Big Drama, smart lightning bolts,big fire trine at 8°

July 23 the big planet Jupiter in independent Fiery Aries trines Mercury in Leo exactly at the magical mystical 8th degree.

If you have planets from 3-10 degrees of fire signs including Sagittarius this is a great day to brainstorm literally as Jupiter rules lightning, lol.

Trines are not automatic Get out of jail free cards, sure they are benefics but you gotta work a trine to really get results the work is knowledge and divine timing.

Mercury in LEO and Jupiter in Aries expects thunderclaps of big applause

The Sun will trine Jupiter too in the next 3-8 days so Fire signs get ready To Partay hard.

The recent record heat wave in the UK was predicted by me and other astrologers because of Jupiter in fire signs Aries this summer and now Mercury in Leo. Some people say this is an effect from CERN’s Switzerland experiments which affects the electromagnetic force field on earth.

Lightning strikes, explosions and shootings are another not as positive but attributed to these energies now. Trines are not always a good thing

This aspect also amps up the Big Drama and royal Tea, all you water and earth signs just sit back and watch the show as you aren’t affected now being right next to, the fire signs.

You will see big dramatic news items over the next week or so as we’re also amping up to a unique Uranus North Mode conjunction July 31 with Mars too on August 1st I’ll write horoscopes about that shortly

Please share widely all content us copyright of Tara Greene

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