Pisces time, Lilith square Sun

It’s Pisces time,  February 18 and our Consciousness is more compassionate, confused, dreamy, delusional, escapist, creative and spiritual.

“Death Valley” painting by Napoleon Brousseau oil and acrylic on canvas 2011. See more of this artist’s works Napoleon Brousseau

This is the time to focus on completions as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. We are a month away to Spring in the northern hemisphere.Down under autumn will begin.

Mars is at the 15th most powerful degree in Aries ♈️today. There is more energy, fire, anger and independence in the air. Can’t you feel it?

Lilith at zero degrees SAGITTARIUS ♐️is squaring the newborn PISCES♓️ Sun which is conjunct to the South Node in Pisces.

Lilith also squares the North Node of the moon, in VIRGO, thecollectives’  highest spiritual goal. Women need to hone Lilith’s uncompromising stance. Hell no, we won’t back down.

Lilith in Sagittarius ♐️is much more visible, passionate, and honest with a wicked sense of humour.

Focus on your dream life, the life of the soul which speaks in images and puns. Your dreams and psychic intuitive energies will be stronger anyways. Pay attention to your subtle feelings.

Pisces times are emotional and we feel like psychic sponges. It’s time to withdraw,to work behind the scenes for now.

  • It’s a good time to use the natural creative energy of Pisces. Allow the creative juices to flow through painting, music,drAwing, poetry and dance.
  • It’s Also especially good to meditate, ato do yoga, to work with a guru or teacher who has walked the path and knows the Territory.
  • Pisces energy makes us long to return to our original state of unity of oneness of bliss.
  • Spirituality through imminent connection is the true way to connect with the source, you can call it god or goddess. It’s what we feel we came from and to which we’ll return. Find that place within your heart.
  • The soulmate longing is strong now. Heal your own inner beloved relationship first so that you will see it manifesting outside of you.
  • Do charity work, help the less fortunate. Volunteeer your time, give to a charity.march for those who have less than you.
  • Pisces rules film photography and glamour. The academy awards always take place under Pisces sun time, it’s perfect. Work with these technologies as well.

Pisces ♓️is water element. Drink a lot of water, send prayers to heal the waters of the earth. Do ritual for purification with water.

How to use Saturn Mars for positive transformations

I’m in  a Virgo New Moon mode. Did a lot of sorting, cleaning and de-cluttering. Felt much more focused. It’s good.

Paid homage to serious Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Mars in ceremony with my husband. It felt good. We have been doing New and Full Moon rituals for 18 years together now.

Mars is HOT. Pure masculine libido, testosterone, drive, daring, spontaneous. Saturn is COLD. Ancient wisdom, seniority, plodding, depression, serious, father, death. Two polarities. Marshall McLuhan Toronto’s media philosophy guru used to talk about mediums being Hot or cold. But they can work together. Saturn slows down Mars hot headedness. Mars brings passion and new life to seniors or depression.

3 faces of man Chicago Art - Tara Greene

Three Faces of Man by Judy Chicago 1985 

“Youth is wasted on the young. ” George Bernard Shaw  said. But energy always be accessed, manifested, held molded and intended for powerful, long-term, practical goals, through patience and persistence. Like the embodiment of  the “superior Man” of the I Ching. We can create  a middle polarity balance point.

I feel that Mars has taken Saturn hostage temporarily. Mars is the dispositor being Scorpio’s ruling planet.

The warrior and the tax man together. Life force, sex and old age and death. The young action hero, like Luke Sky walker and Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars  and the wise old sage. The young punk and the cops. Pure energy and a wall of lead. There are many ways to think of these two planets.

As Saturn literally represents your father and if your dad has passed on like mine has, use this three days of the Dark Moon to connect with him more easily. I had a very powerful dream last night and my Dad was very present and spoke to me very clearly. 

You better use this energy well, Mars can conflag Saturn’s controlling energies. You could also be feeling more like Saturn’s dragging your heals,got your under his thumb. 

The planets don’t make us do anything. It’s all in how you use it. So use these powerfully intense planetary energies positively. You can use my intention. This is how Magic works. Put all your Mars desire into it. 

