Venus conjunct Royal Star Regulus September 5-6

Venus in Virgo is conjunct Fixed Star Regulus at 0 Virgo, the sign of the Great Mother Ceres/ Demeter now for the next couple of days in Tropical Astrology. The ancient lion’s heart ROYAL STAR of courage is still in Sidereal Leo. Regulus was for thousands of years considered to be one of the four Persian major royal stars.

Venus is conjunct Star of Regulus September 5-7 . Regulus is in Virgo now for the next 2, 150 years. Royalty serves the earth Mother Ceres now.
CERES by Jean-Antoine Watteau, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Since Nov 28th, 2011 In Tropical Astrology, The fixed Star Regulus transited into the environmentally conscious, health focussed, detailed, service-oriented, organized, grounded, work focussed, down-to-earth humble sign of “servants” in Virgo for the next 2,160 years. The shift from FIXED immovable holding on signs to adaptable Mutable intellectual signs is very telling of where our consciousness is and will be.

Regulus has been in LEO since around 157 BC or the last 2,160 years before Jesus was born. This bright star has been known as the Kingmaker, the star of heroes bestowing honours and fame to those linked to the prestige of Regulus, The courageous heart of the Lion Star also comes with a warning that money doesn’t necessarily bring happiness.

REGULUS in VIRGO is the shift from God King to EARTH GODDESS QUEEN, Virgo is the largest and one of the oldest recognized constellations. Tropical astrology is NOT about Constellations but the Sign Virgo has the same mythological origins.Virgo is CERES/DEMETER in the Greek Myths Great Mother Nature. If you eat oatmeal, breakfast cereal or toast for breakfast or anytime you are honouring the Great Mother Ceres of Virgo. Give us this day our daily bread was once an ancient prayer to Goddess Ceres of the Harvest and Virgin Goddess of the earth before it was stolen by Christianity.

” Regulus, a Little King, and often called Cor Leonis, Lion’s Heart, and symbolically the Crushing Foot. It was one of the four Royal Stars of the Persians in 3,000 B.C., when, as Watcher of the North, it marked the summer solstice. [Robson*, p.194-195.]  It gives violence, destructiveness, military honor of short duration, with ultimate failure, imprisonment, violent death, success, high and lofty ideals and strength of spirit, and makes its natives magnanimous, grandly liberal, generous, ambitious, fond of power, desirous of command, high-spirited and independent. [Robson*, p.195.]

Tropical astrology is a popular western astrology method, that begins the zodiac at zero Aries when the Sun aligns with the Equinox point as the Sun ingresses into Aries on March 20-21st every year. From this point, each sign is 30 degrees for each of the 12 zodiac signs. To understand the differences between the two schools of astrology here is an informative article you can read helping you to understand signs and constellations and precession.

Regulus in Virgo shows that monarchies are over. Royalty steps into the traditional sign of servants. To be sovereign we must serve Mother Earth, Ceres the great mother,is the Star symbol of Virgo.

Leo is a Fire sign ruled by the Sun, the Queen or King of the ZOdiac. ego and source. Virgo is a very practical Earth sign ruled by Mercury. The shift from one sign to the other brings with it a new focus and new energy.

From Leo to Virgo, the Star Regulus itself won’t change what it stands for or what it means, but it will have a new influence. Virgo is a serious organized sign, unlike Leo’s creative willfully dramatic self-expression. Regulus in VIRGO will make us more focused on perfecting what is good, and dismissing anything that is wasteful virgo hates excess waste.

Virgo, ruled by Mercury indicates a shift from material excesses to the need to take inventory on the stores, the harvest, the necessities to survive.Virgo is about efficiency and clever management of global resources and the economy.

This is key right now with Farmers being paid off to stop food production in a vain effort to stop C02 emissions largely created by Corporate industries. If you are into non-mainstream ideas this is an attempt to control and starve world populations out ot bring them to their knees in something called Agenda 2030 which is a real book written by World Economic Forum leader Karl Schwab. Farmer in the Netherlands and in Italy are fighting back as well as other places which aren’t mentioned in mainstream news.

The corporate Monarchy structures of top-down Hierarchies have used Earth as a vainglorious playground for way too long. Now Virgo energy wants us to respect MOTHER EARTH and all that she provided Her children. We have been dishonouring her and her “climate change” has been prophesied by indigenous Hopi people as her anger at her children for not respecting her.

Regardless of if we consider “Climate change” to be a fabricated control tactic or not, or climate change being just a cyclic solar-based phenomena, we must not continue to destroy rape and vandalize the planet of her natural resources and mindlessly continue to pollute the world which is our bed.

The meme of Anber heard “shitting the bed” of ex- spouse Johnny Depp is a larger archetypal synchronistic wake up call message from the universe that uses Famous people and events to message us.

If you are born on September 5th 6th or 7th this year bring Venusian love creativity and fertility blessings to you conjunct the fixed Star Regulus.

Traditionally Venus conjunct Regulus in LEO was not considered fortunate.

“Many disappointments, unexpected happenings, violent attachments, trouble through love affairs.” [4] 4. The fixed stars and Constellations in Astrology – Vivian Robson pgs 195, 196 & 197

Venus in VIRGO 0 see my previous article – is much more positive -clean up your love life, your old emotional baggage, and cleanse your heart. It’s time to move on now.

The key with Venus in Virgo conjunct Regulus is how may I serve the Great Mother and protect and honour the Earth, Pachamama who nurtures all of us on Planet earth?

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