Blue Moon, Astro Updates & more from Tara Greene

Astrology Updates May 28- June 3rd It’s Once in a Blue Moon Time May 31st

Hilites of this week.

All times EDT unless otherwise noted:

Moon enters Scorpio May 28th 1:11 pm

Mercury enters Cancer May 28th 8:56 pm

Moon enters Sagittarius May 30 10:06 pm PDT,May 29th 1:06 am EDT

May 31 BLUE MOON Full Moon 9:04 pm

June 1st Moon opposites Jupiter  7:19 am

June 2nd Moon conjuncts Pluto 7:29 am

June 2nd Moon enters Capricorn 11:09 am

June 3rd Venus Quincunx’s Pluto 2:23 pm


Void of Course Moon Times: when Not to initiate anything

May 28th  12:17 pm until 1:11 pm same day

May 30th 1:11 pm until May 31, 1:07 am

June 2nd 7: 29 am until 11:09 am  same day


Monday starts out watery, deep, intense, secretive, powerful, sexy, and transformative in Feminine Scorpionic waters at 10:11 am. Scorpio Moons are always dramatic, pulling emotions into dark waters in order to be transformed.


Mercury plunges into Cancerian waters on Monday, for …quite a while

Mercury leaves its’ airy high flyin’chatty home sign of Gemini to flow into the Moon  ruled sign of Cancer. Communications shift from the head to the gut, Cancer rules the stomach. Feelings and thinking are babes in arms now. Imagine your brain taking a well needed soak, floating on it’s back in the primeval womb, hot tub of the Great Mother. Ahhh.  Safety, security, comfort, home, Mom, family, nurturing are all soaked up and spoken about by thirsty brains now. Don’t let your brain get too soggy what with the Moon also in the watery realms.


Mercury will remain in the emotional Feminine field for quite some time..till Aug. 4th!.


Mercury will take it’s infamous backwards two step in only another couple of weeks, just in time for coinciding with early summer travel plans. Mercury goes Retrograde at 11 degrees 36 minutes of Cancer, and won’t go direct until July 9th,which helps but still is in its’ shadow until it catches up to where it went Retro on July 25th! So beware of being extra careful in those wedding plans, summer parties, schedules and travels during this long time period. Mercury floats in Cancer until Aug. 4th so we must be needing to soak up all those feelings about emotional nurturing. The Earth is The Great Mother so nurturing the earth our collective Womb will be close to everyone’s emotions not just a mental idea. More communications about food, scarcity, quality and security will be in the news.


Moon enters Sagittarius May 30th

After all the emotional damage control of the past couple of days, Moon fires into ever optimistic Sag., my favourite sign. If you start to pay attention to how the Moon changing signs really affects the way people relate, the topics that come up, you’ll be amazed at how Moon ruled we all are.  Sagittarius Moon days are spontaneous, freedom loving, trekking in nature, philosophical, truth seeking, inspirational, judgmental, klutzy and feature sports and gambling.


THE Sagittarian BLUE MOON of May 31st/ June 1st 1:04 am GMT

Ah yes, once in a Blue Moon. A Blue Moon occurs about once every 2-3 years when 2 Full Moons fall in one calendar month. It carries a special message.

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