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Deja Vu, 21st Century Crusades

Neptune went Direct November 18 2015 at 7 degrees of Pisces. Pisces is the sign of the Martyr.

Pisces’ symbol, the dual fishes swimming in opposite directions is very much a yin/yang symbol. It is the symbol adopted by Christianity because Christs’ birth coincided with the beginning of the Age of Pisces.  A new Astrological Age begins every 2,160 years. We are now in the last hundred and fifty years of this age. Usually chaos governs the close of any age.

These Ages of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo  preceded this present Age as the Zodiac  moves backwards through the signs. This is what is known as the Precession of the Equinoxes.

With France literally declaring a War on Daesh / the Islamic State and declaring virtual martial law in France and cracking down on the entire country, some are seeing this as the New World Order being set up. Some people believe that the entire Terrorist horrorshow is carefully created by the Military Industrial complex, the CIA, the Billdengergers, the Secret Government, the Illuminati, the lizards, strictly for profit by the less than 1% of those in power in the world. Or because they eat negative emotions like fear. It’s just like they revealed to you in The Matrix. It isn’t hard to see that. The method has been tried and true, create the enemy, keep every one ignorant, divide and conquer.It may be hard to see that the millions of ordinary people in the world like you and me are just serfs and profits on an arms dealers spreadsheet. 

Mercury enters Sagittarius today and makes everyone more fiery, maybe more optimistic.

We can’t really imagine that the world could ever be or ever was different from the hierarchical Patriarchal model.  John Lennon’s song Imagine is truly the World Anthem for a real New World that many New age people envision. And the pre-requisites are given in the song to create it.

No religion, no heaven, no hell,abolish all organized religions. Peace, sharing, no borders, no possessions, sounds like Communism. Living in the Now-is very spiritual Buddhist,they don’t believe in a God concept, and Eckhart Tolle.  That is totally PISCES energy. The dreamer, the imagination, compassion, all as One.

As you know Saturn and Pluto are heading into their headlock next week. And they will continue to spar into 2016.

Saturn, the planet which rules this dense physical reality is the hardest of the hard-lead. Saturn is karma, cause and effect, seniority, Patriarchy, testing, limits, taxes, time and Death. While in Sagittarius Saturn picks up the energies of religious zealots, honesty, foreigners, military pageantry, philosophy, history, airplanes, refugees, politics and laws, optimism, teaching, metaphysics.

Sagittarius has a Fixed Star in it in Tropical Astrology called Antares, { in Scorpio in Astronomy/Vedic} a huge red star, its name means rival of Mars. This star’s energy is just that, super Macho, the competitive warrior.  Saturn is approaching it now. This is the Karma of War.

Then it gets harder, on December 6, after Venus has enters Scorpio, sign if death, Mars in Libra is in another CARDINAL T-SQUARE with PLUTO in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. No it ain’t over till its over. 

The more we rewrite or forget history the more we condemn ourselves to repeat the same thing.

The first Crusades against the Muslims was launched on November 27, 1095  by Pope Urban II. It started as a widespread pilgrimage in Western Christendom and ended as a military expedition by Roman Catholic Europe to regain the Holy Lands taken in the Muslim conquests (632–661), with the ultimate ultimately resulting in the recapturing of Jerusalem in 1099.

crusades tara Greene astrology

The Seljuqs, orthodox Sunni Muslims had controlled most of Anatolia, present day Turkey and Syria before the Crusades.  There was always fighting for control of these lands by one sect or another. Egypt and much of Palestine, present day Israel, were controlled by Arab Sh’ite Muslims, these two factions were fighting for control.The same factions are still fighting the same battles today, almost a thousand years later. 920 years to be precise. 

Let’s look at what the planets, stars and asteroids have to show us about this ancient war between Christians and Muslims and where we are at now.

Terrorists, Astrology, tara Greene


You can see in the almost 1,000 years that the Fixed Stars have moved quite far. Antares was at 27 degrees Scorpio,where Saturn was sitting Retrograde for the most of last summer. Regulus was at 17 degrees Leo and now it is zero degrees Virgo.  Fixed Star Agol, the “most evil ” star has moved from 13 degrees Taurus to 26 degrees Taurus . I have included a number of Asteroids which were suggested by astrologer Alex Miller who commented on my article Pray for Paris, into these charts. Nemesis is Asteroid #128, Apophis is the egyptian personification of evil, #99942, Atropos, one of the Goddesses of  the fate that cuts your life.  #273 , and Arabia #1157.

The parallels with the first crusade and now are shocking.

In 1095 Gregorian calendar, Saturn, was in Virgo and Jupiter was in Capricorn. The outer planets, yet undiscovered still influence the picture. Uranus was at 21 degrees Aries, and Uranus 2015-16 is already in conjunction to that revolutionary chaotic energy and will touch this degree exactly in April 2016. Uranus is revolution, chaos, freedom, nuclear fuel, literally “stealing fire.” 

Neptune in 1095 was at the last degree of Cancer, the sign of homeland and was opposite Jupiter and squaring Uranus. Neptune rules martyrs, religion, spirit, addictions, delusions. Jupiter, also rules religion, battles, foreigners, travelling, and in Capricorn it is expansion of Corporate or Church influence. You can see that these are the two main T-squares in the crusades chart. Pluto was in Aries indicating that there was a new long term karmic cycle that had begun. Pluto is trining Antares.


