Big healing Jupiter conjunct Chiron at 14° Aries

John Singer Sargent, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

March 11 at 10:53 pm PST/ March 12 at 1:53 am EST is a big opportunity for new healing for what ails you at 14+° ARIES. Initiate a new war strategy to tear down those walls protecting that vulnerable interior.

Jupiter expands the anger and the assault tactics and the defences. This can trigger overtly defensive tactics and war mongering which is being mentioned on the worlds stage. Big danger zone.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries is burning down the house. The “I”-ness, the sense of self. The opposite of Aries bravery is cowardice and concealed fear. All of these vulnerable trigger points are hyper focussed right now. People will be hair trigger angry and crusiing for a bruising, try not to provoke at be at the mercy of their attacks.

Start a new healing program, direct your anger management and align your frustrations and rage at politicians and figure heads.

Jupiter expands the wounds and vulnerability. If you have planets at mid-degrees of Cardinal signs ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA and CAPRICORN you are feeling the anger, impulsiveness, rage, frustration, energy boost, defences, fighting instinct strongly. You have to be brave to take down the walls that keep you safe. To embrace your own vulnerability and heal yourself. Be brave, be vulnerable. Stop being so defensive.

Let me know how you are doing.

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