Witches New Year, Halloween Blue Moon, Lilith and Circe

Full Blue Halloween Moon astrology by Tara Greene
Full Blue Halloween Moon astrology

I have always identified with being a witch, very much so. I was teased and called a witch since I was a kid because of my unruly coarse black hair and intense energy. Numerologically I am a number 11/2. A High Priestess and remember past lives serving in Ancient Temples. I felt connected to Circe the Sorceress since I was a teenager. Going to Stonehenge, Greece and Ephesus, Turkey when I was 17 brought many past life memories back into my consciousness as a High Priestess. I remember being burned at the stake in a past life through intuition and past life regressions. I used to work with a small coven of women in the 1980s but have been a solitary coven of and I also do ceremonies with my husband. I was initiated as a Green Witch by Susun Weed at her Wise Woman Center in Woodstock in 1987. I have always known that women have magical power because they can give birth and bleed and are tuned into the cosmos, and are always straddling the worlds. I’ve always felt connected to the cosmos and Nature and participating in the ancient turning of the circle of the years. I feel connected to the Darkness, and Scorpio death-rebirth and transformation.

Halloween is Pagans/Witches New Year called SAMHAIN     October 31st is when the Veil between the worlds is the thinnest it’s the best night in the year to scry, gaze into your crystal ball and connect with the spirits of your Ancestors.  
 It is the Noche of Día de los Muertos the Day of the dead in Mexico.

These days Halloween has become another day in the year in which to sell lots of junk candy scary rubber and plastic paraphernalia, fake blood, creaky coffin lids, etc etc. another commercialized holiday. The kiddies are given way too much sugar. The guys love to dress in drag, it is the modern version of the SATURNALIA. But let’s not forget the origins of Halloween. It is Hallow’ed Evening. A Holy Evening, the Ancient Pagan/Wiccan New Year when the Sun is in Scorpio, the sign of Birth, Death and Transformation. It is close to the mid-point between Autumn and Winter Solstice. Death is Rebirth. The Wheel of the Year Turns and this is a Sabbat or Sabbath Night, covens gather to do a Ceremony. This is a Sacred not a Scared/Scary Night. Honour this day as it was originally intended.

Remember in the midst of all the superficial trappings of Halloween, the hundreds of thousands, some say up to 9,000,000 mainly women, children and men who were accused of being witches by the Catholic Church who were tortured and burned at the stake. Old women, crones, medicine women, herbalists, midwives, pagans, their families, the poor, all innocent people who lived in harmony with Nature, who Loved their Mother the Earth, who knew the Wise Women Ways, the ancient ways to heal, to tend the sick and dying, the mothers giving birth. It was misogynist fascist Christian tyranny that went on for over 300 years in Europe and to the New World where the last woman was burned at the stake at Salem, Mass.   Remember this Holocaust because it wasn’t so long ago. You only had to be a woman who owned land, who had some power and status and if you were old you were worthless. It was a land grab by the Catholic Church. You simply just had to be a woman and therefore evil in the sainted eyes of the Holy Christian Church. The genderside continues daily on this planet.

  I remember my own burning, I relived this memory of my past life during a HOLOTROPIC BREATHWORK session. Those 100,000-200,000 to 9 million innocent souls who were terribly tortured and burned are back now on this earth. Deep in the cells of your own being, in your cellular consciousness be you male or female at this time, you remember the Burning Times, when you lived in total fear, when you hid you pagan religion, your ability to help, to heal, your compassion. When tyranny was all around and anyone could accuse you of being a witch thereby ensuring your almost certain death. Watch The Burning Times a Canada Film Board movie which chronicles in detail this stain upon humanity. Light a candle for those hundreds of thousands, nay millions of souls whose lives were taken by a cruel arrogant Church, hypocritical to the nth degree. Given 6 degrees of separation you or someone you love, your BBF, your boss or colleagues was surely enough one of those people. It’s time to acknowledge the deep pain in the shadows of our unconscious. The only way to heal it is to acknowledge that shadow, let the tears flow, the grief, the agony. This brings it out of unconsciousness otherwise that shadow control our actions unconsciously and allows us to keep inflicting pain on others and self, believing that we are not worthy, not lovable, deceitful, sinners, powerless. There is a collective shadow of women being afraid to hold their power and beauty.” This was originally written in 2012.

You can see how far women’s awareness has shifted because now being a WITCH and the #MeToo movement and being further into the 1,000-year long reign of the 2000s initiated by the High Priestess in the Tarot #2 is burgeoning along. There may be the first Woman Vice President in U.S. History elected in a few days.  

As this is a New Year in the Ancient Pagan turning of the great circle of the year
Light a Candle of Illumination and Enlightenment and go beyond the rage, the anger into Love.

on the rare BLUE MOON put your crystals out under the FULL MOON light to be cleansed for a new year.

HALLOWEEN 2020 is a RARE BLUE Full MOON and under Covid-19 most people will not be trick or treating as usual. Which in this instance is a good thing. 2020 has turned everyone back into themselves to examine what is really valuable to them.

Lilith the Dark Goddess and CIRCE the Sorceress are conjunct the Moon at 1and 2 degrees Taurus.
Lilith and Circe are conjunct the MOON and URANUS an electrifying combo

MOON LILLITH, CIRCE brings up all the dark Feminine energy to Halloween especially as she is opposite the SCORPIO SUN which Lilith is associated with.

