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Time to clear the energy, Astrology down to earth

I have had a terrible headache all day today from the solar flares and i rarely get headaches. I couldn’t focus on anything today, so I cleared the decks. How about you?

Moon is in Libra Thursday June 25. repeat the Cardinal cross energy

HOUSE CLEARING energy June 25 with Mars at 0 degrees Cancer  TODAY ONLY!

clear energy from home smudge tara Greene

All planets at the beginning of Cardinal signs at zero degrees have more impact. Mars will be at zero degrees Cancer just until June 25  at 8:51 p.m. EDT.

Mars is energy, action, the warrior and entering a new quadrant this signifies new beginnings. In Cancer it is the home. Make use of  this sweet window of opportunity as its a great time for a home cleansing. Smudge your home with cedar, sweetgrass and white sage. Make sure you open the windows to release the negative energies. You can use frankincense, or other purifying incense. Traditionally an abalone shell is used to hold the burnng smudge and symbolizes water. I would also use salt water to sprinkle in corners after the smudging. Call in the four directions, elements and angels first. Always banish energies moving clockwise. Go into every corner and closet. Always state your intentions positively to remove any negative energies first and commandingly then call in only positive energies and angels to protect your home. Take your time. Feel the old energies leave. Breathe in the cleansing smoke. Sigh a big sigh and feel safe and warm at home. Listen to the beautiful native flute music of Carlos Nakai. 

I will be doing this tomorrow for sure.

Mars in Cancer brings us up to 5 planets in Water signs now. Mercury will also enter Cancer on July 8 bringing the total to six.  Mercury leaves Cancer on July 23. Things will be feeling way more emotional this month until Sun enters Leo on July 22. OMG the time seems to be flying by. 

Plus a Lunar trine to Mercury a sextile to Venus and Jupiter looking beautiful in the skies and a quincunx to Chiron in Pisces. 

The energy feels very quiet now after solstice,a lull before the storm. 

The energy will be shifting gears a lot this summer.

got caught in searching bee magic last night, fascinating topic.

Neptune went Retrograde exactly squaring Antares,.Angel Uriel.

Moon will be void of course at 4:22 pm PDT/ 7:22 pm EDT

Someone mentioned this to me tonight. A sighting of the golden-winged disk of Niburu in a supposed unblocked portion of Google Night sky.

Moon enters Scorpio on Friday later in day and it will be a volcanic erupting weekend till Sunday evening. so get ready to get down dark deep and intense this weekend

Full Moon July 1- Canada’s Birthday and July 2 in GMT will be, whats that word again INTENSE.

am writing my article for Full Moon Capricorn intentions for Cosmic Intelligence Agency now.

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Carlos Nakai Earth Spirit Native Flute 



Mars in Cancer, internal battles Astrology by Tara Greene

MARS enters Cancer June 24 @6:33 am PDT/ 9:33 am EDT – August 8th. 8 8

Mars is Masculine energy, action, raw testosterone, the warrior, desire, sex, competition, rape, anger, aggression, initiator, Ruler of Aries and Scorpio. 

CANCER is the Mother, womb, Feminine,the Goddess, Mother Mary,, Demeter, Gaia, Ceres, all Mother Goddesses, water, wells, nurturing, nourishment, emotions, security, home, children  receptivity, Ruled by the Moon.

Mars in Cancer symbolizes the Warrior returns Home to the Goddess.

This is a time of Masculine cleansing and purification, where the warrior takes off his armor and surrenders into the unconditionally loving arms of the Mother Goddess Archetype of his own Anima, his own  soul or to a woman. The son comes home to the Mother, to his roots, his female ancestors, to be nurtured, nourished and held safe after being at War in the world and within himself for the last five thousand years. Men in general are always suffering from PTSD whether they have actually been in war or not. The workforce is a very competitive battlefield for men and women. 

For women Mars in Cancer helps them to raise their Feminine energies, be strong women. They can work with their own inner Animus, their inner warrior, who acts in the world on the behalf of feminine desires. Most women are very masculine these days, they don’t know about being strong and Feminine at the same time especially if they have never had children.

Mars in Cancer is also  repressed anger and rage. We are seeing this well up and spill over in the U.S. these days. 

Mars is weak in Cancer, there can be fear to move, to act. The U.S. and Canada and many other countries are Cancer Sun. the action will be sluggish. Positively Peace treaty time hopefully? Use this time to reflect and be receptive and a pregnant woman..This is not be the best time to make big moves. 

