2022 ends with major solar storm

A major solar storm and winds from the sun unleashed an M Class solar flare and winds which should hit earth late on New Years Eve. These EMF changes can block out satellite and radio frequencies, and GPS, affecting airplanes.

You will feel dizzy, tired, headachy and over sensitive as a result of these fluctuations.

Do be careful if drinking alcohol which further impacts your perception. Our animals are more sensitive than we are to solar flares.

Stay hydrated, and breathe deep to stay grounded, rest as much as you need.

A fitting end to 2022. Also Venus conjuncts Pluto New Year’s Eve abs New Year’s Day in EST and GMT.

Have a happy healthy new year.

Don’t you feel like you can’t believe the year is over?
— Read on spaceweather.com/images2022/31dec22/hmi1898.gif

Andrew Tate has Venus Pluto conjunct in Scorpio

The misogynist Andrew Tate’s a double Sagittarius born on a Dark moon conjunct Fixed Star ANTARES-rival of MARS- hence the macho schtick, with his JUPITER, expansive ruler of his SUN MOON and SATURN, his father, and the patriarchy in self-appointed delusional, mesmerizing guru status sign of PISCES along with a very unmacho, weak, pussy MARS in PISCES too.

As his birth time in unknown, Ive used noon for a public figure and it makes sense. Mars and Jupiter not conjunct in his 1st house of addictions, denial. shady dealings, money laundering, false news, self-sabotage. Saturn is sitting right on his MC his world fame position, indicating his father’s legacy as a military and world chess champ plus he is a world champ boxer.

The 6 foot 3 inch cigar-chomping proud misogynist and incel commander who thinks women are chattel and shouldn’t drive and were only designed ot be manipulated to stroke weak men’s non-existent penis has VENUS conjunct PLUTO in Scorpio the sign of the rapist along with Mercury- his merch is sex and manipulation and CERES the Great Mother who he is terrified of.

His chart is an open book. CHIRON the wounded healer in I’ll never grow up Peter Pan split in the head, but good marketer is opposite his SATURN, He is a weak wounded seld- delusional but successful stellium in Scorpio manipulator of men and women.

You heard about the Greta Thunberg incident as Elon Musk allowed woman hater TATE back onto Twitter who bated Greta, now 19 that his Bugatti car is such a gas guzzler and he would send her more pics to which she replied. Oh please do send to “littledickenergy@getalife.com” to which he wittily replied How dare you? He later replied in a video smoking a huge cigar with Pizza Boxes from a local Romanian pizza parlour which the police tracked him down and arrested him on suspicious of sex trafficking. Him and his brother who own Only Fans and a Casino in Romania were then released but are being investigated in money laundering.

And note asteroid THUNDBERG.

Synchronistically VENUS and PLUTO are coming together in Capricorn On NEW Years Eve and Day. Watch the video on YOUTUBE.

I hope ANDREW is finally nailed as Saturn crossed his AC and if that isn’t the case he most certainly will be incarcerated a PISCES theme in MARCH or spring when SATURN conjunct his MARS in PISCES and his nefarious illegal treatment of women lands him in jail.

No wonder that so many young Genn Z women hate men with asshles like Andrew and his brother running around and making millions off of treating women like objects. Women are never blame for being raped which has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with power and domination. Men must grow up from this infantile fear of women who obviously do have all the power sacred, emotional, intelligence and every way advantage over men. Its the way nature intended it. Grow up children. A man’s job is to support and honor women the life bringers. Thats our biological nature. We are animals on some level and life servers life.

Any man who thinks Andrew Tate is some kind of role model should be banished to Mars.

Women must also refuse to treat themselves that way and whore themselves out for material things too.


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2023 Love always wins, Venus conjunct Pluto

2023 begins with a powerful conjunction of the kiss of life or death, love and power as Venus and Pluto conjunct at 27+ Capricorn right on the US Natal Pluto. On December 31 late in PST, January 1st in EST, and GMT with Mercury retrograde close by.

2022 also started with Venus conjunct Pluto with Venus Retrograde and Mercury in Capricorn too. 2022 was basically a breech birth year

This is so synchronous it blows my mind. The New Years birth chart is the chart of 2023. Venus Pluto can be seen as THE symbol of all of 2023. Carl Jung the famed Swiss scientist said there are only 2 emotions, Love or Fear,Power defensiveness is the result of Fear.

