December 18/19th, best days of 2022

December 18-19 are some of the best days of 2022.

Jupiter is at the very last degree of the zodiac the 29th most karmic degree and the Sun at 26° SAGITTARIUS on the GALACTIC CENTER. This is supercharged cosmic wisdom access time.

A time if major emotional and spiritual endings completions, releasing, cleansing, reviewing dreams and forgiveness compassion and feeling and knowing our oneness.

I tried to go live on youtube but my OBS studio was all messed up.Weird. I love tech but we don’t have the best relationships. so if you showed up thanks It was so frustrating for me and my husband who was trying to help me. 

I always follow through so join me DECEMBER 19 the energy is the same

Join me tonight, December 19 live on my FACEBOOK Business PAGE

at 5:00 pm PST/ 8:00 pm EST abs December 20 at 1;00 am GMT

To tune into this vibrant powerful cleansing healing energy, we’ll connect to your guardian angels, bring in protection and receive wisdom prosperity and abundance from the galaxy.

For a free guided meditation and dream review

Donations gratefully accepted

Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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