“I invite this life-giving martial energy to energize my body, and my long-term goals,to  completely transform my life into my Soul’s highest manifestation.” Ho. So mote it be. 

Try it on for size and let me know how it feels. Feel free to invent your own variation. 


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Under my Thumb- The Rolling Stones-1966 

Creative Augmented Reality digital art Napoleon Brousseau Toronto

Art Napoleon Brousseau Tara Greene 

“Life Tools and Power Objects” C  PRINT 60 x 40 inches with AR

 The photograph uses Augmented Reality software to create a new level of interactive portraiture

Displayed in the digital art exhibition “Simulators II” at Angell Gallery Toronto Feb. 21- March 22 2014 


A digital art pioneer, {see links below}  in SIMULATORS II, Brousseau presents a self-portrait featuring over 80 layers of imagery, including the artist’s “power tools”, objects of great personal significance. Viewers may learn more about each object through an augmented reality app that provides access to text, web links and videos. This state-of-the-art technology is balanced by the densely textured neo-expressionism of the image.

SIMPLY GO GET  the Layar app (7mb)  go to http://get.layar.com/

After downloading the app, you can scan the life size print with your smart phone or tablet.

On screen a video explaining icons on your device and directing the user to various content, audio, video, a blog, mobile site and social media buttons.

The artist will be constantly expanding the narrative information of the work over the month and year by elaborating the back story on his blog  http://www. napoblive.com with videos and related art works.


 The life size C print is quite impressive to see but if you can’t make it by the gallery you can access this information, anywhere the “Life Tools Power Object” image appears, even on your computer screen.

NAPOLEON BROUSSEAU is an artist who defies definition. An INternational artist and  Renaissance man whose art career and works span decades of always being on the cutting edge of multi media eco art collectives, erotic charcoal drawings, super 8 films, sculptures, digital art, cel phone ecolaboration fundraising art, Art Directing at AREA in New York, building props for the Pee Wee Herman show, installation art for Yoko Ono, or Frederico Fellini and more… 

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY to all ART AFFECTIONADO’S ART DEALERS and lovers of the beautiful and edgy

The artists will take private COMMISSIONS for self portraits. contact him at napoleonbrousseau@gmail.com

Try it: your comments and observations are appreciated.

More about Napoleon art site http://www.napob.com 

Art director of the world’s first interactive cel phone crowd creative reforestation project in 2005.





More about love and the stars, Astrology from Tara Greene

The SUN and Venus make exquisite, ecstatic love on Jan 11 at 4:24 am PST/7:24 am EST as they conjunct at 21 degrees Capricorn. LOve comes out into the LIGHT.

Sun and Venus Astrology Tara GreeneVENUS and APOLLO {The SUN} 

This aspect HIGHLIGHTS Love and WHAT YOU LOVE! In Capricorn this highlight commitments,  career, maturity, serious, patience, practical matters. Down to earth love. The real deal. 

The degree of Sun conjunct Venus @ 21 degrees CAPRICORN is very important to locate in your natal chart.

It gives important information on where the focus of your consciousness the Sun- and your values, relationships, creativity, your love- Venus will be for the next 9 1/2 months. Venus will then make another “star point”turn.

Also any aspects that 21 degree Cap. makes to other planets or angles in your chart is also highly relevant.

Venus is still Retrograde till Jan 31.

With Venus Retrograde in Capricorn Love business is slow. It is time to Review, revisit, relax.

Old flames  issues, career, values- this is Capricorn,  and long-term career plans can still be evaluated.

VENUS will turn Direct at 13 degrees + Capricorn on January 31. NOTE that point in your Natal chart.

Same day Mercury and the Moon enters Pisces. Ruled by Neptune, Venus’s “higher octave.”  The day after a NEW DARK MOON in Aquarius and ChINESE YEAR OF THE HORSE begins.

Venus will cross this 21st degree again on Feb 22. Venus reaches her Retrograde degree on March 4 and moves forwards after that into new uncharted love territory.

You can do a special Love goes forward ritual then. I’ll make a video.

Check out SUN + U + VENUS CONJUNCTION through the SUN SIGNS and houses.  

A natural house order. If you know your ASCendant you can read the Sign and the house as well.  