Venus conjunct Pluto is literally the Greek myth of Venus as Persephone, the great Mother Demetra or Ceres’s daughter in Hades/ Pluto’s realm, the underworld as his bride of death. The Greek myth says Persephone was raped by Pluto into the underworld. This conjunction highlights big money, financial matters, women, women in business and in high positions in the world, rapists, sex traffickers, criminals, Plutocrats, thieves and power mongers in high places in governments and the world being brought up into the dayworld.

Plutos nature is to destroy that which is not supporting new growth for the soul. Expect the economy to crash in 2023 big time.

Earlier in the day ARIES moon squared PLUTO and VENUS and MERCURY but that ends we are fully in VEUS PLUTO conjunction wealth and power beauty is power, love is power, wealth is power, love your inner beauty.

The Mercury Retrograde indicates a mental review, a taking of stock and inventory for what is ahead.

MERCURY Sextiles NEPTUNE at 10:44 pm on January 1 but in effect on NYE

Women do be careful of not getting roofied or drugged or drink or shroom too much on New years. Stay aware.

THE MOON representing the Mood of the people is in solid stable Taurus trine the Capricorn Sun and conjunct URANUS at 4:52 om EST on JAnuary 1.

Things will be unpredicatable and the mood inventive. People want freedom of throught and of bodily movement.

I will be out reading Tarot cards earlier in the evening at The Rec Room downtown in Toronto by the CN Tower from 8-11:00 pm then one of my reader is takung over for me from 11-1:00 am.

Have a safe happy NEW YEAR.

Please share widely, all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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Bad Romance, Mercury Retrograde conjunct Venus

Mercury turns Retrograde December 29 at 4:32 m EST at 24 degrees 24′ 21′ CAPRICORN until January 18, 2023 at 8:12 am where it turns Direct at 8 degrees 09′. This is a very interesting Mercury Retrograde as MERCURY EXACTLY conjuncts the planet of love VENUS.

Our hearts and our minds rewind together. PLUTO is also conjunct Mercury and Venus at 27+ degrees on the U.S. Natal Pluto degree. Check out those degrees in your natal chart to see precisely how and where and with what aspects the Mercury Retrograde will affect your Venusian things money, earnings, self-worth, and love life,

I know all of these fakeish astrology websites and TikTok’s will tell you your ex is coming back with Mercury Retrograde to Venus, and this might be possible, but its more about reeling in fish already on the line or casting them away while Mercury is Retrograde. You will certainly be re-thinking and retesting and recontextualizing all those old romantic last-night talks with big promises of a long-term Capricorn like a rock future.

MERCURY will take until February 7th until it bypasses 24 degrees Capricorn and its really full speed ahead, Captain.

This definitely indicates a slowdown in the Venus-ruled economy or government backtracking, redoing, recounting, rescinding, reviewing etc., especially while MARS is still RETROGRADE at 9 degrees GEMINI and will remain Retro until January 12.

DO NOT WORRY ABOUT MAKING ANY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS FOR 2023 JUST YET. ITS SIMPLY NOT IN DIVINE TIMING. Wait until after January 18 when both Mercury and Mars are moving directly.


Feel this Retrograde’s impact the most. ALL CARDINAL signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, feel it most from 22-25 degrees.

Don’t be scared of MERCURY RETROGRADE’s they are not disasters. When you know what their specific purpose is you can work with this energy for your own benefits.

Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods. The planet symbolizes our brains, the way we communicate, think, analyze and process information. Mercury governors merchants, social media and all sales. The first four letters of the word indicate the connection.

Mercury Retrogrades are welcome times for our overstimulated brains to get some much-needed R & R, just as we need to sleep at night. Think of Mercury Retrograde as a reboot for your computer, which is your mind your OS, out with the old to make space for the new. This is a good thing at the end of the year.