Fixed Star Agol, or Medusa’s Head,  is considered to be one of most the bad ass stars in the skies.   Algol symbolizes a strong consuming passion that may devour you with anger and rage.  Algol was square Fixed Star Regulus and Mars in Leo in the Crusades. This was a battle of the heart, Regulus in Leo is pride, courage, Kings, royalty, kings, Pope’s sultans, battling it out for supreme power.  Saturn was sitting opposite Algol for most of last spring and summer preparing for this.

The planets that move the slowest are Pluto, Neptune and Uranus. Pluto taking about 250 years to make one complete transit, Neptune takes about 164 to make one transit, Uranus tales only 84 years and Saturn takes 28-29 years.

Transiting SATURN is now sitting on the Sun from 1095, the purpose of the Crusades and very close to Mars’ rival, Fixed Star Antares. Star of Battles. There have been 32 + Saturn returns in the 920 years. Saturn is squaring the 1095 North Node at 1 degree Pisces and the South Node at 1 degree Virgo indicating a karmic re-activation because the lessons are unfinished. T. Saturn is Squaring Saturn at 11 degrees Virgo. T. Saturn is squaring Asteroid Arabia at 6 degrees Pisces where Neptune is now.  There is some foggy illusions and definitely an addiction about all of this, a cult of killing in the name of whatever God you claim is the one god. 

Transiitting Jupiter in Virgo crossed where Saturn was in 1095. Jupiter is squaring Asteroid Nemesis and Mercury in Sagittarius at 22 degrees. 

Chiron in Pisces is also opposite to Jupiter now in transit and Chiron the wounded healer will be squared by Saturn in December 2016. The ancient spiritual wound of separating form the source, the earth and the Feminine will be bleeding even more.

Uranus is again almost exactly where it was. Pluto is almost squaring Uranus and will continue to move into an exact square over the next 5-6 years. This is the same old “revolution.”

We can only pray to the Great Mystery that Sagittarius’s need for truth and justice will win out here through an International co-operation for Peace { Pisces}.

The Dark Side of Pluto in Capricorn is this kind of totalitarian control. Uranus in Aries is the freedom to break through all types of ideologies. This is the kind of us vs them is how the Nazi came to power. The Terrorist are clearly mentally insane, psychopaths whose minds have been brainwashed. How many people are verging on psychopathic now in the world? That’s a good question. 

I can feel the world level of fear rising. My daughter who is a Quadruple Pisces has been feeling sick to her stomach and I can feel it too. Psychic protection is very necessary.

Saturn dampens optimism. I can feel that too. I had this really horrible image that we would have to experience a Word War 11 kind of holocaust ourselves. What was the point of all that youthful optimism? What were the 60’s all about? Wasn’t the world supposed to be changing and the consciousness getting higher?

The key is to take very deep breaths. Stay in the Light but I am also mindful of what the sentiments and things that do go on in the world. New Agers choose to ignore them at their peril. There is a fine line of noting what is going on and really being in the world but not of it. That is really walking your talk.

WHat do you think of this current situation? 

Nuke all the Arabs? Put all Muslims into detention camps everywhere in the world? 

Stay Liberal and open and undefended? Pray for Peace and do nothing?  Give up all our freedom for this? 

My freedom, a Sagittarian thing is very precious to me. I don’t want anyone else to encroach on my freedom.  I believe in the inherent freedom for all women to be at least equal to a man, and never any man’s property, her father, relatives, husband or religious leader under any kind of laws. Religious, marriage, philosophical. 

Can we Deprogram the planet using Uranian technology and remove the implants so people can become semi aware and self-responsible?  Can we get them out of Plato’s cave?

 The Chinese abolished religion. Will we have to have a Maoist cultural revolution to stop the insanity? It is all very complicated.  

I’m mulling over the possibilities. 

PLease share widely

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Thor’s day, concrete dreams Astrology

I woke up early today. It is Thursday, Norse God Thor’s Day. I was born on a Thor’s day. Thor is the Lightning and Thunder wielding God, whose name comes from Old Saxon, Donar.  Thor is known for strength, oak trees, rain, protecting humans, healing and fertility. In Norse mythology he is a ginger god with red hair and a long red beard, and extremely strong, Thor has a Golden Hammer Mjollnir and other magical implements. Of course Thor has gotten a popular resurgence since Stan Lee brought him back in Marvel comics in 1962 and the recent spate of films. Joseph Campbell in The Power of Myth, wrote that the Gods are always archetypes in the culture morphing into new forms. 

Thor's Battle Against the Jötnar (1872) by Mårten Eskil Winge

Thor’s Battle Against the Jotnar (1872) by Marten Eskil Winge  

Thor is also Greek God Zeus. Jove and the planet Jupiter. 

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces

and the Moon just entered Pisces today.

The Moon makes a “scratch the nails on the chalkboard” inconjunct with Mars in Libra

being diplomatic today may be difficult no matter how compassionate and understanding you are. 

Pisces Moon squares Saturn and conjuncts Neptune in the evening

An emotional preview of next weeks Nov. 26 Thanksgiving exact cling clang between the god of reality and the God of imagination. 

Saturn is the karmic duty, and commands you like an army sergeant to do the hard work, roll up your sleeves and do it until you are finished. 

