29° critical heaviness Capricorn, Aquarius

You can feel it right? Even though there’s that beautiful special alchemist marriage of Venus and Jupiter conjunct at 11+° Aries happening March 1 at 9:36 pm PST and March 2 at 12:36 am EST.

Let’s not forget Mercury conjuncts Saturn at that last 29th critical degree March 2 at 9:34 am EST. A super important Aquarian totality message will be blasted.

The heaviness of the heavyweight planets Saturn at the last 29th degree of Aquarius and Pluto at the 29th degree of Capricorn can’t be overstated.

Remember that Pluto will be hovering over that last heavy anaretic degree until late 2024 when he finally decides to stay in the 11th sign for 20 years.

Pluto at 29° Capricorn is destructing your home life, your relationships and career, Pluto can destroy your health. Pluto will do whatever it takes to get you to ground zero, to your embodied soul.

At the same time the Plutocrat’s are doing their last ditch attempt to destroy the economy eliminate the “middle classes” and totally control the worlds economy.

This is a classic battle of corporate power and control and Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. Digital passports, AI, G5 and G6, robotics, Metaverse etc. cryptocurrencies can be used to enslave the total population and secret weapons of mass destruction have been unleashed already so be aware.

Pluto traditionally wears a helmet of inevitability and to see what’s going on you have to open your eyes to other sources of info. Saturn in Aquarius is the net, they who control the net control the source of all info. All MSM has been bought and sold lock stock barrel and are soulless puppets of China and the .0001%. They have never had such tools to manipulate people as the internet and AI makes it complete.

Saturn in Pisces also symbolizes the WTF is real and what is fake news. AI deep fakes means the powers that be can really rewrite history and maybe even our memories.

Pluto is modern ruler of Scorpio and there is paranoia and it over struggles going on . Pluto is big wealth. Soul wealth. Ultimately the devils bargain of getting stuck on the material world and selling your plutonic soul to the devil for success a la Illuminati is a illusion and Saturn in Pisces will dissolve the projection of glamour, wealth, Hollywood, and force everyone to take back their addictions, projections, false prophets, and outer traditional religion. Pisces is the symbol associated with Christ.

Jesus as a myth symbolizes the Sun entering The Age of Pisces for 2,160 years.

Saturn will move into Pisces March 7th to begin a new 29 year cycle and the beginning of the end of a 29 year cycle.

I have my IC the bottom root chakra of my natal chart at 29 Aquarius and man I can testify to how heavy Saturn is. The IC represents everyone’s childhood, your ancestors, roots, foundation, privacy, it is symbolic midnight. The IC is home, the womb, the mother,birth. The IC is correlated with the 4th sign of Cancer, needing emotional security, safety, nurturing, family.

If you have your IC at 22-30° Aquarius you are surely feeling this.

Saturn on the IC in any sign also affects the MC the career and worldly reputation. Saturn tests, he is related to the devil, Saturn/ Satan. If you were born with Saturn on your IC there’s a strong Karmic connections to your father and your mother. Your childhood was hard with Saturn on the IC, you had to learn to be mature and take responsibility at a very young age.

We’ve got the beauty of Venus and Jupiter and the heaviness of Saturn and Pluto.

And the heartaches begin a day later or the masks drop and true intimacy begins when Venus conjuncts Chiron at 12:48 pm EST on March 3.

Plus Mercury enters Pisces March 2 at 5:52 pm EST

I will be doing a Venus Jupiter ceremony here in the town of Saint Michael, as the two planets actually conjunct using some medicinal honey I bought here today and mixing with tequila I will bring it back to Totonto with me. I have many many tinctures going back to 11:11:11 from Sedona, and eclipse cycles and other special planetary conjunctions too,

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