December 12- 18 Weekly Astrology

December 12-18 moon mapping

Where’s the Moon?

Dec. 12 Moon in fiery dramatic party hearty Leo

Dec. 14 MOON in earthy hard-working VIRGO 12:45 am PST/ 3:45 am EST/ 9:45 am GMT

Dec. 16 Moon in social likeable undecisive Libra 11:49 am PST/ 2:49 pm EST/8:49 pm GMT

Dec. 18 Moon enters intense waters of obsessive sexy Scorpio 7:31 pm PST

Dec. 12 SUN sextiles SATURN in AQUARIUS

Nice, easy, supportive and optimistic energy, good for seeing positively into the future, inventive and upbeat

Dec 14 SUN square NEPTUNE in PISCES

deceptions of all kinds, FAKE GURUS, scams, oil and price hiking, dept, illusions, delusions, viruses etc. revealed


info snafus, vulnerability from thinking about exes, conversations you should have had and challenges to be in touch with anger


Crypto shocks, tock market wild swings, chaos, earthquakes, shocking news, information

December 18: Ceres enters Libra

The Great Mother enters the sign of relationships, this feels like matchmakers and nurturing harmony, balance, peace and grace and Good timing.

Dec. 19 VENUS in Capriconrn squares CHIRON in ARIES

Love hurts, cue the sad, lost, lovelorn love song country songbook, love wounds,

Dec. 19 VENUS inconjunct MARS RETROGRADE

Like painted manicured nails on the chalkboard of your cold as steel hearted, all business values.

Have a great week,

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