Neptune is the imaginative realm of the Gods, the Muses, the unlimited Source of all. It must be imagined before it can be created. God imagined the Universe, then said the word. Then here we are.. 

I woke up this morning remembering something a woman writer I greatly respect commanded me to do.  She is a wise elder, an extremely creative woman, with immense capacities as a writer, astrologer, and shaman. She is really one of the strongest and most powerful women I have ever met. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have made her acquaintance. 

If someone you respect as a mentor  has told you you need to bring your gifts forth then meditate on these aspects today. Design a plan to implement it.  Ask Thor to help you.

Mercury enters Sagittarius  Nov. 20 with the Sun entering the 9th sign on the 22nd. We are getting more fired up.

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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A smoking lead pipe, Saturn in Sagittarius

Nov. 18  Moon is still in Aquarius. and makes a funky qunincunx to Jupiter in Virgo.

Jumpin Jupiter is jiving in Virgo just want to get the work done not revolutionize the organization. 

Neptune turns DIRECT TODAY:

I have noticed my dreams being very strong the last week or so. Have you?

Last night i was having Lucid Dreams:

I was dreaming about my mother who passed away in 2009, She as young and lovely. My husband was putting on third eye protection gear though. I also dreamed of a new spirit guide. She was a beautiful indigenous looking older woman with snow white hair A gorgeous wise Chrone. 

I had a lucid dream on November 16th 2015 about a great plague which will hit Mexico in the next year or so.

Neptune rules plagues, viruses and the like. And Saturn always bodes ill, even in Sagittarius. 

Moon squares Sun later tonight

we are moving into a Full Moon in Gemini  Nov. 25

Mercury will enter the sign of Sagittarius on November 20th until December 9th.

The Sun makes its annual trot through  Sagittarius on November 22.

Saturn is already at 6 degrees of Sagittarius and is already locked into a first square with planet Neptune next week on November 26th,This means HEAVY DREAMS.

It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S.  Yes we have much to be thankful for. 

Sagittarius is the 9th sign, and the third and final fire sign. Sagittarius is the sign of the truth, of foreigners, travellers, philosophers, teachers, history, judges, airlines, churches and religion, thighs, trials, Higher Law, optimism, animal rights, sports, the military, justice, abundance and humor. All of these things will be forefront in the news until 2017. 

Sagittarius also rules places: Arabia,  aliens,  Chile, Australia,  Czechoslovakia, France. 

Jupiter is the planetary governor of SAGITTARIUS and also PISCES, his ancient feminine planet..  

Jupiter in Virgo now governs both Saturn and Neptune in Pisces  as its final dispositor. 

Saturn square Neptune is rather like smoking a lead, opium filled pipe and drinking absinthe in a romantic cafe in Paris circa 1907. Or a smoking gun. 

art and addictions astrology Tara Greene

Self-portrait with Broad-Brimmed Hat (1907) Diego Rivera

What was happening in the world in 1907? One hundred and eight years ago. 

Neptune was at 13 degrees Cancer, right on the U.S. Sun and square to Uranus at 12+ degrees Capricorn. Similar to the Cardinal Cross degrees we have been seeing in the past three  years.

 This was the beginning of Neptune’s rulership of cinema, Hollywood and photography, the first color photography process is marketed. Einstein predicts gravitational shift.

Uranus bringing freedom, chaos and new technology into the public. Marconi’s company begins the first commercial transatlantic wireless service between Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada and Clifden, Ireland.

Finland is the first European country to give women the right to vote. There was a big market crash in 1907.

Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud met for the first time on Feb, 27.  

Suffragette movement was starting. UPS is founded. The Plaza Hotel opened in New York.  The world first air force was established. 

How did I get into that time warp? I like history. I am a triple Sagittarius. 

Saturn is maturity, practicality, hard work and discipline .Neptune is dreams, delusions,magic, the unconscious, art, imagination, alcohol and addictions, soul mates, yogis, dreams, endings, oceans.  

Saturn is almost sitting on my 6 degree + Sun and I am feeling very tired. So I will leave you with this.

I try to stay optimistic, Saturn can also make those dreams heavy and leaden. This is Saturn’s test of time. 

You are in it for the long haul and it will be work. 

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All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Make wishes on falling stars, Leonid meteor showers

The Moon is in Aquarius. The Symbol of Aquarius in the Tarot is THE STAR #17.  

the star Tara Greene Tarot Astrology

The aspects are easy today.

Aquarius Moon trines Mars in Libra very early in the day. You’d think that your energy should feel lighter and more balanced. But Venus and then Mars has just crossed over the super-massive Black Hole, the SUPER GALACTIC CENTER, M87 which holds about 33 galaxies in place with it’s tremendously powerful gravitational pull. This degree is vast but marked as 2 degrees of Libra 16. It sucks up everything in sight and its needs are Karmic relationships.

The symbol of LIBRA is the scales of Ma’at’s JUSTICE # 8. we are in a #8 year.

Black Holes warp time and space. There may be a deep felt sense of DEJA VU. France has virtually just asked for the world to join it and start a world war against Islamic Terrorists to wipe them out in Syria, Afghanistan,wherever they are. Haven’t we done this before in Germany and Japan? In Libra the issue is, how do we make peace? How to reach balance when each side needs to annihilate the other to find “peace”? 

