Organize your stuff now with Saturn in Aquarius

If you are a messy disorganized person while Saturn in Aquarius, a very organized sign, then god help you and your better use some Saturn elbow grease and discipline to declutter, slim down any excess, and get your shit organized now. Call your friends and clean up and lighten your mind together, that’s what Aquarius is all about, collaborating .

Messy in Saturn in ♒️ Aquarius

When Saturn enters Pisces March 7, 2023 you won’t be able to find anything as everything will be under a haze of fog and perpetual smoke and mist from the atmosphere. Everything will start morphing and mysteriously moving intend up in parallel universes, like the proverbial socks in the dryer.

Saturn in Pisces from March 7,2023 is the reality of faeries, spiritual beings, ghosts, angels and all manner of spirits because everything has a spirit, crystals, Rocks, animals, places, battle fields, archeological sites, river beds.

You know those pixies that mysteriously steal your things around the house sometimes never to return and other times many years later from out of the blue after a very long time.

The moon was in Pisces all day December 1 making many aspects to Mars retrograde, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter before it entered Pisces at 11:41 pm EDT.

These thought were spawned by astrologer Michael Lutin commenting on an Instagram or FB post about this.

December 2 IS A quiet day only Aries moron making a couple of asPECTS

Neptune turns direct on the 3rd and our dreams can begin to come to fruition. What have you been dreaming about?

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At 5:00 pm PDT 8:00 pm EDT and December 3 at 1:00 am GMT .

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