The Goddess energies are returning and the movement of men who embrace and serve the Goddess is getting stronger every day. Words from Jeff Brown from Apologies to the Divine Feminine from a warrior in transition from 2010 – see link for full article below:

 “I am grateful for Grandmother, for no one saw my tenderness more clearly. I am grateful for Mother, for choosing to bring me into being and for nourishing my body until I could find my feet. I am grateful for Mother Earth, for grounding my expansion and enlivening my spirit. I am grateful for the Divine Mother, the real Mother of us all. I now feel her divine presence, so close. Fiercely compassionate, she was always right here, breathing life into me, holding me safe. I sit in her lap as she breathes me.”

The warriors need to lay down their arms and to surrender, like the

Hanged Man in the Tarot, TRUMP # 12  your Card of the DAY

Napoleon Brousseau  Hanged Candy Man 2012

Napoleon Brousseau
Hanged Man 2012 oil painting  

Men need to become Knights in shining arm, defending and integrating Feminine values and this is what Mars in Cancer will teach them to do. Men need to defend the women, protect them, the children and FEMININE rights, and have freedom to express their own feelings fully. Yes big boys Do cry.  “I fight for beauty”- Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones.

 Mars in Cancer governs the stomach, so much desire to stuff those feelings. The battle of the bulge will be on.  Tummies will be ultra sensitive to any emotional and food upsets. Attract someone by cooking for them. The desire to reunite with family is also strong and favoured.

Mars in CANCER –

Cancer governs the 4th house traditionally and that house/sign holds the key to your actual physical birth and pre-birth, to your relationship with your Mom, your early childhood, your roots, foundation, the Unconscious, your womb experiences. Any unconscious, shadow material will be activated by Mars in Cancer making you angry and lash out spontaneously. Perhaps it was your mother who was the aggressive, angry, repressed anger, dangerous one. This would be a great time to do some deep therapy work as Mars rules SCORPIO sign of psychotherapy. With Saturn at those fated last degrees of Scorpio, Mars adds ease and emphasis to accessing your ancient buried emotional treasure trove lying in your knotted up guts.

For many the idea of going home is scary as it was/is a battle zone. But this is the optimum time to heal those wounds. This may be a tumultuous time as Mars aggravates family feuds. Mars in Cancer is literally fire in water, so with the droughts in California and elsewhere, expect to see battles over water rights, and the oceans, also wetter weather.


Surrender your ego posturing, your defenses, your need to fight and be right. Let go and allow. Honor your Feminine side, your intuition and feelings which are always clear. Positive warrior battles will take the form of  being soldiers of Love, supporting women and children, cook-offs, eating contests. 

Where is the Sign of CANCER in your natal chart? That is where the action is. Remember we are all family.  A lot of water therapy is good, releasing in hot baths with epsom salts. Drink lots of water. Sex in water is also favored. Have a water birth.

I will write Mars aspects later.


More art from Napoleon Brousseau

The crying game – Boy George 

We Are Family Sister Sledge 1979 

Chiron Retrograde, Quincunx overload

WTF is a Quincunx you are asking? We’ll get to that keep reading…

Chiron the wise, wild and wounded Centaur is a comet/asteroid which symbolizes our vulnerabilities, weaknesses and humanness turns Retrograde June 24 @ 21+ degrees of Pisces. Chiron will help us to heal our old wounds and addictions, especially as he will be in tandem with Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio over the next three months. This is great.

Remy Martin Tara Greene Astrology

CHIRON the CENTAUR in PISCES as Remy Martin model

All planets turning Retrograde are at their most powerful. They are at standstill. The exact Retrograde chart moment most shows some difficult aspects and obstacles we all must surmount during the next five months until Chiron turns Direct November 27.

Chiron is in a wide square to the new-born Cancerian Sun. There may be a long difficult birthing process, a lot of pushing will be required, all squares apply pressure. The pressure is to keep the unconditional LOVE flowing from the deepest wellsprings of your own inner beauty. To keep connected to the unlimited source of love itself. 

Chiron is opposite to LILITH at 23+ degrees of Virgo. Oppositions create great tension. Lilith in Virgo is about our innate connection with the earth, our ancestors with what our guts and bones know. Lilith is the archetype of the Goddess who is Mother Nature Herself, wild, free, untamable,fully sexual. Chiron in Pisces is spiritual, ephemeral, we can get lost in the images and our own conscience perceptions and projections of Spirit. This aspect reminds us that our Bodies are our temples and to stay firmly grounded and in the physical dimension. No running off to the 5th, 6th or higher dimensions without staying in the body. 

