo, sign of hard work, the workingman, blue-collar workers, service, perfectionism, order, accounting and nitpickers.

 The transiting NORTH NODE representing how popularly the public accepts you and it is currently at 24 degree of Sagittarius and directly opposite Layton’s Natal Venus in Gemini at 25 degrees. Yes, everyone suddenly loves Jack. The South Node is then travelling over Jack’s Venus. Venus is love, values, creativity, and relationships. The love he gave in the past is now being recognized and makes him popular with the public.

His Venus in Gemini gives him great communications skills, lots of witticisms, gad about popularity, and lots of short-term travel.

Jack’s Natal North Node is at Zero degrees of Aries, the N.N. represent everyone’s Highest spiritual goal and road to aspire to.

Jack’s Highest Spiritual Goal is to be an agent of Change, a breath of fresh air, an innovator, independent, fiery, outspoken, the boss, the fire chief, the alarmist, the warrior.

Note that Aries is also Jack’s Descendant where he interfaces with business and others in relationships and men with lots of Aries energy loose their hair. 

URANUS the planet of R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N recently crossed Jack’s North Node, at zero degrees of Aries, which is also known as one of the “world’s points.”

Uranus has certainly rocked the boat in sighting revolution in many places where we would’ve said IMPOSSIBLE before. Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Syria,etc. 

Jack’s natal Uranus-no jokes please, is in his 9th house of politics at 6 degrees of Cancer.  

PLUTO is opposite his 9th house political charged Uranus now and this means sudden unexpected change! Relating to power, control, wealth into his political and philosophical viewpoints.

Pluto often brings death scares, wake up calls to change and prioritise one’s lifestyle. Jack has had a recent bout with prostate cancer, also Mars ruled.

Jack’s health should improve now. Note Uranus has an affinity with radiation {cancer treatments} as well as Pluto which rules all atomic energy.  

Chiron, looks like a key symbol, the wounded healer is now at 4 degrees of Pisces {conjunct the Archangel Gabriel} right now  and close to opposing Jack’s Moon in Virgo. Jack has Saturn in Virgo at the middle degree, which potentizes it, and Saturn in Virgo always represents ill-health. Jack has Saturn square to his Natal Chiron in Sagittarius, which also exacerbates the vulnerability of his health in general.  Luckily Jack’s natal Jupiter in Pisces retrograde opposes both the Moon and Saturn and

Squares his Part of Fortune at 8 degrees of Sagittarius.

So he has an Angel on his shoulder. Jupiter is exalted in Pisces and I like to call this the BODHISATVA aspect. Jack has put in some good karma in past lives. He came back out of charity and to give love, his creative vision and leadership {Jupiter in the 5th house} 

SATURN is now retrograde at 11 degrees of Libra in Jack’s 12 house the house of endings, completion, and servitude. Saturn started 2011 at 16 degrees of Libra right on Jack’s Mars, though this is usually considered to be a very difficult heavy aspect, especially in the 12th house, and it was shown through Jack’s health issues.  Saturn has been a karmic limitation, creating obstacles and testing and moulding Jack’s strength, virility, vitality, energy and will. Mars rules Jack’s Descendant in Aries.

Saturn will again cross Jack’s Mars on September 16th and cross his Ascendant Jack’s Ascendant at 26 degrees of LIBRA, which is also conjunct, the famous FIXED STAR SPICA at 23 degrees of Libra. This Star bestows riches and donors, fortune and fame, ability in writing, sciences, art, and sociability. Great benefactor.

Saturn crossing this symbolizes new authority, status, responsibilities an entirely new beginning on December 7th this year. The only thing is Saturn rules Capricorn and in Jacks chart using this style of houses, called Placidus, he has no cusp for the sign of Capricorn therefore Saturn has no handle with which to express itself through except in the intercepted 3rd house. 

JUPITER will enter Bullish Taurus and Square his MC the HIGH NOON spot of worldly power and career on June 15th. This is highly beneficial. 

Furthermore there will be a SOLAR ECLIPSE on June 1 , 2011 at 11 degrees of Gemini. Solar Eclipses always portend change. The eclipse sees the Sun and Moon in Jack’s 8th house of transformation, power, other peoples’ money, and deep communion with others, taxes, inheritances. The eclipse will Square Jacks Moon and his Part of Fortune, the circle with an x in it, marks the spot, and his Jupiter. Chiron will be on his Jupiter one degree away and he will be seen as sympathizing compassionate, honest.  

All in all, thumbs up for Jack, although I am still a tad concerned for his health. I predict he will be the dark horse of this election and WIN!!!!

They’ll hate me at the Toronto Sun for saying this. I have correctly predicted other Federal Election wins before.

 We need that Uranian change, as does the rest of the world  now. Old line Conservatism has had its day. Stephen Harper is a rogue in the worst sense, he is Canada’s own dictator.  

Canadians must wake up from their hibernation,their too humble maple syrup and beer hockey doldrums, shake the velvet off their moose antlers and slap their beaver tales to demand freedom, democracy, fresh water, the ability to control this rich countries natural resources and the excellent standards of social services, health care and support of Canadian culture and arts, not proroguing!

If ya dont know what that word means read this!

Plus I really don’t like the Harper, H.A.A.R.P. harpie synonyms at all.

Lest we get SNOW JOBBED again?