Review old loves won and lost, review your values, and rethink your career and long-term goals. Remember that with Mercury Retrograde is always more impactful on VIRGO and GEMINI no matter what sign Mercury Retrogrades in as that sign ruling planet. You need to heed this well. Use this time

TAKE this precious TIME out to chill and really give time to renew your mind, your love contracts conscious and unconscious. Maybe even change your love language,

Just remember to double and triple-check all information and communications while the Retrograde is on and back up your cell phone and computer as well.

Did you know that 20-30% of the world’s population was born during a Mercury Retrograde? How to find out if you were born during a Mercury Retrograde? You can go to http://www.astro.com to get your free natal chart. People born during this time are creative thinkers and can be positive influencers. If that is you then every time Mercury Retrograde is Retrograde, you feel “in the zone.”

Please contact me for readings by email at taragreene@taratarot.com for a more in-depth look into how to use Mercury Retrograde as a powerful communications tool to your advantage.

Happy Mercury Retrograde.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

May be used with permission with direct link to this article.

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Goodbye 2022, December 26-January 1 Astrology

We’ve reached the end of 2022 and it ends with a bang. As the US has its’ 3rd and final Pluto return December 28 as Mercury turns Retrograde conjunct Venus indicating major financial issues are being replayed. The 1st and 2nd Pluto returns were on Feb 20- when Russia invaded Ukraine on the 24th, and July 11th when NASA released the first full-color image from the James Webb deep space telescope-a historic moment. https://www.theverge.com/2022/7/11/23202949/nasa-jwst-first-image-joe-biden-universe-deep-field

December 26 is a fairly light day, with Moon shifting from AQUARIUS to PISCES at 11:34 pm PST

Dec 27 Moon enters PISCES at 2:34 am EST

LITE aspect today Moon sextiles SUN and squares Retro Mars in GEMINI,can be sibling and family squabbles.

Dec. 28 VENUS in CAPRIOCRN sextile NEPTUNE in PISCES is a loved-up creative , spiritual-enhancing day

The Human love of Venus and the soul mate aspects of love support each other beautifully. Your feet will hardly touch the ground all day with the Moon in PISCES making sweet sweet sextiles ALL DAY. really a beautiful aspect. Pisces Moon sextiles Uranus in TAURUS, conjuncts NEPTUNE, Sextiles Venus in Capricorn Mercury about to turn Retrograde and PLUTO in Capricorn

DECEMBER 28 is the Last exact PLUTO return of the US at 27 degrees 33 ‘ as Mercury stations

The Mercury stationing Retrograde close to this degree indicates more backtracking and muckraking ABOUT CORPORATE MISINFORMATION and information like Elon Musk’s Twitter FILES having a big impact. Corporate ideations, hidden control, the recent Ballenciago outing of child pedophilia in ads was great and this needs to be fleshed out more. All of the corrupt Plutocrats’ and their organizations, using secret sex, money, power,control things will be exposed. It’s in Pluto’s nature to do so. SBF is part of the corrupt money laundering that was used to attempt to bring down crypto down to get Government control of it as well. We will see how his trial or what results from the crypto freedom being infringed upon.

I just posted that 3rd Return chart already and wrote a brief synopsis. America is in terrible shape, the recent 1.7 trillion spending bill just digs the US further into debt, so it will be forced to declare bankruptcy -the plan- to create a digital currency to have more control and/or start world war three attempting to fight Russia. The U.S. is not at all the superpower it once was, and if it still is projecting that lie-whoever believes that is in for a big fall. It’s all a big shell game with huge stakes and the pawns always take the brunt of it until they wake up which is what Pluto in Aquarius is supposed to and will do but who is in control has the power.

Dec. 29: MERCURY in CAPRICORN stations Retrograde at 1:32 am PST/ 4:32 am EST/ 8:32 am GMT until January 18 at 5:12 am PST/8:12 am EST/ 12:12 pm GMT 12:58 pm GMT at 24 degrees 21 minutes until 8 degrees 09′.

Dec. 29 MERCURY conjunct VENUS at 5:58 am PST/8:58 am EST 12:58 pm GMT

As Mercury is at its most powerful Stationing, this aspect brings major financial and money issues reeling backwards and corporate expectations to a halt. Yes old ex’s may repear to text a few words. Info snafu’s with money banking etc.

