Prince Harry Astrology 2021-2022 Predictions

Written predictions from Harry duke of Sussex’s 37th birthday Prograssed planets revealing whats going on in his life now. I will update his actual 38th Solar Return just now

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prince_harry transits 2021-2022 and progressed Astrology chart prince_harry transits 2021-2022 and progressed chart

Happy 37th Birthday Prince Harry. After I wrote this Harry and Meghan were named as amongst the Top 100 most influential people in the world by TIME Magazine. A nice birthday gift. i am sure the British Press are furious but it was obvious they were going to be celebrity Royalty. Meghan figured that out from the get go. I remember writing that they were partners in crime together.

Here are The astrology transits of your Solar Return.

In 2022 you will be feeling vulnerable in public as Chiron the Wounded Healer is square you’re Rising sign your persona and appearance.  You will be having a once in 18+ years Nodal return, with the emphasis on the 4th House of family, your wife and children, and on your childhood and the Queen. Neptune is still opposite natal Neptune, you’re in La La Land literally…

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Ethereum The Merge Astrology

hi Everyone. I am into crypto on some level. Ive been fascinated and following it since 2014 when someone told me about it. I wished I would have bought back then.. I don’t really understand it but I am hooked on some level. Ive got Aquarius on my IC which is at the bottom of my chart.

The Ethereum Merge upgrade September 15 made front page news. Doing this During Mercury Retrograde is not such a great idea.

The ETHEREUM GENESIS chart Is a LEO GOLD STANDARD energy who communicates as gold with Mercury and a n expansive Jupiter Venus RETROGRADE in LEO conjunction.

The GENESIS chart has serious long lasting foundation building Saturn right on the AC at 0 Sagittarius. Ethereum is an international philosophy created by visionary Vitalik Butterin, A Russian Canadian programmer. and a group of others. The Moon at 25 Capricorn is a serious long term nurturing business solid item. CERES the Great Mother is at 0 Aquarius indicates Ethereum is the mother of the innovative crypto which Aquarius rules.

SOUTH NODE at 2 ARIES close to the O degree of the beginning of the Zodiac shows an impulsive, hot-headed ramming inventive, enterpreneurial energy. The North Node at 2 Libra shows partnerships, need to stay balanced, legal issues, communications, values.


You can see the interconnection with the MERGE transits. connecting with the Asteroids VESTA, the root word of investments conjunct SATURN in AQUARIUS at the Merge. Saturn is squaring Uranus and the NORTH NODE is is a turning point in New Tech.

i did a video on the Ethereum Genesis Chart and the Merge so watch it here

They were talking about Bellatrix and i included the Fixed Star Bellatrix in the chart and you can see where it fits in to the charts.

Let me know if you are into Ethereum.

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