Sun conjuncts Mercury at 24 degrees Scorpio, also a very bright positive energy in Scorpio it continues the New Moon theme of death, rebirth, transformation.

Moon sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius

indicating serious military action in Foreign countries. Lots of rah rah political speeches about maintaining democracy and asking for collaborative Aquarian efforts between nations.

Aquarius Moon trines Venus in LIBRA @ 9+ degrees at night.

This Air trine becomes Grand if you are a Gemini with planets around these degrees. 

This image is like a higher consciousness World wide government who gets together to wage peace. That is what the Trump #17 the STar symbolizes, wishes hopes dreams, collaboration.

Well we can imagine dream wish and hope can’t we? 

And speaking of wishes…

Leonid Meteor shower Tara Greene

The Leonid Meteor showers peak this week NOv. 17 and 18th. These meteor are the fastest shooting stars, hitting Earth’s atmosphere at about 162,000 mph (261,000 km per hour), according to  These annual meteor showers pass through the constellation of Leo.

Shooting stars are magical. Who doesn’t have their breath taken away when they catch a falling star at night and make a wish? These cosmic showers are  uplifting and remind us of our own cosmic origins from the stars. We are made up of the same elements, the same cosmic space dust as the meteorites flashing by in the night sky. We are also hurtling through vast space on our beautiful small blue planet, around the sun at approximately 70,000 MPH.  Their annual appearance also reminds us of the continuous cyclic and spiral nature of life and the galaxies.

Looking up gives up a wider perspective. Things have been heavy with the Terrorist attacks in Paris and it appear like the real World War on Terror is about to start.  Go into your heart and feel your connection with everyone else on this planet. Know in your cellular memory that we are all born from the Feminine, we all have the same Mother, the Earth, Pachamama,and are in essence cosmic dust. 

This years meteor show may be dampened a bit even though we are at first quarter moon. Check to see what time the Moon sets in your area, so the sky will be dark and clearest.  The Leonids result when Earth plows through a trail of debris shed by Comet Tempel-Tuttle. The comet is now about as far from the sun as it gets during its roughly 33-year orbit, so there’s not a lot of debris for Earth to hit,  (The highest concentrations of shed dust and gas tend to be near the comet as it orbits the sun.)  Although some previous Leonid showers have produced tens of thousands of meteors per hour (in breathtaking events known as “meteor storms”), viewers should expect at most 10 to 20 per hour this year.

Another renowned meteor display is just around the corner: The Geminids, one of the most reliable and productive of the annual showers, will peak overnight on Dec. 13 to Dec. 14.

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We Are Stardust- {Woodstock} live rare version Joni Mtchell  

Goat cheese and other appetizers

Monday is the Moon’s day.

Lundi in French, for La Lune. Luna in Spanish. Selene, Diana, The Moon Goddesses have many names.  The Moon is in its last day of earthy Capricorn today for the month.

Capricorn, Horoscope, Tara Greene

The mood is grounded, persevering, patient, ambitious, emotionally reserved, all corporate looking, and towing the corporate line. It’s a good day to aim to climb that mountain peak, whatever your personal mountain is. 

We feel like working hard, respecting authorities, being mature, responsible and  stable under the rays of a Cappy Moon.

We may also feel like prancing, braying and horny. Horns symbolize spiritual connection.  

Honor the goats and eat some fetta cheese, yogurt or milk or other goaty appetizer.

There is a lunar Cardinal cross to Uranus in Aries. 

This is always tense, freedom, revolution, chaos is in the air. 

There is a LUCKY EARTH TRINE to JUPITER in Virgo at 19+ degrees.

If you are a TAURUS born around May 10, like Bono’s U2, or a Capricorn born around January 10 or know that you have natal planets at these degrees you get the full benefits of this nice positive aspect. But you Capricorn’s know that you must work for it.

After the Terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday the 13th, we are all feeling low, still mourning. Paris has already struck back bombing Raqqa in Syria which is Daesh headquarters. But I’m sure they knew that was going to happen. Daesh is what the Islamic State calls itself. I hate seeing the Great Goddess ISIS’ name defamed every time the media refers to the terrorists by that moniker. 

It’s all easy sextile -60 degree aspects today so go easy on yourself. I find the worlds tragic events energies gobble me up for a few days. 

Moon shifts into Higher consciousness in Aquarius at night PST. 

The aspects are also easy ones Tuesday and the Sun conjoins Mercury in Scorpio. 

A Good day to do spying, detective and forensic work and rout out those shadows that haunt each one of us in our dreams and are reflected back to us in the outside world.

I have been doing some research on Arabic Astrology. 

Please share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Here’s some Capricorn energy for you

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Keep the faith Neptune turns Direct

The aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks captured millions of peoples’ energies,mine included,  all day. I felt drained, and sad. Thousands of messages of hope were circulated. 

We are under a Capricorn Moon so stay grounded in your here and now reality.

It was a harsh Venus in Libra inconjcunct Neptune yesterday. 

The 15th is easier cosmic energy with mild sextiles to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, we are still mourning. It is important to allow the mourning period. There were also killings in Lebanon, Baghdad and in Kenya. I send prayers to all the souls who have been senselessly killed by Terrorists whether they are real DAESH or manufactured by an ulterior motive secret government.  

A lunar Venus in Libra square helps us to remember to stay balanced in our outlooks.

Moon conjuncts Pluto tonight

There will be power struggles. 

