August Astrology Guide

This is the biggest most radical start to any month in about 2,000 years. As Uranus the North Node and Mars unite at a fated degree. This bucking bronco of Astrology aspect is the wildest ride in your lifetime. see

Full Moon is August 11/12 at , 19°21′ Aquarius

New Moon is August 27 at 4°03′ Virgo

MERCURY changes signs twice into Virgo Aug. 4 and Libra  Aug. 25

Venus enters LEO Aug. 11 o a Full Aquarius Moon

Mars enters GEMINI Aug 20 for the next 8 months  until March 2023

Uranus turns Retrograde  Aug. 24

August 1: Mars conjunct Uranus  and NORTH NODE at 18+° Taurus

August 3/4 Mercury goes home to Virgo

Aug 5 Venus in Cancer inconjuncts Saturn Rx in Aquarius

Aug. 6 Grand Water Trine of Scorpio Moon Venus in Cancer Neptune in Pisces

Aug. 7 VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE very romantic spiritual, compassionate and creative

Aug/ 7 MARS SQUARE SATURN red letter day at 22 degrees Taurus/ Aquarius

Aug. 8 SUN TRINES CHIRON- big hearted healing energy

Aug. 8/9 VENUS opposes PLUTO- women against corporate, finances, real estate

Aug. 9 MERCURY in VIRGO quincunx JUPITER in ARIES at 8+ degrees

August 11 SUN Square URANUS- big protests

Aug, 11 Venus enters Leo, Queen of Hearts, pride, big love drama,

Aug.11 Mars sextile URANUS- amp up the changes

Aug 14 SUN opposes SATURN- karmic drama, chaos, inventions of the heart freedom or restriction in matters of the heart

Aug. 14. MARS trines PLUTO- very Scorpio like major financial changes-dangerous, explosive,

Aug.16 Mercury Trine Uranus-the budget for the revolution, invention or getting backers for a new hi-tech launch

Aug. 17 Sun inconjunct NEPTUNE- a beautiful love affair has a blind spot

Aug. 18 VENUS trine JUPITER in TAURUS 8 degrees– luck love, buy lottery 

Aug. 18 MERCURY inconjunct SATURN in AQUARIUS-budget issues, health worries

Aug. 19 SUN quincunx PLUTO- big leaders may be seen for what they are, a leader will fall from his position

August 20: Mars into Gemini – FOR 8 MONTHS until March 2023

August 21: MERCURY opposes NEPTUNE in PISCES the practical dream can be real. – believe

Aug 21 Vesta Retrograde back into Aquarius

Aug. 22 Mercury Trines Pluto-budget cuts, worldwide health issues

August 22: Sun enters Virgo at 8:15 pm PDT/11:15 pm EDT

Aug. 23 Sun enters VIRGO in GMT

August 24: Uranus stations Retrograde 19° Taurus this is THE degree of the Uranus North Node Mars conjunction at the beginning of the Month- revolutionary change has echoes.

Aug. 24 Venus trines Chiron in Aries-defensive hearts can help heal be willing to be vulnerable and embrace your wounds with courage.

Aug. 24/25 MERCURY goes home to Virgo- just in time for back to school, thinking about saving money, harvesting, decluttering and health

Aug. 26 VENUS squares URANUS in TAURUS with Uranus stationary a big turning point freedom in Love, revolution by women, workers unionize, money revolutions in crypto and fiat, our values are changing,

Aug. 27/28  SUN square MARS in GEMINI ask the questions then organize it all into nice, neat packets.

Aug. 27 NEW MOON at 4 degrees VIRGO

Aug. 28 VENUS opposes SATURN in AQUARIUS-women take back their power and revolutionize being center stage. Things will be chaotic in your love life and lots of family drama rebelling against the old Patriarchal systems

Aug. 30 SUN inconjuncts JUPITER in ARIES- we may not see a blind spot because we jumped ahead too hastily

Aug. 31 VENUS inconjuncts NEPTUNE- all that glitters is not gold, the bubble bursts in those relationship projections, debt, oil prices, addictions issues, fake news, money laundering, leaders are exposed for being fake

August 31: Sedna in Taurus stations Retrograde at 29° Taurus conjunct ALGOL

Have a wonderful healthy August. Let me know what you think,.

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