The dream of the rebirth of the FEMININE is here.

LILITH the demonized empowered Goddess of equality will rise and will be invisible but conjunct the Full Moon on HALLOWE’EN EVE and whisper in your soul and make the Divine Feminine, come alive and be heard. So sit in ceremony and scry on the night when the veils between the worlds is thinnest. Lilith will also come into your dreams. LILITH is KALI/DURGA and her wrath is nothing compared to any Hurricane.

HAPPY SAFE Hallow’ed Eve and I’ll see you as I fly on my broom

blessings, TARA

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Season of the Witch by Julie Driscoll https://youtu.be/ne7CFsVufy4

Whore oscope, BLACK MOON, BIG BUCKS Astrology from Tara Greene

I am a Horoscope Whore. I love Astrology.  And I love to give it to you. It’s even a first poem by a Famous Author.

SAMuel Beckett

see links about the poem below

Women were once SACRED WHORES. This is not a contradiction in terms. THEY WERE, and I remember being a SACRED TANTRIC priestess of the Goddess who initiated men through sacred sexuality to cleanse them. They were and lived as earthly goddesses. They were the soul of the Goddess in raw real form. LILITH was the original woman. aka the BLACK MOON. There are three LILITH’s I wont go into it right now.

the upcoming week holds clues to engaging this energy.

Deeena Metzger wrote an infamous little book called THE WOMAN WHO SLEPT WITH MEN TO TAKE THE WAR OUT OF THEM

This article didn’t start out this way the BLACK MOON LILITH took over me.

new moon dark moon Tara Greene


A power packed week ahead.

Moons in CAPRICORN Tues and Wed. EARTHY


this aspect holds and build all week till Jan 31 when JUPITER EXACTLY OPPOSES PLUTO


Because we didn’t get it the 1st time. CANCER – home security in all its meanings. VENUS IN CAPRICORN- women in business. Capricorn is the Patriachy the conservative old boys club. The Bushes etc.

VENUS in Capricorn is women embodying their power. Once they had it.Now they are reclaiming it.


THis is a major theme of 2014. 

I had a revelation an EPIPHANY this morning about this.

WOMEN POWER WILL ERUPT like a friggin explosion my friends. NEVER mind GRRL power although it’s a start.
She CANT BE TAMED, MILEY CYRUS first break out song, is an anthem.

It ‘s a Skanky WHORE of an aspect. It’s TABOO. What is MOSt hidden, LILITH, women’s true sexuality.

It can play out in many ways-



ITS SERIOUSLY Capricorn. THE MOOON CONJUNCT PLUTO IS ALWAYS heavy to add JUPITER in CANCER RETROGRADE’Sintensity is to pack a super punch. 



SPEAKING OF BIG BUCKS I CONSULT For corporations and private businesses email taragreenetarot@gmail.com

super wealth, hidden banks, manipulative power over lords. REAL GROUNDED ASSETS> fighting over those.


can also be serious earth changes,

Pluto – Volcanic explosions, storms, extreme weather, we are in this aspect coming to peak for many days now. 

Can be civil violence, protests and domestic violence too. Government surveillance protests.

JUPITER is excess and so is PLUTO, danger of nuclear radiation etc.water damage of various kinds, dams breaking.

IF You have planets at 11-15 degrees of CARDINAL SIGNS you will be feeling this.

It’ll be impossible not to.

Libra and ARIES are close by but no cigar yet-wait til lmid APRIL.

The U.S. is of course is having JUPITER SITTING ON ITS SUN.  Sounds sexy too.

SHOULD BE SUNNY but it isn’t

 WEALTH INVERSION. Issues with food recalls,  the health fiasco of President Obama.

WOMEN will begin to change  politics in the next few years. not just Hillary Clinton. there will be other women candidates.

MONSANTO- rigging of food- will be stopped, big battles over who controls food.

BLACK MOON coming Jan 30 very rare TWO NEW MOON’s in a month.aka LILITH MOON

LILITH she takes no shit from no man ever.SHE IS FIRST WOMAN BEFOR EVE.


She brings life and she brings death.  ANd you can’t coerce her no way no how.

LILITH Will be screeching all over this land. She is owlish. WOMEN take back the NIGHT.







ah spiritual calming mental time.we need that. more later…

VENUS GOES DIRECT too @ 12:49 pm PST


FEB 1/2  ST. BRIGID DAY IMBOLC its the festival of first light we are half way to SPRING!

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all writing is copyright TARA GREENE

more about WHOROSCOPE by SAmuel Beckett  http://www.ted-burke.com/2008/06/whoroscope-by-samuel-beckett.html

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Spiritual healing road trip with Stuart Wilde and Sedona from Tara Greene


I have been on a spiritual healing road trip since Aug 31 on that very powerful Pisces Blue Moon.  A lot of people tuned into my meditation at that time I found out and I am grateful because we all need to really be working through our old stuff and going deeper and deeper into the new dreaming awake reality. Time is speeding up and we’re almost at the Autumn Equinox.

I went to Las Vegas to see Stuart Wilde present Spiritual healing The Second Chance workshop over labour day weekend, This was my 3rd such workshop with Stuart and the Tolemac club.

