Astrology March 22-23

Mercury conjunct Jupiter March 21 is in effect until the 23 then amped up by Mercury conjunct Neptune.

Focus on visualizing and dreaming the essential oneness of the universe onto the world. We are all One.

Lucid Dreaming will be off the maps. Contact your higher Self, your holy guardian Angels and open the floodgates of your soul to the Magic.

Remember the Jupiter Neptune ethereal fairy like intangible dreamy romantic projections,creativity, psychic and dream enhancing, exhaustion, rising inflation, gas prices, viruses and revelations of behind the scenes sabotage, bringing jupiterian truth and justice are all part of these important energies.

March 22 Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, at 12+° urges radical actions and thinking on this Mars ruled Tuesday.

New technology in food production. Or radically change your diet and route be now

Internet outrages, cyber attacks, irritability, headaches, accidents explosions, earthquakes, and terrorists or radical attacks.

Radical new mindset and actions are the highest use of this energy.

Check where 10-15° of Aquarius and Taurus are in your natal chart plus the other Fixed Signs of Leo and Scorpio at these degrees too.

Please share widely all content is copyright of Tara Greene.

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