Miracles do come true Venus’s exaltation with Jupiter April 30

Hey everyone, my loyal 17,000+ readers. I would like to hear back from you. I am zonked out from having oral surgery yesterday, I had an infected lower molar removed and its knocked me out. So i am sorry i cant do as many updates as I’d like.

join me live tomorrow Saturday April 30 for my regular May Astrology Tarot guide preview for the COSMIC INTELLIGENCE AGENCY at 8:00 pm EDT on FAcebook Twiiter, YouTube via Streamyard. Hoping my swelled up face goes down by then.

I am cancelling the pre-recorded SOLAR Eclipse workshop because I have no energy to do that right now and must put myself first. I know its PIsces overload but i really must do this now.

VENUS and JUPITER are bringing me benefits and squaring my MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS at the Galactic Center I need to stay in cosmic receptivity mode.

One of the best days of the Year is April 30 as VENUS and JUPITER conjunct exactly at 27+ degrees PISCES at 2:14 pm PDT/ 5:14 pm EDT. 9:14 pm GMT. synchronized with the Taurus SOLAR eclipse which Venus rules at 4:28 pm EDT

This brings extra expanded love but also delusions, projections, addictions, denial, more fake news, inflation, false gurus, self-sabotage, exhaustion, mass manipulation, viruses, mental illness, spiritual one up manship.

VENUS is exalted in PISCES, and these two are LOVE Birds of the highest and most human orders, Neptune is VENUS’s Higher Octave of Love.

April 30 VENUS on Her exalted degree 27 Pisces conjunct expanded truth, spiritual dreamy insights JUPITER square the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius. Further warning to stay Pisces emotionally,spiritually receptive, listening to the Galactic cosmic Yoni/Black Hole at eclipse.

SABIAN SYMBOL of 28 PISCES from DANE Rhudyar the original http://www.mindfire.ca/An%20Astrological%20Mandala/An%20Astrological%20Mandala%20-%20Contents.htm


KEYNOTE: The full satisfaction of the individual’s basic needs.

This symbol would seem a duplication of the preceding one, but if it is related to the first of this five-fold series (Phase 356) it’s meaning becomes clear. What is stressed now is not the full moon itself or its light, but the moon’s power to call forth the instinctive urge for growth; many things respond in many different ways. The symbol refers to a typical garden, not to a field. Such a garden contains a variety of plants, herbs and vegetables grown specifically to fill an equal variety of human needs and tastes.

It is a symbol of ABUNDANCE, an abundance fitted to individualized requirements and wants.

See previous degree http://www.mindfire.ca/An%20Astrological%20Mandala/An%20Astrological%20Mandala%20-%20Pisces%2016-30.htm

VENUS, the planet of women, romance, money, luxury, love, sex, art, and values, human love, meets up with NEPTUNE the planet of spiritual, cosmic soul mate love. Venus in Pisces is exalted, as she gets to bestow unconditional spiritual soul mate love now.

Mermaids, Unicorns, Fantasy lovers, unrequited love, martyrs,

Neptune shows us that we are all one, that we all feel the same, that we are all spirits temporarily in fleshy bodies, Venus represents human love.

no one is separated from the entire whole.  This aspect brings that knowing into our flesh and into our blood and bones. We can feel it,it is palpable. 

ALL of this PISCES energy is also a sign of the GREAT ESCAPE or Great escapism,

the downside of Pisces. Denial, also debt, illusions, high oil, inflation, false gurus, water problems, addictions rehab., gaslighting, fake news, jails, mental illness, depression, lockdowns, endings, death, spiritual delusions,viruses,

 Be aware of what you are avoiding the most in your life. Success? Failure? Love? Intimacy?  Forgiveness? Sobriety?

Check into your natal chart to see which house and aspects Neptune Venus makes.

Where is 27 Pisces in your chart? Also look to 22-28 Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius.


Build an altar to VENUS- bring in all her most beautiful attributes, shells, jewelry, get

bring in all her most beautiful attributes, shells, jewelry, get yourself all made up like a Goddess, or a God. Venus’ metal is copper, she likes greens and blues. Gemstones in those colors would work well, aquamarine, or emeralds, lapiz lazuli, sodalite, aventurine, etc. Buy roses, the most feminine of all flowers, very fragrant. Get on your beautiful seductive aromatherapy oils.  Bring in symbols for Neptune, starfishes, shells, dolphins, whales, mermaids, cosmic symbols, mandalas. Lay it all out. Have cups of water, everything that symbolizes beauty.

It would be optimum to do a bathing ritual as well, alone or with your beloved. Put in rose petals and rose oil, or lavender. Imagine that you are VENUS risen from the sea foam; Desirable to all, the love goddess who attracts love everywhere she goes. Who spreads love everywhere. See your heart expanding and being the source for all love you wish to attract.

JUPITER in PISCES is expansive unconditional love. The more love you give away the more you receive. Help the unloved, the forgotten, the neglected, the more love returns to you. Do something charitable, do it anonymously, write a cheque, donate online, donate your time. Pay it forwards in a lineup, leave money somewhere for a stranger to find. Put prayers onto your money whenever it changes hands, the prayers and good intentions go with it. 

Wear royal purple for Jupiter. Drink gin. Study ancient philosophers, listen to Allen Watts.

This is a day of massive forgiveness. Forgiveness can’t be forced. The ones we need to forgive most is ourselves.  Give yourself permission to forgive yourself for whatever it is you did. You can also get down on your knees and prostrate yourself to the Great Mystery, because it is good to be humble. 

This is a day to call in your BELOVED, the other half of you which is always part of you but seems to be existing in another person. That is the illusion, part of the Neptune trick. 

Yes, Forgive everyone, Republicans, Democrats, your “enemy,”- the Jews, gays, Muslim. Christians,  your ex-. those you disagreed without about Vaccines. Just send it out there.

Imagine that we are all one in one big ocean of BLISS.  As you imagine it, you create it. 

A big night to incubate dreams while the MOON is still in PISCES and to do visualizations.

Imagine the world at peace, in a cloud of unconditional love. Incubate the dream of the beloved before you go to sleep at night. WE REALLY NEED THIS COLLECTIVE FOCUS ON WORLD PEACE NOW.

We are the magic we are the love, we are the beauty, we are the cosmos, we are humans we are eternal, we are fragile, we Love. LOVE thyself, in a non-egotistic way. This is super important now. You are not who you think you are. You are much bigger than that. You dont need to boast or acquire or show off, or be arrogant or try to impress anyone else, or show anyone up, That is all nonsense ego games.  Be the soul you are. You are sexless, eternal, whole, enlightened, unattached, loving, giving, caring. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 

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