Stuart Wilde, Tara Greene and friend LAs Vegas

I signed up for both healing workshops. My dear friend who I had met in Las Vegas originally at Stuart’s workshop in 2007 came again from Rome to meet me.

There were about 500 people at the first healing and 300 at the second.

Stuart claims he has the Christ healing light ,a violet ray that comes through his hands. He also says he gets extremely anguishing painful stigmata in his hands as does his fellow healer , the Hooded Sage Kris Krepcik who was also speaking at the workshop.

Stuart did all the healings himself. Before dinner break before the healings started Stuart touched each person for 10 seconds to drive out the ghouls and get the process started.

He had a kind of invisible bus set up on stage with double rows of 8 seats lined up on stage. he started at around 10:00 pm and went till 1:00 am or more. He blew love energy from his heart onto the folks’ crown chakra’s. Then he had his hand on their shoulder’s and would recite a special Gaia prayer which sounds ancient Gaelic and Latin.

There were many people who were very ill, some in wheel chairs paralyzed, some very old and sick looking, there were all ages and types of people.

The healing was very fast – 3 minutes a person. If anyone had  a serious physical illness Stuart asked that they tell Tom who was managing the whole event and Stuart would ask these people to come back and he would give them additional healing time but quick another minute or two.

I felt Stuart’s hands were very powerful, hot. When I did the first healing I immediately felt very blissful, peaceful as if all the cares in the world had  simply disappeared. It felt so gentle and blissful.

I experienced Stuart’s healing’s two times.

My friend had ver bad ezema like itchy sore spots all over her hands, they were  diminished and almost gone right away and stayed away.I have an after photo but didn’t think to take a before one.

I have since had this sensation of heat pouring through my body. It’s NOT MENOPAUSE. Stuart calls this the Celestial Heat it comes from Grace, from Gaia herself, and it burns off the old coldness of the ego mind and protects one from the ghouls. 

Stuart is the only person who speaks of individuals being attacked by ghouls, all types of negative entities all the time. Stuart claims that the work he and his colleagues have done with the help of the Aluna world higher dimensional beings themselves – they have been fighting an Armageddon in the Aluna or mirror-world for many year s now. IT is Judgement Day as in the Book of Revelations but it is happening on another dimensional plane About 3 feet away from us but n a higher Dimension.

Stuart says you cannot get into the Aluna higher dimensions unless you are a complete Vegetarian though. I know he has been an animal rights’ activist form any years. He said how can Gaia the spirit of the Earth help you if you are eating one of her children? We are all her children, the animals the rocks and tress and humans are not the highest consciousness.

So it is easier for all of us now to access higher consciousness because many people are less demoniacally controlled, especially if you are seeking the Divine Feminine energies, getting out of ego-tick-tock as Stuart calls it, becoming a Fringe Dweller.

I feel very tuned in and being in Sedona here always amps up my spiritual antennae. Many Iterdimensonally beings have been communicating with me now. It is only helpful if they can give me some good helpful info that can help others,

I have done some long distance readings since I was here but mainly meditating a lot. Many times a day, for long periods.

So if you wish readings and healing energies from me, I am red-hot or rather ultra-violet hot, every time I close my eyes I see the ultra violet ray spotlight come on.

This is 6th chakra energy, the pineal gland. The seat of the Soul, in some ways.

There was also a beautiful white owl that flew to watch the healings that Kris was doing with his students in the evening one night.

 Stuart talks about working with the Aluna animals the white  Lion, the white owl the Unicorns. So call these animals in to you.

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Blesssings TARA


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Super Full Moon=Super Werewolf,Super She Wolf Howlin’ Times, Astrology updates by Tara Greene Wolf

Super Full Moon=Super Werewolf,Super She Wolf Howlin’ Times, Astrology updates by Tara Greene Wolf.

Nuclear Plant Meltdown and PLanet X Influences by Tara Greene


Copyright Tara Greene 2011- infinity


PLanet X Nibiru

is Planet X the comet Eleni/ Nibiru?


Japan so known for its meticulous diligence in quality control, robot technology, the highest quality technology is shown to be frail, insufficient, and critically failing at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants after the devastating earthquake and Tsunami which struck March 11. Even tif they manage to get the power up and going now, much radiation has escaped and this affects the world. If they can’t stop it and 4 reactors go into meltdown this is a critical disaster for Japan and will affect the rest of the world.  


Nuclear energy, which is Planet Pluto’s realm-DEMOTED OR NOT- is being squared by a Retrograde Saturn at 15 degrees of Libra.  That’s a karmic pay back time folk. 

But wait, there’s a Big Back story 

When the tsunami hit and I first heard of the Nuclear power plant failure at Fukushima- no pun intended- I looked up Pluto’s discovery chart.  

The discovery of Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, Death and Rebirth, Power and Secrets happened as a presage to the splitting of the atom and the U.S. racing against Germany to be the first to use the unfathomable power which they would unleashed for use in warfare. Einstein was appalled. 

The interesting coincidence is that on Feb 18 1930 in Flagstaff Arizona at 4:00 pm when Pluto was first discovered by Clyde Tombaugh who had set out to find Planet X.

Very very powerful interesting synchronicities, almost 71 years later.  71 years in itself is significant as it takes a star 72 years to move 1 degree. 

