August 22-28 Astrology Aspects this Week

Hi everyone. I haven’t been posting every day because I just became a grandma over the weekend. My son Elijah and his partner Sabrina gave birth to a baby boy August 21 at 3:16 am. I am thrilled and got to see and hold my grandson yesterday, I am over the moon with this little Leo boy, Gemini Moon Cancer rising, Mom is a Cancer with some Leo planets and My son Eli has 4 planets in Gemini and Venus in Leo. They share Mars in Gemini too.

WHERE’s the MOON This week?


AUG. 22-24 watery Emotional Moody Cardinal CANCER MOON at home

AUG. 24 MOON enters Firey Fixed Dramatic sign LEO at 9:09 am EDT

AUG 26 Moon enters Mutable Earth hard-working sign VIRGO at 8:25 pm EDT

Aug. 22 Mercury Trines Pluto-budget cuts, worldwide health issues

This week is a HUGE change-up week and BIG for VIRGO!

August 22: It’s VIRGO time on August 22

Sun enters Virgo 8:15 pm PDT/11:15 pm EDT/Aug. 23 Sun enters VIRGO 3:15 am GMT

August 24: URANUS stations RETROGRADE 19° Taurus

this is THE degree of the Uranus North Node Mars conjunction at the beginning of the Month- revolutionary change has echoes.

Aug. 24 VENUS trines CHIRON in Aries at 15+ degrees

Defensive hearts can help heal be willing to be vulnerable and embrace your wounds with courage.

Aug. 24/25 MERCURY ENTERS LIBRA at 9:03 pm EDT

It’s all about relationships and your social life and chat about dating, beauty gossiping, social influencers and talking and texting endlessly. Mercury in LIBRA wants you to think they are nice, play fair, and have justice served beside a lovely tea set, great fashion sense and beauty products galore.

Aug. 26/7 VENUS squares URANUS in TAURUS at 18+

with Uranus stationary, a big turning point freedom in Love, revolution by women, workers unionize, money revolutions in crypto and fiat, our values are changing,

Aug. 26/27  SUN square MARS in GEMINI at 3+ Virgo

Ask the right questions then organize it all into nice, neat packets.Angry words for being unable to make choices, show up on time or do the hard work.

Aug. 27 NEW MOON at 4 degrees VIRGO

This is a hard-hitting big radial change in values, cryptocurrencies and love. Get ready for a wild ride. I”ll shoot a video on this and will do a live event on YouTube.

Aug. 28 VENUS in LEO opposes SATURN in AQUARIUS at 20 Leo

Women take back their power and revolutionize being center stage. Things will be chaotic in your love life and maybe lots of family drama because of rebelling against the old Patriarchal systems. Following your heart or herd mentality? Take the blue or the red pill?

Check out where these degrees affect your chart. Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene.

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