Weekend astrology March 25-26

The weekend is much more mellow. After this past weeks Mars Uranus square which I am sure brought unexpected chaos onto your life.

Moon is in Capricorn from March 24 until March 26 at 8:55 pm EDT.

The conjunctions of Mercury to Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces may have been psychically delicious and spiritually enhancing and also had you feeling mentally exhausted. I have been total brain fag all week. But yay that will totally shift this weekend.

Mercury leaves psychic imaginative Pisces for revved up Aries impulsive fast talking short tempered angry Aries!

March 27th at 3:44 am EDT. Mercury in Aries is a new ideas and communicating cycle. Think about a new plan, forward thinking entrepreneurs are favoured. The tendency to shoot one’s mouth off and say things without thinking, impatience and neglecting details will create friction and short tempers. Brains on steroids!

All cardinal signs get a boost of new mental energy. Cancer ♋️ , Libra ♎️ and Capricorn ♑️

March 26 Moon in Aquarius-from 8:55 pm EDT lightens the mood

Watch my YouTube video on the weekend astro. https://youtube.com/user/taratarot

Please share widely all writing us copyright of Tara Greene.

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