In that Birth chart shown – click on it to see larger


Pluto discovered in Flagstaff Arizona 1930

Pluto Birth chart for discovery


The Sun was at 29 degrees of Aquarius– exactly where Neptune and Ceres are right now. Remember that Neptune takes    years for one orbit. 29 degrees of Aquarius is a Critical degree and opposite Fixed Star Regulus at 29 degrees of Leo- the Lion’s Heart. Also known as the Archangel Raphael’s X  marking spot in Heaven.  

Venus was at 2 degrees of Pisces exactly where Chiron is right now as well. @ degrees of Pisces is also conjunct to the Fixed Star Fomalhaut aka Archangel Gabriel’s marking star.


13 th century Illuminated painting of Archangel Gabriel by Martini

Angel Gabriel

The birth of Pluto had a Neptune Venus in Virgo/Pisces opposition in it. Always a sense of illusion, karma, hidden things, self-undoing as befits Pisces. Venus conjunct the Sun is of course in the 8th house which is always considered to be Scorpionic- all about death, power, secrets, control, money. 

Saturn was at 8 degrees of Capricorn then, and Pluto is now March 2011 at 7 degrees and change of Capricorn.  Saturn and Pluto are very powerful planetary energies.  See further below- for upcoming intensities of Saturn Uranus Pluto and more! Coming up shortly. 

Read full article and more on my website at http://taratarotweb.tripod.com/id40.html

Haiti Disaster – why? …


 I was asked by Rob McConnell who’s show I have appeared regularly on monthly, the X Zone radio Network  since July 2006 answering listener’s phone in questions from all over the North America and the rest of the world, I’ll get to the point, Why no psychics foresaw the earthquake in Haiti in their 2010 predictions, I myself was one of the predictors included in the X- Zone Dec. issue newspaper.

My predictions for 2010 were also published in the Toronto Sun newspaper and you can read them all on my site here. It ‘s a good question. I pondered it from many different angles asking my spirit guides to help me zone in on what I saw clairvoyantly, heard clairaudiently and sensed clairsentiently.

I read over all of the psychics’ predictions, and found that some of us {myself included} mentioned earthquakes coming, but in the West coast.

I know Astrologically that ECLIPSES trigger earthquakes, the evidence of that info is being collated thoroughly these days. There was a Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse Dec 31st in Cancer and a very, very long Total eclipse of the Sun in Capricorn on Jan 16-17th.

The Earthquake in Haiti struck on Jan 12 with a 7 magnitude plus aftershocks devastating most of Port au Prince sandwiched in between two very powerful Eclipses.

I did check on Haiti’s Natal chart of Independence for Jan 1 1804 and aligned it with the planets overhead on Jan 12 for Port au Prince to find it under very exact difficult tense and stressful angles by two very malefic planets,  Pluto, Lord of death and rebirth and Saturn Lord of Karma, plus a retrograde Mars aspecting it as well. Note that Saturn and Pluto were last aligned in an exact opposition n Aug 2001 right before 911 as well.

My answer to why the Haitian earthquake disaster was not picked up in advance by most psychics? The image I got was that Haiti is under a very large, black, dark energy, almost as if it were hidden and cloaked in darkness, virtually veiled. I surmised that may be why the psychics didn’t pick up the coming Earthquake , mysterious as it may seem. What that mysterious darkness was all about is another matter. So I condsider various possibilities here.

According to well known metaphysical teacher, British author of eighteen books, Stuart Wilde, he postulates that  from his other Dimensional Aluna world view, the forces of Grace/ Gaia/Kali  are generating earth Changes as extreme clean up measures for people of very negative energies.  See Stuart Wilde’s latest where he talks about his theroy about this.  Some people will find Stuart’s writings offensive, racist etc. so I am forewarning you. I mention his writings because he has a very different perspective on the world and the coming changes which involve the total sinking of the U.S. dollar,the world economy etc..


Another influence that I saw and felt was that the earthquake wasn’t natural. It was possibly created artificially by HAARP a US Military Govt. run “weather station” in Alaska which has been secretly funded and experimenting with weather control for over 30 years using sound resonance’s. see the following

http://www.haarp.net/ and http://proliberty.com/observer/20100101.htm

It was reported that the terrible tsunami in Indonesia was created through one of HAARP’s experiments. HAARP used the known fault line. The US wants Haiti; it has been controlling it through the UN by ousting Asistedes who was a democratically elected president. Haiti has resources the US needs, cheap human labour, it is virgin territory, close to Cuba, and apparently has oil.

 So if you’re not scanning in a very wide net looking in all directions you may not see the impending signs.The innocent always suffer, it doesn’t seem at all fair.  If Divine Intelligence is so high and mighty why aren’t just the truly evil bad people, you know who they are, decimated leaving the ordinary decent folks to survive? You may well ask. 

I have to admit honestly that It’s pretty confusing sorting out the mixed signals these days. On the one hand the Matrix of Evil, the New World Order is tightening its grip and using whatever tech it has at its disposal. Aka Pluto in Capricorn.

The results end up looking the same whether its coming from the Evil greedy Military N.W.O. guys on the ground, or the Good Goddess, Mother Nature, Divine retribution, the Karmic balance. Not as simple as Avatar..

And who is really to judge or tell? Myself included I am certainly  not judgeing anything or anyone’s religious or spiritual practices here. I admit I do not know that much about voodoo. There’s an ancient Chinese proverb says that one can’t tell what looks like destruction may really be a good thing inthe end.

