Solar Light Code Upgrades Incoming

HI i hope you are well. A massive solar flare on the 8th is headnig to earth on Feb 9-10th I am very sensitive to these and havent felt it yet. The CME’s or Cornoal Mass Ejections affect our electro magnetic fields and those of the earth, and as we all know EVERYTHING IS VIBRATION. These light codes change and we mutate from the ultra – violet rays. They affects radio and satelight signals and can be hazardous for airplanes. The CME’s produce amazing northern lights.

If you feel tired, headachy and dizzy these are the light codes interracting with your energy field and amping it up. Do rest, drink lots of water and meditate on what you feel is coning in energetically. Its so interesting that this is happening now. I have been praying for inter galatic star beings ot hsow up and stop this crazzy nonsense going on planet earth the past 2 yearsA few days ago a mild solar flare knocked out about 40 of StarLink ELon Musk’s satelites.

See the video i made on my YouTube channel about this

The Gemini Moon is active today as it always is. from Feb. 9 – Feb.11.

Feb. 11 is nice Master number Numerology too. Lets not forget

2/11/2022 is also a very powerful day.

Watch today’s video with taro readings for each element and all signs.



the RARE dual conjunction of the planets of love and sex, ahappend on Feb 16 he REAL Valentines day in CAPRICORN and also March 3 at 0 degrees AQUARIUS

is a very special occassion to work with yoru own astrology chart and with the divine union as above. 2022 is the year of the LOVERS.

Feb 15 at 7:30 pm EST sign up now email me

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