Brilliant genius to heal wounds with Chiron conjunct Juno

Chiron in Aries conjuncts Juno over the next days offering spectacular new insights into our wounds vulnerabilities and traumas now and fast acting relief if you truly surrender into your own wounds.

Chiron and Juno-who was Jupiter’s wife Hera in Greek and Roman mythology was the original Great Mother of all and the specific, the feminine form of genius. Until she was patriarchalized into Zeus long suffering wife an awful base for modern nuclear families.

Those wounds persist because emotions have been suppressed and not fully welcomed and worked through. That is why they persist-there is a fear of what is there. But Chiron is the wounded healer shaman. A real shaman always has to suffer and die to earn their true shamanic status. It’s not glamorous at all, like lots of modern “shabby shamans” as my husband calls them.

Juno is very intuitive and omni dimensional. See your traumas, wounds and vulnerability through an entirely new lens. New intuitive insights abound and old stuck defensive energies can move and more energy is freed up as a result.

Chiron will continue to sextile Mars in Gemini until the end of the month from 12-13° Aries and Mars ends the month at 18° Gemini. Mars rules Aries lighting the fire for fast acting realizations and conversations and for taking action.

A very good time for therapy. I coach clients on an ongoing basis. Get spiritual life coaching at

Mars is also opppsite the Great Attractor at 14° Sagittarius for the next few weeks. Use this energy to shoot high for your goals and be honest with yourself in true Sagittarius fashion.

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