Weekly Astrology February 6-12, the final decree.

It’s a relatively quiet week after the royal Leo dramatic quirky uRANIAN Full Micro Moon.

Here’s where the moon is this week

There is One Major planetary aspect Mercury conjunct Pluto February 10 at 28+° CAPRICORN virtually the anaretic last final 29th degree of Capricorn making it, well the Final decree.

Mercury and Venus are the busiest planets making soft sweet sextiles this week. with NEPTUNE in PISCES, URANUS in TAURUS and PLUTO plus MARS in GEMINI sextiles CHIRON in ARIES.

Feb. 6 Mercury sextiles Neptune from Capricorn to Pisces which is imaginative,creative, dreamy and practical at the same time. Confusion and foggyness are the other manifestations of this aspect.

Feb. 7/8 VENUS in PISCES sextiles URANUS in Taurus.

Kinky sex with aliens? Erotic and out of this world fantasies,dreams and intuitive hits. creative bursts of song sensual dance and inventive and unique zaps from the universe.

Feb.10 Mercury Pluto conjunct at 9:16 am PST/ 12:16 pm EST/ 5:16 pm GMT.

Expect some political corporate heavy messages. The shit hits the fan political news. Merges, take overs, big banking fallout. On a personal level this is about listening to your soul messages, your Power messages. CAPRICORN is a receptive earth, , sign, it rules the bones, our embedded DNA our ancestors, what we know in our bones.

CAPRICORN is long term goals and plans, career our public reputation. This can bring renown and rewards for long term work. It can signify a promotion and always taking on serious well thought out long term plans and goals. Initiate Serious conversations with elders, about their thoughts, their life experience what they feel they accomplished in their lives.

This aspect is a message to take more responsibility for your thoughts and your words because they are karmic and carry weight. Do what you do seriously. Is your career something you see yourself sticking with over the long run? Consider that Pluto holds enormous power to transform your thought your goals your body your wealth and accomplishments.

CAPRICORN is The Devil in the TAROT #15 the mirror of the Lovers #6.

The Devil as he is popularly shown as the horned red part goat is a Christian invention to imbalance pagan ancient beliefs about Pan the horny Green Man who is the Goddesss lover. There is indeed much evil in the world but the devil is just a projection of the structure of church’s own power hungry evil nature. This has nothing to do with Jesus or his attributes beautiful teachings. The DEvil tenors our souls’ which Pluto is on charge of by making us believe that the material world and success are more valuable than spiritual success or knowledge. Don’t be tempted by The Capricorn hard work ethic Devil to sell your soul for materials success and wealth ,

You are not your career, your worldly position or the material things you may have amassed. and is not your life on any level.

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