Dark feminine energy rising astrology

Athena and Lilith at 25 and 26° CANCER opposite Pluto in CAPRICORN at 26° is a fierce dark rejected warrior independent sexual Feminine energy which is nurturing and needs to be nurtured.

Pluto opposite is the lord of the Soul and riches and the depths of the dead, fear, reverence, the shadows, the unconscious and archetypal realms.

This is a great time to tap into the rejected powerful feminine archetypes which have been split off by the patriarchy. Women need to embrace their fierce take no shit from. O man or organization and refuse to engage.

If you have planets at 22-27° of CARDINAL Signs you will feel the tango of sexual tension and the battle cries of the goddesses to empower women abs come out if the artificial man made graves.

Rise Athena parthenogenesis goddess, whole and complete by herself, belonging to no man, and Lilith who left paradise to be alone rather than be treated as anything less than equal.

Where is asteroid ATHENA in your natal chart? And Your LILITH ? What aspects do they make to other planets? I’m which houses do they live?

Take note of them transmitting your houses and interacting with other planets.

Right now Athena and Lilith together are taking no shit from family in cancer or you are being rejected and revoked for taking a stand. Invite them into your dreams to help guide you. Pluto can act as a protective spirit too, remember he does have a heart.

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