Mercury in PIsces March 9-27 Telepathy time

With the Mercury the Messenger zip-lining through the last sign of the zodiac, LUCID DREAMING and telepathy will be much easier and more powerful.

  We need to get our 3rd eyes popping open. If you are lucky to live in a city or town with no fluoridated water then your pineal is in much better shape than people who live in fluoridated treated water. Using commercial toothpaste with fluoride is so bad for our bones and teeth contrary to what the dentist says. Our pineal glands need to be cleansed to shake off their fluoride-induced calcification. This is a good time to do cleanses, you know mental floss, cleansing the pineal gland by eating organic cilantro salads every day. Just eat a handful of ORGANIC cilantro and your pineal gland will start to open up again.

We also need to remember to protect our thoughts and minds. Wearing black tourmaline and using Lavender oil on your 3rd eye is recommended.

Be nice to your feet as Pisces rules your footsies. It is not an accident that the bottom of your feet is called the sole. Reflexology would be a wonderful self-nurture during this time.

Mercury is the quicksilver Magician in the Tarot, consciousness itself.  Pisces is the spiritual and emotional source of all life as well as the collective unconsciousness.  Think of the brain as two fishes swimming in either direction that is Pisces symbol.

Be careful of wearing rose-colored glasses and being caught up in a cult, or projecting your power onto a guru, or other heoric or religious leader. Anything that seems TO GOOD TO BE TRUE- usually is false. Glamour is a strong element of Pisces you may want to rethink your values. This includes romantic relationships ” soul mates” and the like. 

This could be a 3 week big reveal time. As political and religious leaders secrets- teh 12th House sign will be outed, scandals with the Pope or other religions!  THE Outing of money laundering- Pisces rules debt, debauchery and sex slaves, human and drug trafficking in the news. 

This is a good time to do a life review. And bring yourself up to date with completing karmic relationships. Mercury in PIsces is a time for forgiveness and compassion, Also good to get past life readings and past life regressionsWrite down lists of those you need to forgive. Release yourself from the past. 

With JUPITER in PISCES the Pisces energies are intensified. This is a time to still remain in the background, internally focussed, dreaming and imagining.

Mercury in PISCES

Pisces is the symbol associated with Christianity as the AGE of PISCES began around Jesus birth. Both demons and the angels reside in the 12th sign/house as our shadows, our dark side. This is an excellent time to write out and analyze your shadows and dreams.  I WILL BE DOING A DREAM HEALING WORKSHOP

Mercury in Pisces  Keywords

Spiritual, intuition, 6th sense, clairvoyance, the divine, oracular mind, synchronicity, brain fog, photographic memory, imaginative, dreamy, creative, artistic mind, film critic,  glamour speak, speaking in tongues,  God, the Infinite,  dolphin and whale communications, mermaids, sirens, oceanic consciousness, denial state, expressive arts therapy Bliss, compassion forgiveness, end of mental habit or cycle of thinking.

Mental problems, depression, schizophrenia, addictions A.D.D., Telepathy, remote viewing,  spiritual lecturer,  humanitarian-minded, compassionate,   spiritual junkies,  mental/spiritual healing, thought transfer, distance healing, confessions, A.A. meetings,  spells, magic, wizard lessons, thinking about ephemera, analyzing your dreams, OIL prices.

While Mercury is in Pisces – do try to telepathically communicate with your ancestors, Guardian Angels, and to project your thoughts to others, pay attention to your dreams.

PISCES rules actors, musicians, artists, dancers, ceremonialists, shamans, priestesses, photography and film. 

FAMOUS PEOPLE With MERCURY IN PISCES – naturally actors, actresses and empathic, creative sensitives


LADY GAGA, Celine Dion,

Kurt Cobain, Billie Holiday,  Johnny Cash, Kesha, Steven Tyler, James Blunt, Carrie Underwood, Nina Simone, 

Justin Timberlake, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Elton John, Fergie, Pharrell Williams, Ravi Shankar, Erykah Badu


Bruce Willis, Elizabeth Taylor, Alan Rickman, beloved Professor Snape in Harry Potter, John Travolta, Lucy Lawless, Tom Hiddleston, Steve McQueen, Rachel Weisz, Heath LEDGER, Bette Davis, Queen Latifah, 

Model Cindy Crawford, Eddie Murphy, Jackie Chan, David Letterman, 

Politician Mitt Romney

ARTISTS- Yoko Ono, Benicio Del Toro, Diane Arbus-photographer, 


Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Nicholas Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Charles Darwin,

COMPOSERS: Johann Sebastian Bach, Maurice Ravel


Victor Hugo author of Les Miserables, Charles Baudelaire, Maya Angelou, 


PSYCHIC Edgar Cayce, Eckhart Tolle, Rudolph Steiner, Tony Robbins, Ramakrishna, Dane Rudhyar, 

Do charitable works during this time period. Know that your mind is not separate from the SOURCE.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 



Watch my MARCH 14 at noon, EST on ASK THE ORACLES

with the awesome AMY ZERNER, MONTE FARBER and JEFF PULVER. I’m very honoured to be on the show for the 2nd time, we will be talking about Feeding our souls.

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