The big news of the next few days is Neptune turning Direct Nov. 18 after Retrograding since June 12th. All of the dreams wishes and hopes which have been simmering on the back burner of your soul can begin to move forwards now.

On November 26 ,Thanksgiving in the U.S. Saturn and Neptune will have their first square in their current cycle which I am writing a longer article about now. This is the major planetary aspect of 2016. I say Hallelujah!

There is much to be grateful for. America is still the richest country in the world, for now. Yet many go hungry. The gap between the image and the reality is up for scrutiny. 

Saturn square Neptune- birth your dream, make it real. 

VIRTUAL REALITY is here and now. 

Virtual Reality Astrology Tara Greene


to tell the truth, to instinctively know your own truth, and in square to Neptune,the foggy veils of illusion, deception, and projection will smash with a loud crash, the house of cards, which will crumble reverberating off the very hard floors of Saturn’s house of lead. 

There will be a lot of philosophical talk about what is faith, what reality is and what we are really doing here.

This will be a huge WAKE UP CALL. It may not be pretty, it will smash a lot of people’s spiritual ideals, their faith of all types. Especially New Age Lightworkers who ignore the shadow and dark side which must be integrated or it will keep murdering innocent people in the real world. All Faiths will be tested. Saturn in Sagittarius rules International laws and certainly governs the poor refugees who are homeless in the world right now. Saturn will tighten his belt.  


Saturn is Karma and may bring your soul mate into your life. For others, their co-dependent  romantic illusions and projections will shatter.  Yoga and the commercialization, and gurus as salvation are not all they cracked up to be.  “Reality” shows, will be exposed. Saturn rules Politics, experienced mature politicians will win. 

Reality is dissolving before our eyes.

The Berlin Wall came down in 1989/90 when this cycle started.  Saturn and Neptune will highlight all the illusions and deception of the media, big banks, the current debt we’re in, the lies of BIG PHARMA,MONSANTO and the entire political system.

In ancient stories to be made into a God, { Pisces}  you would be passed through fire { Sagittarius}.

Pisces rules projection,denial and escapism.

The avoidance, the “sheeple” the unconscious ,who spend their lives in avoiding their  own very little lives into the glamour of movies, reality TV, video games, youtube, rock stars will dissolve. Pisces rules addictions, co-dependency, martyrdom, drugs, pharmaceutical, and illegal. Saturn will change the laws around these substances making them legal but this may be exactly the Pisces deception that you don’t need.

You need to get stone cold sober. That is Saturn’s wake up call. 

Better start being transparent now. The Emperor or Empress is naked. More Snowden type peeps will emerge to reveal secrets, such as the shadow government which is a Saturn/Neptune in Pisces/Sag symbol. Saturn In Sagittarius is inspiring, optimistic and fun. Both of these signs are ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in Virgo, the “final dispositer”  where he is weak this year but symbolizes a GRASSROOTS network of communities aligning to create and build an entirely new culture. Food will be a huge issues. Jobs, work, career, health care, and the economy is about to crash.

The mature idealists can start to do the serious, hard,physical work of building a dream community,  based on Oneness, egalitarian laws, spiritual openness, creativity and freedom. 

Saturn square Neptune- birth your dream, make them real. 

It is possible and it will be tested. There is more…

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Pray for Paris, Astrology of Terrorist attacks

A terribly tragic day, November 13, as eight terrorists in many locations killed over 150 people and seriously injured 80 in Paris. The City of Light is in mourning.  Seven of the attacks were by suicide bombers. People at restaurants were gunned down by baklava wearing men dressed all in black with machine guns. Explosions were set near a football match.  A group of young people watching a heavy metal concert were bombed near last years attacks.

Nous Sommes Francais. 

Police believed all of the gunmen were dead but it was unclear if any accomplices were still on the run after the string of near-simultaneous attacks. French President François Hollande declared a State of Emergency. Paris was under curfew for the first time since World War II and the country’s borders were closed.  President Obama came on the news to support the French. As has Canada. This is the 2nd time Paris had been under terrorist attack since the Charlie Hebdo attacks in early 2015. This is the French 9/11.

Eiffel Tower Paris, Tara Greene

The City of Light turned off the lights in the iconic Eiffel Tower to mourn its dead. Cities all over the world showed their solidarity by lighting up the red white and blue colors of the French flag on buildings in major cities. I saw Toronto’s CN Tower lit up in sympathy with France.

CN Tower #ParisAttacks Tara Greene

No official terrorist group, like ISIL, or AL Qaeda has yet come forward. Although there was a Tweet that all other major cities need to be on guard. The terrorists were very well co-ordinated and the French surveillance is amongst the best  on the planet which means its getting harder to trace this subterfuge. There have been increasing terrorist attacks over the last two weeks world-wide as Western forces continue to bomb Syria. The West also claimed it had killed Jihadi John, the media beheading British born terrorist earlier today. 

I send prayers for all of those people murdered, especially the very young people attending the rock concert and all their families whose lives were senselessly taken from them in this attack. It makes me cry. 

They were discussing on the news the possibility that  this attack was caused by young radicalized Muslim men who had gone to fight in Iran or Syria and who were then allowed back into France without detention!  Which is pure insanity! Is no one awake?  No one knows so far if that is true. 