Chiron is trining Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio HEALING THE WOUNDED MASCULINE

Chiron was Chronos/Saturn’s son and so father and son are helping each other and helping the wounded Masculine to heal. Some myths say that Chiron was memorialized for his service by being turned into the constellation Centaurus, others say it was the constellation Sagittarius. see more about the Centaurus constellation link below:

The Sun, the Moon and the Nodes of the Moon are in square 

Follow the Moon in Libra and the North Node

the symbolic male female Sun/Moon love battle is being fought. Libra stresses the balance, peace justice, relating and need for beauty and art in our lives.

Mercury in Gemini is squaring Neptune in Pisces

Use the balance of the intuitive and the rational mind to follow your soul’s dreams.

5 Irritable Inconjuncts/ Quincunx aspects 

Inconjuncts or Quincunx’s are 150 degree aspects between two planets in totally different elements and modalities which have vastly different means of expressions and languages. It will take great listening and empathy skills to get the two or more planets to be able to come to an understanding or agreement.

1. Chiron is inconjunct to Venus and Jupiter in Leo

– healing the wounds of the heart, ego, vanity, jealousy, the addiction to the drama itself,

2.Pluto in Capricorn is inconjunct to the Goddess of Love and the King of the Gods uniting in power sign Leo.

– healing wounds of needing to be in control, using the material plane as a substitute for love,

3. Saturn in Scorpio is inconjunct to Mars at the critical 29th degree of Gemini

-male power and control issues especially around Sex, mental hair-splitting, immaturity versus responsibility.

4.Lilith in Virgo is inconjunct to Uranus in Aries

-new respect for women, the body’s knowledge the environment and simpler lifestyles

5. Saturn is widely inconjunct to Uranus in Aries

– the old patriarchal structure versus freedom, equality, Aquarian ideals, new inventions, liberation on all levels of culture and society. 

Call upon Chiron to help you. The healing is by being strong enough to go through your own buried pain, pain that never was experienced voiced or felt. Being vulnerable enough to drop your own inner defenses, crying is great, cry a river, pray, call upon your Guardian angels. Know that the dark night of the Soul is one of the stages of healing. It is the symbol of the Moon #18 in the Tarot. FAcing the fear of annihilation by calling upon the psyche;s own infinite strength.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Cry me a river Julie London “>

Daily Card Inspiration

June 22 a Master Number 

Inspirational Daily Card

2 of wands Tarot Tara Greene

The Fantastical Tarot 2 of Wands 

The cards numbered two are always about choices. Dialogue, mirroring, self and other, black and white, yin and yang, day and night, oppositions, duality, twins, double, doppelgänger, coupling, mating, balance and relationships.  

Wands are fire, inspiration, passion, action, anger, energy. 

There are choices to be made about where you put your  energy and your passions. The two’s follow the initial spark of the Aces, there may be a lot of debating before the choice is made. 

You must balance the twin sides of your nature and desire. They may seem opposed but they are part of a whole.

see the unity of the opposites. 

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Light a fire trailblazing miracles,last Trine

An earthy Virgo moon now until late Tuesday keeps us in the mood for working hard, being organized, humble, attentive to the details and very disciplined.  Virgo is concerned with health and especially the upper gut. Do watch what you eat carefully when the Moon is in Virgo as that part of your body tends to be sensitive.

Moon opposes Neptune in PISCES

A practical dream day which begs the question of  what is reality and what the illusion? It’s a  good day to come clean with addictions issues.

The Virgo hard work ethic may want to take the day off today. There are two power packed Trines and I would advise you to take advantage of them. 


Jupiter Uranus Astrology Tara Greene

Jupiter and Uranus Last Trine June 22 

their third trine. three times is the luckiest.





These planets beneficial aspect helps everyone to take huge leaps into their future while envisioning very positive outcomes.  It’s easy to let go of old outworn habits, seeking freedom, justice, inventiveness, having faith and trusting. This is a huge gateway. De-clutter, make new intentions we are still on the Solstice energy for three days as the Sun appears to stand still. Build a big bonfire of the vanities.

Planets at 20+ degrees  of fire signs get supercharged with Higher consciousness and positive optimism. 

Moon also Trines Pluto in Capricorn

Go into the root of your own soul depths. A good day to meditate in nature under a tree.  Go head, bet on yourself, realize your inner worth, let your soul speak to you through your gut instincts. The answers are in your bones. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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HEATWAVE Martha and the Vandellas[/embed]


Summer Solstice Intentions and Rituals by Tara Greene

Cancer Solstice Meditation and intentions

Published on Cosmic Intelligence Agemcy Site by Agent 129 TARA GREENE

Summer solstice Tara Greene


“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” From Moving Water by Jalaluddin Rumi

The Sun enters Tropical Cancer on June 21st at 4:37 pm GMT.  This is the first Solstice of 2015 and the second major Astrological turning point of the wheel of the year. The Sun is at its maximum Northern point of 23+ degrees, the longest daylight of the year in the Northern and the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.