ARIES- { 1st House}

The Conjunction falls in your 10th house of WORLDLY FAME ! CONQUERING CAREER baby. Are you in love with your career? Is this 9 t0 5 where you want to shine your light the most? How can you enlighten the world?  WHERE does your heart want to be?   This is the top of the mountain position. Rams and Goats make good play fellows. Rams eat oats and goats eat anything.

TAURUS { 2nd house}

It’s in your 9th house of philosophy, TRAVELLING, teaching, learning, seeking, adventure, justice. Build avenues to allow yourself freedom from routine. Is there something new you’d like to learn which would enhance your career? In Trine to your Venus ruled Sun Sign, this brings extra beauty and shine to your natural charisma. GEt some regular excersize Boosts your energy too. Spruce up the  bull pen.

GEMINI {3rd house}

This falls in your 8th house of MYSTERY, SEX, other people’s money, taxes, soul merging, power,secrets, control mechanisms. Questions to ask: Do I use certain people to get what I want?  What do I really want?  MATURE love is coming  into your life. Don’t be afraid of ever getting old, you can’t. Where’s the money going to come from? You look good in anything.

CANCER { 4th house}

This occurs in your 7th house of Marriage, committed relationships, all “others.” wow charisma + for you. Turn on your love light and every swims to you. Important, serious, long-term committed  new relationships will occur both business and romantic. Fertile. Children. Moving in.   Open that restaunt, day care, interior design, art gallery you’ve always wanted. Renovate your digs. HOme sweet everything.

LEO { 5th house}

SUN VENUS merge in you 6th house of work and service to others. YOU shine brightest when you can get off your pedestal and can be humble and truly help others. Love and admiration will come flooding back to you and your heart can feel good about it. Be a philanthropiost. Let your true creativity come out. Don’t be a ham. Pride is a sham blocking you from loving.  Improve your discipline and ROAR.

VIRGO [ 6th house}

The conjunction falls in your 5th house of LOVE AFFAIRS and children. This is a very fertile physical aspect. Lovers will come pounding on your humble steps. New work opportunities abound. Think beyond utilitarian. Buy yourself  some sexy lengerie. Feel beautiful from within. Health should be tip-top. Beautify your work area. Express yourself.

LIBRA { 7th house}

The Sun VENUS smoocher falls in your 4th house. The most private, home, emotional security, children, self.  Time to receive love. Secret lovers? Beautify your crib. Put in new windows. Do whatever it takes for your home to shine. YOU must love where you live or change it. Good nachus from children, family. Real estate benefits and gourmet food enjoyments. Cook up the grandest meal ever and treat your best friends.

SCORPIO { 8th house}

The sexy encounter falls in your 3rd house of communications and community. Stop being so secretive. Put all your black clothing away. that means everything you own. Wear lighter colors. Speak positively, Smile. You don’t need to meddle. Take a holiday in some southern place till its easy to feel naturally sunny. Make love in sunshine or with the lights on. White is the new black. Moodyness is out.

SAGITTARIUS ( 9th house}

The adventure happpens in your natal 2nd house of Moolah, values, tools, possessions.  This is excellent for abundance, cash flow, wealth, health. STAsh up some money for a long trip, some higher education, to buy yourself a trick pony or fight a good court battle. Your sunny side will definitely be UP.  People will notice you. Write that book ,teach those courses, travel. Inspire others. Get your humor back.Brings you discipline and organization. Get your wild act together and down to earth. DELIVER the goods as you would have others deliver them.

CAPRICORN { 10th house}

You are NUMERO UNO. Well You old butt headed goats IT’S definitely your time to open your hearts and FEEL. Venus rules the heart, emotions. Don’t shun it. Shine with it. Profits are emotionally value driven. You are in the spotlight and at your peak. Bring love to work.  Make more harmony on the job. How can you bring light to your company, what you offer? Lighten up.

AQUARIUS { 11th house}

The merge happens in your 12th house. The Light and love occur in the closet, in your unconscious. Dreams will awaken. People and things you love and may have forgotten become important again. Get in touch with your INNER LIGHT and love. Mediate on this. You can be on fire with new ideas and very creative. Don’t stop the flow. Let the sunshine out. Manifest your idealism. Occupy your heart.

