Taurus in focus now

EARTHY energy May 29 too.

Mercury leaves Taurus on June 13, Venus stays in Taurus from MAY 28 to June 22/23. Mars transits TAURUS from July 4/5 to August 20.

The earth emphasis benefits VIRGO and CAPRCORN and all planets in that sign and sextiles an easy aspect to WATER signs CANCER and PISCES.

But the TAURUS energy opposes SCORPIO the other water sign by an opposition a much tougher harder choices to be made to try to stay in balance energy. Watch the video and another update https://youtu.be/YRojK_pr0hE

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May 29 BIG NEW Mars Jupiter conjunction

The BIG Mars Jupiter conjunction MAy 29 at 6:31 am EDT is a big deal a brand new expansive beginning. Start your engines and get ready to race.

MARS rules ARIES and the warrior in his own sign May 24 to July 4/5

Mars is passion, drive, anger Mars Jupiter conjunct May 29 a brand new brash Fiery start next up energy. Mars rules Aries. It’s hot and courageous, sexy, dangerous, guns, soldiers, martial law, impatient, bold, entrepreneurial, competitive, very angry, headstrong, war. I m praying not ww3.

Work of this energy through a lot of working out, boxing, martial arts, dancing,


Watch the video on Youtube https://youtu.be/7wSmgBAORl4

Have a safe holiday weekend in the U.S.

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