Summer begins up North and winter begins down South. To ancient pagans this is Litha and thousands of druids will be gathering to celebrate the Sun King’s peak at Stonehenge in the U.K. Thousands worldwide honor the Sun as we co-create with the Suns turning in its annual dance of the seasons.  In the North, the Masculine growth time peaks now and slowly declines towards the Autumn Equinox. The Feminine half of the year begins to ascend now.

I realize I am “North centric” living in the Northern Hemisphere. To all the Southern Hemi-folks, winter is beginning and the Masculine time of the year of increasing starts its reign.

We are always in this yin/yang balance. Every night half the world is awake and bathed in light and the other half is asleep in the darkness of night. We are more aware of this now than ever before.

The Solstice points are major markers. This is an important turning point to stop and plan your intentions until the Autumn Equinox at least. It’s also a good time to take stock of how the seeds you planted at the Spring Equinox have taken, grown and flourished or not. It may be time for much weeding and fertilizing to get the crop you want.

While the sun is travelling through Cancer we are under the rulership of the Moon, our emotions and FEELINGS. Cancer is the first water sign, symbolized by the crab. It Ancient Egypt it was seen as two turtles. Our bodies are 70% water. Cancer represents the womb, our mothers, and the oceans of the earth from where all life started. Cancer is also the dark void of pure potential, home, emotional security and safety.

Cancer symbolizes the unconscious, the well spring, the cup, vessel and Holy Grail, the dream world, and our unconscious memories, stored in our cellular consciousness. The emotional realm is a karmic realm, according to Buddhist teachings, and emotions are the glue that draws us back into the physical plane. A Tibetan Buddhist teacher taught that we are all our mothers, literally. We actually felt and experienced every emotion she ever felt her entire life from when she came into existence in her own mothers’ womb as a single egg. There is an emotional string of pearls of wisdom within you with which you can find your way home to source and your own genetic ancestry.

Cancer is the Great Mother symbol in all of her most loving, nourishing and nurturing of aspects.  We are all born of women and come through our mothers as the Moon’s physical body all women are ruled by the Moon specifically. Men also have a feminine side and they too feel the Moon’s subtle pull of psychic, intuitive, subtle and dream energies.  The Solstice coincides with Father’s Day this year. Also symbolizing a rebalancing of the masculine and feminine energies.


If you have a Tarot deck you can pull out the Major Arcana associated with the Moon and Cancer and ask to dialogue with their archetypal wisdom when you do your meditation-see below. 

Thoth Tarot High Preistess                                               Thoth Tarot Tara Greene chariot 2014


The Sign of Cancer itself is symbolized by Trump #7 The Chariot. The Moon is symbolized by Trump #2 The High Priestess and also by Trump #18 called The Moon which symbolizes Pisces. Trump # 3, The Empress is also associated as she is usually symbolized by a pregnant woman although she symbolizes Venus

Meditate at the time of the Solstice June 21 @ 4:37 p.m. GMT

As Cancer symbolizes the Mother, I would see this solstice as a conception point to plan out your next three trimesters. The 1st from June 21 to Autumn Equinox.The second trimester goes from September 21 until Dec 21st Solstice, and the third ends at Spring 2016’s Equinox when the baby, which is whatever you intend to create will be born healthy and strong.  

Have a notebook,or device, candles and whatever symbolizes mothering on hand. A food offering of milk of any type should be set up. Moon cakes, an Asian specialty or moon shaped cookies would work too. Create a moon alter and place mirrors, water, flowers, dolphin or whale images, mermaids, and see below for other tools. Sea shells and sand dollars. There are two parts to this solstice ritual, one is in water, the other is with your moon alter.

Practical tools: Use these to amplify the resonance in your ritual.

Color: Silvery blue, silver or white. Use this for candles and to wear.

BODY PARTS: rules the stomach, breasts, uterus and digestion.

Metal is silver. Wear your finest silver, get out the silver candlesticks.

Gemstones: pearls, moonstones and emeralds traditionally. Chalcedony, carnelian, onyx and white=blue chrysoprase.

Power stone: sodalite. Talisman stone: sapphire.

Modern gems: chrysoprase, fire opals, super seven, topaz, amber.