PISCES {12 house}

The tantric duo happens in your 11th house. The house of WISHES HOPES and DREAMS. Bring light and love to your hidden parts. You usually hover in the background but its time to, Let yourself be seen. You have creative ideas to gather the tribes.  Use your psychic and intuitive abilities to help raise other peoples’ consciousness. Spread the word, it’s time. Tell them what you know. Heaven on earth can be manifest.


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Kiss of LIFE  by

Rehab weekend, Earth Trine Good luck ritual

It’s rehab time folks,  after the intense VENUS square Uranus,conjunct PLUTO conflab. How about it ARIES? Did you get the unexpected, sucker punch is the word that comes to mind?  Some Capricorn corporate types  may have gotten sexy in the boardroom. If you love to dish the dirt then you should be in Heaven. How Venusianly dramatic did you feel it?

Moon’s mainly in tune in Taurus  Nov 15- 17. A bit of a Taurean pun there.

Do you even have a relationship left?   The energy is like the typhoon that hit the poor people in the Phillippines exactly only on an emotional/soul level. Long held back {Scorpio} type secrets are out. Like “Luke, I am your father”.  The darkest ones, the one you only admit to your BFF’s, maybe your Mom, therapist, or your psychic. Or the ones you won’t even admit to yourself. Trust me I’ve heard them all.  In my experience, Psychics and Tarot Readers serve the purpose of modern-day confessionals.

VENUS/PLUTO is good for artists. My hubby got good art kudos yesterday as Venus and Pluto are right on his Capricorn Sun in his 10th house and he is a professional artist.

Capricorn fine art Napoleon BrousseauVenus/Pluto in Capricorn

Charcoal drawing by Napoleon Brousseau

Good luck earthy TRINE benefits on SATURDAY- Saturn’s day Nov. 16

That Holy COW Bovine Moon trines PLUTO, VENUS AND MARS in VIRGO.

EARTHY SOUL POWER Menage a Trois, a marriage of heaven and earth

From 5-14 degrees of all 3 earth signs you benefit.

Get down on your knees and kiss the ground. Be grateful for having a body for being in a body. Good luck ritual time.

Especially as the Moon will be Full November 17.

MEDITATION on this planetary configuration

Visualize or use this beautiful crystal if you have one.

MORGANITE crystal of divine love

Crysdtal fo Divine Love astrology spiritual Tara Greene

Meditate by having a pot of earth in your ceremony. Copper for Venus. Any dark mineral for Pluto and this beautiful divine heart energy crystal. Lead is Saturn’s mineral he rules Capricorn. Blue sapphires are used for Saturn. You could put a lead pencil in your ritual. You have to honor Saturn always.

Have 4 candles, a Gold candle, 5 is Venus’s sacred number, It’s all about the correspondences.  Use Incense to bring in the sensuous Taurus energy..

 Venus/Pluto conjunction with Mars is about actualizing and manifesting the beauty of the SOUL on the earth plane. Bringing heaven down to earth. This is a key to  Ascension. The planets manifest in creating art, sculptures, architecture and architects. Building the soul body, The heart and soul manifested. MARS is where the action is. The combo is very sexy. 

Call in the 4 directions starting in the east. ALso call in the as above, the Divine, with the so below, the earth and then the soul within you.

7 directions in all.

CAll upon the DIVINE Energy in your heart to open and to connect with the Higher Vibration of Divine love in the Universe.  Breathe deeply slowly, close your eyes, keep asking from your heart and visualize the delicate pink energy. Slow down, it’s Taurus time, relax. Spend as long as you can breathing in the love and the Light. Some people sense it as bright white light.
This meditation will  bring a sense of being more receptive to loving words, to recieving love. Opening up allows you to attract a soul mate or twin flame or deepen a relationship. Allow peace and unconditional love to fill your entire being. Feel your heart swelling and filling.
The 9 of cups in the TAROT comes to mind for what this feels like energetically. An infinitely filling and flowing fountain of love. Send this energy out to the earth through the power of the 4 Archangels and anyone who you feels can use it.
AFFIRMATION: Divine love enters through the open gates of my heart. I am love divine. My body is a temple of Divine love.
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More art from Napoleon Brousseau – http://www.napob.com 
Napoleon’s drawings are represented by the Angell Gallery Toronto  http://www.angellgallery.com/artists/napoleon_brousseau
EARTHA KITT Take my love, take me 

Monday Moon’s in Leo, ROAR, debt ceiling

MONDAY -The last day of September goes out like a Lion with the Moon in Leo.

