8:8 Lions Gate infinite Manifestation

The 8:8 Lion’s Gate annual ancient cosmic alignment of abundance because the Brightest most beautiful Star in the Sky SIRIUS-which the ancient Egyptian workshopped and where the US SUN is conjunct to at 14+ degrees CANCER aligns with the LEO SUN and the constellation of Orion.

The Lion’s Gate opens every year on the Planetary New Year July 26 {the DAY OUT OF TIME according to the Mayans of Mexico and Guatemala} and we celebrate it in the modern New Age sense because it peaks on 8:8 because of the Numerological significance of the 8 lucky numbers doubled and it stays open until August 12th.

This is a powerful cosmic Portal or Vortex because Sirius the brightest star and considered to be the most spiritual to the ancient Egyptians has its heliacal rising; meaning it rises ahead of the sun. In ancient Egypt, the helical rising of Sirius coincided with the annual rising of the Nile at Memphis, a major event bringing abundance and fertility.

Many channelers tap into the SIRIAN and the ORION ET”s.

8 is Infinity when it is turned on its’s side. Infinity means that all time is now. That is why I chose to name my blog infinity now.

Uranus and Mars conjunct the North Node mandate and propel us chaotically toward our karmic destinies. Stubbornly go forth, using your deep Taurus gut instincts and truest desires deep in your heart, to reinvent yourself and your karmic path. The courageous strength and pride of Leo empower us to take action and use our creative willpower and self-expression.

“The culmination of this star at midnight was celebrated in the great temple of Ceres at Eleusis, probably at the initiation of the Eleusinian mysteries. Kant thought that Sirius was the central sun of the Milky Way. ” Quote from  http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Sirius.html

We are in the time of LEO the Lion King of beasts. The FULL MOON in AQUARIUS at 19+ degrees is a few days later. The SUN governs LEO and is associated with GOLD. The Lion symbolizes solar spiritual willpower.  All Deities associated with Lions relate to this time: Jesus as the Lion of Judah. Durga in Hindu mythology riding her tiger. Sekhmet the lion-headed Goddess in Ancient Egypt.

Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In Ancient Egypt, this was a time of joyous cleansing and letting go as the Nile would wash away last year’s crops and deposit rich new soil for the new year’s crops to feed the people. As we are queuing into that symbology this is a time of emotional letting go cleansing and renewal.

Sirius’ energy is about awakening to higher cosmic frequencies. During the 8:8 portal take courage. The Sign of LEO rules the heart and we are getting very strong heart messages now. Roar out your rage at injustice. Live, think and love from your heart. Did you know that the heart also has a brain? According to the Heart Math Institute, research the heart-brain develops in the fetus before the brain in our heads.

Another CME is expected tp arrive on earth on August 9/10th during this opening. On a very physical level, we are being radiated and bombarded and are mutating with solar winds and plasma from the SUN which affects the earth’s magnetic fields and our own. Be aware of how the SUN is shifting your consciousness.

Meditating is very important at this time.  The ability to tune into higher dimensions and receive messages from the cosmos is increased as well as astral travel and lucid dreaming.

Set up and alter and do ritual during the 8:8 gateway.  Wear Gold to honour the SUN and LEO. Sirius, the Dog Star is the home of helpful star beings. Ask to see your self and mission from a higher plane of awareness. Ask how can I play my part in the great cosmic plan? 

With 8:8 infinity symbols, ALL TIME IS NOW.. Be aware of synchronistic messages coming in. It is time to release a lot of past life karma which affects the present and the future. But first, you need to be aware of what that past karma was. Everyone likes to believe they were a great queen or King of Egypt or Atlantis but the Atlanteans weren’t good people. Those past lives are largely ego desire beliefs and are not true. As my old teacher used to say. What about the millions of people who were servants farmers firemen midwives slaves in past lives? How come no one wants to remember those past lives?  

We need to own up to past karma and shadows with the SOUTH NODE IN SCORPIO as a powerful emotional releasing of toxic poisons and squaring the FULL MOON too conjunct SATURN and square MARS in TAURUS and the NODES. Face those shadow parts and aspects of yourself. It isn’t all of who you are. I had to face those aspects of myself at a very powerful shamanic healing ceremony I asked for in 1990. I won’t go into details. It’s in a part of my book that I must finish this year.

Ask for help from your Guardian Angels.  In the Tarot Canis Major is connected with the Hebrew letter Tzaddi and the 18th Tarot Trump, “The Moon”. -from Robson p.34.

This letter also called Tzaddik symbolizes a righteous just loving fair honest person with a conscience. 

The idea is that the world is broken so every person must face their own evil and learn to restore it.   The literal meaning of Tsadde is a fish hook. Righteousness humility and kindness are the three defining traits of the Tzaddik. The Tzaddik is hidden because they appear as an ordinary person, despite their great spiritual stature.

Realize with Real eyes that all time is now. Everything we do or say echoes through all times and dimensions. Change your NOW. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene unless otherwise indicated.

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