I know this is a sensitive issue right now and I feel very strongly in my heart for this poorest of  nations, and I have been sending healing energies to the people who suffer the most, the innocent, the old and the children. Please do not misunderstand me.  I am not saying that the poor people or voodoo generated this earthquake.

I am appalled to witness the smuggling and selling of children now in Haiti. The government with no resources, dumping piles of dead bodies in heaps such as I haven’t seen since the days of Nazi Germany. I am horrfified by such cruelty, poverty and cynicism. The poor people are allways the victims, at the bottom of the power heap. 

Haiti can be seen as a spiritual metaphor in the world right now. The earthquake, though very unfortunate puts Haiti in the front pages and inthe news of the world and millions of dollars in aid and Goodwill is sent there. That’s why I said sometimes a terrible tragedy becomes a blessing in disguise.  Hopefully, the  efforts of all the charities and individuals who have gone to provide physical resources, will truly help the people of Haiti to rebuild, to get on their feet and be able to have a truly democratic independent prosperous, free and  proud  nation. The people of Haiti, the oridnary folks, have incredible strength of will, belief in Jesus, God and faith .


New Year 2010 Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse Retro by Tara Greene

WOW!  It’s been an incredible year, 2009. An 11 year, a Master Year, as in 11 = Master #’s, relating to Strength in the Tarot, and Justice and memory, the High Priestess and the Hermit # 9 Himself.

Capt. Sulley’s landing on the Hudson stands out in my memory as one of the highflying Highlights for me and the wave of Hope that Pres Obama’s inauguration ushered in. A  re-mix of Camelot in the 21st Century.

 So Astrology wise as 2009 ends which flips into the birth of 2010- in the

AS ABOVE SO BELOW- Mirror world of metaphor and literal symbols of this event what do we see?

Quite a send off! BLUE MOON- {there was a Full Moon in Gemini Dec 1st/2nd} so this 2nd Full Moon in one calendrical month is what makes the Moon, Blue, an ancient metaphor for a rare event- A New Year’s Blue Moon hasn’t happened since 1990 {so think back to what changes occurred then} and won’t happen again till 2028. So that’s pretty rare, although Blue Moon’s do occur regularly, ever 2- 2 ½ years. The next ones will be in 2012.

 This New Year’s Eve also has a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Cancer at 10 degrees 14 mins, occurring at 2:14 pm EST/ 11:14 am PST/ 7:14 pm GMT.

The Eclipse won’t be visible in Toronto where I reside or in most of North America, although Newfoundland may see some of it. The Eclipse will be visible from much of Australia, Asia and Europe and most of Africa.  Europe, Africa the Middle East sees/feels the Eclipse on Dec 31st.  Actually there won’t be much to see on this eclipse anyways, only 7.5% of the Moon will be in umbral, fully dark.  In India and Central Asia the Eclipse begins in 2009 and ends in 2010. That’s a long eclipse for them. The Eclipse occurs on Jan 1st in China, Indonesia and New Zealand where none of it is visible from N.Z. The Eclipse has max effect where it is the most visible-the Eclipse path.

 This is also what’s called a Super Moon, when the Moon is closest to the earth and in line with Sun and earth.


A Lunar Eclipse amplifies the Full Moon’s pull to the max! I predict that it will be a very Xtremely EMOTIONAL NEW YEARS, very sentimental, overflowing with tears of joy and happiness, and sadness for what has passed as befits a Lunar Eclipse in the Sign of Cancer.

Lunar Eclipses interrupt the solar and lunar electromagnetic flows when they occur. This helps us to release old patterns, in this case most definitely old security/insecurity issues, family ties, home, mothering, nurturing, food, stability, the nest, the womb, the unconscious, the ocean, the Goddess, the Divine Mother, Gaia, the Earth Herself.


The Sun, Mercury- Retro, Venus, Pluto and the North Node are all lined up in earthy Capricorn at this Full moon/eclipse. So we will stay very grounded as that entire practical Earthiness can absorb all the overflowing water from the emotions, and the tidal pull of the Moon.

 RETRO NEW YEAR  & RETROSEXUALS –a new type of sexuality is being birthed for men!

May feel kinda Deja Vu-ish what with the Retro energies. Out with the old and in with the New- under 2, count ‘em Retrograde Planet’s Influences-

Mercury and Mars are the planets in question doing the backward rumba. Many people are aware of and fully cognizant about the detriments and joys of Mercury the Messengers Retrograde phases and its obvious effects on all communications. 2009 saw Venus Retrograde this year too, remember that? and a lovely Venus Mars Conjunction on June 21 at Mid Taurus.


Mars is Retrograde in Leo- see my article Mars retrograde for more on this subject. So all you Drama Kings & Queens, Leaders, Royalty, those who feel entitled of this world, {and everyone has LEO somewhere in their Natal Birth Charts} you’re off the throne for now, and for a good 7 months in total. Mars Retrograde gives the guys a break from the daily grind, breadwinner, rat race scenario and urges them to put down their guns, let down their {Samson} hair, put their tired feet up and stop being HERO’s for awhile and Relax, reflect, re-act, reform, re-late, rest, all those nice Rx Prescriptions that All Retrograde backwards motion planets do.

