Heavy Capricorn New Moon December 23

December 23 Capricorn New Moon at 1+ degrees occurs at 5:17 am EST 2 days after Winter Solstice in the Gateway corridor and at the end of Saturnalia, the ancient Roman festival that took place from December 17- 23. The last dark moon of 2022 Comes loaded with heavy Capricorn energies with SUN MOON VENUS MERCURY and PLUTO in the Saturn ruled sign with Saturn itself in Aquarius in its other rulership. This is an earthy, corporate ruled- notice the US government just pushed through another trillion dollar expense bill-Saturn ruled dark Moon.

I came down with a head cold the other day so am behind in doing my post.

Having the New Moon so close to the solstice further energizes the impact of this dark moon.

Chiron,the wounded healer also turns Direct hours before.

JUPITER newly in ARIES is square to the SUN & MOON

The pressure is on and we may be jumping to conclusions that the house is on fire. You may be feeling pumped and raring to go but remember that the frustration factor is 100%. Be careful of not being too rambunctious.

YOD or Thor’s Hammer of MARS Retrograde sextiles Chiron in ARIES inconjunct the SOUTH NODE

This can bring up old wounds from the past, anger, frustration, dualistic thinking and arguments at the very least. Actions are frustrated too. Jumping to conclusions may make things worse.


Vulnerability around career, work and physical things and women in the workforce. Venus rules the heart and Chiron as it stations direct is very powerful. We may be feeling physically vulnerable as well as emotionally.

SATURN and URANUS are still squaring off.

Moon squares Chiron in Aries later in the day.

Here is the Pleiadian and Chanda and Omega symbols by John Sandbach

“Capricorn 2. A painting which causes those who see it to become silent. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: Poyel (poi-YEL) Dispelling Anger, Fortune and Support)

This degree knows how to induce receptivity in other people, that is, how to get them to receive information more deeply, through catching them off guard.. Often without knowing it it has a compelling presence and can trigger thoughts and awareness in other people which it didn’t mean to. It can open up new and unexpected ways of seeing.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A wisdom tooth that has been removed from someone’s mouth. It is plated with gold.” This is an image of the essentializing of truth, the distilling of wisdom down to its simplest, most concentrated form – like the painting of the Omega Symbol that is so compelling as an experience it silences all debate, speculation and criticism. This degree is about cutting away the dead wood of knowledge – paring down to what is clear. What we think we know is so often very different from what we really know. But when stress is great enough and crisis occurs, we find out the difference between the two, and the eternal is clearly separated from the illusory. The truth of this degree is that we eventually we realize that we are the wisdom we seek.

Pleiadian Symbol: A mysterious colored window used to contact other worlds.

Azoth Symbol: An idea, like a tree, branches out in many different directions.

Seed degree: 22 Aries. A gentle, mild-mannered author who writes horror stories. (Omega Symbol). When we exorcise our fears we can come to a much deeper appreciation of the significance of what we’ve created in our life.

Puppets coming alive at night. (Chandra Symbol). When our imaginings take on a life of their own we are able to gain deep insight into ourselves.

Fulfillment degree: 23 Scorpio. A man repairing damaged inlays of precious stones on the Taj Mahal. (Omega Symbol). Entering the silence we return with a renewed ability to preserve and perfect all that is most beautiful and wonderful in our life.

A collection of dolls. (Chandra Symbol). Attuning to the deepest and purest wisdom allows us to see how personality works and to discern all its multifarious manifestations.”- John Sandbach https://john-sandbach.blogspot.com/

Have a very Happy Healthy Holiday

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Chiron Turns Direct December 23, on a New Moon

For the past five months since July 19 Chiron has been Retrograde in ARIES

from 16 degrees 26 ‘Aries to 11 degrees 56 minutes turning stationary Direct NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS.

It will take until April 16,2023 until Chiron trots ahead past his Retrograde Stationary degree from July 19.

During this period we were working on the deepest healing of our wounds by surrendering to them. The truest and strongest heroes must be able to also be vulnerable and lay down their arms and their shields and their guns.

The greatest strength is being vulnerable. There is no war except our internal split between matter and spirit. To keep defending ourselves against our own pain is futile.

Look to The Sabian Symbol for 12 degrees ARIES for direction. Is ” A triangular shaped flock of geese.

An idealistic reliance upon a mental image of universal order. “- read the full description http://www.mindfire.ca/An%20Astrological%20Mandala/An%20Astrological%20Mandala%20-%20Aries%201-15.htm

Heroic Toxic masculinity started thousands of years ago at the start of the Age of Aries when the Old Testament began, the monotherist world domination of Judaism declared an inherent insecure position by trying to conquer and control the Great Mother, to split off from Mother Earth and natural instincts, intuition and man’s own Inner Divine Feminine. The warrior, Colonialism, capitalism and top-down survival of the fittest, the illusion of the individual stems from the masculine biological competitive nature, but this is not all of what a man is. Hierarchies are woven into our culture so we think they are natural but they are not.

A true warrior knows when to be vulnerable and intimate and honor his own nurturing Divine Feminine and to honor it in women and to create real intimacy and joy in relationships.

CHIRON was a wise healer in Greek Mythology. Part centaur, part human, part immortal, in Greek mythology he was a revered figure and taught the human Asclepius the arts of healing. There were numerous healing temples in ancient Greece founded by Asclepius based on Chiron’s teachings. There temples healed using plant medicines and dreams.

Modern medicine honors Chiron and Asclepius by using the same symbol of healing, the Caduceus, a symbol with a short staff entwined by two serpents, sometimes surmounted by wings while the Rod of Asclepius has a single snakeChiron is immortalized as the Constellation Centaurus. He was discovered November 1, 1977.

This 5 month period was to work on and heal our own TOXIC MASCULINITY, and our anger in general which is intergenerational PTSD anger, our instinctive defences and any walls we have put up to being intimate within others and with ourselves. There is unconscious toxic anger and defence against being open and intimate. Men have been taught to be warriors strong silent loners independent and women have been taught to be vulnerable, dependent and weak. Venus was originally the Goddess of LOVE & WAR. Therefore MARS must also have a Strong warrior and A passionate lover and defender of Venus.

Now you can move forwards with a more holistic understanding of the wounds and be more open and vulnerable. Prince Harry speaking about his vulnerability on the Netflix documentary is a major example of this.

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