Easter Weekend Astrology

Hi I have been out of town for a few days getting a much needed respite. Jupiter Neptune in Pisces has me feeling very tired. How are you doing? It is Passover and Easter Weekend

The Moon is in Libra from the 15th to the 16th

There is a big Libra full Moon at 11:55 am PDT/ 2:55 pm EDT which I will do a video on separately square PLUTO.

Friday there were three inconjuncts if you felt that incongruous energy.

April 16

The Libra Moon continues the inconjuncts from the Moon to Neptune and Jupiter making us feel out of whack emotionally and spiritually. All holiday family times are upsetting for many of us.

Moon enters SCORPIO at 5:23 pm PDT/ 8:23 pm EDT the most intensely emotional and obsessive time of the month but also the one that helps us to connect with our emotional depths. Scorpio Moon times are also best to cut hair for rapid growth and to start sprouting ot planting seeds. Expect BIG dramas,

MARCH 17 it’s EASTER SUNDAY for those that observe

Scorpio Moon makes every aspect but the square.

  1. Scorpio Moon inconjuncts Chiron in AriesSomeone could really zing you, watch out
  2. Scorpio Moon opposite Mercury in TaurusDeep conversations get below the surface
  3. Scorpio Moon trine Venus in PISCESKinky pool sex, mystical tantric experiences
  4. Moon opposite Uranus in TaurusOpen to new resources,tools, broaden your tastes
  5. Mercury in Taurus sextiles Venus in PISCESmutual reception Venus rules Taurus
  6. Mercury conjunct Uranus in PDTUnexpected chaos, revolutionary resources, finding rare jewels in mines.

Watch the Video https://youtu.be/coMBRR_E-Dc

Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene

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