Mercury Square Neptune magical thinking choices October 2-10

October 2 as Mercury stations Direct at 24 ♍️ Virgo in its own earthy sign of organization, intelligence and criticism, information can start to move forwards after a rather hellish retrograde caused. By Mercury crossing two signs.

Mercury opposes Neptune in Pisces ♓️ the planet of magic, unreality, spirituality, dreams, fake news, illusion, projection, viruses, oil, mental illness, making us all feel rather foggy and less focused on solid hard-core information.

We may wake up from our dreams wondering where the dream world stops and reality begins.

Note that the news may be contradictory.

This aspect is in effect until Mercury re-enters LIBRA October 10-11

This is a great time to get practical about your dreams, to integrate your spiritual, conscious and unconscious dreams and desires as Mars is also involved in a T-Square from Gemini ♊️the dual-natured sign which Mercury also rules.

Mercury and Neptune square Mars in dualistic Gemini ♊️ there are two dreams, two streams of consciousness, two paths, two choices, two desires, seemingly opposing forces, debates internal and external.

Use these three planets’ energies, two of which are ruled by Mercurius the trickster which rules critical intelligence thinking and info gathering.

Applying Magical thinking is one way to look at these energies. The balance that Mars in Gemini governs at its most excellent shows us that everything in balanced complete pairs is a good thing.

Embrace the yin and the yang within and without and all around. refuse to choose sides, Neptune in Pisces knows all is One. Mercury the trickster laughs at us splitting hairs and nitpicking. This is a beautiful positive aspect.

If you were born with these planets in aspect. you know what this feels like.

Do pay attention to your dreams now as it will take a few days for this energy to disipate

If you have planets at 19-25 degrees Mutable signs Gemini ♊️ Virgo ♍️ Sagittarius ♐️ or Pisces ♓️ you will feel the effects the strongest.

Be aware of your dreams, comparing the choices, and listening to your intuition is how you make the wisest choices.

Sending you blessings and prayers

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