Solar flares and cosmic upgrades February 27/28!

Photo by Alexandre Crosier over Mont saint Michel in France

One and maybe two CME’s produced a huge G3 class Solar flare which hit earth yesterday producing incredible rare red pink auroras.

I didn’t t know the CME or Coronal mass ejection was in effect. I only know I felt totally and utterly exhausted as I moved into San Miguel de Allende yesterday afternoon and couldn’t budge from My hotel room.

If you were or still are feeling exhausted dizzy,weak and have headaches these are the effects the electromagnet energies have on our earth and our bodies. My neck feels it’s all locked up too. Our pets are very sensitive to these energies too. Observe how they are responding.

Don’t push yourself, stay hydrated rest as you need. The sun is always irradiating our bodies. The massive shift in EMF’s is huge. We are electromagnetic beings. The sun always bombards the earth with solar winds and frequencies.

Remember that the sun puts out ultraviolet waves. The sun is actually the color purple the colour of psychic energy, not yellow that is Joel ur brains see the sun it’s opposite to what it really is. What does this tell you about how our perception shapes our reality. When you take ayahuasca you see ultraviolet purple light which is the true light of the stars.

I’m addition to what the planets are doing the sun gives light to every planet in our solar system. It gives life to the earth.

These are solar upgrades to open our minds. I don’t believe in ascension to escape the earthly realm as many believing in 5D consciousness talk about. There is nowhere else to go. The universe exists within us. As above so below and as without so within.

I believe in descending or descention.. Spirit and soul desire to descend into women’s wombs and the earthly reams for maximum emotional and soul growth potential.

We are moving into higher realms of consciousness.. the more of us that can do this collectively the better. But it’s about embodying our souls mission and that exactly what Saturn in Pisces means.

You don’t want to Assend you want To descend into the ultraviolet rays of psyche abs your heart.

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