Dec. 30 SUN inconjunct MARS in GEMINI RETRO and still OUT of BOUNDS

Recalls, info snafu’s, government reissues, cars too,Angry complainers, remember tempers are short with Jupiter now in ARIES conflating things.

Dec. 31 NEW YEARS EVE VENUS conjunct PLUTO at 9:25 pm PST

January 1st at 12:25 am EST/ 4:25 am GMT

2022 goes out in a BIG BANG power struggles, money issues , corporate control, women in power, plutocratic control, love, and money go underground


Jan. 1, 2023 VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO  a big start off to 2023

The January 1st chart indicates the rest of the year,

This is a BILLIONAIRES aspect at 28 degrees.

Big birth, death and transformative energy, money and financial corruption revealed, hidden assets, lobbying, women’s power and Plutocrats and government attempting to squash women as in Iran, sexy dark feminine energy coming to the fore, women are mad as hell


Be careful about drinking or getting drugged at a party.

WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST OF 2023 it will be a HUGE MASSIVE year of change unlike anything we’ve seen since November 27, 2008 when Pluto last changed signs entering Capricorn and bringing down the Sub prime mortgage banking scandal world wide. but with extras like Saturn entering PIsces for the next 2.5 years and more.

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Final Pluto Return, Red Pill, December 28, 2022

The 3rd and final act of the first US Pluto return occurs December 28, at 12:00 pm in Washington DC.

U.S. Sibley Astrology chart and the U.S. 3rd Pluto return, December 28,2022

U.S. Sibley Astrology chart and  U.S. 3rd Pluto return, December 28,2022

The US is in the Twilight hours of its’ first Birthday return of its founding as a powerful nation from Pluto, the planet of Power, Plutocrats, Big wealth, control, secrets, sex, death, the shadow in the mirror, the soul of a nation or of an individual and transformation.

246 years is about the average time an Empire lasts historically. The Roman Empire fell only after its second Pluto Return.  Actually the Roman Empire did not fall. It integrated with the Church. 

What the founding fathers agreed on July 4, 1776 has now come full circle. The idea of Democracy does not exist anymore and it never actually did. Elites of one form or another have always ruled. Let some people have a few crumbs, ok. The shadow of “All men are created equal” is seen to be totally unjust, sexist, racist and a lie. 

BRITAIN has gone through 3 PLUTO returns

Since 1066 when England was founded by William the Conquerer it has gone through 3 Pluto Returns. In 1310, when England also experienced a mini-ice age in the early 1300’s, then in 1555 when Queen Elizabeth I Ascended to the throne in 1558 and ruled until her death in 1603. She famously had a court Astrologer mystic John Dee, then in 1800/1801.  The Union Jack, as we know it now, came into being, because of the Act of Union with Ireland,  January 1, 1801.

gone through two Pluto Returns already. 

It has received its 1st return on February 20, the day Russia Invaded Ukraine which has a major connection with the U.S. destiny, and again July 11- The Hubble telescope released its first color photographs a tech event.

But The US is in bad shape, and I have been predicting a Civil War for years or it could be a proxy war using other countries to sell arms, distract or just launder more trillions. 

See the chart of the US SIBLEY and the 3rd PLUTO return. Today PLUTO is aligned with an about to turn Back time Messenger, and VENUS, Return to sender, Cue that Elvis song. 


Expect more shocking news information and misinformation to appear. 

NEPTUNE in PISCES is opposite to Natal NEPTUNE at 22 VIRGO

this compounds that PISCES ennui, mental illness, jails, institutions, being locked away, viruses, secret control, death energy of the 12th sign and house in natural order. 

I believe the last hit is the worst and lo and behold I was waiting to write this article and here is the answer. Just read it on Twitter- which I am still permanently suspended from although they did ask me to verify my phone number for the first time. 

PLUTO ruled poisons, toxins, death, embalming, recycling, refuse, big money, criminal behaviour,  intimidation, revenge, darkness, taboo things, child pornography, sex slaves, the SOUL, psychology, the depths,garbage,  all of this is starting to come out into the open but the media colludes. It is all criminal. Politics is pornography. 

