Jupiter Retrograde July 28- November 23 fortunate second chances.

Jupiter, the god Zeus, Thor, Yahweh, known as Guru in Vedic Astrology, Mr. Big, planet of Good Fortune turns Retro at 8° 43” Aries and does his annual about face Retrograde for the next four months until stationing direct November 23rd on a Sagittarius New Moon at 1°. A big date for all Sagittarius.

Jupiter re-enters Pisces October 27/28 until December 20 when Jupiter re-enters Aries. This is the day before the Winter Solstice gateway. When the Sun enters Cardinal sign Capricorn. This is a big boost for All Cardinal signs Aries,Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. A second chance to go on a spiritual retreat, literally yoga, vision quests, work with your dreams and meditate and do a living life review.

Jupiter began Stationing July 28 but begins to actually move Retrograde August 1st/2nd until November 22 at 28 degrees PISCES 48′.Juipter was last at that degree on May 5 and it will take Jupiter until February 14,2023 to bypass its retrograde Station again,

Retrograde planets are not always a bad thing. Jupiter/Jove is a fortunate planet and it blesses us with second chances to find our fortunes, to retrace our opportunities and revamp any expansive plans.

It will be a Wonderful beneficial time to do spiritual work, revisit dreams, re-open vast vaults of creativity and imagination and unleash treasure troves of unconscious gems like an Olympian mythological quest on your own heroic or heroines journey.

A time to revisit old toxic co- dependent energies and set boundaries for when Jupiter de-enters Firey independent Me first Aries again. This is a time for great healing with compassion and forgiveness.

Jupiter in Pisces signifies legal matters, justice injustice, mental illness, addictions, jails, and incarcerations.

Pisces rules viruses and this indicates a repeat or repeal of laws , legal matters and justice for any untruths by big Pharma which Jupiter in Pisces rules. There will be world wide class action lawsuits against Pfizer, Moderna etc for lying about the dangers of the vaccine as thousands of VAERS information is made public. Thousand have died and been permanently disabled directly from the MRNA experimental drug.

Jupiter is exalted in Pisces so. truth, inspiration, optimism, freedom, faith and hope will spring up once again.

Pisces Jupiter is the 12th sign, the feared last house of death traditionally, signifies many endings in your life.

Jupiter governs higher education, teachers working behind the scenes, travel being slowed, a titanic sinking of international trade and collaborations in the worlds’ expansion cycle.

Look at where 27 degrees Pisces to 9 degrees Aries are in your natal chart. These are the degrees affected. Jupiter will redirect your honest truth needing adventurous inspired to learn energy there.

Water will be a major legal battle. The oceans, fishing. Laws about international fishing will be write. Or rewritten.

Volunteer and do charity work. Explore avenues of creativity.

Mental illness will be a bigger focus. Laws to help the disabled will be written.

Dark Hidden things-sex trafficking, drugs, child porn, human trafficking, torture and very evil shadows, the lying deceit and denial state will be re-examined and revealed in the light of those who demand truth and only truth.

Keep the faith baby. Stay optimistic and true to our self and your intuition and own your psychic abilities.

It’s Definitely the best time for dreamwork. Do get a dream journal practice dream yoga and lucid dreaming intentions. I will be doing dream workshops and vision quests online

The world will most likely go into lockdown again with Jupiter in Pisces so plan ahead wisely.

Remember that not everything you read is the truth. Trust only your own intuition your connection with your holy guardian Angel. Work on. This.

Jupiter in Pisces rules spirituality- work with your ancestors through rituals and offerings of food and water to them daily. They are your spirit guides and will help you always. In truth we are never alone.

You must be careful of projections in relationships. Anything that is too good to be true most likely is. Even though your intuition will be expanded so will your sense of wanting to believe in a “soul mate” a “twin flame”, cults, illusions, delusions glamour. You are wearing big rose colored glasses and can’t see what’s really real.

A great sense of being lost and foggy will cover everything. Definitely purple haze time.

A sense of the withdrawal of retreat and seclusion to heal will be strong. Do that..

Be careful or falling off of sobriety as addictions and denial are also expanded during this time. A great time to go to rehab.

Jupiter in Pisces also rules debt, inflation, oil and gas prices and false glamour and self-sabotage.

Aries, you will get to start anew when Jupiter re-enters Aries again at end of December until May 16,2023. This is good for everyone to start new everything’s be entrepreneurial and make new starts. Then Taurus it’s your turn to expand.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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