Never mind Metrosexuals, this gives the guys the chance to be RETROSEXUALS. An opportunity to recreate the Archetype of the Masculine. Is he the Wild Man, the shaman, the father, the wise man, the thinker, the cad, the tycoon, gangstah, business guy, geek?

Hopefully we’ll have enough time to figure out how to turn testosterone into some kind of useful fuel for something better than fighting and cussing and making wars into something more life enhancing and positive. Yah we need the ying yang, I know, but wanton killing for political power and pure ego trips ain’t gonna make it these days.

 THE PLANeTS, TELL YOU how to plan it – STAY SOBER!!!!

Planetary wise, this is a heavily squared ordinary full moon if it was an ordinary full moon but it ain’t. Saturn the Lord and Planetary ruler of those 5 aforementioned Planets, Sun and Node, is Square {a 90 degree, get your ass moving aspect} to all of them from his current position in Libra the Sign of Holding the Opposition of the Duality, saying lets all co-operate here, but through a hard, but socially gracious looking “nice” Libran kick to those infamous Capricorn knees.

Mr. Saturn is also giving La Luna a tough square dance kind ‘o thing time too, [90 degree angle} because of course she is directly opposite the Sun and connected to the South Node in Cancer, which is why this eclipse can occur in the first place.

Saturn in Libra Square the Moon in Cancer is a SOBERING kind of E-Motional Reality check.

Be advised not to over drink or be forewarned you’ll be crying into your beer/champagne flute well before midnight, over dear old Mom or Dad {Saturn reps the Father} and the bitter divorce, or long forgotten memories of Her or His neglect/abuse of you, or singing along with I’ve got Tears in my ears and the Song of the Night is Most definitely BLUE MOON.

And Dear old ARIES Lord of War, aka Mars Retro or no retro is Opposing Chiron, the wounded healer, and Neptune and maybe a wide angle to Jupiter all in Aquarius of course.

We’re temporarily experience an off the hook from the Saturn Uranus opposition but that will resume shortly.


Heads up for the BIG SOLAR Eclipse Jan 14 –15th the same day Mercury turns direct.

Jupiter enters Pisces Jan 17th.

We’re moving into the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar.

More sooner….


MARS Retrograde- RED ALERT!!! Tara Greene Tarot Reader, Psychic

Imagine, John Lennon Yoko Ono Give Peace a Chance

imagine peace John Lennon Yoko Ono


MARS  goes retrograde in Leo – Sign of Kings and royalty   DECEMBER 20 2009 

 Mars turns Direct Motion -March 10, 2010 

Mars Attacks!… like Tiger woods,.. the Queen, the Pope… 

On Oct 17  this year Mars entered Zero degrees of Leo of its own shadow phases where he will appears to move forwards then backwards then forwards from. 

I believe we have alrady seen the foreshadowing of  Mars in Leo- with the Tiger woods scandals- too much libido- and off with your head!!! 

 Mars is all about action. It’s the male libido, the life force, energy. Mars rules the motor nerves, ladder and adrenal glands, the head and face, red blood corpuscles. 

Mars is the energy that helps you go for it, win that race, it’s all out there, extraverted, aggressive, competitive, anger, war like, defensive. 

Every 2 years Mars decide he needs an R & R period, and he goes retrograde. You should be aware by now of the effects of Mercury Retrogrades and the recent Venus Retrograde experienced this past spring. So what happens when Mars goes Retrograde?  

 It’s like.. there ain’t no viagra anywhere to be found. 

LEO’s motto is  I WILL! Mars Retrograde in Leo –is I WON’T.  

 I Want a slow hand.. would be appropriate music. 

 SLOW DOWN, REST, put down your guns, stage a Bed in like John and Yoko to protest War. 

 Eat molasses. Go on a Macrobiotic diet or become a Vegan- less aggressive. 

Learn how to dance the waltz. Practice moving in slow motion. 

 It’s like -Do not pass Go! Everything comes to a big grinding halt! All that extraverted energy goes underground, can be vindictive, secretive, calculating and covert, can become self-destructive akin to underground mines. 

All things happen for a beneficial reason, so lets look at how we can use Mars retrograde in a highly life enhancing way. 

 With Saturn in Libra urging us to balance out everything we do, Mars Retrograde makes a perfect compliment as the Martial energy is held back, instead of impulsively jumping into the fray, we weigh out our options in a more clarified well thought out way. Its more Taoist Art of War, never wasting any energy, conserving, balancing, harmonizing. Instead of haste making waste, pausing makes growth. 

Mars will turn retro in Leo on December 20th just before the Winter Solstice, when the Sun, ruler of the Sign Leo enters the zero degree of Capricorn Cardinal point we were talking about earlier.  That section of your Natal Astrology chart where Mars is going retrograde is likely where you will feel the most inertia before the retrograde starts. Loss of recent gains, or rehashing of plans will happen during the retro mars phase. 

Your energy will be lower. You will be entertaining thought so why bother to try so hard? Questioning what that EGO thing is that drives you so hard, and for what?   

I think this Mars Retro is so aptly and Cosmically timed right now. This is just what the Dr. ordered! 

Our collective karma is being weighed, the culprit, the major Duomo THE EGO- this is Leo remember, is deflated, seen for its false super shiny, glamorous selfish, insecure scared self. 

