Crypto Crash, Bloody Lunar Eclipse, FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried Astrology

hi Everyone, I hope you’re ok after the TAURUS Blood Moon at 16 degrees. I have been hit hard by this eclipse as it’s exactly on my DC/AC axis. So please bare with me.

The November 8 financial Blood Moon “Blood Bath” Lunar Eclipse as I called it- triggered and was synched in with the FTX fiasco in the crypto world November 9. The Taurus eclipse which governs money and assets, was conjunct chaotic shocking planet URANUS which governs Crypto itself as the modern ruler of the sign of Aquarius, squaring the heavy planet SATURN ruler of karma, limitations, and obstacles, and endings in AQUARIUS which rules Cryptocurrencies. Astrology is very literal. Eclipses were always foreboding events and Saturn is hard core reality.

Apparently, FTX may now have hacked its own site and drained $600 million out of its own coffers? Someone nuanced this on Twitter. This whole Sam Bankman-Fried scandal will give crypto a terrible rep and has already sunk Bitcoin etc. Scoffers will call it ripto currency

Besides the Blood Moon Blood bath in the Taurus bull market sign other transits apropos.

Jupiter, the planet of excess, optimism and expansion re-entered PISCE’s October 28 the last sign of the Zodiac and traditionally the sign of Death, endings, ephemeral unsubstantial things, apparitions, ghosts, the sign of false gurus, projections, dreams, illusions, addictions endings, self-sabotage, hidden things and mental illness. That alone explains everything. Jupiter/Thor had a hammer, this is a double whammy bang bang Maxwell silver hammer of endings.

BREAKING: “FTX had a “backdoor” areas 12th House- built into its accounting software by SBF, which he used to move billions without triggering alerts to other staff, auditors etc” – Reuters

As of November 12 at 4:32 am EST this has happened

-FTX lost ~$10B -Alameda sex cult uncovered -FTX/Epstein rumors -FTX hacked for +$600m by SBF most likely and Snowden is tweeting excellent Tweets about this.

The destiny named Sam BANKMAN-Fried the disgraced CEO of FTX and its other branch ALAMEDA has just declared Bankruptcy announced on 11:11:22. Bankman lost the most money of anyone in history-so far- in one day with his fortune going from $16 billion to zero in 5 days.

I am very sorry that many people including the Ontario Teacher’s Union- who invested $85 million Canadian or US? in FTX lost millions. I do have some crypto investments and as we know Bitcoin tanked on the 10th to the lowest since 2017/2018 and continues to be at $16,000+.

I was curious to look at former billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, what name destiny Astrology chart. He is now destroyed but no wait -$600 million or more was just hacked out of FTZ’s coffers is he on a plane to another country?-No apparaently. The CEO, owner, scammer, trickster. FTX was a PONZI scheme as more info comes out. This may be worse than Bernie Maddoff.

SBF, born March 6,1992 Stanford Connecticut. He was called the next Warren Buffet and became a crypt billionaire in 5 years at 29, a first Saturn Return. His FTX US business was worth 26 Billion at peak in March now valued at $0.

Let’s look at his chart, a PIsces, impractical “false Guru” deceptor dreamer March 6, 1992 NBT I’ve used NOON for a public figure, Where are the red flags in Sam’s chart?

First,Sam is a shape-shifting PISCES, a visionary, shapeshifter, chameleonlike shamanic figure, a creative dreamer. His Sun is conjunct to JUNO, the multi-dimensional, multi-tasking Feminine form of Genius. Sam is super bright and looks like he has 8 fast-moving sleight-of-hands shell games going on, which fascinates everyone. Pisces are lovable beautiful souls but they can be extremely deceptive addicted, in denial and delusional. Pisces rules debt and glamour. Life seemed like one big video game playing with billions of intangible monies. Sam could be in denial or a very shrewd shape shifter.