Beauty and the Beast Vogue Drew BarrymoreTara Greene AstrologyDrew Barrymore on a Vogue Magazine cover 

The week starts off quincunxy- no not some weird new sex fad. Feline Moon makes off kilter and no Scottish sex jokes there either, aspects to Chiron the wounded healer, a centaur. So very animistic instinctive sort of a week beginner.

Moon TRINES URANUS @ 1:11 EDT you felt this last night on the West coast.

let that kitty out of its cage. Unleash your instinctual pounce.

MOON CONJUNCTS MARS in LEO @ 7:03 pm PDT @ 20-21 degrees The LION KING/ QUEEN 

Check out where that degree falls in your chart. It’s where you will experience HOT HI DRAMA. Be BOLD, brave, heroic, roaring, proud, daring, get all the applause, stand up, wear your heart on your sleeve. Leo is the sign of creativity, self- expression, The perfect night to go to a karaoke bar. To Come out from under that lampshade, or wherever you are hiding it and SHINE YOUR LIGHT for all, or just a special someone to see.

Great energy to be in a play, see a play, something high drama, dance, make art, sing.

It’s also a childlike aspect so do let your INNER CHILD PLAY,PLAY, PLAY. Like that song “Son of a gun, we’ll have big fun on the bayou.”

To hell with worrying about a Debt ceiling.

Leo rules the HEART so if you’ve been to shy to tell someone how you feel you will have the courage to do it.

Make a beautiful dinner date, and it will be hot, hot, hot and heavy

especially as Moon also squares VENUS in SCORPIO @ 9:48 pm PDT/ October 1 @ 12:48 am EDT

That means, the power changes. You know, King for a day, Queen for a DAY,

Now the women have the reins. Then the Moon goes Void of course.

You have an amazing time to explore anything while in the void zone. And wake up happy and in  a place of freedom,with no aspects.

ENJOY ENJOY! ENJOY! While You can.   You create your reality,  have a passionate sweet time while it lasts.

MARS in the Tarot is THE TOWER Trump #16 and LEO is Trump #8 STRENGTH, Yah I know the 8/11 thing.

The TOWER and STRENGTH side by side.  Literally this means being a Tower of Strength.

October 1 Moon enters VIRGO @ 11:52 am PDT/2:52 pm EDT  REALITY, back to work, sets in.

October will be a doozy. It begins  all soft and dreamy 

MERCURY TRINES NEPTUNE OCTOBER 1st @ 3 degrees 03 minutes of Scorpio /Pisces 

thinking makes it happen, makes it real- focus all day, remember Mercury is in Scorpio

Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in the evening- how grounded was all that? You have to balance that conundrum out.

The Sun begins contact with the BIG T-square PLANETS October 1.

SUN SQUARES PLUTO in Capricorn 6:27 pm PDT from  9 degrees 01 minutes of LIBRA.

POWER TO The GOAL oriented PEOPLE, challenges to those in power, Corporations, and face offs with the Real people in power.

SUN OPPOSES URANUS on Oct 3 @ 7:11 am PDT @ 10 degrees 31 minutes Libra/ Aries Retrograde

Revolutionary forces are at work, the Republicans oppose everything President Obama does.  Change is the new black.

LIBRA Moon squares Pluto, opposes Uranus and Conjunts the Sun on the 

NEW MOON OCTOBER 4 @ 11 degrees LIBRA- will write more later.

I forgot to credit Napoleon Brousseau with that drawing in my Mercury in Scorpio article – http://www.napob.com


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ROAR Katy Perry 

On the Bayou- Doug Kershaw  


Inspirational Card of the Day,hope for broken hearts Astrology

Your Inspirational Card of the Day May 25 

The 3 of Swords

tarot card readings Tara Greene

THe SHADOWSCAPES TAROT by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

The 3 of swords is usually considered to be a heartbreak card,  but in this beautiful deck it is about much more than that

it is about transforming the pain and loss into beauty, as signified by the white swan in the foreground. 