As I predicted last year and continue to predict for 2016 that large scale detention camps will be set up in all major European cities and in the U.S. to detain Muslims and any suspected radical groups as a result of these acts of terror. Borders will be closed all over Europe. Astrologically Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces will be a huge wake up call for strong borders and to stop Sagittarius refugees and an end of the Pisces compassion that has been shown by allowing religious fanatics so much freedom. This then allows them to become Pisces martyrs and internal enemies {this is like cancer cells } and we also then become their martyrs. 

It seems very common sense to not allow radicalized Islamic fighters back into the country they left. In the near future any person who goes to fight in a foreign country as an enemy of freedom and who has foreign military training would never be allowed to set foot back into the country they left. They would automatically lose all rights of citizenship as enemies of the state. They will be labelled as treasonous and extradited. Their families would be detained or extradited as well. Saturn is the cosmic cop, teacher and taxman. Somehow it smacks of 1984 fighting a perpetual war against a hundred headed hydra of an enemy. Very sad. Yes people are sending love and praying for peace but the Terrorists only hate and want to destroy. 

Strangely earlier in the day, an ad came up and I never usually read them but this time I got engrossed. It was an Air Canada ad;  ” a dream come true, soak up the great food, the culture, walk around the City of Light.. ” this was around 3:00 pm. EST. Hmm, Paris I thought….

Lets look at the Astrology of the terrorist attacks. 

I’m using the founding of the 5th Republic of France on October 6 1958 at 6:30 pm. Others use a Oct 5 chart but Liz Greene and Nick Campion use these charts. This was when the seal was applied in Paris. 

France is of course Libran, with its Sun at 12 degrees, exactly square to the U.S. Sun. France has been under the Uranus Pluto Cardinal squares.  It has Mercury and Venus, in her rulership and the North Node in Libra.  

France’s Moon  at 21 degrees Cancer in the 4th house, its’ all about food. It’s so Feminine, home loving and all about nurturing,  very emotional and sentimental.  The French are not known to be fighters, but defenders.  

A fiery Aries torch light up their Ascendant with the South Node in Aries on the Ascendant.  They are passionate and aggressive.

Mars is at 2 degree of Gemini in its second house square Pluto in Virgo in the 6th house of servants. The Revolution was the revolt against the Plutocracy by peasants remember. This is a hard placement, the defences and aggression on the country are always shifting, there is a lot of  back and forth bargaining and a split-personality . Death and change is very much in the streets.  Virgo is neighbourhoods, communities and Paris is a city of arrondissements or communities.

 France has a what you would expect; a beautiful, creative, super romantic artistic combo of Jupiter and Neptune in the 7th house of relationships in Scorpio. Its sexy, erotic, intense, the home of 20th century art and there are mistresses and intrigue, Inspector Clousseau? Neptune rules photography and it was invented in France. 

Saturn is the highest elevated planet in France’s chart at 20 degrees Sagittarius and France will have its first round of its second Saturn return on Christmas Eve 2016. Saturn in Sagittarius is a  just society. Saturn in Sagittarius speaks honestly, is International, likes to have serious fun in life and will mature more now in its 2nd return. Saturn has only one hard aspect and that’s from its Moon in Cancer indicating that it is defensive and protective of its homeland

Chiron is in Aquarius opposite its Uranus in Leo.  France has its own way of operating. It is proud to have led the world in Revolution. 

The first reports of shootings came on November 13 at 10:05 pm CET.  Yes I had written don’t be afraid of November 13. A lot of terrible things happened in the world this day. Two Isis attacks in Lebanon, an ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up at a Baghdad funeral and there was a small tsunami in Japan.  This day and will be further attributed to it. 

Paris attacks Nov 13 2015, Tara Greene AstrologyThe two combined charts. 

# 1. Transiting Saturn is opposite France’s Natal MARS in Gemini and squaring Natal Pluto in VIRGO. Very difficult. 

The T. North Node and Mars were just conjunct at the zero degree of Libra on the 12th which is a huge explosive trigger point. The North Node is at 29 degrees Virgo which is also a critical point and trining the most awfully reputed Fixed Star in the Zodiac ALGOL, Medusa’s head. 

There is an asteroid called ISIS and even though it was named after Egyptian Goddess ISIS, and I don’t like the popular culture defaming the Goddess name, I’d rather call it IS, the media uses it.  I thought I’d put it on this chart to see how it fit  the French chart. 

The ASTEROID ISIS is at 20 degrees of LIBRA exactly conjunct the French SUN! and Mercury, communicating. It’s nearly on France’s Descendant where it interconnects with all “others.” I think that’s a strong clue as the Universe uses puns. 

Transiting Jupiter Chiron opposition is squaring France’s natal Saturn in Sagittarius. Which makes it more vulnerable now from Foreign { Sagittarius} religious {Sagittarius} killers- Saturn. 

Revolutionary chaotic explosive planet Uranus is transiting France’s 12th house of “self-undoing” shooting oneself in the foot, karma and hidden enemies. 

