Sun Mars Rx Juno T-Square

How did that Mars Eclipse feel for you? My Siberian Forrest kitten is running around like crazy from it getting herself into all kinds of things she shouldn’t.

Today is also a month since the lunar eclipse in Taurus at 16°. The effects of all eclipses last 6 months after the fact.,

today the sun opposes Mars at 15/16+°and they both square JUNO, the asteroid of feminine genius and multitasking.

Juno is more well known as the Goddess of marriage and childbirth but she has many attributes

she is know.As JUNO Moneta the money goddess too, her symbol is a magic wand and she has a multi dimensional character. I am writing a book about her and how you can use Juno’s energy to manifest what you desire in 8 dimensions at once.

Juno is the feminine form of genius. Feminine genius is very different than masculine genius which e think of as more focused linear logical mathematical. .we would apply that masculine genius to Albert Einstein or Nicola Tesla, or Stephen hawking or Elon Musk.

Feminine genius can be applied in a broader spectrum. I dare say those with autism, are on a broad spectrum, which may be focused in one area.

Some might call Joni Mitchell or Dolly Parton a singer songwriter and educational advocate a musical genius or feminist Gloria Steinem or actress comedian, tv producer innovator Lucille Ball or actress and internet innovator Hedy Lamar or Jane Fonda political activist and actress or artist Judy Chicago or Frida Kahlo or writers Margaret Atwood, or Malala a political activist.,

This t-square with mars retrigrade in Gemini the sign of information and the sun asks us to shine a light abs look back over writers. communicators, storytellers, for Sagittarius inspiration. T

The sun Mars Retro

Look back in anger is one literal translation of sun mars retro in Gemini and of course Prince Harry and meghan’s Netflix tell all about their justified anger at the racism and control of the monarchy comes out in perfect synchronicity

We can be is energizing in retrospect by reviewing conversations, ideaaa, debates and conversations

. If you’re feeling tired from Jupiter being at the very last degree of Pisces now and mars energy Deol eating retrograde crating huge snafus with information until January 12 take it easy on yourself and your mind.

I’ve done workshops on her which yoo can purchase on my website.



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