March Astrology Highlights

March is a supercharged change up month.
March 1/2nd The super beautiful VENUS  JUPITER conjunction happens at 11+ degrees ARIES.
March 2 MERCURY conjunction SATURN  at 29 degrees AQUARIUS a critical thinking day
March 2 MERCURY enters PISCES a psychopomp
guide for Saturn,until March 18/19 with the messenger in Pisces  good for dream interpretation, meditation, channeling magical work and creativity.
March 3 VENUS  conjunction CHIRON at 14 degrees ARIES
March 6 SUN sextile URANUS at 15+ degrees TAURUS,
March 7 FULL MOON in VIRGO at 16 degrees 40′ at 7:40 am EST
SATURN enters PISCES at 8:35 am EST just 1 hour after a VIRGO FULL Moon.
March 11 VENUS sextile MARS at 23 degrees ARIES
March 11 MERCURY sextile URANUS in TAURUS at 15+ degrees
March 11/12 JUPITER conjunction CHIRON at 14+ ARIES
VENUS enters TAURUS her home sign
March 14 MARS square NEPTUNE at 25 degrees
March 15/16 SUN conjunct NEPTUNE
March 16 MERCURY conjunct NEPTUNE
March 16 SUN square MARS in GEMINI
March VENUS square PLUTO at 29th anaretic degree.    March 16 VENUS enters TAURUS
March 16/17 MERCURY squres MARS at 25 degrees PISCES/GEMINI
March 17 SUN conjunct MERCURY at 26 degrees PISCES
March 17/18 VENUS sextile SATURN at 1+ degree TAURUS/ PISCES
March 18/19 MERCURY enters ARIES
March 20 SUN sextile CAPRICORN at 29 degrees PISCES/CAPRICORN a very critical day
March 20 ARIES EQUINOX is at 5:24 pm EST spring starts in northern hemisphere and autumn begins in Southern day and night are equal
March 21 NEW MOON at 0 degrees ARIES the first degree of the zodiac
March 23, 3 /23/23 PLUTO enters AQUARIUS for the first time in 248 years at 5;13 am PST/ 8:13 am EST until June 11 2023
CERES retrogrades back into VIRGO on the 23rd
March 25 at 7:45 am EST MARS Finally leaves Gemini after 8 crazy making months
March 25 MARS in CANCER  inconjunct PLUTO in AQUARIUS
March 26 MERCURY conjunct CHIRON
March 27/28 MERCURY conjunct JUPITER at 17+ ARIES
March 30 MARS trine SATURN in Pisces at 2+ degrees
March 30 VENUS conjunct URANUS at 16 + degrees TAURUS a great day for cryptocurrency and unusual bodily sensations
Whew what a month

The waves and winds of change are upon us. Saturn in PISCES can go many ways in this mutable last sign of the zodiac. Pluto entering AQUARIUS opens up new vistas and hoizons.

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