Mars Retrograde Tricks for Halloween

Note: Mars stationed Retrograde October 30 at 25+ Gemini ruled by TRICKSTER planet Mercury, who governs all communications, media, thinking analysis and consciousness.

Jupiter left Aries, ruled by Mars, October 27 Retrograde until November 23rd, when it Station Direct at 28 degrees 48 minutes PISCES square the Galactic Centre at 26-27 SAGITTARIUS and MARS is opposite the Galactic Center at 25 Gemini as it stations Retrograde. These aspects amp up the spiritual and cosmic nature of the Galactic downloads available to us as JUPITER, ruler of Sagittarius and MARS, rewind old tape loops while these planets are CONNECTED with the Black Hole central to our Milky Way Galaxy.

The warrior is retreating to stop and rethink his battle plans and strategies until January 12, 2023 when Mars Turns Stationary direct.

Mercury, now in Scorpio deep waters from October 29th until November 17 when the planet of media and merch moves into optimistic Sagittarius from November 17 until December 6/7 where it remains to finish out 2022 in the sign it began the year with. A very, what goes around comes around energy.

Here is what Psychologist C.G. Jung says about the Trickster

He is a bridge, or even a waterfall, between the subconscious urges of the animalistic, primitive, and the divine aspects of the individual. For this reason, he neither fits in to the animal life, nor the godly life, but he does point out the humour and inconsistencies of a life in ignorance of either of the two.

Have a safe happy Halloween, Samhain, Witch’s New Year and Day of the Dead November 1st.

yes, the veil between the world’s is thinnest. This day is for connecting with the spirits of your ancestors and really honouring them as they do in Mexico. We wouldn’t be here without them- good bad or ugly. They are still worthy of our respect and gratitude and could have only acted in their time limits. In spirit they are wiser whole and completing their karmic lessons and are here to guide us.

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October 31 Its Halloween Samhain Pagan New Year

The Moon moves from Capricorn at the witching hour of Midnight then is Void of Course until

Moon enters Aquarius at 8:43 am PDT/ 11:43 am EDT

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