“Zelensky announces he is planning to join World Economic Forum in Davos, to sign new postwar loans with BlackRock” GREAT. BLACK ROCK is going to come under WEF world control by evil Schwab and all the leaders who belong like the despised Trudeau. It’s all a sham of depopulation organized COVID with Big Pharma/ Fauci etc. You won’t like me saying this, I know. Please read what Elon Musk is trying to do by publishing the Fauci papers now. WEF, Big Pharma, CCCP, all in bed with each other to control the world. all 1000% corrupted. Doesn’t matter what political party, its all arbitrary. Yes Democrats seem to be kinder but it’s just some crumbs. Russia seems to be fighting everyone else.

In addition the US just printed 1.7 Trillion more worthless paper money.  PLUTO is Lord of WEALTH and his rep is to decimate, destroy and render defunct. So you know the US dollar is not worth anything really, also gold and silver markets are being controlled. 

Mercury turns Stationary Retrograde on the 29th at  24 degrees 21 minutes Capricorncorn conjunct PLUTO bringing that influence into the picture too. There will  be backlash and back talking and back room deals. yes Mercury retrograde until January 18 at 8 degrees 08′ CAPRICORN will bring business talks and career reviews, big boss issues, daddy issues and old senior wise men, senators, and Corporate big business overhauls. 

THE MOON is in PISCES symbolizing the people who are having the wool pulled over their drugged up eyes anyway, They are away in PTSD and mental illness, they are in general feeling very confused, in debt, underwater, projecting, self-sacrificing, rooting for the wrong top dogs,in denial worshiping vacuous glamour stars, fake reality shows, and addicted, dealing with mental illness, institutions of control and avoiding harsh realities. ESCAPING in other words. Not good. I do respect Elon Musk for daring to expose the dark underbelly that is not just America as the foremost seeming power in the world,but the entire .001% Plutocrats who control everything. He is not owned by them totally. He somehow has managed to be ab outlier. For that alone he deserves great cred. 

Please get your head out of the sand now because once Saturn enters PISCES March 7th  Saturn will stomp your head into the ground as a reality check.

PLUTO or his ferryman CHARON always demands to be paid for crossing the river STYX. Choose your poison well.  The detox is not was bad as you think. 

Take the red pill. The red pill and blue pill represent a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the red pill or remaining in the contented experience of ordinary reality with the blue pill. The terms originate from the 1999 film The Matrix.

Look at where 23-28 CAPRICORN fall in your chart where Venus, Mercury and Pluto are to see how this birth and death resurrection show energy is affecting you. 

Let me know what you think. Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene.

Remember that  VENUS and PLUTO conjunct New Years Eve in PST and JULY 1 in EST and GMT.  and it will be powerfully impactful into 2023.

Please share widely, Sorry I’m writing so few I have been down with a bad head cold for a week. 

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Trust Juno Feminine genius intuition

December 26 Boxing Day

I hope you had a lovely Christmas, or holiday or quiet time as you needed.

This time Of year in the Northern Hemisphere is dark and with 4 planets in Capricorn, hard, cold and realistic. Like there is no escape.

But today a lovely water trine from JUNO, the feminine form of genius, conjunct to dreamy imaginative creative, altruistic Neptune at 22° PISCES trine ATHENA at 22 Cancer, she is the strategic goddess of war defense.

Neptune is the god of smoke and mirrors, deception, evasion and spiritual devotion. This aspect can be used positively to stop yourself wearing those rose colored glasses,, where you allow yourself to be taken advantage of in a romantic or any other type of Pisces or Cancer overdoing it by self sacrificing to help save or enable another.

The 22° Pisces is a sensitized degree because it sextiles the very hard major Saturn Pluto conjunction degree of 22 Capricorn made on January 12, 2020. The next day Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they were leaving the firm as senior working royals. And that date also marks the beginning of acknowledgment of Covid in western news. In astrology we would interpret Saturn Pluto aS triggering Covid.

What was going on for you January 12, 2020?

Use todays positive aspect to boost your intelligent, feminine,multitasking intuition to strategize your desires, dreams and inspirations going forwards.

What planets, AC or other major points do you have at 20-25° Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces? Use this support energy to help you clarify a dream, a vision an intuition, a spiritual path. Take time out to reflect meditate and sit with your intuition being the witness or watcher.