Uranus will cross Frances’ Ascendant and square its natal Moon in Cancer . France has its 2nd Saturn return in 2016. France will show a radically different face to the world. It will not be mothering foreigners anymore. Uranus ruled Technology will be used everywhere on everyone. If the French want to maintain freedom, a Uranian idea, they must have Saturn boundaries.  A Saturn border for a like-minded tribe { Aquarius}  people pledged to one common goal.  This is what the Dutch have done. Even though it appears racist it is not. Its about defining boundaries of a country’s ethics, identities,laws and freedoms and asking everyone who wants to live in a country to upholding those liberal goals that everyone is equal. Saturn in Sagittarius is a fight between foreign religious fanatics and secular societies. The modern Uranian way is secular . Aquarius is a human intellectual sign. We are all humans. The domination of science will become ever stronger when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023-2024.  

9/11 was triggered under a Saturn/ Pluto opposition.. Saturn was at 14+ degrees of Gemini and PLUTO was at 12+ degrees Sagittarius. Saturn will oppose that place and cross Pluto’s, half way round that terrible cycle during 2016.  The piper will have to be paid. Harder measures will be put into place to fight terrorism. Unfortunately Freedom may have to be curtailed in order to maintain freedom. 

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How to stop your fears. Superstition, Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th, Tara Greene

Do you have triskaidekaphobia?  Fear of the number 13? or paraskevidekatriaphobia, which means fear of Friday the 13th? 

Apparently  17 to 21 million Americans  are affected by a fear of this day, making it the most feared day and date in history. Some people are so paralyzed by fear that they avoid their normal routines in doing business, taking flights or even getting out of bed. “It’s been estimated that $800 to $900 million US dollars are lost in business on this day, according to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Ashville North Carolina in 2004. 

The fear of the #13 was created by the Catholic Church. The number 13 was a sacred number as it is the number of  lunar cycles each year. Womens’ menstruation is governed by the Moon and so women = 13. All the ancient ties to and worship of the Divine Feminine, and the Goddess were persecuted and made into something evil, bad  and to be feared and banished through out the churches history. The Moon symbolizes the mysterious, the magical, mystical, intuitive, nature;s cycles herself and where women are the most in touch with their own psychic powers, when they bleed. Menstruation and the lunar cycles, symbolizes death and rebirth which the Church wanted to control through their own belief system of rewards in Heaven after life only through following Christ. A totally stolen story. 

Do not fear the #13 or anything else. If you give your power away to any fear, you are choosing to allow it to control you. You are creating your own powerlessness. Fears are in the mind based first, they are connected to the emotional body and many may be past life fears. Hypnosis, NLP and Past Life Regression can easily remove most fears and phobias. 

Positive affirmations help but the underlying connection in the brain/emotional body must be heard and felt and then assimilated and let go of as the phobia or superstition is healed. 

Remember you create your own world. Fear feels real but it is just an illusion. Fear is the illusion that we need in order to find our own inner power. Fear is the Devil in the tarot, the illusion of the material world controlling us. Nothing controls you if you are aware and conscious enough to realize that. You are totally at cause in your life. You create your own destiny. 

See Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now. 

Black cats are beautiful instinctive creatures as are all cats. They see and feel energies that we do not. That is why women who were/are healers, seers, divination experts,what others called a  “witch” always had cats around, not necessarily a black one. Black is associated with stealth, the night,mystery. 

Don’t worry about broken mirrors, stepping on cracks, opening umbrellas in the house, walking under ladders.


Or on the positive superstitious side, you don’t really need lucky horseshoes, or crossing one’s fingers for luck, wishing on a star, lucky clovers, rabbit’s foot, etc. If the positive symbols  make you feel better, OK but the symbol or image is not what creates luck. It is simply your own projected belief and your positive intentions which creates ” luck.” Certainly there are times when people go through beneficial periods in their lives and challenging times at others. I would see this as studying astrology to find out when you are in better resonance with certain planets. That is not luck but understanding how astrology works. 


Don’t believe in curses, that is another superstition. NEVER pay exorbitant amounts to fake psychics or anyone else who is promising to remove these for you, or CHANGE YOUR LUCK or HEX anyone else, or reunite lovers through candles, prayer, rituals, spell casting or whatever. This is all manipulation.  You become even more powerless in the interaction and the “gypsy”or fortune teller, spell caster, witch or whatever they refer to themselves as. Takes your power away, it is a form of psychic vampirism.  No one has the power to do that for you. Again it is only the suggestion that you can change that works or not. Nothing any one else does can really work unless you choose it and make it happen. You are sovereign in your life. 


Go to a counsellor or adviser who will help you take responsibility for what you have created and attracted into your life. They will help you understand your own psyche, karma, and bring you self-awareness. ONLY YOU are responsible for yourself. No one else is. Therapy, and psychological Tarot reading, this is what I practice. Is recommended. The choice to be empowered and enlightened is yours.

here are 25 most popular world superstitions: 

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Mars in Libra, love action Astrology

Mars the warrior enters Libra, Venus’s boudoir and sign of love Nov. 12- January 3, 2016.

This bodes well overall for a very romantic, sexy, and peaceful time. The main thrust is to stay balanced.  Mars in LIBRA is following Venus through her own sign. He is a soldier of Love and she is the Queen of LOve until December 4th when she enters Scorpio Mars’ home sign. Then they will be in mutual reception until Venus enters Sagittarius on Dec. 29th and Mars enters Scorpio his sign on Jan 3, 2016.  

He wants to balance things out, to talk about it, analyze it, reconcile….

Men are from Mars and Women from Venus so they say. Did you read that book?

So what happens when Mars, the fiery fearless WARRIOR GOD stays in Venus’s oh so beauteous AIR STREAM trailer home sign of LIBRA?