Herbs: Eucalyptus and fenugreek

Essential oils: rose, lily

FLOWERS: white roses, water and all lilies, morning glories,

Herbs: Tarragon, verbena, saxifrage. Milk thistle, dandelion.

Angels: Gabriel, Hebrew letter Gimel, {a camel} Rules the first heaven Shamayim, means water.

Egyptian name: Hathor

Greek Goddess: Selene, Diana,

All mother Goddesses: Mary, Ceres, Demeter, and Artemis, Selene,

Fixed Stars of Constellation Cancer: Sirius, The Beehive,

Animals:  all marine creatures: dolphins, whales, seals, fish, carbs and animals with shells, turtles and snails.

Foods: mother’s milk, all milks, watery fruits and vegetables, white veggies:

Plants: all water plants, lotus.

Spirit: Undines 


Water is the prime element of Cancer. Take a ritual bath , anytime, day or night. It’s time to return to the womb and rebirth oneself. Make sure the water is close to body temperature. Put essential oils of rose, eucalyptus or lavender in the bath. If your mother wore a specific perfume you may want to spritz that around.  Put white foaming bubble bath to symbolize the sea and rose petals. If you have a heartbeat drumming track then put that on in the background.

Immerse yourself in the bath. Dunk your head under the water.  Close your eyes and sink into your own uterine memories of being inside your mother’s womb. Remember the feeling of absolute security, safety, peace, the darkness, with the sound of your mother’s heartbeat. Not everyone has had safe comfortable experiences in the womb. If you had a difficult connection with your mother in utero or in your life or were adopted or feel rejected, you need to call upon the symbol and archetypal energy of the Great Mother at this time to hold you, to nurture you and to bring you feelings of safety and security for being loved and complete simply for existing. Her love is unconditional. The Great Mother can be Mary in the Christian Tradition, or Ceres, Gaia, the Earth Herself, your own mother or allow a Mother figure to come to you. She offers the ultimate and only true place of emotional “homeland security “and peace, in the arms of the Great Mother on a spiritual level.

Allow yourself to feel. This is what Cancer is: emotions. Rock yourself gently, hear the heartbeat of the Great Mother as your own heartbeat. Let that heartbeat envelope you.

Sink into the feeling of safety. From this place of feeling safe and whole. Ask yourself what do you need to nurture now? What will nourish you? A relationship? A skill? What do you need to create, give your heart to? A person, a job, an idea? Allow the feelings and sensation to guide you. If you aren’t a visual person, sense it in your stomach. Rub your breasts. Love your tummy whatever shape it is in and your breasts. Adore your womb whether you have had children or not. Men have a spirit womb as do women who have had hysterectomies. Get out slowly thanking the water spirits and the Great Mother and the Moon for being with you.  Dry off and reflect.

The 2nd part of the Meditation

Create your moon alter and make it beautiful. Wear white or silver. If you can be out in nature near a body of water, a lake, the ocean, a river or pond that is great If not sit by your prepared alter. Breathe into your belly and breast and uterus. Meditate and ask for images, feelings and sensations to come up. Call upon the High Priestess as she is the Archetypal go-between between the unconscious and conscious realms.

The Moon rules our dreams. You will need to keep a dream journal. Do intend to work with your dreams over the moons cycle every night. Do this until the Capricorn Full Moon July 1st and take stock of what you have recollected. Keep going until the Cancer New Moon July 15 which will be a very, very intensely emotional New Moon. Huge. Cataclysmic. Keep working you’re your dreams until Autumn Equinox when the elements change.


CANCER rules the stomach. And cancer’s love to cook and to eat. Cancer is also sentimental. Prepare something your mother used to cook for you that you love perhaps. It can be simple, jello?  It is also Father’s Day this year and Cancer is all about family and nurturing so have a big or small family gathering. If you have no family, cook for your friends or strangers. Do something special for a children’s organization or devote some time to helping out in a hospital, food bank or helping take care of older women or men.

Dr. Masaru Emoto taught that water is affected by our emotions. The oceans are very polluted from Fukushima and plastic and other pollutants. Thousands of seals, whales and fish are dying en masse in the Pacific. Visualize healing energy to the oceans, the lakes, especially the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada, and all water ways. Droughts and water shortages not just in California but in many parts of the world will become more severe. Conserve water during this Cancer month especially. Be conscious of how we are 70% water. We take it for granted. It is the water of Life itself. Honor it and your own feelings and intuition.