 Everything Martial, the army, war, men, competition, boxing, fighting, explosives,And everything Under Leo’s domain- leaders, stars as in Hollywood, media,Children, drama, self-expression, will power, Generals, the queen, the Pope, assassins, terrorists. Arsonists, will power. All of these matters will be Re-considered, reflected upon, reviewed, renounced, reformed, Realigned, re-assessed. 

 Everything will slow down, its as if the world will be feeling a large Intermission on the collective world stage of Life, and all the actors and actresses are sitting in their dressing rooms, rethinking their roles, their whys, with the ability to question and detach from the play itself and se it for what it is. 

 Mars Retro gives you time, a very precious commodity. Slow down and breathe, appreciate the now, no need to go faster.  Complete old projects. Enjoy the now. The wheels of progress grind to a slow halt. Life becomes simpler, less rushed, simpler. Leo types may be grump and out of their element trying to stir up the old drama games, but not many takers. 

Mars goes Retro Dec 20 @ 19 degrees of Leo 42 mins. The Sabian Symbol for that is Leo @ 19 degrees. “ A houseboat party!” Describes a bohemian, entertaining, free flowing energies, escape from routine activities.   

Mars Turns Direct March 10, 2010 @ Zero degrees Leo19 minutes.The Sabian Symbol for that Zero degree of Leo is “Blood rushes to a man’s head as his vital energies are mobilized under the spur of ambition.” Describes a fiery kindling, of Solar Fire, into the Head. At its most spiritual this is a soul/solar realization, a Solar Logos awakening. 

 Mars enters the retrograde Shadow {a foreshadowing of the later Direct station} on October 17th 2009 at 00 degrees of Leo 19 minutes. 

 Mars totally leaves the Retrograde shadow where he first stopped and went retrograde { 19 degrees Leo } on Dec 20 2009, on May 17, 2010. 

and that’s 7 months spent in the chrysalis stage. 

the queen may indeed step down from the throne. A scandal will rock Rome and the Pope involving more child abuse. Shame shame shame. 



Astro Logical May 28 -June 3 Blue Moon

Astrology Updates May 28- June 3rd It’s Once in a Blue Moon Time May 31st.

Hilites of this week.

All times EDT unless otherwise noted:

Moon enters Scorpio May 28th 1:11 pm

Mercury enters Cancer May 28th 8:56 pm

Moon enters Sagittarius May 30 10:06 pm PDT,May 29th 1:06 am EDT

May 31 BLUE MOON Full Moon 9:04 pm

June 1st Moon opposites Jupiter  7:19 am

June 2nd Moon conjuncts Pluto 7:29 am

June 2nd Moon enters Capricorn 11:09 am

June 3rd Venus Quincunx’s Pluto 2:23 pm


Void of Course Moon Times: when Not to initiate anything

May 28th  12:17 pm until 1:11 pm same day

May 30th 1:11 pm until May 31, 1:07 am

June 2nd 7: 29 am until 11:09 am  same day


Monday starts out watery, deep, intense, secretive, powerful, sexy, and transformative in Feminine Scorpionic waters at 10:11 am. Scorpio Moons are always dramatic, pulling emotions into dark waters in order to be transformed.


Mercury plunges into Cancerian waters on Monday, for …quite a while

Mercury leaves its’ airy high flyin’chatty home sign of Gemini to flow into the Moon  ruled sign of Cancer. Communications shift from the head to the gut, Cancer rules the stomach. Feelings and thinking are babes in arms now. Imagine your brain taking a well needed soak, floating on it’s back in the primeval womb, hot tub of the Great Mother. Ahhh.  Safety, security, comfort, home, Mom, family, nurturing are all soaked up and spoken about by thirsty brains now. Don’t let your brain get too soggy what with the Moon also in the watery realms.


Mercury will remain in the emotional Feminine field for quite some time..till Aug. 4th!.


Mercury will take it’s infamous backwards two step in only another couple of weeks, just in time for coinciding with early summer travel plans. Mercury goes Retrograde at 11 degrees 36 minutes of Cancer, and won’t go direct until July 9th,which helps but still is in its’ shadow until it catches up to where it went Retro on July 25th! So beware of being extra careful in those wedding plans, summer parties, schedules and travels during this long time period. Mercury floats in Cancer until Aug. 4th so we must be needing to soak up all those feelings about emotional nurturing. The Earth is The Great Mother so nurturing the earth our collective Womb will be close to everyone’s emotions not just a mental idea. More communications about food, scarcity, quality and security will be in the news.


Moon enters Sagittarius May 30th

After all the emotional damage control of the past couple of days, Moon fires into ever optimistic Sag., my favourite sign. If you start to pay attention to how the Moon changing signs really affects the way people relate, the topics that come up, you’ll be amazed at how Moon ruled we all are.  Sagittarius Moon days are spontaneous, freedom loving, trekking in nature, philosophical, truth seeking, inspirational, judgmental, klutzy and feature sports and gambling.


THE Sagittarian BLUE MOON of May 31st/ June 1st 1:04 am GMT

Ah yes, once in a Blue Moon. A Blue Moon occurs about once every 2-3 years when 2 Full Moons fall in one calendar month. It carries a special message.