The broken/bleeding heart seems almost to be a Dreamcatcher in the background of dreams lost and hurtful past memories.

But the purity of the swan  signifies hope, trust in the process, the Ugly Duckling becoming the beautiful swan,

I love this image and this deck, it is truly extraordinary.


Your pain and suffering have a higher purpose. It is as the Sufi Poet Rumi says

“In the slaughterhouse of love,

they kill only the best, none of the weak or deformed.

Don’t run away from this dying. Whoever’s not killed for love is dead meat.”

Astrology of this day

that wandering Sagittarius Moon after being eclipses squares off with Neptune in Pisces

like a torch lighting up a room of smoke and mirrors of romantic  illusions,

Moon Trines Uranus in Aries which allows some brilliant new insights to light up the chambers of our hearts

Moon squares Chiron in Pisces the healing begins, the healing is in the wound,

Moon opposes Venus in Gemini- the duplicity of it all! seeing the double talking, the forked tongue, the ambivalence

and immaturity.

It’s time to allow the healing, you can no longer allow your heart to be hurt

with out understanding why and for what higher purpose.

then you become healed and transformed into your original beauty, with the purity of the swan.

then you can take to the skies and spread your hearts’ wings with love 

Allow the love which you know you deserve into your heart.

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Watch Total Eclipse of the Dark Bonnie Tyler  

What Become of the Broken Hearted? by Jimmy Ruffin 1966 

Happy Mother’s day, Inspirational Card of the Day,Love your Mother

May 12 

has a very happy upbeat Moon Jupiter conjunction in Gemini @ 21 degrees Taurus 

An air and earth combo. Get mom something light but sensual, a communication tool, a new learning experience.

Inspirational Card of the Day

comes from what else?

the MOTHERPEACE TAROT  by Vicki Noble and artist Karen Vogel.

The first really different in shape and Feminist centric Tarot card deck, printed in 1983. It’s been hugely successful, over 200,000 copies sold. 

Lovers Tarot Tara Greene


The Lovers Trump # 6 GEMINI

So synchronous that the LOVERS showed up on Mother’s day. So sweet. I love it.

It is associated with the Sign of  GEMINI- duality in one.

To love, one must have an equal and opposite mirror, polarity, Yin/yang.

LOVE IS ALL. Love is all we need. Love, Love, Love.

We are in a Universal LOVERS  year as 2013 reduces to #6 


Drop all you old resentments,hurt  and old emotional baggage about what MOM didn’t do for you

and turn that into gratitude and joy.

MOM gave you LIFE, for you to make of it what you will. Thank her and love her for that alone.

She gave you a great gift and walked in the shadow of death to give birth to you.

Mom may not have been perfect, still she made sacrifices for you. Mom may be like Mother Mary to you, all loving giving and compassionate.

Mom is both human and the Archetype of the Universal Goddess of creation and love who constantly gives birth to everything in the universe. She is the closest you will ever get to another person. You are her. You were physically in her body from the time she was conceived in her mother’s body. You have every experience and emotion that she had inside your own cellular consciousness. Plus your own karmic story of why you chose her to be your mother.  Whewh, that’s a whole book in itself.

Love your mother and honor her today  and everyday.

Take some deep breaths and see your mother as the Goddess, as the perfect mother, see her real frailty, her own wounds and struggles, and love her imperfection the same way she loves yours. Know that whatever her love or perceived lack of, that she love you unconditionally.

Love our mother the EARTH as well.  Everyone is born of woman, your Mom is your, and everyone’s  very real, living experience of the Goddess.

Mary Cassatt artist

MARY CASSATT Breakfast in bed

Give Mom a Mother’s Day Tarot and Astrology reading gift http://www.taratarot.com/id78.html

Mom can use it anytime up to the day before Next mother’s Day – phone readings By Skype.

All pop songs are spiritual songs I have always realized. 

Copyright 2013 Tara Greene