All wirting is copyright of Tara Greene

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream, sex, fairies,fools


“Lord what fools these mortals be”- Puck 

Midsummer Liltha Tara Greene Edward Robert Hughes

Midsummer Eve by Edward Robert Hughes 1908

This evening, the night before the Summer Solstice is the Famous one Shakespeare wrote about. A day of sexual frolicking in the fields. The fairies are out in the forests. The SUN reaches his PEAK in the sky and begins to slowly wain and die.  He surrenders his power to the GODDESS the Queen of SUMMER and fertility who makes the plants grow to feed her children and to ensure new life. 

This Year Moon conjuncts Venus and JUPITER in LEO so very romantic, proud, daring, dramatic, big-hearted it will be. 

Mercury is finally over its storm period but will take till June 27 to pass its Retrograde station point.

SUMMER BEGINS in the Northern Hemisphere @ 9:37 am PDT/12:37 pm EDT/4:37 GMT
WINTER BEGINS in the Southern Hemisphere same time

The Sun King reaches the peak of his long journey begun Dec 21st. Called Litha by pagans and witches it is the Celebration of the triumph of the Light which also signifies its demise. The Light dies unto itself and sets sail into the oncoming fall. It is the Celebration of the Longest Light and Night and the Birth of the Season of Summer bringing the greatest vegetation growth.
Astrologically it is the Sun entering zero degrees of Cancer which marks the Summer Solstice. We Celebrate the Summer, romp in the Garden, Have a Solstice Celebration!

Wear a flower crown in your hair. Bonfires are built.  At Summer Solstice we state what it is we are pregnant with, nourishing, nurturing feeding,  our literal children or our creations, ideas, desires, feelings. We carry this and give birth, and the fields, flowers, produce grows, soaks up the sun’s most intense rays in Leo and is finally ready to be Harvested under the sign of Virgo the Virgin Goddess of the Grain. In agricultural societies all life depended on the food grown, the produce that would be stored, dried, preserved,for life to continue safely and securely.

The sign of Cancer rules the Mother and the mothering principle, ruled by the Moon herself. The Moon is the Goddess and women’s cycles.The earliest calendars discovered showed 28 dots on them and were created by menstruating women most likely or men following the moon’s  and women’s menstrual cycles. The moon means time.

Cancer is water,the womb, feelings, emotions, moods, instincts, the oceans, wells, home, safety, security, emotional needs, food, nurturing, safety, security, nurses, caretakers, support workers, caves, river deltas, roots, nests,the root chakra, the womb, memories, the Unconscious, your childhood, flow, the Goddess Diana, all Moon Goddesses, and all Female Goddesss pregnant with the Moon.

In the Tarot Cancer is the Sign associated with Tarot Trump # 7 THE CHARIOT

The Chariot Cancer Astrology Tarot Tara Greene

The Chariot Tarot Horse Goddess by Emily Balivet

In Ancient Egypt the Summer Sign was symbolized by the Scarab beetle before it was associated with the Crab. The scarab or dung beetle rolling a ball of dung and was seen to be like a God rolling the golden orb of the Sun across the skies. The dung beetle was the shepherd or charioteer assisting the Sun’s passage in the sky. The scarab is a symbol of immortality.  The sign of Cancer symbolized alchemy because the insect was a lowly creature, ordinary, lowly turning with its’ labours dung into worth = gold.

The esoteric meaning of Cancer is that the CHARIOT is the VEHICLE, the means of travel. The Chariot symbolizes the Body as Vehicle for the Soul.  Our Mother’s bodies were our personal chariot’s. They nurtured and carried us, gave birth to us through their vaginas, also  a road, a passageway, a tunnel to the outside world from inner earth.The Hopi Indians say they emerged from inside of the earth.

 Mother is the Universal source for all life, When we gaze at the moon we instinctively remember her womb.

So during the month of Cancer, feel your feelings and your body. Be near water, drink lots of water, feel pregnant,  swelling, expanding, bonded, needing to nest, eating well, resting, listening to your tummy.

Like the lotus which grows from mud, and the lowly dung beetle which rolls its ball of dung, the beautiful iridescent moon like pearl  is formed from a single grain of sand. You won’t be lacklustre during Cancer month. You can turn every irritating or single grain of sand into a beautiful pearl.

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A Midsummer Night’s dream by Julie Taymor 




Charleston shooting, Saturn in Scorpio,

Another very sad day in America and the world as a21 year old white manDylann Storm Roof sits in on a Bible study class at historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina for an hour on Wednesday June 17 in the evening. He then  shoots and kills nine people with a .45 calibre gun and woundis many others. This was apparently a hate-crime.  A roomate said he heard Dylann say that he wanted to start a civil war, wanted segregation.

An eye-witness said he heard Dylann stating  “I have to do it. You’re raping our women and taking over the country. You have to go.”