MARS IN LIBRA = MR. NICE GUY.     Venus, the balls are all in your court.

Mars  is considered to be debilitated weak by macho standards. He’s in the kitchen, learning to cook, wearing panty hose, and fixing his pretty face. O Bla Di O bla Da is his theme song.  This is a pretty hot theme, men transitioning into the feminine, this never means a sex change in order to comprehend their own inner Psyche, or anima. Tsk, Tsk, this is such a material, literal level to live on, it has no depth whatsoever, all surface. 

Zac Efron MArs in Libra Astrology Tara GreeneMARS IN LIBRA POSTER BOY ZAC EFRON

Venus and Mars just had their third lovely rendezvous in Virgo Nov. 2

Aries Peeps

your planetary ruler has his pants down, and your libido will be lower.  This is great time for Aries to pause, to stop being so spontaneous and to relax a bit. Let down your defenses. Put  the battle ax down. Ask for a truce. Think about what they want for  a change.


One day after the Scorpio New Moon your ruling planet defects into Libra territory. You need to get detached, and this is what AIRY libra is. Also Libra wants to know what the “other” wants, not just their own unconscious need to control. 

Mars in Libra is trying to RE-BALANCE “Marriage” and committed relationships Not to mention JUSTICE in general.  Libra is the need to find Peace, and be a peaceful warrior.

Libra is the Tarot Trump #8 JUSTICE. We are in a Universal # 8 year. 2015= 8

so get thyself to the meditation class.

Heart Meditation to lighten your heart

Justice, Libra, Astrology Tarot Tara Greene

JUSTICE by Cathy McClelland

Libra is the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at’s scales of Justice..

Sit in a comfortable position and relax and begin to breathe naturally and deeply. PAying attention to only your breathing in and out and letting all thoughts melt away.   Send your breath throughout your whole body and relax every muscles until you are totally relaxed. Feel and visualize your heart beating. See Ma’at’s golden scales in front of you with her ostrich feather on one scale. Imagine that you can safely remove your beating heart from your chest and place it on the empty golden scale. On the other scale is her ostrich feather. Watch how the scales bob up and down. How heavy is your heart?  If your heart weighs down the scales then go into your heart and examine what all that heaviness is all about. Discover what the nature of these heavy emotions are. Is it regret? is it insecurity? depression? fear? sadness? guilt? A mix of some? Feel all the heavy emotions. Let them open up memories in you.  Are you ready to transform all those heavy emotions into Light and pure unconditional love?

Ask for your Guardian Angels to come help you with this. Feel and sense a white or golden light coming down from above you and filling your whole body. When you feel full of Divine light. Then send the golden or white angelic light into your troubled heavy heart on the scale and see what happens. Take your time. Take deep breaths, let out all the heaviness. 

Watch what happens. The key is your desire to be connected with your guardian angels and to know that anything you feel you emotionally heavy about,  can be transmuted through pure love which ultimately is coming from your Higher Self.. 

Wait until you feel the shift,,, watch your heart and the white ostrich feather come to a balanced equilibrium. 

Feel how light you are!. When this is complete, thank your angels and the Goddess Ma’at and bring your light heart back into your chest and magically sew up your body so you are better than ever. Happy whole, light-hearted. 


The PLUTO In LIBRA generation born during 1971-1984.  The SATURN in LIBRA group born September 1980 till August 1983.  Mars is going to beactivating  all of that Generation’s relationship issues. Those whose karmic soul lesson it is to uncover that very lesson, to rebalance old karmic debts in relationships.  Pluto is the Soul and Libra is KARMA and SATURN is double karma.  This generation was born at the beginning of the Women’s liberation movement when divorces and single mothers became common. 50% of all children now come from single or divorced families. 

Mars enters Libra the day after the North Node exits Libra for Virgo for the next 18 months. And very interestingly MARS And the NORTH NODE met on 11:11 on the New Moon in Scorpio at 00 degrees a cardinal point. 

Planetary aspects of Mars

Nov.23/24  Mars sextile Saturn in Sagittarius

a good day for some serious commitments. 

Nov. 24 MARS in Libra INCONJUNCT  Neptune in Pisces 

caught between a reconciliation and a  dream. This may be a hard medicine to swallow seeing the illusion for what it is. 

Nov. 25 on a Gemini Full Moon Mercury in Sagittarius sextiles Mars 

The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

December  6 MARS SQUARES PLUTO – @ 14+ degrees LIbra/Capricorn hello cardinal squares again! 

We aint done doing our work yet. 

SUN in Sagittarius Sextiles Mars – a good day for travel plans, educations, working out, taking new courses. 


this is a 5 star day. at 16 + degrees this is another Cardinal Cross energy coming up and banging us on the head but at a new degree. Revolutionary new actions in courts, laws, and major upheavals also in the money markets. 

Dec 11 on a New Moon in Sagittarius Mars inconjuncts Chiron in Pisces

telling the truth is a great aphrodisiac. Being vulnerable opens new  paths to intimacy. 

December 29

Mercury squares Mars at 29 degrees Capricorn to Libra

at the last critical degree and just before 2015 ends it is good to thing about what the year has brought you.

Venus enters Sagittarius on the 29th and Mars will enter his home sign of Scorpio Jan 3rd.

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Soldier of Love, Sade 2010  



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