Venus Chiron, a new love language conjunction

March 3 this aspect helps us to boldly open to being vulnerable with our wounds and frailties. A Venus Chiron conjunction in Aries is a fiery, aggressive impulsive love language. Aries is usually madly defensive. That’s what soldiers and warriors do.

By opening up to our so called weak parts which are really our own shadows, and by Sharing our vulnerability with others creates deeper intimacy. So lay down your arms there folks aS that Joni Mitchell lyric goes.

At 13+ ° Aries look to where that degree is in your natal to show where you need to stop being so defensive. 8-14° ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA and CAPRICORN are most strongly affected.

This comes right after the Venus Jupiter conjunction which was loving and beautiful and Venus conjunct Chiron enables further deeper truer intimacy.

You will feel vulnerable in any new situation today but it’s Aries and it will pass soon enough, watch my video

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