Dylann was given the gun recently as a birthday present from his father. Dylann was caught Thursday morning in Shelby, N.C. and was co-operative when police arrested him. The police gave him a bullet proof vest to wear to protect him and no handcuffs. Why? He  had been previously picked up for two minor crimes one involving drugs. Apparently Dylann moved to about four different schools, had no job, stayed in his room.  His Facebook photos showed him being a Confederate and wearing anti-apartheid patches.

South Carolina is home to 19 hate groups including active Ku Klux Klan chapters. It is also one of only five states that have NO HATE CRIME LAWS. In South Carolina, you don’t need a permit to buy any type of gun.  South Carolina law states that an individual has  a legal right to kill anyone you think is a threat or who they think is a threat to somebody else. The State officially encourages vigilante behavior. Given these shocking laws, Dylann thought he was acting within his legal rights. 

President Obama statement. “I’ve had to make comments like this too many times,” He has spoken after mass murders at least six times during his presidency. “At some point as a country, we have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.” This is very true. The U.S. is the most murderous country in the world by far, not an advanced country in those terms at all. 

A very sad day when worshippers souls are murdered in a House of God. I am sending prayers to all the victims, the parishioners and all who were affected by the horror of this crime.

   Lets look at who the murderer is. Dylann storm Roof astrologyDylann Storm Roof Born April 3 199 4 in     Columbia South Carolina { ?}  no birth time. 

dylann Storm Roof Astrology Tara Greene

Can we predict if someone will commit a violent crime from a birth chart? Is hate something we can see?

Dylann is an Aries, a hot-headed, impulsive sign linked to independence, anger, war,  guns, the military, danger and recklessness. He has Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio inconjunct to his Aries Sun natally. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Jupiter rules the Law,Sacred Law. This intuitively feels to me like a past-life memory vendetta. Scorpio is a sign famed for; at the lowest vibration revenge, needing to be in control, hate, secrets, obsessions, death,power, murder. I would say Dylann unconsciously murdered those poor innocent Black people because he was unconsciously getting revenge for being murdered himself in another lifetime. This in no way makes him any less culpable.

Dylann has a Very Heavy NATAL aspect in this chart.

His SOUTH NODE in Taurus is conjunct to Fixed Star ALGOL, Medusa’s head the most infamous Star in the Heavens. The most notoriously Star of  danger and EVIL.  And even more importantly his North Node at 24+ degrees Scorpio is conjunct to PLUTO= Death {also Retrograde} which is also connected to ALGOL.  These aspects  should start the warning sirens going off loudly. Pluto Retrograde in Scorpio, which Pluto co-rules, gives Pluto immense DARK powers of being a tyrant, especially if the person is unconscious. Pluto in Scorpio is obsessed about being in control, having power, death, deceptive, fearless. The Retrograde aspect means that these dark energies are very strong. This person needs serious therapy to work out their anger and tyrant complex..   

This is a very heavy, dangerous aspect to be born under and there are thousands of people who were also born with the same aspect. This is a generation very much in danger now.

Pluto in Scorpio conjunct the North Node in latter degrees of Scorpio is being triggered, sorry to use that word, by SATURN’s last stand in Scorpio for the next three months. 

Dylann also has Saturn {his father} in PISCES Natally opposite Chiron the Wounded Healer in Virgo squaring Pluto and that Scorpio North Node. These planetary alignments could literally mean, Satan {Saturn, death,father, authority} by a wounded Chiron, deluded Piscean on drugs in a Pisces place of worship, a church. His Natal Chiron in Virgo is conjunct to Fixed star Regulus which was in Leo when Dylann was born. He feels physically and mentally wounded if he doesn’t have absolute power like Royalty. 

Natal Mars conjunct Mercury in Pisces means Dylann may have appeared quiet and meek but was into sublimated violence, probably porn. He buried his anger, Mars in Pisces is weak and wishy washy. He was busted for drugs, he is an addicted personality. I am betting that there is probably sexual abuse {Mars in Pisces } alcohol, drug or emotional abuse in his family history. He was motivate by his his own unconscious {Pisces} feelings of powerlessness. Pisces  are martyrs. 


Pluto in Scorpio conjunct the North Node in latter degrees of Scorpio is being triggered, sorry to use that word, by SATURN’s last stand in Scorpio now. This is a Fated karmic aspect. Saturn is Karma..  Saturn has also been squaring Dylann’s Natal Venus in early Taurus making him feel very lonely.