PIsces Sun is opposite JUPITER, which expands the dreamer visionary PISCES nature and the expansive big storyteller in the perfectionist intelligent, numbers crunching, humble VIRGO. Sam may have problems with his health and his gut biome. He could definitely have ulcers after this if he actually has a conscience beyond saying “I’m sorry, I f* up.

The planet of communication, MERCURY and the MOON are in ARIES -A fiey fast moving, spontaneous danger loving sign. Aries are competitive, headstrong, Aries rules the head,they are entrepreneurs who “don’t take no orders from any kind of man.”-Trouble lyrics. They jumps in feet first without looking, a go-getter who does things rashly in spite of that Jupiter in VIRGO, nerdy meticulously detailed placement. Virgo;s love to make budgets add up. Sam didn’t really pay attention to what he was doing he said. Aries get bored very quickly and aren’t noted for finishing up in style. His thinking and feelings are the same -red hot, brash, live dangerously,die young warrior type.

SATURN and MARS, the two malefics are exactly conjunct at 13 AQUARIUS in the sign of hi-tech, inventors, pioneers, freedom lovers and quirky outside the box organizers and collaborators. The 13th degree in degree Astrology is ARIES ruled by MARS, Sam has a doubly Martial attacking, defending, bold, impulsive, boxer energy.

All MARS SATURN combo’s are a very difficult aspect as they signify karmic difficulties, anger, unconscious motivations and spontaneousness. Mars can be ruthless and manipulative, power-hungry, and never thinking of the consequences. The two baddies of the zodiac are also conjunct to VENUS planet of money. Plus LILITH the great dark feminine energy is also in Aquarius. I love Lilith but she does have her dark side too. She can seduce to destroy unconsciously. She walks away suddenly. This is an Aquarius HI tech inventive freedom-loving stellium. Made for cryptocurrency


That means DIRTY MONEY, undercover deals, money laundering, spying, and ruthless shadowy deals. Very obvious.

The fact that SBF gave huge donations to Joe Biden and the Democrats is obvious lobbying and there’s new evidence that Gary Gensler is in this mess with SBFand the whole thing stinks of a plot to take down Crypto’s reputation.

As I don’t have a Birth time, i can’t comment on the AC or other angles. Let’s look at the transiting planets for triggers.


SUN MERCURY VENUS conjunct on his Natal PLUTO in SCORPIO and the blood moon really emphasized it all. Scorpio is Money big finances, inheritance, taxes, secrets.


Basically this is Sam’s Saturn, karmic, the buck stops here return Plus. The karmic TAXMAN planet of reality stops the crypto bucks. Saturn triggers the hard heavy serious natal aspect. Notice the new re-release of the Beatles Revolver album with TAXMAN being one of the main remastered tracks?

The SATURN-URANUS square is in effect too. URANUS and the North NODE of Fate are at 13 TAURUS are exactly to the degree square to SBF’s MARS SATURN conjunction in AQUARIUS which is why he was also the “crypto genius darling.”

Transiting PLUTO in CAPRICORN is sextile Natal Pluto in SCORPIO

sign of big money and shadows control secrets money laundering, and inconjunct to MARS RETROGRADE and OUT OF BOUNDS in GEMINI. This is so literal and obvious. Sam comes from a wealthy, connected family.

CHIRON the wounded healer is on Sam’s fighter MOON and square URANUS NEPTUNE in CAPRICORN in the 7th HOUSE of all “others” and business partners

This is an obvious one too, Chiron in Aries is all bravado, defensiveness but a big wounded curly-haired vulnerable guy underneath. Obviously Sam was hiding or delusional in his PSCES nature, he could have been used as a dupe. Uranus NEPTUNE are transpersonal planets that his generation all have to be tearing up the old corporate structures.

The plot is thickening we’ll see what happens to Sam. He will likely be prosecuted for losing Billions.

if you want to read a great article by Edward Snowden about how t this crypto scam could be affecting some US digital control crypto

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