October 7 Astrology War or peace?

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The Pisces Moon is the best for dreaming, regular, lucid, and waking dreams, visualization, astral projection, meditation, fantasizing, projecting and all types of creative energy.

Big aspect of the day:

Libra Sun opposite Chiron in ARIES

Libra Sun wants Peace

Aries wages war.

The opposition with Chiron is the Wounded Warrior at his most defensive.

I believe that this is why the mysogynist tyranny in Iran is peaking with protests by women refusing to be treated as much lesss than equal in a totalitarian country have flared up again.

President Biden, lol I forgot his name for a moment be at we you know he’s not really all there, said we’re as close to Armageddon since the US in the Bay of Pigs Cuban Missile Crisis when the great President Kennedy was in office in 1962. Jupiter would have been in Aries then as it is now. Just wait till Jupiter conjuncts Chiron in 2023.

Libra is all about choices, love or hate,peace or war.

Chose wisely. We are all at war within ourselves until we choose to find peace within.

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Dolmen’s and Portal Tombs and astrology

In my friend and colleague Maureen Walton’s recent book The Good Darkness, Wisdom of the Womb Blood she makes a Case for the many giant ancient stone dolmens in Ireland,Scotland and Britain as masculine physical free energy device accumulators which are Men’s physical constructs equivalent to woman’s inner womb technology which is designed to summon and nurture souls. Women are also capable of parthenogenesis, self generating powers. I contributed a chapter to this book. I have been collaborating and supporting Maureen’s ongoing 15 years of research being part of a small core group of women involved in co-creating workshops and intuiting connection since 2018. Buy Maureen’s book/ manual on her website. Maureen Walton http://www.maureenwalton.com

This is an interesting article.

An astrological typology of Dolmen and Portal Tombs. Astrology, Megalithic Sites: positions of dolmen and portal tombs in Europe..
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