Mad about rare Mars Retrograde

From OCT 31st- January 12th from 25+° Gemini – 8° Gemini

Capitoline Museums, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia CommonsStatue colossale de Mars (Pyrrhus) – MC0058 – Vestibule du Palais des Conservateurs – Muséi Capitolini (Rome).

I am predicting that a brain fag and tiredness will settle o’er the land for 70 days as Mars turns Retrograde in Gemini, People will be taking breaks from social media.

From the Cosmic Intelligence Agency by Julija Simas, this is “One of the most pivotal transits of the year, Mars Retrograde in Gemini, is a rare occurrence, the last time we experienced the retrograde fully in Gemini was 1990-1991 as Europe changed its borders and many countries claimed back their freedom. Back in 2007/2008 Mars Retrograded from Cancer to Gemini, and the coming GFC financial crisis was being seeded with greed and bad decisions that affected us all. This time in Gemini it is a call to be fully aware and awake to all that circulates around us.

The Retrograde of Mars the planet of energy, drive, action and passion in the sign of curiosity, awareness and learning re-organizes a few directives. Mercury the ruler of Gemini is now linked to Mars, and in his night sign of Scorpio, Mercury digs deep into the emotional realm, the intuitive realm to sense the messages rising from within to shift the dynamic.

With the peak of Mars retrograde on December 8th at 16° Gemini with Sun opposing in Sagittarius, highlights Truth Out scenarios, scandals and media mayhem.

Mars has also stepped Out of Bounds, since October 22, OOB beyond the safety net of the Sun’s path, as he does at the signs near the solstice points – Gemini/Cancer – Sagittarius/Capricorn to do his own thing adding to the unruly theme, the doing it my way call. Mars remains OOB way beyond his retrograde till May 4, 2023.

Unfortunately, as Mars stationed retrograde and stepped OOB over the past few days we have seen a stampede crush people in Seoul, a bridge collapse from overcrowding in India. Two individuals born a few days apart with a stationing retrograde Mars in Aquarius in 1971, highlight the news, Elon Musk and Julian Assange – both seeking their Truth in different ways.

By the end of his retrograde Mars locks in with red star Aldebaran in the constellation of Taurus, a star known as the follower of the Pleiades, the watcher of the East, the “Bull’s Eye”. A focus point for us all to get through this transit.

The best thing is we can watch this transit through the sky, as the red planet passes closest to the earth during a retrograde and is up all night at his biggest and brightest. Being conscious of the planet’s pass right in front us helps us evolve, grow and mature with his backward steps.

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Image Stellarium : Mars at his peak retrograde from Melbourne Australia!

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