CHIRON the wounded healer is exactly on Dylann’s Mars now at 21 degrees Pisces. There is a huge inconjunct from Chiron his Mars and transiting Jupiter in Leo making Dylann explosive. Jupiter in Leo is Pride, arrogance, rage, from his own wounds. 

Uranus in ARIES is exactly in square to  Dylann’s Natal Moon in Capricorn and also his Natal Neptune {delusions, fantasy, addictions} which is conjunct Uranus,  this makes Dylann more radical, impulsive, angry, unconscious, governed by chaos, trigger happy.

JUPITER  is also involved again inconjunct to Dylann’s Moon,indicting issues with nurturing, emotional security, his mother. Jupiter is squaring his North Node in Scorpio he may be motivated by unconscious fame seeking.

Jupiter and Uranus are in Trine to each other now. There is a “Finger of God” formed because of transitting Jupiter in Leo to transitting Mars on his Natal Chiron in Pisces to his Natal Capricorn Moon. These are all serious explosive aspects. 

Pluto is still squaring his Aries Sun. Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto crossing his Moon will ensure he will be locked up in jail for many years to come. He may plead insanity.

We must be aware that Saturn in Scoprio will bring out into the open the dark secrets in the collective psyche which must be addressed now.

My prayer is that America wakes up to its own approval of violence and murder by allowing guns to be purchased anywhere. This is an outdated law. Innocent people will continue to be murdered by delusional wounded people who are also product of a  crazy violent Macho culture.

 what do you think?

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Inspirational Daily Card,Paul McCartney Birthday

Inspirational Card of the Day 
2 of cups 
Thoth Tarot Astrology Tara Greene
Under a Cancer Moon this card is most appropriate. A watery balance of the opposites. The  LOVE card.You will get an amazing experience by visualizing and feeling yourself embodying this card. Literally back up into it and be the fountain,the lotus is your opened crown chakra. Feel the love, feel the love. Blessings of beauty and flow to you today.
use the fountain of love and healing image to heal your wounds. 
Happy 73rd Birthday to Sir Paul McCartney ever young GEMINI born conjunct Star Betelgeuse 
Sir Paul McCartney Astrology Tara Greene
Paul McCartney


all writing is copyright Tara Greene

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All my Loving Paul Mccartney fan video

Post New Moon Cancer mood

Post Gemini Mars New Moon  June 17

With the Moon now in its home sign of Cancer, the Astro outlook is calmer until June 18 PDT-June 19 EDT when the Moon will enter Leo.

Cancer moons are great time to be with family, plant flowers and put new things in your garden. Also great for home cooking and dinner parties.

Emotions run high and the need for emotional security is strong. Stay close to home if you can. And do call you Mom.

Only 2 aspects June 17

Cancer Moon trine Neptune for water deep unconscious fantasy dreams tonight and tomorrow. 

A great day for meditation and visualization.

Dreamily romantic, foggy, people will be distracted. 

We’re going into Cardinal Cross energy as the moon opposes Pluto later in the day. 

Tempers will be touchy.  Moon will square Uranus tomorrow.

GRAND WATER TRINE  on the 18th 

Cancer Moon trines Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio

Old unconscious emotions will arise, deep secrets may emerge from the darkest of Scorpio depths. Feelings can be  easily accessed now which encourages tears, compassion and forgiveness. Now is the best time to begin the healing of our emotional bodies.

Updates about online support class for three months of Saturn Retro in Scorpio coming soon. email me;

Astrology is really about actually seeing the planets . In spite of modern scientists disdain of astrology. Originally the two astrology and Astronomy were the same science.We need to look up.

Did you see how gorgeous Venus and Jupiter looked tonight? They were aligned with Fixed star Regulus, the star of Archangel Raphael, he whose emerald-green rays heals hearts. I saw them from my backyard around 10:00 pm

astronomy planets Tara Greene

As we lead up to Solstice as the planets Venus, Goddess of Love and Jupiter, God of expansion and positive vibes are aligned with Fixed Star Raphael now at zero degrees Virgo, call upon this supreme Angel for healing if you need. He is a very powerful presence. the emerald-green ray of light emanates from his heart chakra heals all being on the earth who ask.

archangel Raphael Tara Greene


Please share widely 

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

I will be in the Los Angeles/Venice Beach area from July 15-26 if you would like to gather a group of people to have me come and lecture on the upcoming Astrology transits, or on working with the Tarot, reading Tarot cards or women’s spiritual initiations or something very personal tailored specifically for you

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New Moon in CANCER on July 15 a very very INTENSE one.

VENUS enters VIRGO and turns RETROGRADE July 25. A very important date and super important for your love life and pocketbook.

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