International Women’s Day radical ideas and brilliant insights

Happy international women’s day

The Moon is in feminine earthy stubborn practical Taurus ♉️ rules by Venus in the early morning.

Moon squares Mercury at last degree of Aquarius Lots of radical ideas blowing in the wind.

Taurus Moon trine Pluto in the AM

Gives power to our senses in a deeper more insightful way. Pay attention to your body and it will never steer you wrong-sorry for that pun.

The Moon is Void of Course from 6:35 am PST/ 9:35 am EST.

Take time to reflect, journal and pause before acting, Mercury is at the last degree of Aquarius.

Mercury entered Aquarius in January 2, on a New Moon. Brilliant insights and radical divergent thinking.

What May seem radical now is always rethought and reframed in future circumstances..

Moon enters Gemini at 1:40 pm and remain in the twin sign until March 10 at 11:24 pm PST/March 11, at 2:24 am.

Moon trines Mars and Venus at 1+ Aquarius

It’s a great day to shoot the breeze. Radical ideas, debates and and exchanges are exciting, stimulating and even erotic. Can be a creative romantic day to connect on dating apps and explore ideas you love. Networking and innovations are turn ons. This radical energy favours Exploring new and “unusual” people, sex and open relationships.

March 9 Mercury enters Pisces at 8:22 pm EST until March 27

A very quick mind trip through expanded telepathy, empathy and a dreamy imaginative creative mind scape. Mercury in Pisces the messages are more intuitive integration of ideas, thinking and emotions become fused, brain fog, more projections, delusions and denial. Thinking and talking aBout addictions, working on writing projects behind the scenes, channeling, automatic writing, dream and expressive arts therapy, artistic collaborations, group art shows, compassionate speeches, charity, endings, delusions, freedom of speech, eating words, taking back of karmic words.

If you have planets in Pisces they will be mentally stimulated during this time.

Please share widely all context is copyright of Tara Greene

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