Neptune and Juno at 22° trine Athena in Cancer bringing powerful emotional intelligence, instincts, intuition and feminine genius together to help us discern the confusion in the big picture

Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Positive astrology for Christmas

The energy for December 24/25 is very supportive easy and lovely.

December 24 moon in Capricorn along with 5 other planets is traditional, conservative. Late on the 24th the moon shift signs as Santa rides in PST into revolutionary freedom inventive Aquarius. Christamas Day is airy lite, freeing, less constructing , a higher ideal of humanity. Watch the video exploding the details. Happy Christmas.

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Galactic turning point

Watch the live broadcast of the rare solstice energy with Jupiter at the last degree of Pisces fb.watch/hCkN3LZDtz/

Heavy Capricorn New Moon December 23

December 23 Capricorn New Moon at 1+ degrees occurs at 5:17 am EST 2 days after Winter Solstice in the Gateway corridor and at the end of Saturnalia, the ancient Roman festival that took place from December 17- 23. The last dark moon of 2022 Comes loaded with heavy Capricorn energies with SUN MOON VENUS MERCURY and PLUTO in the Saturn ruled sign with Saturn itself in Aquarius in its other rulership. This is an earthy, corporate ruled- notice the US government just pushed through another trillion dollar expense bill-Saturn ruled dark Moon.

I came down with a head cold the other day so am behind in doing my post.

Having the New Moon so close to the solstice further energizes the impact of this dark moon.

Chiron,the wounded healer also turns Direct hours before.

JUPITER newly in ARIES is square to the SUN & MOON

The pressure is on and we may be jumping to conclusions that the house is on fire. You may be feeling pumped and raring to go but remember that the frustration factor is 100%. Be careful of not being too rambunctious.

YOD or Thor’s Hammer of MARS Retrograde sextiles Chiron in ARIES inconjunct the SOUTH NODE

This can bring up old wounds from the past, anger, frustration, dualistic thinking and arguments at the very least. Actions are frustrated too. Jumping to conclusions may make things worse.


Vulnerability around career, work and physical things and women in the workforce. Venus rules the heart and Chiron as it stations direct is very powerful. We may be feeling physically vulnerable as well as emotionally.

SATURN and URANUS are still squaring off.

Moon squares Chiron in Aries later in the day.

Here is the Pleiadian and Chanda and Omega symbols by John Sandbach

“Capricorn 2. A painting which causes those who see it to become silent. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: Poyel (poi-YEL) Dispelling Anger, Fortune and Support)

This degree knows how to induce receptivity in other people, that is, how to get them to receive information more deeply, through catching them off guard.. Often without knowing it it has a compelling presence and can trigger thoughts and awareness in other people which it didn’t mean to. It can open up new and unexpected ways of seeing.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A wisdom tooth that has been removed from someone’s mouth. It is plated with gold.” This is an image of the essentializing of truth, the distilling of wisdom down to its simplest, most concentrated form – like the painting of the Omega Symbol that is so compelling as an experience it silences all debate, speculation and criticism. This degree is about cutting away the dead wood of knowledge – paring down to what is clear. What we think we know is so often very different from what we really know. But when stress is great enough and crisis occurs, we find out the difference between the two, and the eternal is clearly separated from the illusory. The truth of this degree is that we eventually we realize that we are the wisdom we seek.

Pleiadian Symbol: A mysterious colored window used to contact other worlds.

Azoth Symbol: An idea, like a tree, branches out in many different directions.

Seed degree: 22 Aries. A gentle, mild-mannered author who writes horror stories. (Omega Symbol). When we exorcise our fears we can come to a much deeper appreciation of the significance of what we’ve created in our life.

Puppets coming alive at night. (Chandra Symbol). When our imaginings take on a life of their own we are able to gain deep insight into ourselves.

Fulfillment degree: 23 Scorpio. A man repairing damaged inlays of precious stones on the Taj Mahal. (Omega Symbol). Entering the silence we return with a renewed ability to preserve and perfect all that is most beautiful and wonderful in our life.

A collection of dolls. (Chandra Symbol). Attuning to the deepest and purest wisdom allows us to see how personality works and to discern all its multifarious manifestations.”- John Sandbach https://john-sandbach.blogspot.com/

Have a very Happy Healthy Holiday

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