Blue Moon
You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own
Blue Moon
You know just what I was there for
You heard me saying a prayer for
Someone I really could care for

And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will hold
I heard somebody whisper please adore me
And when I looked to the Moon it turned to gold

Blue Moon
Now I’m no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will ever hold
I heard somebody whisper please adore me
And when I looked the Moon had turned to gold

Blue moon
Now I’m no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

Blue moon
Now I’m no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own






The Full Moon happens at exactly 10 degrees + change of Sagittarius. Full Moon Illuminate, they are oppositions linked as Sol and Luna dancing in a partnership. Sun is in Gemini the 1st Air sign, which is the Sign of the twins, relates to the mind. Gemini in the Tarot is linked to the Major Arcana called The Lovers. Gemini is all about duality, dark and light,projections. Gemini’s positive side is curiosity, gathering information, and it’s dark side is  the eternal puer who never grows up, the chatter-box who’s all hot air.  Sagittarius is the 3rd Fire Sign, spiritual in element, aiming for truth, wisdom, varied viewpoints, travel, freedom, justice, and judgment. The Archer’s best side is optimistic and inspiring, it’s dark side is hypocrisy, bigotry and dogmatism.  Gemini needs to listen and Sagittarius needs to speak out for the truth. These two issues are highlighted now.

Mercury Gemini’s ruling planet is in Cancer now, so to listen from the heart, which Native Americans and Buddhists all know is the location of the true brain. Sounds good?

If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not.

This Full Moon conjuncts Jupiter the ruler of this Blue Moon, and widely Squares Uranus adding a big oomph. The Blue Moon squares the Moon’s Nodes, North Node in Pisces signify our forward direction and the South Node in Virgo,where we’re coming from. The Nodes govern popular public approval and are karmic, soulful in nature. This aspect forms a mutable Grand Cross.  The Mutable sign, Gemini, Virgo, Sag. and Pisces are concerned with integration. Gemini learns and communicates, Virgo analyzes and perfects, Sag. interprets and teaches, Pisces intuits and unifies. This Grand Cross shows us that’s this is exactly what we need to do on this special Full Moon.

The North Node in Pisces calls us to bring full circle our collective compassion and unity as divine humans. The Transitting South Node in Virgo reflects wherefrom we come and what we need to let go of in order to move into the North Nodal position. Virgo South Node is analytical, perfectionistic, inhuman, servile, bound to routine, harvesting, through being located in over functioning mental approaches. We need to look at the nature of work, of being perfectionistic and forgetting the human, our incessant need to be busy in the West, and produce, produce, produce.

Grand Trine in Fire

There is a wide Grand Fire Trine here too with Mars in Aires, Saturn in Leo and Jupiter ruler of Sagittarius at the middle degree of his home sign now. This adds extra spark and initiative to make bold moves.

This Blue Moon echoes the one that occurred on the same date and at the same degree in May of 1988. Issues that began or ended at that time, when the Nodes were in the same place as now can be opened up again, or brought to a completion.


June 1st

Moon Trines Mars at 1:38 am putting some heavy action into your dreamtime.

Moon Conjuncts Jupiter at 7:19 am helping you to bounce out of bed with an optimistic Oklahoma exuberant smile,singing “Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I’ve got a beautiful feeling, everything goin’ my way.”  Make travel plans now, and do be carefull not to bet the house at the roulette wheel.

Moon squares Uranus at 1:08 pm make feelings run rampid.

Moon trines Saturn at 3:31 pm so get down to positively sobering up and finishing off business before the weekend.

June 2nd

Moon opposite Pluto at 7:29 am

This one strikes fear into the hearts of many, known for catalyzing tsunamis, terrorist attacks and deep upheavals, maybe better to stay under the covers, sleep in and make friends with your shadows for a few hours until Moon enters Capricorn.


Moon enters Capricorn 11:09 am

Moon enters the sign it is least comfortable in. Capricorn don’t like emotions, it’s a dry dry sign in a dry dry season. All the better to do capitalist business in my dear.


Moon opposite Mercury 9:27 pm

With Mercury in Cancer, where the Moon rules, thinking is from the emotions, but the emotional magnet Herself  is in organizational practical mode. Good to wade through those watery emotions and clarify feelings, order them, make some long term goals and have the discipline to do it.


June 3  Quixotic Qunicunx’s and other annoying sounds today…

A bunch of Quincunx’s mark the mark the journey today. Quincunx’s are when signs are in totally inhospitable elements, like foreigners who don’t speak or understand the others language, understand the others’ customs or religion. Picture a hunched shoulder quizzical I don’t capish sort of stance when Moon and Sun, then  Venus and Pluto then Moon and Saturn do this during this day.

Venus and Pluto doing the quixotic 150 degree angle stance indicates a hard edge in values, depth of needs, compulsion and obsession.

Did I mention Moon squares Mars today to sometime in the middle of all that annoying fingernails on the cosmic chalkboard sound of it all? It’s adds up to a  total Donald Trump “you’re fired!” sort of  day. It’s O.K. I guess if you’re the Donald, and of course it depends if you’re on the receiving or the firing side of the desk.

My advice, lay low. Use the grounding power of the Moon to overcome all obstacles. Avoid arguments if humanly possible. Do something earthy and practical to ground the energy. Pull weeds in your garden. Remember Capricorn is a sign of earthly and spiritual ambition to reach the heights of the mountain.