Jay Leno, Astrology of an accident

Jay Leno, the former Tonight Show talk host from 1992–2009, was seriously burned November 12th on his face and hands from a steam fire from a 1907 steam car he was working on in a garage where he keeps his cars in Burbank California. Leno is well known for being an avid collector of unique cars. I am sending him blessings and prayers for a speedy recovery as burns hurt like hell.

Leno has a YOUTUBE channel Jay Leno’s Garage https://www.youtube.com/c/jaylenosgarage/videos

JAY LENO is an earthy grounded sensous TAURUS SUN, a VIRGO MOON conjunct serious hardworking Saturn and a nit-picky Virgo with an innovative eccentric and detached AQUARIUS Rising sign.


Saturday November 12th, the day of the accident was within four days of a Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse in Taurus.

MARS, the planet of action, force, men, aggression, danger and explosions is in Gemini which symbolizes fast cars and information highways. Mars is moving backwards and is not only Retrograde but also OUT OF BOUNDS at 24 degrees GEMINI meaning that the possibility of unexpected WILD CARD energies is very real.

MARS in Gemini is SQUARE to Jay’s NATAL MARS at 22 degrees VIRGO and OPPOSES his NATAL CHIRON, the WOUNDED HEALER in SAGITTARIUS at 21 degrees and OPPOSITE to his VENUS at 21 PISCES

MARS opposite CHIRON in Sagisttariurs

Mars rules fast and dangerous things.Mars. Chiron is where we are the most vulnerable and also where the greatest healing is, Sagittarius is a FIRE sign. MARS square MARS is a very difficult transit like two boxers in a ring and that square to Venus in PISCES rules gaseous things.

MARS is also conjunct to Jay’s Natal URANUS in CANCER at 1 degree. Uranus rules technological things, chaos, surprises and explosions. Cancer is the sign of home, nurturing,things we love, and emotional safety and the Moon for a noon chart is at the last anaretic or the max energy of Gemini at 29 degrees.

Mars was in Leno’s 4th house of home and the underneath” or “belowest” part of his chart and was in a 90-degree angle square to Jay’s natal perfectionist Mars at 22 Virgo. Mars rules the sign of Aries and the head. Leno was famous for his thick hair and prominent chin.

Transit of SATURN in AQUARIUS conjunct his AC or Rising Sign at 22 AQUARIUS

T. SATURN is the hard heavy planet of limitations, obstacles, testing and time, maturity and endings is in Leno’s 12th house of karma, endings and self-sabotage at 15 degrees AQUARIUS conjunct to his Ascendant which is his physical appearance.

SATURN and URANUS are both in a tight square and are both applying to Jay’s PLUTO in LEO.

Leno underwent surgery today November 16 for his extensive burns. https://www.cnn.com/2022/11/16/entertainment/jay-leno-recovery

SATURN on AC may alter Leno’s appearance using AQUARIAN new technology. They may do an amazing job of recreating his face and appearance if heavily damaged. Mr. Leno can afford the best doctors.

The SUN, in emotional transformational SCORPIO means deep changes is squaring Transiting Saturn in Aquarius and his Ascendant.

URANUS the shock and awe chaotic, explosive planet of change is at 16 degrees TAURUS and the NORTH NODE at 13 degrees TAURUS

squaring Jay’s Natal PLUTO Retrograde the symbol of the soul and deep soul transformation at 15 degrees LEO in his 6th house of health and widely square to his TAURUS SUN. The SOUTH NODE in SCORPIO is a release from the past and transformative in nature.

URANUS is also trine to Leno’s SATURN and MOON in Virgo in his 7th house of all others. Virgo is the sign of health.

NEPTUNE at 22 degrees PISCES the planet of actors, appearances, addictions, delusions, oil, glamour, shapeshifters, camouflage and endings,also ruler of the 12th Sign of PISCES of karmic endings, is exactly conjunct Leno’s

natal VENUS in PISCES at 21 degrees and opposite his MARS in VIRGO exact at 22 degrees.

JUPITER at 29 Pisces at the very last aneretic most karmic degree of the Zodiac is also in the same conjunction and opposition and Jupiter expands everything it touches. JUPITER is square to URANUS in LEO in his 5th house of creative self-expression and willpower, further underlying the shocking explosive energies.


opposes Natal NEPTUNE in LIBRA is all about appearances and balance relationships and beauty. NEPTUNE rules actors and Hollywood, gaseous substancses. This means that Jay would benefit from spiritual healing and visualizing his wounds healing and I heard he is in a Hyperbaric pressure holder to help ease his wound.

“The injury took place after a gasoline fire erupted in the legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host’s garage over the weekend. While he was working on his car, a clogged fuel line uncorked, spraying fuel in his face and a nearby spark ignited the gasoline. 

Leno underwent surgery for excision and grafting for second and third-degree burns and was slated for another procedure this week.” https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/health-wellness/2022/11/18/hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy-explained/10726094002/

I wish CELEBRITIES and ordinary folks consulted professional astrologers for advice about what not to do and when to do things the way they look up the weather.

If I was Jay Leno’s astrologer I would surely have advised him of avoiding anything dangerous or explosive during this time period of Mars Retrograde and Out of Bounds in Gemini and the Saturn Uranus squares affecting him personally right up until January 12. Better to be safe than sorry.

SENDING JAY the best of healing Chirotic blessings


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